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Jin is a very well-rounded "Shoto" character with a wide variety of tools to handle any situation and conquer the neutral game. Jin's normals and BnB combos also have very solid damage, with his Crash Assault being particularly fast and deceptive. Additionally, Jin has a great set of assists, while also being able to deal with 1v1's and 1v2's relatively comfortably, making him superb as both a Point and an Anchor. Overall, Jin has no outstanding weaknesses besides having below average range on his grounded normals, but his projectile tools and potent air normals generally make up for this.
Jin Kisaragi

BBTag Jin Portrait.png
22F (1~7F Inv All)
Fastest Attack
4A (6F)
A+D (13F)
214B+C (10F)
  • Very well-rounded character who has a tool for almost any situation, giving him a good matchup spread.
  • One of the best 5C's in the game due to its high speed, deceptive animation, and combo utility.
  • Has projectiles that can lock down opponents or reset pressure.
  • Touga Hyojin distortion can do just about anything; reversal, anti-air, punish from full screen, stop zoning, etc.
  • Has high comeback potential, especially with Level 4 Resonance. Jin has high chip damage through his Touga distortion and can use multiple supers in the same combo for massive damage.
  • Has costly and difficult-to-wield anti-airs as they are rather slow and lack horizontal range.
  • Susceptible to Reject Guard.
  • Requires a partner or resonance blaze to convert off his command special overheads outside of EX version which is sometimes awkward to convert from.
  • Reliant on the threat of Touga Hyojin, and thus meter, to deter opponents in neutral.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 All 6 3 11 -2 B
  • Whiffs on crouchers. Also whiffs on short character like Linne, even if they aren't crouching.
  • Cancelable into everything, including jumps, throws, and even itself.

Old 5A. Jin's fastest button and thus great at disrupting enemy pressure. Can be used as an anti-air thanks to the high placement of its hitbox but this also makes vulnerable to low-profiling. Only combos or true blockstrings into itself, 5A, 2A, and 5B, which makes it impossible to combo off a max height 4A anti-air. After three consecutive 4As, any further A inputs will result in 5A. It should be noted that after a jump in, 4A can be used to hit crouching opponents once so it can be useful for setting up tick-throws.

Level P1 P2
1 100 70


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A 800×2 All 7 2(4)1 19 -3 B
5AA 1700 All 9 12 16 -4 B
5AAA 650×4 All 8 2(3)2(3)2(3)2 28 -4 B
5AAAA 500, 1700 All 17 10 60 -51 B
  • Hits twice.
  • Throw cancelable on either hit.
  • Jump cancelable on hit on either hit.
  • Both hits vacuum opponents.

5A pulls opponents closer to Jin for pressure and mix-ups. Has short range when compared to most other 5As. Second hit whiffs at the first hit's max range. Can cancel into 2A and back, allowing him to use this move twice in the same string.

  • Throw cancelable.

5AA has high hitstun, making it effective for canceling into slower moves. As of 2.0, this move has massive hitstun and blockstun, making it safe on block, allowing him to combo into 5C against grounded opponents, and makes an immediate cancel into 5C a true blockstring. However, it is now impossible to frame trap into Sekkajin as even the most delayed cancel is still a true blockstring. Has less vertical range than the animation implies. Last point in his A Smart Combo that can cancel into B normals. Be sure to avoid going into this too often in blockstrings as it has high recovery on whiff and will leave Jin vulnerable if the opponent Reject Guards.

  • Hits 4 times.
  • Staggers grounded opponents on hit.
  • Launches airborne opponents away on hit.
  • Only cancels into 5AAAA if the final hit connected or was blocked.

5AAA can only cancel into 5AAAA, which makes this move difficult to use in blockstrings. Devastating starter due to its high damage and fantastic scaling but as 5AA can no longer frame trap into this move using it as a starter is very unlikely and highly situational. The stun is greatly extended on grounded counter hit, allowing Jin to continue the combo into essentially any attack. The final hit of this move is safe on block but is punishable if the opponent Reject Guards an earlier hit.

  • Hits twice.
  • First hit switches sides on both hit and block.
  • Second hit only occurs if the first successfully hit the point character.
  • Second hit launches opponents away on hit.
  • Passes through on frames 18-29.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.

