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Ragna is a rushdown character. He has normals with good reach, specials to help with mix-up and pressure and a very reliable Reversal Action that can be a very good defensive option when used wisely. Ragna has all the tools needed to succeed but all these tools are driven by your fundamentals. Your Ragna will only get stronger the more you perfect your spacing, movement, how to vary your pressure and how to work in his reversal action into a defense with a strong base built on understanding of game systems and characters.

Ragna the Bloodedge

BBTag Ragna Portrait.png
22F (1~7F Inv All)
Fastest Attack
4A (5F)
A+D (11F)
236B+C (11F~21F)
214B+C (25F)

Ragna the Bloodedge is a rushdown character that relies on strong fundamentals

Pros Cons
  • Inferno Divider: One of the best Reversal Actions in the game. Reversal, anti-air, combo ender, and punish tool: You name it, Inferno Divider does it.
  • Hits Like a Truck: Has good front-end damage, with or without meter.
  • Scary Pressure: Has multiple dash cancels that can reset pressure and keep opponents close.
  • Great Hit Confirms: Versatile combo toolkit allows him convert just about any hit into a full combo.
  • Potent Mixups: Access to multiple mid-ranged high/low normals that can be done very late into a block string and can be followed up without needing assists.
  • 5B: One of the safest anti-air normals in the game (5B) that can follow up easily into a combo. Also allows Ragna to Reverse Beat into 2A.
  • Utilizes Assists Well: Easy to find opportunities to insert Partner Skills for enhanced damage.
  • Lifesteal: Soul Eater attacks steal life on either hit or block, giving him great comeback potential. (they also deal chip damage to boot)
  • Lacking At Range: Has no full-screen projectiles. This makes him very susceptible to zoning and set-ups that can be done from full-screen.
  • Risky Assists: Lacks a projectile Partner Skill, forcing the point character to make risky plays to get close to the opponent.
  • Sub-Par Midrange: Sword normals are locked behind Smart Combos, making him vulnerable in trade situations against weapon wielding characters.
  • Exploitable Offense: Fantastic pressure is easily negated by well timed Reject Guards.
  • Situational Pressure: Block strings are heavily dependent on proximity.

Drive: Soul Eater

Ragna's Drive allowed him to steal some of his opponent's life on hit. Players can see this effect in action when pink/purple energy objects fly towards Ragna. Ragna's Drive is doubly effective if you can hit both opponents at once since you are taking both opponent's life with each hit!

Moves that Lifesteal from opponent:

  • 5AAAA - Lifesteal: 300
  • 5BB - Second hit only, Lifesteal: 300
  • 2B - Lifesteal: 300
  • 2C - Lifesteal: 300
  • j.B - Lifesteal: 300
  • 5A+D (air ok) - Lifesteal: 150*2 (300 total) -
  • 5A+D~X~X - Lifesteal: 150 (450 total with 5A+D)
  • 236A/B - Lifesteal: 300
  • 214A~A - Lifesteal: 600
  • 214B~B - Lifesteal: 300
  • j.214A~A - Lifesteal: 600
  • 236C~C~C - Lifesteal: 300, 300, 300 (Total 900)
  • 214C - Lifesteal: 300
  • 5P - Follow-up only, Lifesteal: 100
  • 6P - Lifesteal: 300
  • 4P - Lifesteal: 300
  • 236B+C - Second hit only, Lifesteal 1000 - Resonance lifesteal: 800, 300*4 (2000 total)
  • 214B+C - Last hit only, Lifesteal 2000 - Resonance Lifesteal: 3000

Note: All lifesteal values are static and are not modified by proration or other factors. Enhanced versions of Distortion Skills are different to their regular counterparts and have their own separate values.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 All 5 3 9 0 B

High hitbox allows 4A to be used as a check against opponents who like to jump out of pressure. Can also be used as a makeshift anti-air but the lack of head invulnerability can make this risky. After three consecutive 4As, any further A inputs will result in 5A.

