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8 Directions, 5 Buttons

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle uses the D pad for 8 way direction input, not analog input (though the Analog Stick can be used).
There are 5 attack buttons in total: A.png (Attack A), B.png (Attack B), C.png (Clash), GGD.png (Change), and GGP.png (Partner).

Basic Controls

Smart Combo
  • Repeatedly press A.png or B.png for an auto combo, similar to Stylish Mode in the BB series, Auto Combos in the P4A series or Smart Steer from UNI. A.png and B.png each perform different combos.
Passing Link
  • The Reverse Beat. All normals, except 5C.png and certain j.C.pngs can be chained into any other normals once and only once per string similar to UNI.
    • While many characters from series outside UNI may have chains that can resemble Passing Link, the UNI characters have a more universal Passing Link behavior similar to their home game.
Clash Assault
  • Press 5C.png to do an overhead attack. On successful hit, you and your partner (if available) will perform a small cinematic combo. If your partner is not available or was already on screen at the time your attack hit, then you will do a less damaging solo cinematic combo. The follow-up hit can be timed with an additional press of A.png or B.png, dealing more damage and building more Skill Gauge if timed correctly.
Extra Assault
  • A powerful attack that can be unleashed by pressing C.png during the finish of a 2 person Clash Assault.
  • Requires 1 Skill Gauge. A normal Clash Assault will occur if there is not enough Skill Gauge on use.
  • Press 2C.png to perform a sweep.
Duo Change / Active Change
  • Press GGD.png to change to your other character. Your incoming character has some recovery after being brought in. During a Partner Skill or Cross Combo, release GGD.png to perform an Active Change in the same manner. The character brought in through Active Change has temporary increased Skill Gauge gain, and the outgoing character has temporary increased red health regeneration.
Partner Skill / Active Partner Skill
  • Press GGP.png to call in your partner to perform an attack. Your partner will do different attacks by holding 4, 5, or 6. At the cost of 50% Cross Gauge, you can call your partner to perform an Active Partner Skill while your point character is performing an action, or while the opponent is being hit or blocking. Active Partner Skill can only be performed once until the opponent returns to a neutral state.
Reversal Action
  • Press A.png+GGD.png to do an invincible reversal attack, similar to the Furious Actions of the P4A series. Your character will glow red when this happens. Most grounded Reversal Actions cannot be air blocked. You cannot call your partner during a Reversal Action, nor can you Cross Burst if your Reversal Action is punished. Reversal Actions, and all hits that connect as a combo from them, only deal red health damage on hit.
Throw / Throw Escape
  • Press B.png+C.png while on the ground to perform a throw. If done from far away, your character will run forward for a bit before attempting the throw.
  • To escape a throw, press B.png+C.png immediately after getting thrown.
Reject Guard
  • Press 4A.png+GGD.png while blocking to push the opponent away, giving you some breathing room. Reject Guard costs 1 Skill Gauge.
    • This is similar to the Advancing Guard in the Marvel vs. Capcom series or the pushblock mechanic in the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax series.
Cross Combo
  • Press GGD.png+GGP.png during a Partner Skill to keep the partner in and continue using Partner Skills by pressing attack buttons or releasing the GGP.png button.
  • Hold GGP.png to prevent the partner from acting. Attacks during Cross Combo ignore hitstun decay and deal no red health on hit.
  • Distortion Skills are enhanced during Cross Combo.
  • Cross Combo can only be activated if there is 50% or more Cross Gauge available, and will drain the Cross Gauge until it is fully depleted.
Cross Burst
  • Press GGD.png+GGP.png while getting hit or blocking to break the opponent's combo and tag in your partner. The incoming character will perform an invincible attack, but is vulnerable for a short time afterward. Only available when the Cross Gauge is full and a Partner Skill would otherwise be available.
  • This is similar to the Counter Switch mechanic in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.
Resonance Blaze
  • Press GGP.png while down to one character to enter Resonance Blaze. Your character will be powered up for 15 seconds and becomes an offensive powerhouse.
  • During Resonance Blaze:
    • The in-game timer is frozen
    • You will automatically gain Skill Gauge (based on Resonance Blaze level)
      • Maximum Skill Gauge increases (based on Resonance Blaze level)
        • Depending on Resonance Blaze level. Each level of Resonance Blaze increases max Skill Gauge size by 1, meaning at Level 4 Resonance Blaze, max Skill Gauge becomes 9. Max Skill Gauge reverts back to normal (5) when Resonance Blaze ends.
    • Your recoverable health will automatically recover (based on Resonance Blaze level)
    • Normals deal chip damage, chip damage increases (based on Resonance Blaze level)
    • Skills can be canceled into Distortion Skills and Astral Heat
    • Much like Cross Combo state, Distortion Skills are also enhanced
    • Opponent cannot Cross Burst
  • Make this time count, as you can only use Resonance Blaze once per match similar to GG’s Instant Kill Activation.
Skills, Extra Skills, Distortion Skills, Astral Heats
  • The command input for Skills are restricted to 236, 214 and occasionally 22. Distortion Skills are restricted to 236B.png+C.png or 214B.png+C.png, similar to the input of the Climax Arts in the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax series.
  • Extra Skills are enhanced Skills involving a Skill motion + C.png and cost 1 Skill Gauge. Your character will glow blue when this happens. Extra Skills deal no red health damage on hit.
  • Astral Heat input is universally 222B.png+C.png, but requires 9 Skill Gauges (and by extension, Level 4 Resonance Blaze). Astral Heat can only be performed during Resonance Blaze and when your opponent is also down to one character, but has no other restrictions besides its Skill Gauge cost.
Cross Raid
  • After landing the final hit of Smart Combo 1, you can switch in your partner with an incoming attack by pressing A.png once more. Performing the Cross Raid attack will switch in your partner in the Active Switch powered-up state.
  • Your partner will have to be off-screen to be able to use Cross Raid.
  • Using Cross Raid will use up all remaining Cross Gauge. (You will be able to use Cross Raid regardless of your remaining Cross Gauge, even if the Cross Gauge is empty.)
  • Your Resonance level will increase by a set amount regardless of the how much Cross Gauge was spent. (Same amount as when activating Cross Combo with 100% Cross Gauge.)
Rampage Time
  • Occurs in matches when the in-game timer reaches 80. This will cause Skill Gauges for both players to increase continuously.
  • The amount of Skill Gauge gained increases as the match approaches time-up.
  • When the timer is frozen by Resonance Blaze, the Skill Gauge increase from Rampage Time is also paused.
Delay Down Entrance
  • When your first character is defeated, you can hold A.png, B.png or C.png to delay the timing of the second character entering the battle for up to 1 second.



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