5AAAA is a good combo ender due to it's high damage, good scaling, quick start-up, and safe-jump oki. Very easy to extend via assists thanks to the full freeze on hit, though note that the opponent is invincible until they thaw out so make sure to time assists properly. Hilariously unsafe on block or whiff so only use this move in combos. Must be canceled into immediately after the final hit of Sekkajin or this move will fail to come out.

Version Level P1 P2
5A 3 100 80
5AA 4 100 85
5AAA 3 100 85
5AAAA 4 100 100, 85


  • Crumple Duration 29F, Crumple Fall 62F


  • First hit has Freeze Count 10, Freeze Duration 70F
  • Crumple Duration 50F, Crumple Fall 83F


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5B 1500 All 10 4 19 -6 B
5BB 1700 All 15 8 15 -4 B
5BBB 1700 All 15 3 31 -15 B
  • Jump cancelable.

5B is Jin's primary tool for pokes and starting punish combos thanks to this attack's great range and fantastic scaling. Used in essentially every combo and blockstring. On the first active frame 5B has a high vertical hitbox, so it can be an effective anti air if the opponent isn't too high in the air or is attempting to IAD over Jin. Good for setting up resets and frame traps thanks to its deceptive recovery animation and being jump cancelable.

5BB is the lastest move Jin can cancel into while still being safe on block so stop here if you think the opponent is trying to reversal out of pressure. Can combo into 5A on counter hit. Good for frame trapping and ending a blockstring with 5BB Hishouken or sneaking in a low with 5BB 2C Hishouken.

  • Jump cancelable.
  • Launches opponent on hit.

5BBB is Jin's only grounded normal launcher and his primary tool for starting air combos. Can anti-air opponents thanks to its large hitbox but this is difficult to do as it is only usable after 5BB.

Version Level P1 P2
5B 3 100 80
5BB 4 100 85
5BBB 4 100 75



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800+ High 22 3 24 -10 B
  • Flash on frame 4.
  • Knockdown on airborne hit.
  • On standing hit, leads into a timed follow-up.
  • Follow-up damage, meter gain, oki, and timing changes if partner is available.

One of the best 5C's in the game thanks to its visually deceptive animation (Jin crouches and attacks from below instead of above), long range, fast start-up, and Jin's ability to combo directly into it off 5AA against grounded opponents. Generally not used if an assist is available as jump-ins or tiger-kneed Hizangeki's are more flexible and ambiguous mix-up options. Since he lacks any other grounded overheads and tiger-kneed EX Hizangeki can only lead into a combo if it is done in the corner, Jin must use this move if he wants to mix-up opponents without a partner. That being said, don't use this carelessly as Jin is unsafe on block.

Level P1 P2
3 100 100


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 Low 9 2 15 -3 F
  • Jin's fastest low.

Only safe low and also his fastest, making this attack vital in Jin's mix-up game. Can be chained into his 5A and back.Do keep in mind the startup frames, so if you want to mash out of something it is recommended to use 5A or 5B if they are farther away.

Level P1 P2
2 90 75


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 All 14 3 31 -15 B 8~16 H
  • Jump cancelable.

Jin's dedicated anti-air and his out right best due to its humongous hitbox and ability to be made safe via jump cancels. Keep in mind that its horizontal range isn't the greatest, that this move is very unsafe on whiff, and it isn't air unblockable so don't throw out this move without a plan.

Level P1 P2
4 90 85
  • CH state 1-16F


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 Low 13 4 28 -13 F
  • Hits low.
  • Knockdown on hit.

Sword sweep with amazing range that can also low profile many attacks. Can be difficult to use in combos due to Jin lacking any moves that plummet the opponent while also being cancelable. Generally used for long range mix-ups into A Musou Senshouzan or Musou Tousshugeki for either a combo or to be safe on block. At the end of highly scaled combos, this move can only combo into either Hirensou or a super.

Level P1 P2
4 90 85


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.A 1500 High 9 9 28 H
j.AA 1700 High 10 6 20 H
  • Double jump cancelable.

