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Clarification: Lab Coat received several changes in the recent patch, much of this page is outdated.


Android 21 (Lab Coat), often appearing under the nicknames Labcoat or L21, does everything free of charge. Dr. Gero would naturally not settle for anything other than perfection, and neither will ArcSys. Labcoat has incredible damage and meterbuild, a phenomenal lariat that reflects ki-blasts, one of the best anti-air specials in the game, a barrier, fantastic supers, and fantastic assists. She can zone, she can rushdown, she can mix, she can play lame, and she can certainly delete opponents. Notably, Labcoat is also capable of breaking the game's rules with her Mignardise HeelDBFZ Lab Coat Android 21 22X.pngGuard:
to OTG opponents for simple conversions off of any hit at the cost of either meter or an assist. Photon PulseDBFZ Lab Coat Android 21 236HS.pngGuard:
is one of the cruelest supers ever put in the game, it's so strong this overview could just link to the super and be done with it, and is likely why you want to play Labcoat. She has simple execution requirements, and can work anywhere on a team with great synergy with several characters.

Due to how well-rounded she is, Labcoat does not suffer from any legitimate weaknesses. Although she does have some quirks, they can easily be gotten around just by using other tools instead, and her meter reliance is offset by her similarly very high meter gain. If you enjoy laughing maniacally, exploding your opponent and seeing the "Connection Lost" popup, then get ready, this cookie will only run you a fiver.
"Witness the results of my research!"
Lore:Android 21 is a new type of Bio-Android built in the image of the wife of Android 20 (also known as Dr. Gero), who was also the mother of the late man that would become Android 16's template. Claiming to have been a human converted into her current form, her composition includes the cells of numerous powerful warriors and intelligent researchers, with even the likes of Majin Buu's cells being present. This incarnation of Android 21 represents her state before the cells in her body went berserk, causing her to develop an insatiable sweet tooth that would turn her into a monster.
Voice:Japanese: Houko Kuwashima / English: Jeannie Tirado
Lab Coat Android 21 is a powerful, well-rounded character who shuts down her opponents with her fiendish Photon Pulse.
Pros Cons
  • Achilles without the Heel: She has everything you could want in a DBFZ character: a forward-advancing special move, frame 1 anti-air, multi Ki Blasts, a good beam, extra normals, a frame 4 reversal, superb meter gain, and ways to hit you without assists.
  • Obnoxious Pressure: A total of 6 lows, multihitting normals, two command grabs, an extra command normal overhead, and a fast beam that jails into vanish gives Lab Coat some of the most threatening pressure in the game. Her 5LL also catches backdashes and jumps after vanish.
  • Omnidirectional Anti-Air: Lab Coat's 214X moves hit on both sides and are usable in the air, getting her out of common situations like Spark > Held Vanish. It also helps her air Ki Blast game as she has a Head invul air move to beat Superdash.
  • OTG On Demand: Her 22X hits opponents out of sliding knockdowns, extending her combos significantly. The EX version is also fast enough to extend combos from other character's command grabs (like Z Broly's 214LDBFZ Broly GiganticClaw-2.pngGuard:
    ) using Special Tag.
  • Super Command Grab: Lab Coat's 236H+S is a unique command throw that defies system rules. It doesn't have a superflash until it hits and is unreactable and unpunishable unless predicted. On hit, it inflicts 2121 damage, debuffs the opponent character's damage by 21%, and buffs her special move damage by 21%. These buffs and debuffs last until the match is over.
  • N/A: There are currently no known weaknesses exclusive to Labcoat.

Beginner's Character Guide

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5L 400 Low 6 3 13 -4
5LL 700 All 9 6 14 -4
5LLL 600, 500 Throw U3+ 7 3 23

Lab Coat's fastest button and serves as a low poke. Has good pushback and advances pretty far forwards, so it can stagger into itself indefinitely, and works for SD mixup in midscreen.

Though as both a blessing and a curse, the lack of vertical reach can be undesirable at times. For example: in ±0 situations, the opponent will be able to jump away from her 5L, and it often trades against other 6f 5Ls instead of clashing. In a similar vein, Lab Coat's 5L can also whiff against point blank Super Dash.


Has great range and hits very high up, useful for typical 5L things like as combo and blockstring filler. When whiff canceled from 5L, will hit on frame 17 at earliest. This lets Lab Coat to punish backdash whenever she's plus, e.g. post Vanish or when the opponent airblocks her 214X series.

However since it's so fast, on Reflect, 5L > 5LL tends to be Reflected twice, forcing her back into neutral.


Probably the most mediocre move she has. Very rarely used for combo purposes and requires specific assists to set up tick throws.

  • Canceling into this from a blocked 5LL always leaves the opponent in too much blockstun for the throw to work
  • Combos into SD on hit


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
550×2 All 10 4(8)4 16 -4

Great vertical range, but lackluster horizontal range. Very strong combo and blockstring filler as it can pull airborne opponents down into a grounded string. After the first hit lands, the second can be canceled at any point, and thus is entirely GC safe as Lab Coat can freely gatling into 2H/214X on reaction.