Whiffs on crouching characters, and on Linne, Jubei, Vatista, Mika, Labrys, Teddie and Kanji even if they aren't crouching.

  • Cancelable into everything, including jumps, throws, and itself.
Level P1 P2
1 100 70


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A 1500 All 8 8 16 -7 B
5AA 1700 All 11 4 20 -5 B
5AAA 1100×2 Low, All 13 2(4)2 33 -16 F, B
5AAAA 2000 All 18 4 31 -14 B

5A will normally be the start of Ragna's pressure and one of his most useful footsieA complicated, often nebulous term that refers to the battle for controlling the space in front of you, often by using good pokes. In essence, you are trying to get to a range you like, while trying to deny your opponent getting to a range that they like. How you do this varies wildly based on the game, but it often involves using long range attacks to pester your opponent as they are trying to walk around. This dance of playing mind games with your feet is the source of the term's name. tools in neutralWhen neither player is in an advantageous position in terms of stage position.. Used in almost every combo thanks to its high speed, range, and damage. Can cancel into lows, highs and throws, giving it high mix-up potential. Not jump cancelable, meaning that it isn't possible to block bursts or convert into air combos with this move alone.

  • Throw cancelable.

5AA is a pressure tool and combo filler. Safe on block and has many cancel options (such as rebeatCanceling into a normal on a up-the-alphabet, or weaker button direction. 5A via 2A, throw, pressure resetting specials, and jump cancel), making it a vital part of all of Ragna's block strings. In combos, it can whiff if it is used after 5A on an airborne opponent if they are too high off the ground. Leads into 5AAA on air hit except when almost all hitstunWhen a character is hit while standing or crouching, the defender is forced into a stun animation for a set period of time where they are vulnerable to further attacks. This period of time is called hitstun. has been used, though at that point only Inferno DividerBBTag Ragna the Bloodedge A+D.pngGuard:
Air Unblockable
or Carnage ScissorsBBTag Ragna the Bloodedge 236B+C.pngGuard:
9+(42 Flash)+2~12
can continue the combo.

  • Jump cancelable.
  • Throw cancelable.
  • Last point of the A Smart Combo where you can chain into 2A or 5B.

5AAA is mostly a combo filler with fairly good damage and scaling, and with high vertical send on air hit. The first hit has great horizontal reach and is a low while the second hit has a large vertical hitbox and is jump cancelable on both hit and block. Has large amounts of guaranteed untechable time against airborne opponents which always combos into sweet spot Belial EdgeBBTag Ragna jC.pngGuard:
if done immediately out of a jump cancel. Furthermore, this move can cancel into 2C and Gauntlet HadesBBTag Ragna the Bloodedge 214B.pngGuard:
, giving Ragna a high/low mix-up as well. Be wary of Reject Guards, as the second hit is horribly unsafe on whiff. In combos, this move can loop into and from A Dead SpikeBBTag Ragna the Bloodedge 236A.pngGuard:
Total 51
on an airborne opponent. Can also go into Ragna's j.C > Gauntlet Hades loop in the same scenario.

  • Hits two times.
  • First hit is a low.
  • Jump cancelable on the second hit.

5AAAA does respectable damage, has excellent scaling, and steals life, all while being incredibly easy to use. However, it is very reliant on Partner Skills because it has no cancel options on whiff or block so don't use this move in block strings. Can only be canceled into Cross Raid if Ragna's partner is currently in the back line (cannot be super canceled in Resonance Blaze). Due to the extreme horizontal knockback on hit, Partner Skills must be called preemptively for them to successfully connect when used mid-screen. At max height in the corner, this move produces safe jump oki. Note that if hitstun is low, the opponent can air tech before reaching the ground.

