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General Tactics

Kefla is a rushdown character that can control the pace of the game with her plethora of zoning tools and can harass opponents into making bad decisions. Her focus is to apply strong pressure with the help of a team, in order to build resources for them and bring them out with a lifelead or with their win condition while she continues to provide support with her powerful A assist and versatile supers. She has excellent tag combos as well to add even more meter and bring in characters with powerful level 1s for optimal super usage such as A17 or Adult Gohan.

Team positioning


Most teams would prefer Kefla to be point because of her meter build and her ability to tag into other characters.


Can play mid and support characters with her powerful assist, but there aren’t many points that are stronger in the role than she is.


Can be played third due to her self-sufficient neutral and her pressure, however she is an effective solo character, has excellent neutral, and her damage with limit break becomes scary.

Picking Teammates

Kefla is a very selfless character and can work with most characters. She prefers fast assists that hit relatively low to the ground and have good hitstun to allow for 6H extensions. Kefla can also mid for characters like Blue Goku or Gogeta Blue in team compositions as her assist provides them with a lot of support.


  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 5M > 2M > 5H > Special > Assist

True assist corner carry blockstring. 6H can be inserted anytime before 5H.

Light buttons into 214L will frame trap, and all her other buttons will frametrap from 214M. 236L/M an also be used, but 214M allows for a meterless combo in the corner.


Kefla has four main stagger buttons: 2L, 5L/4L, 5LL, and 2M. 5S can be used to open up her more unsafe buttons for staggers. 5L and 2L have very little pushback and into DR, making them her primary stagger buttons. 4LL will space her far enough to out space most characters 5L making it very unsafe to try and challenge her. Kefla having access to 214X makes her Ki Blast staggers scarier than normal, as being able to add a low anywhere in a string allows her to threaten against reflect.


Kefla's oki outside of the corner isn't anything special. Though her Gigantic Ray can allow Kefla to get some grimy mixes. Reflecting it makes it easier to see what she's doing but lets her play the reflect mindgame of which Kefla is very strong at. In the corner, her level 3 gives a high low meaty 50/50 if she does a Moon/G01 Jump. Midscreen, her command dash>5L,2L also hits meaty. After Command Dash, she can also do Crossup j.S, 6H and Fake Crossup Superdash

Tips and Tricks

  • j.214S is a great escape option for when you're really high up in the air.
  • Dashing and performing a 214X move will increase it's range. 214H travels full screen with this technique.
  • 5M allows for a safe tag in a combo. Works especially well with Nappa.
  • 236S and it's charged variant deflect all projectiles and clash with superdash, the perfect counter to Z Broly.
  • Ending Kefla's j.2H BnB with j.2H > j.236LM allows her to DHC into Base Goku's Spirit Bomb if hitstun scaling isn't that bad.
  • Use 214H to gain plus frames and jail into SD for a mx up with an assist.
  • DR a lot. DR is the key to her pressure and makes everything else harder to block. Against strong opponents, you don’t want them to get hit by 6H by not reacting but trying to “tech it”. Her DR crushes are very strong.
  • 5LL and 5M allow tag.
  • Make sure to buffer “236” on the 2-3 hit of jS in HSD corner combos.

Fighting Kefla

  • Kefla requires the player to know how to properly pressure. If they do, you are not blocking her for very long. Her multihits also let her adjust her rhythm on block quickly.
  • Kefla requires tighter frametraps than normal thanks to her teleport, which is invulnerable starting frame 4.
  • If you see Kefla charging 236S, stop shooting Ki Blasts and jump.
  • 5M is huge and travels far. Don't ever challenge it. It is very minus on whiff though so try to bait it out and punish it accordingly.
  • 6H, despite being reactable, is a strong tool
  • Kefla has a very strong neutral and has plenty of tools to close the gap or wall you out. Her air game is lackluster and cannot control space there, but contesting her can be difficult due to the sheer size of j.M and j.H. j.S also covers an aggressive angle so be cautious when almost directly beneath her. Not to mention she can command dash out if need be.
  • Remain aware of the ranges of her lariat. A quick dash can signal her intentions to lariat.
  • 661, not 664 against her if you’re going to dash block
  • If you see Kefla charge 236S, **SUPER**
  • Double reflect rawtag is very valuable against her Gigantic Ray as is delay tech, however if she calls this out, the results could land in a TOD so be careful


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