Due to the fact that the second hit will always come out unless canceled on hit or block, it is dangerous to throw 5M out in neutral.

  • 2nd hit ground bounces airborne opponents.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 All U1 14 5 20 -9

Long reaching 5H that allows for rejump combos. Good blockstring filler and anti-Reflect button.

  • Smash hit wall splats. Combos into SD.
  • Non-Smash hit can still combo into SD in the corner.


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
300×1~5 All 13 Total 37 -4

Stays in place and shoots out basic Level 1 projectiles with Ki Blast property. Great neutral tool and corner combo filler for meter gain.

On block, 5H > 5S(1) will space her out nicely for stagger strings or disengaging. She also plays the Ki Blast minigame pretty well thanks to 5H, 3H and her command grabs. 5H and 3H will beat GC SD, while command grabs beat GC Reflect.

  • Hold or mash S to shoot up to 5 Ki Blasts
  • 5th Ki Blast launches on hit


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 Low 7 3 13 -4

A poke that keeps Lab Coat in place. Alternative to 5L since 2L can gatling into itself whereas 5L cannot. 2L also puts some distance between Lab Coat and her opponent.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
550×2 Low 8 6(14)4 16 -4

One of the best 2Ms in the game for pressure and mix-up. Both hits are lows, true string, scale like typical Medium buttons, and due to the first hit being as fast as some characters' low 2Ls, it can be used in SD mixups in the corner for devastating damage. After the first hit lands, the second is entirely GC safe as Lab Coat can freely gatling into 2H/214X on reaction into a full combo. Second hit being cancelable at any point also makes it a good mixup opportunity like 2M(1) > delay 6H which can be visually confusing and will catch opponents on autopilot expecting 2M(2).

As a combo filler, both 5M(2) > 2M(2) and 2M(2) > 5M(2) always combo and are essentially identical strings that can lead to all of her basic grounded routes. The second hit of 2M also combos into SD anywhere on screen at low hitstun decay, allowing for Smashless rejumps with any starter.

Unfit for neutral usage as similar to her 5M, the second hit will always come out on whiff and puts her at -47, very punishable.

  • Launches on hit


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 All U1+ 13 5 18+10L -17 4-17 Head

One of Lab Coat's many anti-airs. Compared to the others, 2H leads to great damage with resources, and has additional utility of keeping a Happy Birthday combo going. On block, can keep herself safe with 2H > j.214L (-4) or 2H > j.236L/H (-5)

Has great vertical reach, but the horizontal range leaves a lot to be desired. It'll clip opponents directly above her or directly flying at her, but it has trouble with weird angles. Luckily, she has Vertical Slicer to deal with that.

  • Puts Lab Coat airborne.
  • Launches on hit. Smash hit combos into SD.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 24 6 4+6L ±0

It's a typical 6M. Very large as it uses j.H's animation, and has a different animation than her 6H which can throw off opponents expecting the latter.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 27 3 18 -5

Strong overhead that leads into combos without additional resources, as it ground bounces on hit and has enough hitstun to combo into 3H or even SD. Doesn't have Head property despite being airborne, so cannot be anti-air'd by typical Head invul attacks. And while 27F of startup is reactable at face value, Lab Coat has many other options for the opponent to look out for that 6H will inevitably open them up through mental stack. A good spot to sneak this in is after 2M(1).

Gatlings from 6H are 4 frames slower than usual as she has to land before continuing the string. On block, she can true string after 6H with 6H > j.214L (-4) or 6H > 22L/H (-5). She can also set up mixups with 6H > j.214S + a high blockstun assist, just another thing to add to the list.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
750 Low 18 10 21 -8

Combo filler and acts as an extra low that chases after the opponent, usually from 5S(1) > 3H where 22X would whiff. 5S > 3H is also good against delay GC Reflect in attempt to push Lab Coat away, they will be standing for the 4S input and get hit low. Additionally, the hitbox is high enough to hit them out of GC SD.

Beware that 3H does not true string from any of Lab Coat's normals. Has a 7F gap when canceled from 5L, 2L, and 6H (loses to most abare 5Ls), 3F gap from all other normals (frame traps and beats frame 4 reversals). It is also punishable on block and leaves her wide open on whiff, unadvised for neutral usage.

  • Launches on hit


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 High 6 3 11

Small but has a crossup hitbox. Certain distances can make this a nasty crossup that she can convert out of with j.236H. Other than that, it's her fastest and least committal air button for neutral, albeit the small hitbox can make it difficult to air-to-air with.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
600×2 High 8 2(6)4 12

First hit has high hitbox, but both hits have rather short horizontal reach. Due to it being multi-hit, it's good at bringing the opponent from the air to the ground. But the lengthy animation makes it more committal than the average j.M. And while it does hit twice, it's often unusable as a double overhead since the first hit will whiff against crouching opponents when used as IAD > immediate j.M.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 High D1+ [D3+] 11 6 18

Huge and covers all techs pretty easily when used for a safejump.