  • Launches away on hit.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • Lifesteal: 300
Version Level P1 P2
5A 3 100 80
5AA 4 100 85
5AAA 4 90, 100 85
5AAAA 5 100 90


  • Lifesteal: 300


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5B 1500 All 11 4 24 -11 B 4~11 H
5BB 1000, 2000 All 15 6(12)3 29 -6 B
5BBB 29T
5BBBB 0, 2000 8 13[(36)8] 6 [24] B
  • Launches on hit.
  • Jump cancelable.

5B serves as Ragna's main anti-air as it possess head attribute invincibility and is jump cancelable on both hit or block. It also serves as Ragna's main launcher in meterless combos against grounded opponents. Can cancel into 2A, giving Ragna pseudo-Reverse Beat capabilities.

  • Hits two times.
  • First hit is jump cancelable on hit.
  • Second hit knocks down on hit and steals health.

The first hit of 5BB is used to bring opponents higher into the air to allow Ragna to combo off of Hell's Fang or A Dead Spike. The second hit steals life and is used to bring airborne opponents back down to the ground in order to combo into B Dead Spike or Blood Scythe, the latter of which can force a side switch if it is used midscreen. This move has fantastic scaling as a starter, leading into high damage with only one stock of Skill Gauge, although such a starter is unlikely as it is locked behind 5B, meaning that this can only occur as part of a niche frame trap. Thanks to its multi-hit nature, 5BB can be used to Active Change mid-combo fairly easily but this trait also makes it very unsafe on whiff. If the first hit of 5BB connects, it can be canceled into a special even in the middle of whiffing the second hit.

  • Cannot cancel into Skills or Distortion Skills.
  • Can call Partner Skills during the dash.

5BBB is a dash mostly used to give Ragna a better chance of landing 5BBBB. That being said, the dash distance covers much of the pushback distance of 5BB, making it possible to make up the distance and recover while a Partner Skill keeps the opponent in blockstun. It is still ill-advised to use this outside of combos, however, as the dash is very unsafe. Can be used to combo into 2A if 5BB hit an opponent from a high enough height.

  • Can only hit opponents who are knocked-down.
  • Can only hit the opponent's point character.
  • Ground slides on hit.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • Opponent cannot be hit by Partner Skills during the grab animation.

5BBBB is used on downed opponents for a pick-up attack. A strong combo part that forces the opponent into an fixed animation on hit that then combos into Hell's Fang midscreen, B Dead Spike in the corner, or Blood Scythe for high damage anywhere. If 5BBB is immediately canceled into 5BBBB, it's possible that 5BBBB can whiff before the dash closes enough of the gap, so be mindful of when you input the last B. If hitstun is low, the opponent won't slide as far and some moves won't connect afterwards. 5BBBB has excellent damage and scaling, but due to the long animation, takes up a lot of combo timer.

Version Level P1 P2
5B 3 90 70
5BB 5 100 90
5BBBB 5 100 100, 90


  • Lifesteal: 0, 300 (300)


  • 12~19F cancelable into 5BBBB


  • Values in [] are on hit


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800 High 22 3 24 -10 B
  • Flash on frame 4.
  • Knockdown on airborne hit.
  • Leads into a timed follow-up on ground hit that launches opponents away.
  • Follow-up damage, Skill Gauge gain, oki, and timing changes if partner is available.

Thanks to 5C's poor range and the fact that Ragna has a more reliable overhead that has better mix-up and damage potential in the form of Gauntlet Hades, this move rarely sees any use outside of being an unburstable overhead. Inputting the follow-up as soon as possible results in less damage and Skill Gauge gain but provides safe jump oki in the corner. Perfect timing deals more damage and grants a full stock of Skill Gauge.

Level P1 P2
3 100 100


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 Low 7 2 12 0 F
  • Throw cancelable.

Your main low poke for footsies, equipped with a very good balance of range, speed, and recovery. This is the only normal in Ragna's arsenal that can Reverse Beat from 5B, so it's very good for opponents that don't pushblock too often. Also allows Ragna to repeat 5A and 5AA within the same chain of normals, though only once per string. Due to it's speed and low recovery, this works well for stagger pressure.