Has a wide hitbox and can be used to cross up opponents. Note that the hitbox doesn't extend fully until near the end of the animation. Not used in most combos as it deals the least damage out off all his air normals. Keep in mind the hurtbox extends to his sleeves and has high whiff recovery so be sure to be use it wisely.

  • Double jump cancelable.

j.AA is long range and high damage, making it useful in air combos. Mostly combo and blockstring filler.

Version Level P1 P2
j.A 3 80 80
j.AA 4 80 85



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.B 1700 High 10 6 20 H
j.BB 1700 High 13 5 24 H
  • Double jump cancelable.

j.B is long range and high damage, making it Jin's best jump-in. As of 2.0, this move can now be used in neutral which greatly improves Jin's air-to-air capabilities and safe-jump potential, seeing as he can now reach out far enough to catch opponents.

  • Double jump cancelable.

Air Smart Combo version of j.2B that is used for optimizing damage during air combos.

Version Level P1 P2
j.B 4 80 85
j.BB 4 80 85



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 High 13 5 24 H
  • Double jump cancelable.

Used often as Jin's most consistent cross-up tool and as an air combo part. Also pretty good for throw-baiting thanks to its long vertical reach.

Level P1 P2
4 80 85


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 All 14 3 29+6L H
  • Halts all momentum.

Used at the end of every air combo thanks to its high damage and long hitstun which guarantees a follow-up such as Hizangeki or Hiyoku Getsumei. Also another decent cross-up tool but one that lacks any meaningful follow-ups. Unsafe on ground block.

Level P1 P2
5 80 90

Universal Moves

Ground Throw


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
BC 0×2, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 T
4BC 0, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 T
  • 100% minimum damage. (2000)
  • Has Frost End properties.
  • Holding back while pressing throw results in a back throw.
  • If the opponent is already in throw range, Jin will run a short distance before attempting a throw.
  • Opponents cannot burst during a throw.

Jin grabs the opponent and freezes them. The freeze doesn't last long so only moves as fast as his 5B will combo off of it. If the enemy thaws out they will be left in a standing position. This means that this throw can be used to create reset opportunities with lows, overheads, cross-ups, and even another throw. Note that the opponent can reversal through any of these options so consider baiting them or just taking the guaranteed damage via a combo. Both forward and back throws do the same thing with slightly different animations.

Version Level P1 P2
BC 0×2, 4 100 50
4BC 0, 4 100 50


  • Minimum Damage 2000
  • Last hit has Freeze Count 10, Freeze Duration 54F
  • Crumple Duration 28F, Crumple Fall 51F


  • Minimum Damage 2000
  • Last hit has Freeze Count 10, Freeze Duration 54F



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000, 1000 Air Unblockable 13 3(21~76)1 48 -30 B 1~15 All
  • Invincible from frame 1.
  • Has Frostbite properties.
  • Hits 2 times, both are air unblockable.
  • First hit launches opponents upward.
  • Second hit launches opponents away.
  • Cannot Cross Burst if punished.
  • 5% minimum damage. 100 + 50 = 150

Jin slashes in a circle around himself and then in front of himself. Fully invincible reversal that is also his only air unblockable move, making it a good anti-air, even more so if he has assist available for a full combo conversion. The follow-up attack always occurs regardless of whether it hit or not, however the timing of the attack changes if Jin manages to hit an opponent in the air, resulting in the attack coming out late. While this is a good thing in most cases as it helps the follow-up connect properly, if the initial attack hits at max height then the follow-up will always whiff. That being said, it has enough untech on the first hit that even if the second hit doesn't combo you are safe from a punish. Combine this with Jin's far reaching, fast air normals and his myriad projectiles to make it very difficult for the opponent to dictate the neutral.

Level P1 P2
4 80 60
  • Minimum Damage 100, 50 (150)



236A (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236A 1500 All 13 Total: 50 -13 P1
j.236A 1500 All 20 Total: 44+11L P1

Jin releases a short sword made of ice to zone and pester the opponent into doing something risky. Ground version travels faster than the air version. Air version also results in Jin floating backwards after launching the ice sword. Unsafe at point-blank range but at mid-screen to full screen the projectile is safe or even plus on block.

