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Teen Gohan is a flexible, rushdown focused character. He has most of the tools that a core Dragon Ball FighterZ character has: great neutral, extremely great damage and meter gain, tricky mix-ups, and strong defense.

Gohan has a strong neutral game. While his normals aren’t the most excellent in combatting the more volatile characters, the rest of his kit more than makes up for it. Gohan can play a defensive neutral, using his fast ki-blasts, bombs, Flying Kick, and Super Dragon Flight to deter his opponent from wanting to approach. On the flip-side, his 5-Hit-Combo and aforementioned Flying Kick allow him to bully his way to the opponent when he is paired with an assist to support him.

Gohan has multiple ways to layer his offense. He has a plethora of safe normals that allow him to safely stagger his pressure to bait out options and to condition his opponent into wanting to mash out of his pressure, leading to deadly frame-traps. Once his opponent respects his pressure, Gohan can go for his more lethal mix-ups.

Midscreen, Gohan's left-right mixup involves using his j.L for an extremely fast, unreactable cross-up that can be canceled into Flying Kick into a combo or pressure. If the opponent predicts that he will do it or wants to anti-air it, Gohan can layer his cross-up by jumping and performing a j.1S, serving as both a strong same-side and anti-air bait. Gohan can also set up a powerful, unreactable mix-up with his Medium or Heavy Flying Kick when paired with an assist.

Once Gohan gets the hit, he will make his opponent hurt, as his combos have some of the most flexibility, damage, and meter gain among the entire cast. This makes him excellent as a point character, allowing him to consistently two-touch his opponent and build the meter for the rest of his team.

While Gohan has many moves that allow him to play a solid neutral, he can have difficulty in the midrange game as he doesn’t have any enormous, fast normals to contest his opponent. In addition, while Gohan’s ki-blasts and bombs are great for neutral, he has to look out for superdash more so than other characters due to his lack of a true beam-like move. Finally, Gohan’s true potential is only unleashed when he is supported with assists. Both his neutral and offensive game are only unlocked when he has assists to back him up, with many of his options such as his Flying Kick mix-up and combo routes only possible with assists.

If you want to play as a more complex character with all of the core Dragon Ball FighterZ tools, to overwhelm your opponents with powerful offense, and to delete them for their recklessness, look no further than Teen Gohan.

Teen Gohan

DBFZ Teen Gohan Portrait.png
Fastest Attacks

Teen Gohan is a relentless rushdown character who overwhelms his opponents with tricky mix-ups and explosive damage output.

  • Autocombo: Famously possesses the best 5LLL set in the game due to its functionality, versatility, mix-ups, and sheer range.
  • Ground Game: 5S are very fast ki blasts, 5LLL can anti-air opponents, and Gohan also has a lariat in 5-Hit Combo that can lead into pressure or a full-combo.
  • Excellent Damage and Meter Build: Gohan has some of the most flexible combos in the game using bomb loops and 5-Hit-Combo, leading to great corner carry and extremely high damage and meter build.
  • Powerful Offense: Autocombo/2H sets up an unseeable high-low mix-up using M or H Flying Kick when paired with an assist, and has amazing left-right mix-up with IAD An air dash performed from a standing position as quickly and as low to the ground as possible from a jump. Done by inputting 956 754, and depending on the game, using a dash macro right after a jump. j.L and j.1S.
  • Reversal: Super Dragon Flight is a powerful reversal, being an unscaled anti-air that can start TODsTouch of DeathA combo that can KO a character from full health. with the L version, and a DP Dragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. with the M and H versions.
  • Short Reach: Gohan's stubby normals require him to both have strong spacing awareness in neutral, and to consequently rely on other tools at the midrange.
  • Assist Reliance: Without assists, he loses out on his stronger options such as his Flying Kick mix-up, neutral options, and combo routes.
  • Aerial Game: Limited viable options in the air, having only ki-blasts, air normals, and his Flying Kick to use.
  • Combo Awareness: Gohan's combo routes change greatly depending on where he is on the screen. Midscreen bomb routes will drop close to the corner, and different delays on 5-Hit Combo is the difference between a high-damaging corner combo or a drop.

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5L 400 All 6 3 12 -3
5LL 700 All 9 3 17+10L -4
5LLL 1000 All U3+ 13 4 Until L+3 -5
  • Advances forward.

Good reach for a 5L, will catch opponents after a blocked superdash. Gatlings into 4LL for great stagger pressure.

  • Launches on hit.
  • Recovers in the air.
  • Only gatlings to 5LLL.

Be careful with it, as both this and 5LLL have Head property and get countered by 2H. Leaves Gohan high enough after the recovery to airdash over most crouching characters and cross them up. Also typically crosses up opponents trying to IAD over Gohan.