Level P1 P2
2 90 75


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 All 21 3 14+16L -14 B 7~20 F
  • Jump cancelable.

A ground-to-air normal that can cancel into air normals to reset pressure. Cancels into air normals are always a true blockstring unless the opponent Reject Guards 2B, though jump canceling it makes it safe anyway. Late air normal cancels will eliminate 2B's recovery without attacking, allowing Ragna to go low with 2A instead. Performing delay 2B after 5B on hit and then whiffing j.B enables rejump combos, leading into strong, mid-screen combo routes. Can combo directly into 5A on Counter Hit.

Level P1 P2
4 90 85
  • Lifesteal: 300, leaves Ragna in the air


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 Low 17 2 23 -4 F
  • Knockdown on hit.

Ragna's best scaling practical starter which can combo into Blood Scythe for an extension into massive damage. Can also combo into Gauntlet Hades and B Dead Spike on Counter Hit for meterless routes. Use it to punish blocked or whiffed reversals or use it late into a block string for a surprise low. Outside of using it as a starter, 2C is also good for comboing into Hell's Fang at maximum range or to bring in your partner for a Partner Skill.

Level P1 P2
5 90 90
  • Lifesteal: 300


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1500 High 11 4 Until L H
  • Jump cancelable.

Ragna's main approach via the air as it's a serviceable air-to-ground attack. Pressure starter and overhead mix-up tool. Combo filler used to manipulate the opponents height for Belial Edge extensions. While it has a better overall hitbox for air-to-air, being forced into recovery until landing makes it much riskier to throw out while rising than j.B.

  • Jump cancelable.

While j.B fulfills a similar role, j.AA moves Ragna forward slightly and does not launch the opponent as high which makes connecting j.C clean hit much easier in certain situations. Deals less damage and hitstun then j.B and doesn't grant as much Skill Gauge or give any life, so use j.B instead wherever possible. If j.A was used high enough after an air dash, then j.AA can cross up.

Level P1 P2
3 80 80


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 High 11 4 20 H
  • Jump cancelable.

Air combo tool that hits in front and above Ragna. Used to lead into Belial Edge, Inferno Divider, Nightmare Edge or Aerial Blood Scythe. Ragna's most damaging air normal and the only one with lifesteal. Very important for manipulating the opponent's height during air combos so as to set-up Belial Edge extensions. Can be used as a jump-in with better scaling and damage than j.A but its vertical hitbox and lack of cancel options makes this non-optimal. As an air to air, it's subpar due to it's slow speed and short hitbox, but has incredible untech on counterhit.

Level P1 P2
4 80 85
  • Lifesteal: 300


Belial Edge

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800×N All 13 [2(1)]×N, 4 20L -5 H
  • Number of hits is dependent on Ragna's height from the ground.
  • Intermediate hits drag airborne opponents down.
  • Landing hit ground bounces and is special cancelable on hit or block.

An air-to-ground combo extender. When j.C is used on an opponent above Ragna, the last hit will connect, causing the opponent to bounce. This combined with the last hit being special cancelable allows Ragna to follow-up with a Skill. However, if Ragna is above the opponent, the opponent will quickly recover the instant Ragna touches the ground. The only follow-up possible when Ragna is above an airborne opponent is a well-timed Partner Skill.

Loops into and from Gauntlet Hades, leading into good damage, corner carry, and Skill Gauge gain, though the timing is tight and changes depending on which character Ragna is fighting. Against grounded opponents, Ragna can use quick specials like Hell's Fang and Inferno Divider to follow it up, though Counter Hits allow for better damage with Gauntlet Hades or Blood Scythe. Be warned, it's not ideal to use versus grounded opponents other than for an extremely rare anti-air callout due to j.C's brief stop in the air. Even then, the risk/reward is more often then not in your favor and some characters possess anti-airs that flat out disable this option.

