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Mitsuru is a midrange offensive character that uses normals such as 5A and 2A and Coup Droits to enforce/pressure in order to setup her infamous instant jB overhead backed up with an assist.

Mitsuru Kirijo

BBTag Mitsuru Portrait.png
23F (1~7F Inv All)
Fastest Attack
5A (8F)
A+D (12F)
236B+C (7F)
214B+C (17F)
  • Long-reaching, disjointed normals and specials
  • Respectable damage off normal confirms solo
  • One of the faster high/low games in the cast that can be layered with her B/C gatlings being natural frametraps
  • Her air space is difficult for many characters to contest both offensively and defensively
  • Damage is weaker confirming at max ranges vs midrange
  • Has few options if fullscreen vs. zoning
  • Mitsuru's offense is significantly more linear by herself

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A 1000 All 8 3 19 -8 B
5AA 1100 All 5 2 22 -10 B
5AAA 1200 All 5 2 26 -14 B
5AAAA 1300 All 5 2 22 -10 B
5AAAAA 1400 All 5 2 26 -14 B
5AAAAAA 1000×3 All 17 2(4)2(4)3 37 -23 B

5A is Mitsuru's main and best pokeAn attack that's thrown out to occupy the space in front of you and remind your opponent not to try and come closer. Usually, this is a far-reaching and safe normal move with little risk. due to it's speed and range. Its disjointed range makes it hard to challenge and good for counter poking as well at the round start scrambleAn unexpected situation in a match in which both players "scramble" to react and gain advantage. Often occurs after a combo drops.. However, it can be low profileWhen a character's hurtbox is entirely beneath an opponent's attack. This can be caused by crouching, certain moves, and being short. by certain moves like Chie's 2ABBTag Chie 2A.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery12Advantage-2 and when used at max range your conversion options are limited.

  • Throw cancellable


Used solely for combos as its poor frame advantage makes it worthless in pressure. It also has the potential to whiff if 5A was done at its max range.


Also used solely for combos but is jump-cancellable on hit letting you go for for air combos when done on airborne opponent.

Standard auto-combo endr. Use it for Cross Raid and nothing else.

Version Level P1 P2
5A 2 100 75
5AA 3 100 85
5AAA 3 100 85
5AAAA 3 100 85
5AAAAA 3 100 85
5AAAAAA 3 90 80



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5B 1700 All 15 3 23 -7 B 6~17 F
5BB 1500 All 10 3 18 -4 B
5BBB 1000×5 All 10 4,3×4 21 -7 B

One of Mitsuru's primary combo and pressure tools. It's is a natural frame trapAn offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own. when done from her A normals giving her good strike/throw mixups.

Mitsuru can also use it to make certain Reversal Action whiff when using the backwards version if the opponents pushblocks late in between 5A/2A > 4B.

Misturu has foot invulnShort for InvulnerabilityA state where a character cannot be hit. A common component of reversal moves. and is considered airborne letting her low crushA move that avoids low attacks. The move might pull your hurtbox up a bit so it avoids attacks that are low to the ground. In games with attack attributes such as Blazblue this is done with Foot attribute invulnerability. and throw crush certain moves.

  • Mitsuru can move forward or backwards during the move holding 6 or 4.

Mainly combo and blockstring filler. It's safe on block making it decent for ending pressure but is unsafe if 5B was pushblock. Performing 2C after on a grounded opponent will resetPurposefully ending a combo early in order to perform a mixup in order to deal more damage. them letting you go for a mixup with j.B.

  • Jump cancelable on hit only.

5BBB is combo filler mostly use for corner carry if you're not already using Coup Droit in your midscreen combos. Only launches after the 3rd hit, so cancel into A Droit early if you want to try a standing reset.

Version Level P1 P2
5B 4 90 85
5BB 3 100 80
5BBB 3 100 90×5



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800+ High 26 3 18 -4 H

5C is outclassed by j.B as a overhead and mixup. However,5C is a decent combo ender as it lets you go into a safejumpA very well-timed jump attack on a character who is rising from a knockdown. Your goal is to attack extremely close to when you land so that, if the character performs an invincible reversal attack, you will land and be able to block. The opponent is then forced to block your jumping attack, since reversaling doesn't work, which will give you some nice pressure and hopefully an opening. to maintain your momentum. It also makes Mitsuru airborne letting low/throw crush although 5B is better for that.

