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Susano'o as a point character offers strong pressure, abundance of active swap options, massive corner carry, and high a high damage floor. He has issues with his run startup and lack of a projectile which makes him really appreciate having a projectile or long ranged assist to approach with; he can cover for slow projectile assists with his 214B since it destroys projectiles. He also really appreciates having a strong anti air assist due to his anti air having bad head invuln and not the best hitbox. An anchor that can set up his unblockable setups with 214C and 236B is appreciated very much since he can get people to the corner to get the set up incredibly consistently. The damage of his partner doesn't matter too much since he offers so much damage by himself.


As an anchor Susano'o offers a decent variety of things though he can run into some issues when he is by himself. His 4p is a very tall hitbox that is entirely disjointed; his 4p also does not reach very far horizontally and is only active for 3 frames so you have to be careful about how you space it. His 5P while not being anything special in terms of neutral application has one great function and that is the angle and height it sends people at on hit allows for easy run under sandwich situations. Susano'o's 6P is a powerful tool due to how it functions exactly, 6P is a 35 frame assist that instantly hits fullscreen and pierces characters as well as destroying projectiles, but if it destroys a projectile it will not hit your opponent. When he ends up solo is where the biggest issue of Susano'o anchor comes into play due to him having issues playing around characters that can keep him out or like sitting in the air; he can absolutely make a comeback for you if you need it though thanks to his high damage output and strong but simple okizeme.

Recommended Partners

Best and most consistent partners: Yu Narukami, Ruby Rose

Very Strong teams: Yumi, Adachi, Akihiko, Akatsuki, Naoto Shirogane, Heart, Vatista, Gordeau, Mika

Strong teams: Aigis, Carmine, Jin, Naoto Kurogane, Orie, Nine, Hakumen, Rachel, Waldstein, Ragna, Labrys, Yang, Teddie, Jubei

Solid teams: Linne, Es, Nu-13, Hyde, Yosuke, Weiss, Merkava, Neo, Seth, Platinum, Kanji, Yukiko, Hilda, Blake, Izayoi

Workable teams: Elizabeth, Mitsuru, Yuzuriha, Blitztank, Chie

The bottom line of functional gameplans: Mai, Hazama, Celica

Non-functional teams: Iron Tager, Makoto, Noel, Azrael

General Tactics

Susano'o is a very straightforward character who wants to get in and keep the pressure on his opponent. He has incredibly strong stagger pressure thanks to his 4A being +3 on block and having an abundance of cancel options as well as having so little recovery it can be timed in such a way you can stagger pressure and still block all f12 or slower reversals. His damage and corner carry allow him to set up deadly situations with ease which are then further complimented by his incredible active swap mix options. His neutral game is also rather straightforward, playing around his big grounded pokes and incredible jump in buttons to try and get up close and start pressuring. When mixing his opponent he has very strong fuzzies on the majority of the cast that allow him to have incredibly solid mixups that lead to high damage. His greatest strength despite all of this is almost definitely his strong active swapping tools with 2C 236B j.C and 214C allowing him to mix on active swap with lows, overheads, and a grab too. Overall his reputation as a gorilla is well earned thanks to his strong ability once he's in to just mantain pressure until he wins.

As far as his teamplay goes Susano'o generally attempts to fill whatever role his partner needs whether that means him running point, anchor, or just trying to be a general support character. His assists are great for neutral control and his active swap tools are insanely good so he can help most characters out in at least some of the ways they need which means he generally does play support focused. However there are teams that involve Susano'o being the one who is supported like the Adachi team. These teams happen because Susano'o also has very good tools as a point when he is enabled so there can be situations where he stands to gain more than his partner does. He can end up filling a role where despite being a support character he will still be the one you would prefer to die first since his partner will be more solid when solo. The way he works is incredibly flexible based on team and preference so you should try many things out to find a style that works for you with this character.