Version Level P1 P2
236A 3 80 80
j.236A 3 80 80


  • Minimum Damage 75


  • Minimum Damage 75


236B (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236B 1000×3 All 44 Total: 72 +18 P1
j.236B 1000×3 All 24 Total: 72 P1
  • Hits 3 times.

Jin slowly creates then launches a greatsword of ice in front of him, picking up speed as it travels forward. Has very long start-up which makes Jin vulnerable to opponents attacks. Should only be used when an assist is available to cover him or if the opponent lacks any tools to deal with it at full-screen. Generally used to cover Jin's approach and lock-down opponents for mix-ups. Leads directly into a combo on a successful hit. The air version is used as a combo part in corner combos for optimal damage.

Example of forcing the opponent to jump

Version Level P1 P2
236B 3 80 80
j.236B 3 80 80


  • Minimum Damage 50×3 (150)


  • Minimum Damage 50×3 (150)

Musou Senshouzan


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A 1500 Low 17 8 14+6L -4 F
214A > X 1500 All 14 4 6+20L -13 H
214B 1600×2 Low 17 10 [(14)4] 19+7L [6+20L] -13 F, B
  • Hits low.
  • Launches opponent on hit.
  • Follow-up attack can be done even if the first whiffs.
  • Can cancel into followup on frames 18-24.
  • Follow-up attack knocks down on hit.

This is his go-to combo ender for ground combos thanks to the follow-up's safe-jump oki. Note that even though the initial hit is done with an ice-based attack, this move lacks the Frostbite trait of his drive.

A: The icicle travels a short distance. This is Jin's best special move for mix-ups and ending blockstrings as it is safe on block.

B: The icicle travels a slightly longer distance than 'A' version. Has the same start-up as the A version but deals more damage which makes it the best for ending combos. Should never be used for blockstrings as it is unsafe on block and it puts Jin at point-blank range. As of 2.0, the second hit now comes out automatically making it great for AS options and lockdown.

Version Level P1 P2
214A 3 80 80
214A > X 3 80 80
214B 3 80 80×2


  • Jin immediately enters recovery on hit/block
  • Can cancel into followup attack from ??~??F
  • Minimum Damage 75

214A > X:

  • Minimum Damage 75


  • Jin immediately performs followup attack (values in []) on hit/block
  • Minimum Damage 80×2 (160)



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1800 All 13 3 37+7L H
  • Knocks down on hit.

Should never be used to end combos as Hizangeki is simply a better combo ender. The fast start-up and knockdown on hit makes it useful in corner Cross Combos for looping assist attacks as quickly as possible. Note that this attack doesn't hit overhead like the Hizangeki does, which makes it difficult to recommend using this move in neutral or blockstrings at all.

Level P1 P2
3 80 80
  • Minimum Damage 90



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000, 1800 All, High 15 1(9)3 37+7L H
  • Second hit is an overhead, knocks down on hit.

This is his best meterless air combo ender and as most of Jin's combos result in a launch, nearly every combo will end with this attack. Can lead into safe-jump oki if it is used low to the ground while the opponent is slightly above Jin. Takes 25 frames (plus a few frames of hitstop on hit or block) before the second attack occurs, making it a very reactable overhead and one that can only be followed up by using an assist. Still sees some use in triple overhead mix-ups after j.2BB.

Level P1 P2
4 80 85
  • Minimum Damage 50, 90 (140)

Extra Skills


236C (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236C 1000×3 All 27 169 Total: 52 +36 P1
j.236C 1000×3 All 24 169 Total: 41+9L P1
  • Hits 3 times.
  • Launches on any hit.

Jin creates a snowflake projectile that hovers in place. It will remain until one of the following conditions are fulfilled; it hits something 3 times, it is hit by a projectile that hits 3 or more times, it has existed for 3 seconds, or if Jin gets hit. Swapping characters won't make it disappear but if Jin is hit as an assist the projectile will still vanish. This is outright the single best tool to spend meter on as it resets pressure, enables free mix-ups, creates sandwich situations, shields Jin from projectiles, and can extend combos. Can be placed in a variety of different positions which can all control space on the screen. On the ground, it forces jumps, denies any lunging attacks or ground dashes, and eats weak projectiles. In the air it can discourage aerial approaches and forces the opponent to play Jin's game of spacing and footsies. Placing it on top of downed characters results in easy oki and so can using it on incoming enemy partners after the point character. The possibilities are endless but Jin's meter is not so don't use this recklessly.

