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Chie is an up-close-and-personal heavy-hitting rushdown with good speed and a plethora of multihitting normals that allow for easy active switch shenanigans. Her pressure and mixup are great, with access to powerful resets, baits, punishes, and unorthodox cancels which allow for her to easily open up opponents. She has one of the highest damage outputs in the game via Power Charge, and can very easily down an opponent with just one combo due to it. However, she struggles with the neutral game, having short and stubby normals alongside highly telegraphed distance closers which can make it a struggle for her to get in without the help of an assist or incredible timing.
Nonetheless, Chie is a short, spunky powerhouse who provides a unique playstyle full of personality and is never a bad choice for newcomers and veterans alike.
Chie Satonaka

BBTag Chie Portrait.png
Fastest Attack
4A (5F)
A+D (Catch 1~25F)
236B+C (14F)
  • Great damage potential without meter.
  • Highest damage potential in the game with meter.
  • Good corner game.
  • Strong close range pressure.
  • Relatively low skill floor
  • Getting in range to actually execute on that pressure and damage potential can be hard.
  • Very reliant on assists and meter to use her full potential.
  • Stubby normals.

Power Charge
Chie's Power Charge gives all of her attacks a significant damage increase, capable of doing enough damage to down a single character in one combo.

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
4A 1000 All 5 3 11 -2 B
4AA 400×6 All 9 2,{(4)2}×5 21 -9 B
4AAA 1000×2 All 6 3,3 15 -1 B
4AAAA 2040 All 13 12 Total: 48 -5 P1

Chie's go-to for mashing out of blockstrings and good for pressure due to its cancel options. It's short-range limits of how often you can use it, however.

  • Jump cancellable

Combo filler.

  • Jump cancellable

Combo filler

  • Jump cancellable

Chie has the rare trait of being able to activate Cross-Raid from both her 4A autocombo. This makes it useful in cases where the 5A autocombo would take too long to get to Cross-Raid.

  • Safe on block
Version Level P1 P2
4A 1 100 70
4AA 2 100 75
4AAA 3 100 80
4AAAA 4 100 85



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A 1500 All 6 4 18 -5 B
5AA 950×2 All 7 3(3)6 11 -3 B
5AAA 750×3 All 10 2(12)3(1)3 19 -3 B
5AAAA 2040 All 13 12 Total: 48 -5 P1

Chie's primary combo and pressure starter. It can be used to abare in cases where 4A would fail.

  • Jump cancellable.

5AA is important combo filler as it vacuums the opponent towards you. This also makes it good for pressure as you can use it to set up a mixup with j.C or reset pressure.

  • Either hit can be jump cancelled, allowing for crossups in the corner in addition to other setups.
  • Frame traps into 5AAA,discouraging the opponent to mash out.

Mostly used as combo filler but can also be used for Active Switches as hitting thrice gives your partner time to do what they want.

  • One of the few moves Chie can't jump cancel.

Same as 4AAAA

Version Level P1 P2
5A 3 100 80
5AA 2 100 75
5AAA 4 100 85
5AAAA 4 100 85



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5B 1700 All 10 3 30 -14 [-2] B
5BB 1100×2 All 19 3(7)2 Total: 48 -1 [-2] B

5B is Chie's longest reaching ground poke. It's fast and has good reach both horizontally and vertically, being able to stuff opponents trying to approach on the ground and with instant air dashes. Though it can be risky to throw out because of the very long recovery her 5B has. Tomoe can be hit during startup so there is a risk of having your persona broken when challenging your opponents moves in neutral. Aim to stop an opponent from poking, jumping or retreating.

  • Dash Cancelable, Dash Cancel frame data within brackets []
  • Can be reverse beat into 5A

5BB is an important combo piece for Chie that can allow her to combo into B Herculean Strike when the conditions are met. For more details on 5BB > 214B/C, you can read more in the Combo Theory section of her Combo page. The second hit of 5BB isn't a true blockstring which means it can be used as a frame trap, it also means everyone can reversal action out of it if timed correctly. However, this move not being a true blockstring allows for mixups during sandwich situations, if you Active Switch just before the second B lands.