  • In the slow but safe category of 5C,unusual for a persona character.
Level P1 P2
3 100 100


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 Low 9 3 15 -4 F

Her primary pressure starter. It can be layered on top of many mixup scenarios such as IOH j.B, tick throwA throw done after attacks, very soon after if not exactly when throw invulnerability expires on the opponent. A Tick Throw take advantage of that the opponent naturally expect a Frame Trap coming, making it very hard to react to or escape from.s, fuzzy jumpA form of defence where the defender switches from blocking to jumping at a specific time in order to block a strike then jump when there's a gap. Typically used to defend against tick throws. callouts, etc. It's also a decent poke in matchups where 5A can be low-profiled. Like 5A though, the damage you get at max range is low.

  • Can only cancel into itself 2 times.
Level P1 P2
2 90 75


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2B 1700 All 11 3 31 -15 B 7~13 H
2BB 1300×2 All 25 9 [(2)1] 43 [40] -20 B

Mitsuru's dedicated anti-airA grounded attack that hits the opponent out of the air. Compared to rising j.A, 2B has higher risk due to the hitbox and recovery but also higher reward as it leads to a full combo with corner carry.

It's her best move to punish DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion.s, supers and burstAn invincible attack that can be performed during hitstun to prevent an opponent from performing a full combo., Burst is a universal mechanic that can be used to escape combos. Burst is tied to the Burst gauge and slowly refills throughout the match.s and is decent for pressure as you can go for jump cancel j.B. Its short range limits how often you can do this, however.

  • Jump Cancellable on block or hit, one of the few in her entire kit
  • Launches on hit for air followup

2BB is used solely for combo filler as it brings airborne opponents back down to the ground stabilizing combos routes.

It's also a decent point to Active Switch to your partner during Cross Combos. It is easy for the opponent to burst to escape unless it's late into the animation of the whip pulling back such that you can input Bufudyne on reaction.

Version Level P1 P2
2B 4 90 85
2BB 5 100 90×2



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 Low 19 2 20 -3 F

A nice blockstring enderand mixup tool. It's safe on block and has a long cancel window. As such you can frame trap an opponent attempting to take their turn with 236A. It's also a natural frame trap when done from most buttons making it decent for Active Switch cross-ups.

Mitsuru can low-profile many attacks like Ragna's 5ABBTag Ragna the Bloodedge 5A.pngGuardAllStartup8Recovery16Advantage-7 making it good in those matchups.

Level P1 P2
4 90 85


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.A 1500 High 7 12 16 H
j.AA 1700 High 12 8 37 H

A great air-to-airA jumping attack that hits the opponent out of the air and pseudo anti-air. It's fast startup, disjointed range and long active frames make it good for deterring opponents from jumping.

It's also a nice anti-air when done as a rising normal as it has lower risk than 2B.

  • Jump cancellable

Nice as combo filler and to keep airborne opponents blocking until they land.

  • Jump cancellabe
Version Level P1 P2
j.A 3 80 80
j.AA 4 80 85



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 High 11 6 25 H

Her main and best mixup option. When dome immediately after a jump, it's a 16 frame overhead which is unreactable. There are three ways to convert j.B into a combo.

  1. Use an assist. This is the easiest, most practical and often leads to the best damage. However, it requires your partner who isn't always available.
  2. Use 214C on a knockdown in the corner and do j.B after the opponent wake upThe state and animation a character goes through when they rise from being knocked down. This animation is usually invulnerable for its duration, and usually retains invulnerability to throws for some time after it ends. into it. This can be done solo but it requires meter and the corner.
  3. Use 214A and time it so the flower will hit the opponent after j.B. This can be done solo, anywhere and doesn't use resources but is the hardest to do.

Outside of mixups, it's also her primary jump-in and ending air combos.

  • Jump cancelable on hit only.
  • Cancels into j.A on hit.
Level P1 P2
3 80 80


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1300×2 All 25 9 [(2)1] 31 [28] +7 H

A decent neutral and pressure tool. In neutral its long-range let Mitsuru beat horizontal projectiles as well to stop yourself from landing on projectiles.

It's nice for pressure as solo, it's plus letting her start her offence and with a partner, it will vacuum opponents out of the corner and hit twice making it good for Active Switch.

  • Freezes Mitsuru's aerial momentum
  • [] stands for recovery on hit or block
Level P1 P2
5 80 90×2

Universal Moves

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 150×11, 350 Throw 7-30 3 25 T

Misturu's throw is a good mixup option as the opponent will most likely be expecting 2A/IOHj.B mixup and her many frame trap will encourage the opponent to block and not to abareAn attack during the opponent's pressure, intended to interrupt it..

Point-blank, it's tied for Mitsuru's fastest making it decent for getting out of pressure in certain scenarios.