Susano'o has simple practical okizeme but it is ridiculously effective. 100% consistent off of 236B ender with only a slight change in what you do based on whether you ended in the corner or midscreen.

  • In the corner end with 236B, super jump backwards, low airdash macro and j.b
  • Midscreen end with 236B, super jump forwards, low airdash macro and j.b

Doing these will cover all options and safejump all reversals excluding counters, command grab supers, and Heart astral.

You can call assist during the airdash and set up nasty active swap situations immediately on wakeup that they cannot pushblock out of.

Another important oki setup is the unblockable 214C setup which is possible with certain assists. This is possible due to you hitting with both a strike and a throw at the same time on their wakeup. This unblockable setup can lead to ridiculous kill situations like this one. This can be executed in two ways

  • Get them in the corner, use 236B, jump and use j.b and the assist land and then 214C and active swap. The assist has to be one that stays out for a long time even after swapping and will hit meaty to be reversal safe.
  • Get them in the corner, use 236B, jump backwards and time your assist call and immediately do 214C and active swap on landing. The assists you do with this are more standard projectile assists.

He also gets a safejump off of j.C if the opponent is high enough up in relation to him. Standard rules for following techs apply with jump forward on neutral tech, jump back to cover forward tech, and airdash forward to cover back tech.

Off of any safejump you can empty low/throw but be aware that will lose to mashing.


The main way of pressuring on block with Susano'o is through staggering 4A on block. 4A is +3 on block, hits crouching opponents, and with proper timings can even bait reversals with 12 frames of more of startup. He also has an abundance of cancel options from it and generally is just very hard to deal with when he's doing it. It only gatlings into itself one time so you either have to commit to pressuring more after the second one or go for a pressure reset using the 3 frames of advantage you have. 4A has 8 frames of startup though so if a character has a 5 frame jab they can contest it.

Another important thing to learn with Susano'o is his fuzzies. Using j.B when you are landing into rising with j.A or j.B will fuzzy most characters. Fuzzy j.A requires a specific spacing to work but it is able to be converted into a full combo solo which is a big deal. Fuzzy j.B is easier to do and usable on more characters but you need an assist to convert into anything more than j.BB j.C. List of who you can fuzzy and how you can fuzzy them.

Any unsafe button can be canceled into 236A to be safe on block.

Tips and Tricks

Susanoo's 214B deletes projectiles which makes it a solid tool for covering assists with slow startup in a projectile battle. 214B also is good at stopping most buttons on roundstart as well as most jumping buttons.

While his j.C is a great active switch tool when used raw, buffering it and fuzzying it make it even better due to the extra time and extra hits you get.

Both 2B and 2C have full access to all of their cancel options for the rest of the move if only one hit connects, this means when someone bursts or pushblocks the first hit you have cancel options for anything despite whiffing the second hit.

Fighting Susano'o

  • There is a 10 frame gap between the final low hit of 236B and the upward kick, make sure you punish him here because he can jump cancel and be safe otherwise.
  • Outside of 236C and 236BC he has no way of contesting long ranges solo especially when combined with his run startup, take advantage of this with projectiles or giant buttons like Blake 5B.
  • His anti air and DP are both not very good for the most part but he does have a good air to air with j.B, try and force situations where he can't jump to contest your jump in.
  • His fastest option is F7, has no cancel options and scales his combos horribly, as a result he cannot escape pressure very well when it is on him.
  • Don't waste your meter trying to pushblock your way out of a 236B unblockable, he moves forward so much during 236B he will just get right back in your face immediately.
  • When faced with a 214C unblockable it is always better to take the assist starter than the 214C.
  • His 236A is always - regardless of spacing but is not punishable on block, don't let him get away with mashing afterwards.
  • Despite not being a good anti air overall his 2B does hit on both sides so it can contest your crossups very well which is a good thing to keep in mind.
  • There is always a gap when he uses 214A if he didn't call an assist, make sure to punish that because 214A is +8 on block.



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