  • Tracks vertically to almost super jump height and has long horizontal range.
  • On hit, slightly delaying Super Dash lets you switch sides for free.
  • Has Head property

Teen Gohan's infamous autocombo ender. This is a very useful tool in neutral, as delaying the hits will allow Gohan to float up further and catch opponents.

If blocked on the ground, Gohan can go straight into j.236M or j.236H for pressure. If blocked in the air, using j.236L immediately after will lock the opponent and follow them all the way down to the ground, where Gohan is still plus and can continue a blockstring after this.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 All 7 3 17 -3
  • The shortest reaching 5M in the game.

Great for stagger pressure and hit confirms because of its frame advantage. 4LL > 5M is also one of the best strings for clashes due to the sheer speed of these buttons.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1 15 6 18 -8
  • Standard 5H.

His main combo starter in the corner, as it can be followed up with SD 66 j.M dl j.1S into more bomb loops for fantastic solo damage and meter build. Also works for assist combos in the corner, as 5H > SD > j.MH > j.236[L] works with or without smash for big damage.

In midscreen combos, it's usually outclassed by 5-Hit Combo or Flying Kick, but still sees use as it leads into solo rejumps.


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
300×4 All 11 25 -4
  • Hold or mash S to shoot all 4 Ki blasts.
  • Fourth hit launches.

Surprisingly good Ki Blasts for a character like Teen Gohan. They're both fast and cover the screen quickly, giving him great space control. They also help him build meter in corner combos.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 Low 7 3 13 -4
  • Very short range, but slides forward.

One of your main stagger pressure tools. 2M is an incredibly rewarding frametrap out of this move and it only requires a very slight delay.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 Low 11 12 12 -8
  • Baseball slide, can be plus if spaced.
  • Carries dash momentum.

Teen Gohan's best midscreen starter. Not great for pressure unless you can space it out.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1+ 15 3 22+8L -17 4-17 Head
  • Puts Gohan airborne.
  • Very short horizontal range.

It lacks a good hitbox and is quite slow compared to the rest of the cast, making cross-up situations very hard to deal with on defense.

On hit, Smash 2H > delay SD can sometimes switch sides, but it's very finicky.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
600, 700 All 27 20+6L +24 [+12]
  • Ki blast that explodes only when it touches the ground. The explosion also has Ki blast property.
  • Recovers in the air. Advantage values in [] is if you do nothing and land.
  • Ki blast on the way down keeps grounded opponent standing, ground bounces airborne opponent. Explosion always launches.
  • 1S and [2]S leaps backward, 2S and 3S leap forward. Leaps keep all momentum if Gohan is also moving in the same direction.

The directional input is what controls which way he moves. So if you tap 2 but hold S, he still moves forward. His j.2S also has similar quirk but with different directional inputs.

Most combo notations use 1S to refer to backward leap, and 3S for forward leap.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 24 6 4+6L ±0
  • Universal overhead with short reach.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 High 6 3
  • Mini sword normal.
  • The hitbox extends well past the hurtbox and is placed low.

Good for double overheads, fuzzies and cross-ups. Decent air-to-air with forward momentum.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 High 9 3
  • Range and active frames typical of a j.L rather than a j.M.
  • The hitbox extends lower than the visual would suggest.
  • Absolutely insane hitstun to the point you can combo it into jc j.DR anywhere on the screen or even SD if you wanna be silly. Yes, this also means he gets rejumps.

A great air button on its own, but it's best to stick with j.L for cross-ups unlike most characters.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 High D1+ [D3+] 13 3
  • 5LLLLLLL Dynamic hit can wall bounce.
  • j.H Smash hit causes sliding knockdown.
  • The low reaching hitbox makes it a good button for air-to-ground, but it is difficult to use in cross ups or air-to-air.


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400×4 All 13 +5L
  • Hold or mash S to shoot all 4 Ki blasts.
  • Fourth hit launches on hit.

These ki-blasts are less than ideal in neutral. Due to the angle that Gohan fires his ki-blasts, he can only use j.S when he's in close proximity with the opponent, making him vulnerable against superdash.

j.S is very useful to counter anti-air options during scramble situations, such as after the opponent blocks superdash or j.236M or H. This is beat by superdash, so mixing up your options is essential.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1+ 11 3
  • Typical air launcher.
  • Stops all air momentum and raises Gohan up and forward slightly.

Combo filler, just like most other j.2H normals. Very important for Teen Gohan as this is one of his main launchers that gives him j.H sliding knockdowns.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
600, 700 All 20 +6L
  • 2S but in the air.
  • j.[1]S leaps backward, j.2S and j.3S leap forward.

j.S > j.2[S] will cause Gohan to kara cancel his next j.S with j.2S, the tiny momentum difference between a normal j.2S and a j.2S kara cancelled from j.S enables some advanced combos that would otherwise be impossible.