Version Level P1 P2
236C 3 80 80
j.236C 3 80 80


  • Minimum Damage 100×3 (300)


  • Minimum Damage 100×3 (300)

Musou Tousshugeki


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214C 1700 Low 17 12 14+6L -2 F
214C > X 2000 All 14 3 5+11L -2 B
  • Hits low.
  • Launches opponent on hit.
  • Follow-up attack can be done even if the first whiffs.
  • Can cancel into followup on frames 18-28.
  • Follow-up attack wall bounces on hit.

Can extend just about any ground combo thanks to the follow-ups's wall bounce. Oddly enough, the initial icicle hit has Frostbite properties while the non-EX versions of this move lack it.

Version Level P1 P2
214C 4 80 70
214C > X 5 80 90


  • Minimum Damage 170

214C > X:

  • Minimum Damage 200
  • Maximum Slide duration 15F

EX Hizangeki


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000, 2000 All, High 9 1(7)3 22+5L H
  • Second hit is an overhead, knocks down on hit.

Meter using version of Hizangeki that has better damage and frame data. The extra damage at the end of long combos is negligible, only really used to add a little extra damage in Resonance Blaze before super canceling into air Hiyoku Getsumei to guarantee a kill. Used primarily for its ability to start solo instant overhead combos by tiger kneeing this attack and using 2A to pick up the opponent (can pick up midscreen if close range). Can also be used as a general overhead if an assist is available as the second hit has 17 frames of start-up, making it useful in blockstrings after a jump cancel.

Level P1 P2
4 80 85
  • Minimum Damage 100, 200 (300)

Partner Skills


Musou Senshouzan

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500×2 All (18)+16 12
27 [4+20L] -22 B, H
  • Launches opponent on hit.
  • Followup attack only comes out on hit.
  • Followup attack knocks down on hit.

Jin's best assist for basic combo extensions thanks to its speed and range. Somewhat poor at locking down opponents as the second hit only occurs on hit. When using this assist for combos, note that to avoid whiffing attacks against downed opponents, either use moves that can reach prone opponents or time the assist so that the point character can hit the opponent before Jin slams them into the ground.

Level P1 P2
3 70 80×2
  • Jin immediately performs followup attack (values in []) on hit/block
  • Minimum Damage 75×2 (150)



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1200×3 All (18)+44 Total: (18)+72 +14 P
  • Hits 3 times.

One of the best assists in the game because of how much pressure it applies to your opponent and how it can setup mix-ups when used alongside Active Switch. This assist should be used as frequently as possible. Can be used for all the same set-ups as Jin's stand-alone version. Due to the startup and the speed it travels, you are going to want to call 6P when the point character is able to cover it and in certain assist matchups you will need to Cross Combo to prevent Jin from getting smacked.

Example 1 Example 2

Level P1 P2
3 70 80
  • Minimum Damage 60×3 (180)



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 All (18)+10 3 38 -22 B
  • Launches opponents on hit.

This is his anti-air assist and it is one of the best in the game due to its incredibly high speed and range. Note that this attacks lacks head invulnerability, meaning it can trade or be beaten by aerial attacks. Cosmetically, this attack is used during Jin's 5C follow-up.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85
  • Minimum Damage 85

Distortion Skills

Touga Hyojin


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
[1650×N, 500×3, 1000]
All 1+(30 Flash)+8 Until Hit Total: 44 -13~+3 P2 1~8 All
  • Number of hits varies on proximity to Jin or the edges of the screen. Ranges from 1 to 5 hits.
  • (RB) Follow-up attack only occurs if the point character is hit. Follow-up guarantees 4 additional hits.
  • Staggers grounded opponents on hit. Ground slides airborne opponents on hit.
  • (RB) Freezes opponents on hit. Thaws immediately if follow-up attack isn't performed.
  • Takes 22 frames to reach full screen.