  • Dash Cancelable, Dash Cancel frame data within brackets []
Version Level P1 P2
5B 4 90 85
5BB 4 90 85



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800 High 22 3 24 -10 B

Standard Persona 5C. Fast but punishable on block.

  • Chie is airborne during the animation letting her high-profile and throw crush.
Level P1 P2
3 100 100


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 Low 6 2 12 -2 F

Probably Chie's best close range normal. It's fast, hits low, has a fair amount of range, it's good for stagger pressure and yes, it's great at low profiling. All this and it's only 1 frame slower than 4A!

  • Can be chained into 4A and 5A up to 2 times
  • Can chain into itself
Level P1 P2
1 90 70


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 All 10 2 30 -15 B 8~11 H

Chie's primary anti-air. It has great horizontal reach and good vertical reach. However, the forward movement can make it tricky to use and the bad head Invuln forces you to be accurate with its usage. Still, when used properly,it can get the good done and can lead to your opponent's death.

  • Moves Chie forward
  • Can be jump canceled, even on block!
  • Can be reversed beat into 5A
Level P1 P2
3 90 80


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 Low 9 3 20 -4 F
  • Jump cancelable

That's right boys, we can jump cancel our 2C on hit AND on block!

Level P1 P2
4 90 85


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.A 1500 High 8 3 13 H
j.AA 1500 High 7 5 14 H

Chie's j.A has a good horizontal hitbox, making jump up j.A a very nice way to catch air approaches. You'll mostly want to use this in situations where the opponent does not have to commit to pushing a button when they're approaching you from the air. In these situations, jump up j.A is less risky to throw out compared to risking whiffing an Anti-Air due to the opponent using additional air options or other things.

  • Good air to air normal

j.AA is mostly used in combos and pressure to confirm the opponent got hit or is blocking.

Version Level P1 P2
j.A 3 80 80
j.AA 3 80 80



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 High 13 6 9 H

Chie's go-to jump-in. It has good vertical range and is great for whiff-punishing grounded pokes you jumped over. It's also good for protecting yourself while falling.

It can be used as an instant overhead against  Tager, Hakumen and  Blitztank. On Tager, you can follow up solo but on the other 2 you'll need an assist.

Level P1 P2
3 80 80


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
300×6, 1500 All 26 2×6,(13)3 Total: 28 H

A great mixup and neutral tool. You can use it set up a gapless high/low mix or to completely reset your pressure after a jump cancel or on your opponent's wakeup as oki. This also makes it a good Active Switch tool.

It can also be used as a wall in neutral due to its long active. However, Tomoe can still be broken so it's not unstoppable but still strong.

Just remember it has long startup so you can easily be hit out of hit.

Level P1 P2
3 80 70, 70
  • Final hit is considered separate hit with P2:70%

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0×2, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 T
  • Can convert it into a combo by linking 2A > 5B

Unlike most throws,Chie's can't be special or super canceled.Is very threatening during power charge as Chie can do 4-8K in a single hit. On certain characters you can do 2B > 5BB which will let you do B Herc loops which will do more damage than using 2A..If your fast enough,you can do throw>214BC(Level 1 power charge)>2A.

Level P1 P2
0, 1, 4 100 50
  • Minimum Damage 2000

High Counter

5A+D (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
AD 45 1~25 Guard All
AD Attack 950×5 Low, Air Unblockable×4 5 2(7)1(6)2(6)2(6)2 Until L+8L B 1~38 All
j.AD 1100×4 All 6 2(6)2(6)2(6)2 Until L+8L H 1~7 All

A decent counter. It will beat most safejumps but is a poor anti-air and can't be used for air-unblockables. The followup can allow for safejumps. How effective they are are dependent on how many of the hits land.

  • First hit is a low.


Is a decent air combo ender and can be used in cases where j.236B would fail.

Version Level P1 P2
AD Attack 2, 4×4 80 60
j.AD 4 80 60

AD Attack:

  • Minimum Damage 47×5 (235)


  • Minimum Damage 55×4 (220)



236A (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236A 800×3 All 11 5(3)3(6)6 17 -6 H
236A > X 1200×2 High, All 6 2(9)3 20 -4 B, F
236A > X > X 3000 All 18 12 27+15L -33 H

Rampage is important for Chie's combos as lets her close the distance. The air version is the same, used to bring the opponent back down to the ground but it has the potential to drop the combo depending on distance and height.