Special Moves

5-Hit Combo


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L 500 All 11 6 16 -5
236M 500 All 13 11 16 -11
236H 300×4, 900 All U1+ 13 7 16 -5
All Versions
  • 236L/M on hit can press L/M/H for extra attacks. Each followup switches sides.
  • Doesn't have Head property, despite being considered airborne - which means it can often ignore grounded grabs.
  • All versions become more advantageous the further Gohan is, up to -1 on block at max range.

  • Reaches almost halfscreen.
  • Keeps grounded opponent standing.

  • Reaches almost fullscreen.
  • On block, can cross over crouching opponent. Can't steal the corner and doesn't work on big bodies.
  • On hit, sends the opponent flying.

If Gohan is pushing against crouching opponent in midscreen, this will hit from their back. With small bodies only standing next to them is enough, but bigger characters require forward momentum.

  • A tiny bit shorter than 236M.
  • On hit, automatically performs all followups. Stays same side, Smash on the last hit.
  • Smash hit wall splats, can followup with Super Dash for sliding knockdown.

In the corner, non-Smash hit can link into j.L, j.M and j.236L/H.

Where this move truly shines is on block: When blocked, Gohan will leap forward and be able to float and fastfall. With assists, this can lead to true string high/low mixups or even 4-ways midscreen that are basically impossible to Guard Cancel on reaction. RIP EX legs mix.

5-Hit Combo Follow-up 1-3

L/M 5-Hit Combo > L/M on hit

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236X > L 500 All 7 [8] -8 [-7] 1-End of Active All
236X > M 500 All 7 [8] -6 [-5] 1-End of Active All
L Version
  • Does not launch grounded opponents.
  • Gently knocks away airborne opponent.

You can do some cute reset with 236L~LLL series by delaying each followup or from the combo naturally dropping. Do keep in mind that despite 236X doesn't have Head property, these followups do.

M Version
  • Sends opponent far away into a small wall bounce.
  • Less vertical knockback than L followup.

With proper timing 236M~LMLM will carry an opponent almost corner to corner.

5-Hit Combo Finisher

L/M 5-Hit Combo > H on hit or 5-Hit Combo Follow-up 1-2 > H on hit or 5-Hit Combo Follow-up 3 > L/M/H on hit

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236X > X > L 700 All U1 3 -15 1-End All
236X > X > M 700 All U1 3 -15 1-End All
236X > X > H 550×0~3, 700 All U1+ 3 -17 1-End All
L Version
  • Sends the opponent behind Gohan.
  • Smash hit corner splats.

Only really useful if you use 236X when cornered, which will not happen often.

M Version
  • Sends the opponent in front of Gohan.
  • Smash hit corner splats.

In the corner, Smash hit can link into j.DR, non-Smash hit can link into j.L, j.M and j.236L/H. Vital to his corner combos and part of what gives him such high metergain and damage.

H Version
  • Immediately ends the sequence, compound damage from unused followups. E.g. if there's 3 followups left, it will do 550*2, 700.
  • Sends the opponent in front of Gohan.
  • Smash hit wall splats and can followup with Super Dash for sliding knockdown.

In the corner, non-Smash hit can link into j.L, j.M and j.236L/H. Mostly useful if you don't think you can make it to the corner off a stray rocket kick.

Flying Kick

j.236L (Hold OK) or j.236M/H

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
j.236L 350×N All 7 {3(2)3}×N 11 -5
j.236M 80×7 / 80×7,600 All U1+ 16 {3(1)3}×6 10 -2
j.236H 80×13 / 80×13,900 All U1+ 9 {3(1)3}×12 6 +1
All Versions
  • Upon using, Gohan pauses for a split second and starts a fall.
  • L version keeps all momentum, M and H always moves forward.
  • j.236M/H can be guard cancelled on reaction, but the resource trade will always favor Gohan.

  • Hold down L, M, H to continue kicking until landing. Performs 3 kicks at minimum.
  • Very long landing recovery which can only be Super cancelled. Combos into both Supers at intermediate hitstun decay.

Depending on the height, Gohan will do an extra kick before landing even if no buttons are held to make it easier to combo afterward. Anti-airing someone with 5LLL can lead to plus frames by making them airblock this move.

  • Performs 7 kicks until he touches the opponent, at which point he will do it again, ensuring that the damage is always the same.
  • Smash on the last hit. Smash hit wall splats, can link into 236M from midscreen.
  • Scales like a medium starter.
  • On hit, only recovers upon landing.
  • On block, Gohan will reposition himself to a fixed height.
  • Removes all other added landing recovery.

