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Health Bar

Yellow life bar on the top of the screen indicates characters’ stamina. When that runs out the character lose the round. A portion of all inflicted damage is shown as a red segment of the life bar.

Interestingly, most characters' total health points and their visual representations in the health bar vary. For example, Ragna's health total is 10000, but when he visually has 20% health left on the health bar, he actually has 3000 points of life instead of 2000. Different characters have their health bars split at different points and in different ways, and some don't have this at all and their health bar is traditionally distributed.

Health point ratio is important because it has effect on Heat Gauge that regenerates when the character is below 20% health bar. However, in the event of a time-out, the game is decided on percentage of the remaining health bar instead of the total health point. That is the drawback of having a life bar that is denser towards the latter portion.

Here is the data:

Health Values
Character Total Health & Split Health Ratio
Ragna 10000
Jin 11500
Noel 11000
Tager 13000
Taokaka 10500
Rachel 11000
Arakune 10500
Bang 11500
Litchi 11000
Carl 9500
Hakumen 12000
Nu-13 10000

Heat Gauge

BBCT Heat Gauge.png

Used to perform Distortion Drive, Rapid Cancel, etc. The Heat Gauge is all the way at the bottom of the screen. Whenever characters attack, the amount of Heat Gauge they are receiving is based on the formula: [Attack Damage x 1.05 x Heat Gain Rate] / 100

Characters receive small amount of Heat Gauge when they block, and a fixed 3% whenever they Instant Block successfully. When the character's health bar is below 20%, the Heat Gauge starts to increase passively.

Hakumen has a unique Heat Gauge. Other than it increases as he attacks, receives damage, or blocks, the heat gauge increase automatically regardless the health bar condition (twice the speed below 20% health bar). Once the gauge is full, it stores as a stock. Hakumen can hold 8 stocks in total.

List of Heat Gauge required moves:

  • Distortion Drive (50%)
  • Rapid Cancel (50%)
  • Counter Assault (50%)
  • Astral Heat (100%, plus other condition)
  • Some of Jin's special moves (25%)
  • All Hakumen's speical moves (Varies)

After using any of the aboves moves, your heat gauge will increase at 25% of it's normal speed for 200 frames afterward.

Here is the Heat Gauge Rate table:

Heat Gain Rates
Character Heat Gain Rate
Ragna 70%
Jin 75%
Noel 75%
Tager 70%
Taokaka 70%
Rachel 80%
Arakune 80%
Bang 70%
Litchi 70%
Carl 80%
Hakumen 30%
Nu-13 70%

Barrier Gauge

BBCT Barrier Gauge.png

10000 points total, a gauge that decreases when you use Barrier to defend. It regenerates 7 points per 10 frames if you stop using Barrier for 120 frames. When it reaches zero, that character enter Danger condition for 600 frames. During this time barrier gauge regenerate back to 5000 points then you can use Barrier again. Learn more about this gauge's usage in Barrier and Barrier Burst.