  • You can influence the distance travelled by holding backwards or forwards during the start up of the Rampage

Useful in the corner since it allows her to get loops with 5A.

  • Can into 214X

A decent combo ender with similar properties to 236B.

Version Level P1 P2
236A 3 80 80
236A > X 4 80 85
236A > X > X 5 80 90


  • Minimum Damage 40×3 (120)

236A > X:

  • Minimum Damage 60×2 (120)

236A > X > X:

  • Minimum Damage 150

Dragon Kick

236B (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236B 3000 All 18 12 27+15L -33 H
j.236B 3000 All 14 12 Until L+15L H

This move can be used in combos and can be a good cross up tool depending on the assist covering it. You can also combo off this move without an assist depending on the angle the kick connects or if it counter hits. Generally, you don't want to risk using this move as an anti-air because you can easily get blocked, hit out of it or just straight up miss completely. But eh, you're a Chie player and this move is the most "Chie" move on God's green earth, so we say let it rip and kick for the stars! (Please note that we at Dustloop will not be held accountable for any lost matches, dropped sets or crushed self-esteems)

  • This is the stand alone version of Dragon Kick without having to do Rampage and Skull Cracker.
Version Level P1 P2
236B 5 80 90
j.236B 5 80 90


  • Minimum Damage 150


  • Minimum Damage 150

Herculean Strike


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A 1800 All 11 6 23 -8 B
214B 2200 All 25 10 18 -4 B 1~20 T

Used soley to end combos, either after 236AA or in cases where 236A or 236B would whiff.


A great combo tool, mainly 214B/C loops. These have good damage and great corner carry. It can also be used in neutral when combined with a long range assist like  Vatista's 6PBBTag Vatista LumenStellaElLance.pngGuardAllStartup(18)+39RecoveryTotal: (18)+63Advantage+18 to close the gap.

When spaced, it can be plus on block letting start pressure safely.

  • Can be cancelled into 236B/236C
  • Wall bounces midscreen,Wall splats in the corner
Version Level P1 P2
214A 3 90 80
214B 5 80 90


  • Minimum Damage 90


  • Minimum Damage 110

Extra Skills

EX Dragon Kick

236C (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236C 4500 All 30 12 12 -3 H
j.236C 4500 All 13 12 12 H

A high damage combo tool. It's longer startup makes it harder to combo into but its faster recovery makes it safer to use in neutral so you can use it to close the gap if you can get around the startup.

  • More range than the meterless version


The air version is identical to the ground version, except that there's no extra run animation making it a lot faster. You can also only use it once per jump but it's possible to use standard Dragon Kick right after using EX Dragon Kick.

Both versions of EX Dragon Kick are useful for combos and can do ludicrous amounts of damage when used with power charge.

Version Level P1 P2
236C 5 80 90
j.236C 5 80 90


  • Minimum Damage 450


  • Minimum Damage 450

EX Herculean Strike


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2500 All 25 10,1 18 +7 B 1~20 T

This is literally a better version of 214B. Has the same startup and distance as the meterless version but deals more damage,is always plus on block regardless of distance and launches higher on hit. Despite that, the damage you get from it often isn't worth meter that you want to save Power Charge so only use it if it will kill or during Resonance Blaze when you have meter to burn.

  • Can be cancelled into 236B/C
  • Has throw invuln
Level P1 P2
5 70 90
  • Minimum Damage 250

Partner Skills


Herculean Strike > Black Spot

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500, 1700 All (18)+13 7 [(20)12] 25 [13] -12 B, P1

Average 5P. Use it to extend combos although the second hit makes it easier to combo from than some 5Ps.

  • Followup Black Spot Hit only comes out on hit
Level P1 P2
3, 4 70 80, 90
  • Only does 2nd hit (values in []) on hit
  • Minimum Damage 75, 85 (160)


Dragon Kick

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2500 All (18)+23 12 26+14L -31 H

Great for mixups as it will often side-switch letting perform left/rights. When combined with projectiles, it can also be used to help Chie approach. It can also be used to catch people doing IAD from fullscreen and is Chie's highest damage assist.