With Smash, this lets you link a 5-Hit Combo midscreen and a 2L in the corner for combo extensions. One of Gohan's main mixup tools (with the other being j.236H). There will always be a reflectable gap between 5LLL and j.236M, but opponents typically won't reflect out of fear of getting 2M'd and dying. Connecting this solo will let you backdash safely. With assists, this becomes a mixup tool between airdash j.L and land 2L, but some assists will have too much pushback for the low option midscreen.

  • Similar to M version but with 13 kicks.
  • On hit, recovers in the air. Smash hit wall bounces.
  • Removes all other added landing recovery.

Plus on block, is a safejump set-up with j.L, and combos into 2M mid-screen for big damage. There is never a gap if cancelled from 5LLL, effectively removing the reflect mindgame entirely. Also Gohan's main tool to convert from an IAD j.L crossup.

Super Dragon Flight


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L 1000 All 9 10 21+8L -28 1-10 Head
214M 1350 All U1+ 16 16 29+8L -41 1-17 All
214H 1000 / 1000,200×6 All U1+ 9 3 29 -20 1-11 All
All Versions
  • The uppercut's first 2 active frames can be cancelled into Supers, since he's still considered as grounded.

  • Frame 1 anti-air.

Unscaled starter, devastating punish for any airborne shenanigans and a common TOD starter.

  • Frame 1 reversal.
  • Smash 5MMM can wall bounce.

Gohan's invincible uppercut. Slow and easy to safejump, so mainly useful in minus frames situations to catch buttons.

  • Frame 1 reversal.
  • Smash hit performs the full uppercut.
  • Gut punch crumples grounded opponent on Smash hit, launches them high up on non-Smash.
  • Increased hitstun when there is no camera effect.

Faster than 214M by 7 frames, but still quite easy to safejump. Better at catching buttons due to it's speed but worse as an anti-air thanks to the first hit.

Z Assists

Assist A

Super Dragon Flight

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
800 All 21 16 +29 14-26 All
  • DP on demand.
  • Good for controlling vertical space and during aerial scrambles where the assist comes from out of view below.

Very good DP assist. While it's not as fast as Adult Gohan's A assist, it makes up for it with better horizontal reach and full invincibility starting on frame 10. This assist can be somewhat difficult to confirm during neutral and combos but can be done with practice.

Assist B


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
(200, 400)×3 All 30 +90
  • Appears in front of the opponent on the ground and does three 3S. Tracks fullscreen.

One of the best assists in the game for combos, but has worthwhile applications in other areas as well. In neutral, it can be used defensively as it's very easy to make it spawn behind your character after a dashblock. The fact that it tracks to the opponent and is active for about 84 years also makes it effectively lock off an entire portion of the screen, which can make approaching easier.

In blockstrings, it's bad for high/low mixups since it's all ki blast property, but you may find great success using it as a smokescreen to make your next option ambiguous, or for left/right mix.

All-around, this assist is very strong, in very unique ways.

Assist C

Flying Kick

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
80×7, 450, 400 All 45 [20] +35

Teen Gohan teleports to the opponent and hits them with the M version of Flying Kick. On hit, it still locks the opponent in the air for a long time, which lets you run in easily for a combo or even allows characters like Base Goku to get a free spirit bomb charge.

Super Moves

Motionless Kamehameha

236L+M or 236H+S

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
340×10 All UDV 5+4 41 55 -34 4-16 All
  • Minimum damage: 91×10 (910)
  • Close hit, the beam will try to vacuum the opponent into its center, making it possible to DHC into some grounded Supers.
  • Cancels into SD but whatever combo you follow it up with retains the terrible post-super scaling. The funny part is that you can SD after it even on block, which makes it surprisingly annoying to punish.

This is one of the highest damage level 1 supers in the game, given to a character that already has high damage. It's really good to have but its angle limits the ways you can combo into it. It works out of any sliding knockdown in the corner, but midscreen you're limited to j.236[L] enders to make it work.

Father-Son Kamehameha

214L+M or 214H+S

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L+M 230×20 All UDV 9+3 82 51 -34 [+39] 1-13 All
214L+M > X 110×20 All UDV 2+0 78 99 [+39] 1-End All
Father-Son Kamehameha
  • Minimum damage: 87×20 (1740)

Hits full screen and has good vertical reach as well. Slower startup than average so be careful about using it as a reversal. Limited to use on the ground, which makes comboing into it difficult if you've already used your vanish in some cases. Almost always works out of j.236[L], but will drop in high hitstun decay due to how slow it is.

Father-Son Kamehameha (Full Power) Father-Son Kamehameha > [L/M/H/S] on hit or clash
  • Minimum damage: 87×20, 55×20 (2840)

The Full Power followup is not meter efficient but good for finishing opponents. Enables some ToD's and is completely unfair in Limit Break.


1Seasonal colors that can be unlocked at different times of the year.


Gohan (Teen)
To edit frame data, edit values in DBFZ/Teen Gohan/Data.
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