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 Gohan (Adult)

General Tactics

 Adult Gohan Frame-trapping, throwing, and baiting.

The general idea of the auto combo pressure is 5LLLL >

3L or 5H frame trap

66 > 5L to restart pressure

5M > 3L to beat mashing

DR or 66 > DR or 5L > DR

These are the straight forward options you have. The one that holds it all together is the 5M. 2L is 0 on block, but it also spaces you away from most 5Ls. Gohans 5M is 9f fast, while most other moves that can hit him at the range 2L spaces, are slower than 9f.

Team positioning


Having access to multiple assists supplements his mix-up arsenal the best, with the only downside being he will start at level 0 for most of the time he is at Point.


It can be wise to put him mid to potentially DHC into Adult Gohan so he is leveled-up by default, as well as to take advantage of any DHC oki. A is a historically good anti-air and very quick DP assist, and B has solid blockstun and is relatively easy to hit confirm.


Can only reasonably be put here using his C assist beam. However, Adult Gohan feels almost out of place here, as his mix doesn't shine as much as it can without assists, his neutral deficiency is at its worst, and he doesn't take full advantage of the late-game meter reserves as well as other characters since he doesn't require a lot of meter to be effective anyways. Potential Unleashed Level 7 may become an option, but there are still other more practical and superior candidates for Anchor.

Picking Teammates

Like with all mix-heavy characters, the more blockstun, the better. Because of the short recovery of his Potential Unleashed, Adult Gohan has the potential for post-level 1 oki, meaning DHCing into it from other active supers lets him set up pressure. The most useful notably grant him safejump 50/50s.

 Kid Buu and Adult Gohan are essentially symbiotic. Kid Buu A is the longest blockstun assist in the game at +58 frames, and he also enables the DHC 50/50 safejump from either of his supers. Kid Buu's mix-up game is complimented by Adult Gohan's assists very well, having access to low(A) and high(B) blockstun during pressure.

 Gotenks has a stellar assist to support Adult Gohan with, being his A that has a massive +46 frames of blockstun and also enables unique combos with its full-screen properties. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack lets Adult Gohan get a j.H that can also set up for more pressure. Much akin to Kid Buu, his mix-up game benefits from both assists.

 Vegeta takes advantage of Adult Gohan's B to enable his own 50/50 mix-ups, and in turn gives him the DHC 50/50 safejump with Galick Gun. As an added bonus, the additional damage Vegeta gets from using Galick Gun after his 214S can circumvent the low damage from Adult Gohan's Potential Unleashed.

 Jiren has a great assist to pair with Adult Gohan, being his A wallbounces on hit and also has high blockstun at +43 frames. Colossal Slash sets up the DHC 50/50 safejump, and Jiren's kit additionally has the ability to safely tag during his aerial combos while not burning jump with his j.S.

 Goku's A hits both sides, has considerable pushback on block, and above-average blockstun at +37 frames. After a blocked 6M, the assist can even set up a universal fuzzy mixup. On the other end, Adult Gohan A enables for great tick throw set-ups in conjunction with Goku's Back Throw command grab. Most importantly however, an Adult Gohan BnB that ends in j.236H combos into the Super Spirit Bomb.

 Trunks arguably profits from Adult Gohan more, with the latter's assists greatly enabling the former's Cyclone Jump mix-ups. However, this support is reciprocated in another way, as both of Trunks's assists effectively supplement Adult Gohan's ok-at-best neutral, in particular with his Beam Assist.

Honorable Mentions

 SS Goku gives Adult Gohan the quintessential Beam Assist, as well as a post-DHC Dragon Rush and/or the DHC 50/50 Safejump from an aerial Super Kamehameha.

 Gogeta is alike to Jiren in the ways he helps Adult Gohan, but without the blockstun. Alternatively, he can offer Adult Gohan a post-DHC Dragon Rush as well as the DHC 50/50 Safejump using Big Bang Kamehameha and God Punisher respectively. Choosing either Gogeta or Jiren can come down to whichever character the player prefers.

Bardock and Videl's assists function almost identical to each-other; both their A assists help close the gap with their speed and range, and their B assists have massive blockstun at +46 frames, as well as Bardock B distinctively having incredible hitstun.

Traditional Beam Assists: Beams not only substantially help Adult Gohan approach in neutral, but normal beams also enable him to optimize his damage after j.H at the corner, as j.2S makes him land on the ground right next to where the beam hits, and lets him continue comboing with a grounded Dragon Rush.


Level 0

  • 5L > 2L > 2M > 5M > 2H...
  • 5L > 2L > 2M > 5M > 2H > j.236M

Safe normals: 2L, (0) 5L, 5LL, 5LLL, 3H, (-6) 2S (plus on block spaced out ki blast) and 5S (+3 Only hits standing)

Level 1-6

  • (2L) > 5L > 5LL > 5LLL > 5LLLL > (3L) > 2M > 2H...
  • (2L) > 5L > 5LL > 5LLL > 5LLLL > (3L) > 2M > 2H > j.236M

Safe normals: 2L, (0) 5L, 5LLL, (-6) 5LLLL, (0) 5LLLLL, 3L, (Can be held) 3H, (-6) 2S (plus on block spaced out ki blast) and 5S

Levelled up Gohan has very long obnoxious blockstrings with a multitude of extremely strong moves to reset pressure and lockdown the opponent. 236S becomes a 7 hit beam making it trivially easy to confirm into vanish pressure.

Level 7

When Gohan reaches level 7 his blockstrings become unbelievably overwhelming for the opponent as he can reverse beat into any normal he chooses. This allows Gohan's pressure to be extremely creative and even link almost every normal in his kit to make his blockstrings even longer then level 1-6 and also allowing him to end every string with 2L.

Example blockstrings:

  • 5H > 2M > 5L > 5LL > 5LLL > 5LLLL > 5LLLLL > 3[L] > 2L
  • 5H > 2M > 5L > 5LL > 5LLL > 5LLLL > 5LLLLL > 3[L] > 2H > j.236M

Mix-up tools

High/low/throw IAD mix-up:

  1. ...IAD j.ML
  2. ...IAD ▷ 5L
  3. ...jump > j.2S ▷ 5L
  4. ...DR

IAD j.M can crossup the opponent in almost any situations. Extremely hard to consistently defend fast fall (j.2S) empty lows.

Heavy legs mix-up:

  1. ...2H > j.236H , airdash j.LL
  2. ...2H > j.236H ▷ 5L
  3. ...2H > j.236H ▷ DR

Basically any assist with any amount of blockstun can cover this mix-up making it extremely cheap and compatible to apply in-game.

Solo heavy legs layered:

  1. ...2H > j.236H... (Go for mix-up)
  2. ...2H > j.236H , j.236H (Beats mashing SD)
  3. ...2H > j.236H , j.S > j.236H (Beats mashing 2H/DP)


Tips and Tricks

When learning Adult Gohan, the most important things to get down to play him solidly are to:

1. Know the upgrades he gets when he levels up.

2. Take advantage of his blockstring + stagger pressure, (particularly with 2L, 5L, 3L, and his mediums).

3. Combo structure with 3H, as it adds acts as a second launcher and adds quite a bit of damage. It is also an anti-air that you might accidentally input instead of 2H.

Fighting Adult Gohan

Make sure to look out for pressure resets off of his lights, respect the fast low, and later, the instant teleport overhead. He also has long limbs in his mediums, and is likely fishing for them on whiff-punishes, which you can whiff-punish yourself. DPs cannot be safe on block outside of spending Sparking!, so make sure to punish him accordingly. Any version of his air legs is a free guard cancel on reaction and there's not much he can do about it.


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