Bang Shishigami

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General Info

Bang Shishigami is one of the charactes of BlazBlue. His Drive, Burning Heart, can not only Guard Point attacks, but grants him an icon. When 4 icons are gathered, a 20% damage increase is given for the next Drive attack. He also gains a powerful transformation called "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan", which not only grants him and an 8 way dash, but he can cancel into normals and specials, and even gets his own theme song that overrides the current BGM.

In the story, Bang is a loud and explosive ninja from the Ikaruga Federation. Ever since the attack of Ikaruga by the hands of the NOL, Bang trains day and night for revenge and justice. He is madly in love with Litchi Faye Ling, and also wields a 55-inch nail on his back called Rettenjo, although not even he knows that it is a Nox Nyctores.