Midscreen it can be comboed off of with 5A or 5B for about 5K. In the corner, 236B is the optimal starter and often leads to 6K.

Level P1 P2
3 100 50
  • Minimum Damage 2000


5A+D (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
AD 2400 Air Unblockable 12 3 (25+)20L -29 B 1~14 All
j.AD 2400 All 10 1 20L H 1~10 All

Average reversalTo perform an attack as soon as possible after getting knocked down or leaving hitstun/blockstun.. Due to her slow normals, Getsu-ei is decent for getting out of pressure. It's also a decent anti-air but 2B and j.A both have better reward.

  • Despite the animation, doesn't hit all around her.

Used mainly as an air combo ender. It has invuln so can let her escape certain setup.

Version Level P1 P2
AD 4 80 60
j.AD 4 80 60


  • Minimum Damage 120


  • Minimum Damage 120


Coup Droit


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236A 1700 All 9 6 18 -7 ~ -2 B
236B 2200 All 21 12 12 -3 ~ +8 B

A nice neutral tool and an important combo tool. Its fast startup and distance covered let you use it as a movement option to cover distance quickly.

In combos, 236A can lead to standing resets and has good corner carry when combined with 5BBB midscreen. In the corner it lets Mitsuru achieve her max damage routes. See the Combo section section for more info.

  • Standing hit leaves them standing, air hit knockdown.


236B is mainly a combo ender due to the great corner carry. It can also lead into a safejump when done near the corner.

However, it can be used in neutral by virtue of being plus and combined with a projectile assist let Mitsuru start her offence anywhere. This loses to jumping however so try not to be predictable with it.

  • Knockdowns regardless of ground or air hit.

[[File:BBTAG Mitsuru Kirijo 236B advantage.jpg|700px]]

Taken from P2 perspective. thanks to @Reioumu for making this visual.

Version Level P1 P2
236A 3 80 85
236B 4 80 90


  • Minimum Damage 85
  • Maximum Slide duration 15F


  • Minimum Damage 110
  • Maximum Slide duration 18F

Marin Karin


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 All 10 54 Total 34 P1

A versatile projectile. In neutral it can help control space and assist Mitsuru in the midrange. It steals meter from the opponent and gives Mitsuru a nice chunk of it. The flower can reset her pressure and confirm of IOH j.B. Cancelling into from normals is somewhat risky but the respect built from frame trap and Instant overhead can let you get it out unpunished.

  • Steals meter
  • Tracks the opponent
  • Disappears if Mitsuru is hit or blocks.
Level P1 P2
1 80 70
  • Minimum Damage 50



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
300, 3750 Low 22 12 Total 54 -5 ~ +5 P2

Mirsturu traps the opponent in ice for a moment for shattering it and launching them.

A combo ender and a good one at that. Compared to 236B, it has no corner carry but has better scaling causing it to deal more damage as an ender. It can also lead to a decent safejump in the corner. As such use 236B to end combos midscreen and use 214B to end them in the corner.

It's also good for Active Switch mixups as when spaced correctly, Mitsuru will be too far away for most reversals to hit her. On hit the opponent cannot burst making it a good point to switch to your partner and have them continue.

  • Assists cannot be called once it connects.
    • Holding the assist button will call the assist on the first possible frame.
  • Assist called beforehand will not hit the opponent
Level P1 P2
3, 4 70 80
  • Minimum Damage 202

Extra Skills

EX Coup Droit


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2200 All 7 6 17 -4 B

Tied with throw 236B+C for Mitsuru's fastest attack. Since throw startup changes with distance and 236B+C cost 2 bars and is very minus on block, 236C is her best abareAn attack during the opponent's pressure, intended to interrupt it. move for getting out of blockstrings.

It's also used in her max damage as it can be looped into itself multiple times in the corner letting her get up 12K solo with Resonance Blaze.

Finally, it can be used as a movement tool as its fast startup and recovery lets Mitsuru start her offence as a burst optionAn explosive, quick attack that is usually unreactable from close to medium range. and when spaced so it will whiffAn attack that completely misses the opponent, such as when the opponent is out of range of the attack., a pseudo-command dash. 236C whiff into throw is a nice mixup option.

  • Can be up to +1 on block
Level P1 P2
4 80 90
  • Minimum Damage 220
  • Maximum Slide duration 17F



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000×3 All 27 360 Total 47 +31 P1

A very versatile special similar to Jin's 236CBBCF Jin Kisaragi 236D.pngGuardAllStartup27RecoveryTotal: 52Advantage+36.