Level P1 P2
5 70 90
  • Minimum Damage 125


P4A 2D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000×2, 1700 All (18)+12 2(3)2(10)3 Total: 68 -11 B×3

A great pressure and lockdown tool as it has high blockstun and isn't affected by pushblock. Also good for combos as it launches higher than 5P .

Level P1 P2
4 70×2, 100 85
  • Minimum Damage 50×2, 85 (185)

Distortion Skills

God's Hand


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
6000 [5100, 5000] All 4+(50 Flash)+10 6 [6(27)6] Total: 88 [Total: 130] -41 [-50] P2 1~22 All

Her main combo ender. Can be used as a reversal but has low range so be careful.Also important for power charge combos due to the damage it does. Can lead to a safejump on hit.

Level P1 P2
5 80 60
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 1920 [1122, 1100 (2222)]
  • [If first attack is blocked, second hit has base damage 5100]

Power Charge


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1+(43 Flash)+10
{1+(43 Flash)+56}
1~1 All
[1~1 All
2~End P]

Power Charge is probably the reason you're playing Chie. It allows Chie to make large comebacks and TOD every character in the game. It's the main thing you will be saving meter for so remember to learn your combos to use it to its full potential.

  • Applies to her assist as well but is not very practical.
  • Lasts for 2 seconds
  • Using God's Hand will automatically end Power Charge.
  • Successive Power Charges will stack the levels

Level 1

Short Recovery allows you to use this mid-combo without an assist leading to low-cost/High-reward combos(like 10K solo for 2 bars). Can also be used to pause the screen and get your bearings or to see what the opponent is doing and if you can punish.

  • 100% Damage Boost.

Level 2

Long recovery means that you have no choice but to use an assist to use it mid-combo. This version is mainly used in cases where you don't have 4 bars for Power Charge > God Hand but with level 2 you can kill them regardless.

  • 200% Damage Boost

Level 3

Level 3 allows Chie to kill the opponent of any random hit making for the momentum-based victories Chie is known for. However, its very long recovery makes it that Cross Combo or Resonance Blaze is required to combo into it.

  • 300% Damage Boost
  • Has projectile invulnerability from frame 1
Level P1 P2
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Values in {} are when you hold the buttons
  • Increases Power Charge Level by 1 {2} [{3}]
  • Base power of all attacks increases when Power Charge is active. Lv1: +100% Lv2: +200% Lv3: +300%


j.236B+C j.214B+C

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
740×10 [960×10] All 11+(41 Flash)+0 P(3){P(5)}×8,P Total: 22 P2 1~10 All

Agneyastra is a great neutral tool as it both locks down the opponent and covers Chie as she approaches. However, the opponent will often pushblock Chie which mitigates the effect of the super. Since Chie wants to save her meter for Power Charge, you need to decide if it's worth it to use Agneyastra to approach. However in Resonance Blaze, you can use Agneyastra liberally as you have more meter so you can just force your way through as if they pushblock you, you can just use Agneyastra again.

Outside of that, Agneyastra is useful in Resonance Blaze combos as you can do 236B/C, cancel into Agneyastra, land, do level 3 Power Charge and continue the combo. This combined with its use in neutral give Chie high comeback potential with Resonance Blaze.

  • j.214B+C results in Meteors going half screen
  • j.236B+C results in Meteors going full screen
Level P1 P2
5 80 95×10
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Each P in active frames represents a projectile spawned
  • Attacks appear at the top of the screen
  • Minimum Damage: 111×N [144×N]

Distortion Skill Duo

God's Hand

P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 [1000, 1500] All 1+(93 Flash)+1 6 [6(27)6] Total: 65 [Total: 107] -30 [-39] P2 1~9 All

Through years of deep meditation and intense training, Chie devised the groundbreaking strategy of hitting the opponent twice with a big fist. That's like double the usual amount of fists!

Level P1 P2
5 100 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 2000 [2500]

Astral Heat

Galactic Punt

222B+C when Astral Conditions are met

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
All 11+(41 Flash)+30 15 Total: 110 -61 P2 1~48 All

Chie will spend most of her time in Resonance using j.236+C and Power Charge. However, her astral has fullscreen tracking making it her only true anti-zoning tool. It can be easily combo into by using 5BB or 236AA.

Level P1 P2



 Chie Satonaka
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