Level P1 P2
4 80 85×N

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 2000 Throw 7-30 3 23 T
  • 100% minimum damage: 0, 2000 (2000 total)
  • Holding back while pressing throw results in a back throw.
  • Ragna performs a dash and then grabs if he wasn't already within throw range.
  • Opponents cannot Cross Burst during a throw.

Ragna's forward throw has him stab his opponent by extending his sword into them. His back throw has him drag his opponent across the ground, following through into an upward toss. Has enough of a frame advantage to combo into any of Ragna's normal, Skills or Distortion Skills (except for 5C and 2C), giving him many combo options off of it. Both throws have near identical launch heights and angles, as well as having the same combo routes.

Level P1 P2
4 100 50
  • Minimum Damage: 2000

Inferno Divider

5A+D (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
AD 1000×2 Air Unblockable 10 7,6 33+15L -35 B 1~16 All
j.AD 1000×2 All 7 7,6 Until L+15 H 1~16 All
  • Invincible from frame 1.
  • Ground version is air unblockable.
  • Cannot Cross Burst if punished.
  • 5% minimum damage: 50*2, 50, 100 (250 total)
  • Lifesteal: 150*2, 0, 150 (450 total)

Ragna's universal reversal tool and air unblockable attack. It has pretty good vertical and horizontal range which threatens aerial approaches. As expected, if this move is blocked or whiffs Ragna will be left vulnerable to a counter attack. Inferno Divider is Ragna's fastest air combo ender as well as his most damaging thanks to its minimum damage. Leads into decent oki anywhere on the screen, though he has better options in the corner.

Version Level P1 P2
AD 4 80 60
j.AD 4 80 60


  • Minimum Damage: 50×2 (100)
  • Lifesteal: 150×2 (300)


  • Minimum Damage: 50×2 (100)
  • Lifesteal: 150×2 (300)


Dead Spike


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236A 1500 All 18 21 Total 51 -6 P1
236B 1700 All 26 13 Total 57 -1 P1
  • Launches on air hit.

A Version is used in mid-screen combos juggle opponents if they are hit high enough off the ground (such as after the first hit of 5BB). Has somewhat poor range and is unsafe on block, meaning this move should never be used in block strings or in neutral.

  • Dash cancelable, even on whiff.
  • Launches away on hit.

B Version is used to reset pressure during block strings or as a meaty oki tool against characters with low range reversals. Easily leads into follow-ups in the corner but at mid-screen follow-ups are only possible if it is done at close range or if it connects late by having opponents fall onto the attack. Can also make Active Changes safe. Do not use this to zone as the projectile is slow to start up and is easy to jump over.

Version Level P1 P2
236A 3 80 80
236B 4 80 85


  • Minimum Damage 75
  • Lifesteal: 300


  • Lifesteal: 300
  • 33~45F dash cancelable, Dash Cancel duration 27F
  • Minimum Damage 85

Hell's Fang


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A 1700 All 15 13 26 -4 B
214A > X 1700 All 19 3 35 -19 B
  • Second hit launches away on hit.

If your combo doesn't allow for Nightmare Edge, this will serve just as well for an ender. The first hit can be used to juggle opponents into 4A if they are sufficiently high enough when the move connects. On a grounded counter hit, this move deals so much hitstun that Ragna can drop the follow-up attack and use 5A for a full combo. The second hit steals life and launches the opponent away, with the distance they travel being farther the higher they were when they got on hit. The opponent's height also influences the final frame advantage, potentially giving Ragna safe jump oki in the corner if they were high enough when the final hit connected.