Bufula's most common use is in neutral. Mitsuru can use it as a shield against projectiles and a wall in neutral to hinder the opponent's approach and stop horizontal moves from reaching you. Most opponents either have to destroy it (which Mitsuru can punish with her long-range normals) or jump over it (which can be punished with your anti-air options.)

In pressure, it completely resets it letting you go for mixups and can lockdown opponents to setup sandwiches. Like 214A it's risky to use in blockstrings but you can condition them to respect it with frame traps, etc. It's also useful for oki in the corner as it lets you go for 50/50A mix-up where the opponent has a choice between two options, such as strike-throw or high-low. A "true 50/50" is used to describe a mix-up in which the defender must guess and commit to one option, without any way to determine which option the opponent will choose and react accordingly.s with 2A/j.B. You can perform it after killing a character and then pushblock their partner's incoming attack. Once their invuln runs out they'll be forced to block which lets Mitsuru keep her momentum.

When done in combos in the corner, it gives you enough time to activate Resonance Blaze mid-combo or switch to her partner by just pressing D saving Cross gauge.

Overall this special can be very effective when used right but be careful with your meter usage.

Level P1 P2
2 80 85×3
  • Minimum Damage 100×3 (300)

Partner Skills


Coup Droit

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 All (18)+13 10 21 -12 B

An average assist for extending combos and blockstrings. Its short vertical range can cause combos to drop so in those cases use 4P.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85
  • Minimum Damage 85



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
600×8 All (18)+92 P×2(3)P×2(3)P×2(3)P×2 Total: (18)+120 +11 P1

Another average assist. The projectiles can provide a long-range option for characters that don't have one. Its real strength is that the window to Active Switch Mitsuru is very long which makes it good for left/right mixups and Cross Combo. Speaking of which, it's also good in situations where the point character is in front of the opponent but Mitsuru is far away.

  • Projectiles are aimed at the opponent's position
  • Projectiles disappear if you switch to Mitsuru.
  • Deals the most damage out of all of Mitsuru's assist
Level P1 P2
4 70 97×8
  • Each P in active frames represents a projectile spawned
  • Minimum Damage 30×8 (240)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 All (18)+16 8 23 -12 B

A decent anti-air assist. It's a bit slow but has good horizontal range and great vertical which makes it good for catching opponents high in the air. Its main use is as a meatyHitting an opponent to cover the moment as they lose invincibility. The most common one is performing an attack early on okizeme to gain frame advantage and bait reversals. assist on the opponent's wakeup in the corner.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85
  • Minimum Damage 85

Distortion Skills

Myriad Arrows


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
500×13, 3000
[300×25, 4000]
All 4+(58 Flash)+3 2×12(2)2(25)5
46 -30 B 1~8 All

Mitsuru's primary reversal and combo ender super. Its lightning-fast startup and the fact it has the same range as 5A makes it great for getting out pressure and ending combos. However, because of its short startup, the invuln also doesn't last very long. As such, in some scenarios, it's better to use Reversal Action or 214B+C like punishing bursts

When done midscreen, it will launch the opponent away from Mitsuru. However, using A/C will leave you much closer and still leave her safe against most reversals.

  • Deals less base damage than 214B+C but the enhanced version has more mimium damage
Level P1 P2
3×13 [×25], 5 80 98×13, 80 [99×25, 80]
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 95×13, 570 (1805) [54×25, 720 (2070)]
  • Crumple Duration 999F, Crumple Fall 40F



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5500 [6500] All 9+(54 Flash)+8 10 Total: 110 -53 P2 1~28 All

Another combo ending and reversal super. In comparison to 236B+C, it has slower startup and is more punishable on block but has better reward, has more range and more invuln making it better as a burst punish and attacks with long active frames. The hitbox of the enhanced version is gigantic.

  • Sends the opponent up and away, which can make hitting some DHCA term that describes when a character performs a super attack in a team game and tags into another characters super.s afterwards difficult.
Level P1 P2
5 80 60
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 1815 [2015]

Distortion Skill Duo


P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 [2500] All 9+(54 Flash)+1 10 Total: 93 -51 P2 1~11 All

Average DHCA term that describes when a character performs a super attack in a team game and tags into another characters super.s. Use it if it will kill or if your point has a lot of red health. It's large hitbox make it easy to land.

Level P1 P2
5 100 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum Damage: 2000 [2500]

Astral Heat


222B+C when Astral Conditions are met

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
All 6+(73 Flash)+14 3 Total: 97 -50 1~43 All

A pretty good astral. It tracks the opponent's position letting punish attacks whiff long recovery and projectiles making it a decent anti-zoning tool. You can combo into it with throw, 214B and 2BB.

Level P1 P2



Mitsuru Kirijo
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