Fantastic reversal super that is surprisingly safe on block, even being plus in some cases while doing a fair amount of chip damage. Has massive push-back on hit or block which is good for keeping the opponent at a distance. Can also punish zoning as the projectile has unlimited hits and will consume all regular projectiles while ignoring others. May result in a trade as this move has very few frames of invulnerability. In Resonance Blaze, this move deals significantly more chip damage and gains a follow-up attack that greatly increases the final damage and provides safe-jump oki even if the initial projectile only hit once. Higher RB levels means more chip damage and additional meter and passive meter regeneration with which to use this move. It's only downsides are its projectile property making it susceptible to projectile invincible moves and its low minimum damage, most notably on the final hit of the follow-up with its abysmally low .044% minimum damage scaling.

Level P1 P2
4 80 60
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 231*N [231*N, 100×3, 10]
  • 22F to reach fullscreen
  • Maximum Slide duration 20F
  • Crumple Duration 30F, Crumple Fall 63F
  • On CH Crumple Duration 35F, Crumple Fall 68F
  • Freeze Count 100, Freeze Duration 120F
  • [Final Enhanced hit has Crumple Duration 9999F, Crumple Fall 53F]

Hiyoku Getsumei

214B+C (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214BC 1700, 300×14, 4100
[1700, 300×22, 3600]
All 5+(45 Flash)+5 Until Hit Total: 5+(45 Flash)+58
[Total: 5+(45 Flash)+49]
-35 [-26] P2 1~11 All
j.214BC 1700, 300×14, 4100
[1700, 300×22, 3600]
All 5+(32 Flash)+5 Until Hit Total: 5+(32 Flash)+Until L+16
[Total: 5+(32 Flash)+Until L+11]
P2 1~13 All
  • Follow-up hits only occur if the attack hit the point character.
  • Hits once on block, hits 16 times on hit.
  • (RB) Hits once on block, hits 24 times on hit.
  • Initial hit freezes, subsequent hits launch the opponent.
  • Ground version fires upwards, air version fires downwards.

This is Jin's highest damaging super and the only one that can be used in mid-air, making this his go-to combo ender for finishing off opponents. The frame advantage of the grounded version on hit is determined by how far they are launched after the final hit, thus Jin has a higher frame advantage when he is cornered and has the least when the opponent is cornered. Grants safe-jump oki everywhere except in the corner. In Resonance Blaze, both versions can combo into Touga Hyojin for massive damage. The invulnerable start-up and the attack's upward trajectory means this super can be used as an anti-air, albeit an expensive and risky one. As Jin's only air reversal, this move can be used to avoid air reset situations. While this super can hit assists only the first hit will connect, leaving them frozen in ice for a short time and launching them to the other side of the screen. The frozen assist cannot be damaged by any attack other than an additional usage of this super making the true freeze extremely difficult to utilize.

Version Level P1 P2
214BC 4 80 97×16 [97×24]
j.214BC 4 80 97×16 [97×24]


  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage 255, 45×14, 1148 (2033) [255, 45×22, 1008 (2253)]


  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage 255, 45×14, 1148 (2033) [255, 45×22, 1008 (2253)]

Distortion Skill Duo


P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
500, 1500
All 1+(79 Flash)+1 15 77 -73 B 1~16 All

This super hits full screen horizontally and reaches about as high vertically as Jin's 2B. Can catch both the opponent and their assist but note that once Jin traps them in ice any remaining hits in the point character's super will whiff.

Level P1 P2
4 100 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 2000 [2500]

Astral Heat

Rengoku Hyouya

222B+C when Astral Conditions are met

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 27315 Low 6+(71 Flash)+14 10 95 -86 F 1~19 All
  • Requires 9 bars of meter, level 4 Resonance Blaze, and the opponent must have one character remaining.

Jin stabs the ground and covers it with frost, trapping the opponent in a continually growing column of ice. After draining all their strength, Jin sheaths his sword as the ice shatters. Very easy to combo into and has a huge reward on hit so end combos with it whenever possible. Can be used as a very high risk, very high reward reversal. Can also punish ground-based zoning or raw supers from full screen.

Level P1 P2

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