Version Level P1 P2
214A 4 80 85
214A > X 4 100 85


  • Goes into first frame of recovery (28F) on hit/block
  • 28~46F cancelable into Follow-up Attack
  • Minimum Damage 85

214A > X:

  • Lifesteal: 600
  • Minimum Damage 85

Gauntlet Hades

214B (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214B 1700 High 18 7 9+14L -12 H
j.214B 1700 High 12 9 9+15L H
214B > X 1000 All 9 4 Until L+18 -17 H
  • Gauntlet Hades connects against characters on the ground 4 frames after becoming active.
  • Ground Gauntlet Hades staggers on ground hit, Aerial Gauntlet Hades launches on hit.
  • Rising Kick launches on hit.
  • Rising Kick is jump cancelable.

READ THIS Rising Kick does not hit crouching opponents.

Ragna's most reliable grounded overhead and vital combo tool, especially after Belial Edge. Can be used after j.AA for a triple overhead mix-up. If the opponent doesn't block low after the first attack, then Rising Kick can hit their guard and be jump canceled to either attack with a falling air normal or to disengage from a bad block-string. On a grounded Gauntlet Hades counter hit, the opponent will be stunned for a long period of time, making it easy to confirm into essentially any combo. Loops into and from Belial Edge for massive corner carry and damage.

Version Level P1 P2
214B 4 80 85
j.214B 4 80 85
214B > X 4 100 75


  • Hits in front on 22F
  • Minimum Damage 85


  • Hits in front on 16F
  • Minimum Damage 85

214B > X:

  • Lifesteal: 300
  • Whiffs against crouching opponents
  • Minimum Damage 50

Nightmare Edge


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
j.214A 900×N All 17 3, 2×N, 2 20 -5 H
j.214A > X 1700 All 12 3 33 -17 B
  • Number of hits is dependent on Ragna's height from the ground.
  • Intermediate and landing hits knocks down on hit.
  • Follow-up Attack launches away on hit.

Combo ender for air combos that has good damage and corner carry. The landing hit of Nightmare Edge is punishable by some jabs but the follow-up is very unsafe so be careful when using this move in neutral. Follow-up always results in safe jump oki in the corner, making it his go-to combo ender for all of his corner combos. Can be used to end corner Resonance Blaze combos as it can be canceled directly into Devoured by Darkness. Just like with 5AAAA, Partner Skills must be used before the follow-up attack mid-screen or else the opponent will travel too far to be hit and the Partner Skill will whiff.

Version Level P1 P2
j.214A 3 80 80
j.214A > X 4 100 85


  • Minimum Damage 45×N

j.214A > X:

  • Minimum Damage 85
  • Lifesteal: 600

Extra Skills

EX Dead Spike


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236C 1500 All 18 9 Total 51 -6 P
236C > X 1700 All 19 3 Total 61 -16 P1
236C > X > X 4200 All 23 6 43 -28 B
  • EX Dead Spike launches on hit.
  • Follow-up Attack 1 wall bounces mid-screen and wall sticks in the corner.
  • Follow-up Attack 2 launches away on hit.

Ragna's Dead Spike gains two follow-ups when performed as an Extra Skill. The Dead Spike itself shares identical frame data as A Dead Spike but is larger, steals more life, deals unrecoverable damage, and has minimum damage. Due to being so similar to A Dead Spike, this attack should never be used if you don't intended to use one of the follow-ups.

Follow-up Attack 1 has a larger hitbox than its regular counterpart, launches opponents further, and can either wall bounce or wall stick depending on the distance from the corner, on top of having unrecoverable minimum damage. Both the wall bounce and the wall stick can be used to extend combos if the opponent was high enough in the air before EX Dead Spike was used. However, despite being combo-able solo, this move is outclassed by EX Bloodscythe in that regard.

Follow-up Attack 2 is a unique move that deals massive amounts of damage and launches the opponent a great distance away. This follow up is more or less the reason why you would ever want to spend meter on EX Deadspike. Can extend combos by hitting opponents who are both high in the air and are in the corner. Fantastic move in Resonance Blaze, as it can launch opponents at the perfect angle for combo extensions via Carnage Scissors in the corner, as well as being able to tack on more minimum damage and lifesteal before ending a combo with a Distortion Skill. Due to it's absurd damage value and incredible scaling, this is also an ideal combo tool for Cross combo, allowing you to perform TOD's with a large portion of the cast.

