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1) Character Portraits

Each character on your team will have their portrait shown here. The point character will be shown first, followed by character assigned to A1, then the character assigned to A2.

This displays a few additional pieces of info:

2) Life Gauge

DBFZ RecoverableHealth.png

Each bar represents the health of one of your characters. The blue section represents recoverable health. When tagged out, the blue section will gradually recover over time.

3) Sparking Blast Icon

DBFZ SparkingBlastIcon.png

The Sparking Blast Icon is located under your health gauge and indicates that you can use a Sparking Blast. The icon will glow brighter the fewer characters you have left alive on your team.

4) Ki Gauge

Max is 7

This gauge is required for Super Attacks, Vanish Attacks, Guard Cancels, and more. It increases as you move towards the opponent, or perform an offensive action. Each match starts with 0 Ki Gauge and the max is 7. You can manually fill it by performing a Ki Charge.

5) Timer and Advantage Gauge

DBFZ Timer.png

Each round has a set time limit (default is 300). Advantage Gauge indicates the total health of all members for each team, calculated by percentage.

If the timer reaches zero, then the team with the most total health is the winner of the round.

6) Dragon Balls

DBFZ DragonBalls.png

When you earn a Dragon Ball, collected Dragon Balls will appear at the bottom of the screen between the two player's Ki Gauges for a few seconds.

Combo Counter

DBFZ invalidCombo.png

The combo counter. Notice that during an invalid combo the combo counter turns blue.


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