Version Level P1 P2
236C 3 80 90
236C > X 4 80 90
236C > X > X 5 50 100


  • Minimum damage: 150
  • Lifesteal: 300

236C > X:

  • Minimum damage: 170
  • Lifesteal: 300

236C > X > X:

  • Minimum damage: 420
  • Lifesteal: 300

Blood Scythe

214C (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214C 2500 All 21 4 21 -4 H
j.214C 2500 All 19 4 12+14L H
  • Ground bounces on hit.

This Extra Skill acts as a universal combo extension for most of Ragna's combos. On hit, Blood Scythe can be followed up with 5A. Comboing into Blood Scythe will often result in a considerable damage increase, particularly if performed early, such as after 2C. Using it midscreen as a combo extension after certain moves like the second hit of 5BB will force a side switch.

Aerial Bloodscythe is a good combo extension tool from air to ground if you do not want to harshly prorate your combo via j.C -> Gauntlet Hades loops. At the cost of one meter, you can vastly increase your damage output in air neutral, netting you around 6 to 7k damage depending on your starter being j.A or j.B.

Version Level P1 P2
214C 5 80 80
j.214C 5 80 80


  • Minimum Damage: 250
  • Lifesteal: 300


  • Minimum Damage: 250
  • Lifesteal: 300

Partner Skills


Hell's Fang

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700×2 All (18+)13 13 [(18)6] 37 [25] -19 B
  • Follow-up Attack performed only on hit.
  • Follow-up Attack launches away on hit.
  • Lifesteal (Follow-up Attack): 100

Easily the most versatile of Ragna's Partner Skills thanks to its high utility, speed, and simplicity. Ragna lunges almost full-screen and, if he successfully hits an opponent, will wall bounce them for easy follow-ups. While the follow-up only comes out on hit the first part's long range and active frames make it surprisingly good at beating pushblock. This is also Ragna's go-to Partner Skill for punishing Cross Bursts.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85×2
  • Only performs follow-up (values in []) on hit
  • On block, immediately enters recovery animation
  • Lifesteal: 0, 100 (100)
  • Minimum Damage 85×2 (170)


Blood Scythe

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000 All (18+)37 3 15 H
  • Will track the opponent up to half the screen away.
  • Ground bounces on hit.
  • Lifesteal: 300

Huge start-up Partner Skill that homes in on the opponent and covers a fair amount of vertical space. Very slow, making it a poor choice for Cross Burst punishes as the opponent will recover from their Cross Burst before it hits. In return, the ground bounce on hit makes it very easy to convert into a combo, including moves that normally have too much start-up to be practical. Some characters can even call this assist then use their Reversal Action to anti-air which results in Ragna keeping the opponent in hitstun long enough for the point character to convert the hit into a full combo. Note that doing so will remove the Reversal Action's invulnerability so only do so if the opponent is up-backing out of pressure. Very easy to loop into and from during Cross Combos though the lengthy start-up reduces the number of loops that can be done, especially if the Cross Gauge wasn't full at the beginning of said Cross Combo.

Level P1 P2
5 70 90
  • Lifesteal: 300
  • Minimum Damage 100



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1700 All (18+)12 3 14+22L -20 B
  • Launches on hit.
  • Lifesteal: 300

Ragna attacks both in front and above him, anti-airing opponents and relaunching them for a follow-up. While generally not as good as his other Partner Skills, it fulfills a unique role as an on-hit switch-out move as Active Swapping into Ragna after a successful hit allows him to continue the combo solo. Lack of real vertical disjoint makes leaves something to be desired in neutral.

Level P1 P2
4 70 85
  • Lifesteal: 300
  • Minimum Damage 85

Distortion Skills

Carnage Scissors


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
3000, 5800
[3000, 5600, 700×4]
All 9+(42 Flash)+2~12 2(38)4
58 -43
B 1~(5F After First Hit) All
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • First hit staggers on ground hit, ground bounces on air hit.
  • Follow-up hit doesn't come out on whiff, launches away on hit.

Ragna lunges forward and slams down his sword, following up with a spin slash that releases energy. The initial attack reaches much higher vertically than what the animation suggests, meaning it can swipe opponents out of the air, though this attack isn't recommended as an anti-air. In neutral, this move is used to blow through projectiles and zoning, even from full screen. In combos, it can be used to finish off an opponent thanks to it high minimum damage and can even potentially grant safe jump oki in the corner if the opponent was high enough before the first hit.

The Enhanced version does more damage, steals more life, and launches opponents higher and farther than the base version. If the opponent is both high enough and in the corner, Ragna can combo after this move with either 4A or 5A, allowing him to combo into another super. Thanks to the extra hits and additional launch height, Ragna can always get safe jump oki off this move in the corner.

Level P1 P2
4 80 60
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum damage: 600, 1044 (1644) [600, 840, 105×4 (1860)]
  • Lifesteal: 0, 1000 (1000) [0, 800, 300×4 (2000)]

Devoured by Darkness


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2000, 6000
[2000, 7500]
All 13+(30 Flash)+12 3 55 -39 B 1~29 All
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • Opponent cannot be hit by Partner Skills during this attack.
  • Final hit launches away.

Ragna reaches out with his Black Beast infected hand and grabs the opponent, dealing massive damage and regaining a large amount of life. As this is his single most damaging move in his arsenal, this super should be used to finish off opponents while replenishing Ragna's life.

The Enhanced version has better damage, steals more health, and has a longer animation on hit, perfect for waiting out the opponent's Resonance Blaze or to give your assist more time to retreat and be available for a Distortion Skill Duo. By using Resonance Blaze Carnage Scissors as a combo extender, as well as using EX Dead Spike as many times as a combo allows, this Distortion Skill can end combos with massive amounts of damage and lifesteal.

Level P1 P2
4 80 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • Minimum damage: 400, 1740 (2140) [400, 1950 (2350)]
  • Lifesteal: 0, 2000 (2000) [0, 3000 (3000)]

Distortion Skill Duo

Devoured by Darkness

P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 2500
[0, 3000]
All 1+(69 Flash)+1 3 55 -39 B 1~4 All
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • Final hit launches away.

Go for it if you can kill. Note that unlike its Distortion Skill counterpart, this move can OTG. Each version does much more minimum damage than its original, but steals far less life.

Level P1 P2
4 100 100
  • Values in [] are for Enhanced version
  • 100% minimum damage: 0, 2500 (2500) [0, 3000 (3000)]
  • Lifesteal: 0, 500 (500) [0, 1000 (1000)]

Astral Heat

Black Onslaught


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 2100×6, 1000×8, 21400 All 3+(75 Flash)+16 2 24 -11 B 1~20 All
  • Only available in Level 4 Resonance Blaze when the opponent has one character left, requires 9 Skill Gauge stocks.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • Grants victory on a successful hit.

Ragna does an uppercut with his sword in a reverse grip. If it hits, he shifts his weapon into its scythe form and does two sequences of three swipes with it. He then charges up the final slash while stealing the opponent's soul, which he unleashes to erase them from existence. As Astrals can only be used in Resonance Blaze, this can be canceled into from normals and Skills, making it very easy to use. If you're quick, you can also combo it from a normal throw. Connecting with this move instantly ends the match, so always use it whenever possible.

Level P1 P2
  • Minimum Damage: 0, 2100×6, 1000×8, 21400 (42000)
  • Lifesteal: 0, 70×14, 0 (980)



Ragna the Bloodedge
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