This is also Lab Coat's primary crossup normal. Due to the lack of fast advancing normals, after a crossup IAD j.H, she usually has to convert or continue pressure by microdashing into buttons. Point blank crossup IAD j.H will not true string into any dash button, and since her 5L has a low hitbox, the opponent can slip out of her pressure in this situation.

  • Forces crouching on grounded hit
  • Smash hit causes a sliding knockdown. Dynamic hit can wall bounce


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
300×1~4 All 12 Total 41+3L

Halts all air momentum and shoots out Level 1 Ki Blasts at a shallow angle. Each shot pushes her a bit backward.

Synergizes very well with the rest of her kit. Lab Coat has strong Ki Blast game as not only is j.S repeatable with very low landing recovery, she also can react to SD and cancel into j.214X, an airborne anti-air that can be extended into big damage through the use of 22X or assists.

When spaced (from round start distance and further), it's possible to convert j.S(2~4) into SD, though the timing for this cancel is rather tight.

  • Hold or mash S to shoot all 4 Ki Blasts
  • Last Ki Blast launches on hit


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1 13 5 28

Standard air combo extender and filler. Also useful for air-to-air confirms.

  • Halts all momentum and kicks sideways. Stays mostly in place throughout recovery animation
  • Smash hit wall splats, combos into SD. In the corner and at low hitstun decay, can link to j.L

Special Moves

Savory Slicer

236L/M/H (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L 20×6, 912 All 13 2×6,5 12+4L -8 4-29 Ki Blasts
236M 20×6, 1030 All U1+ 17 2×6,5 12+4L -8 4-33 Ki Blasts
236H 20×6, 1581 All U1+ 13 2×6,5 12+4L -8 1-29 Ki Blasts
j.236L 20×6, 912 All 13 2×6,5 16 4-29 Ki Blasts
j.236M 20×6, 1030 All U1+ 17 2×6,5 16 4-33 Ki Blasts
j.236H 20×6, 1581 All U1+ 13 2×6,5 16 1-29 Ki Blasts
All Versions
  • Puts Lab Coat airborne and has Head property, meaning it's vulnerable to anti-airs like 2H.
  • Deflects Ki Blasts.
  • Hits behind Lab Coat. Can catch Vanish and also be a crossup itself.
  • Air versions are safe on block when used at low height (-2 from 2H > j.236X or as tk.236X).
  • Has very good scaling as a combo starter and deals unusually high chip damage.
  • On hit, vacuums the opponent towards Lab Coat.
  • Smash on the last hit for M and H versions. Smash hit will reposition the opponent to be in front of her.

L Versions
  • Fast but no Smash property.

Decent neutral tool, covers about the same range as 5H while deflecting Ki Blasts.

M Versions
  • Slow, but travels fullscreen.
  • Smash hit wall splats. Used for combo extensions in the corner.

For combos, 236M is good for corner carry, but 22M is generally better for more traditional corner combos as it uses less combo timer and has a better bounce.

The air version can combo into j.L or j.DR in the corner for some extra utility.

H Versions
  • Best of both worlds.
  • Smash hit wall bounces. Allows for midscreen confirms.

Rushes at the opponent very quickly and leads to insane damage, all the while deflecting Ki Blasts that are in her way. Combined with the 21% damage buff Lab Coat gets from her 236H+S grab super, this can be a ToD by itself.

Do not make this your only means of navigating through neutral, as the opponent can respond to it by anti-airing it on a read. Both M and H versions can also whiff at fullscreen distance if the opponent reacts to them with holding 4. When dash boosted (66 236H) or used in conjunction with her other options such as her Ki Blasts or beam, it becomes far more potent.

Vertical Savory Slicer

214L/M/H (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L 20×4, 847 All 9 2×4(5)6 12+6L -4 4-11 Head, 4-27 Ki Blasts
214M 20×7, 892 All D1 14 2×7(5)6 16+6L -4 4-16 Head, 4-38 Ki Blasts
214H 20×10, 1019 All D1 9 2×10(5)6 17 -4 1-11 Head, 1-39 Ki Blasts
j.214L 20×4, 847 All 9 2×4(5)6 16 4-11 Head, 4-27 Ki Blasts
j.214M 20×7, 892 All D1 14 2×7(5)6 17 4-16 Head, 4-38 Ki Blasts
j.214H 20×10, 1019 All D1 9 2×10(5)6 17 1-11 Head, 1-39 Ki Blasts
All Versions
  • Head invul and deflects Ki Blasts. But also has Head property itself.
  • Hits behind Lab Coat while spinning. Each slash during the spin vacuums on block/hit and only has Clash Level 2 (loses to j.H and most specials in a trade).
  • Turns to face the opponent before the final hit.
  • Smash on the last hit.

L Versions
  • Ground bounces on the last hit.

Combo ender for high hitstun decay combos. Doesn't give SKD but the ground bounce makes it very easy to extend into DR > 22M > Supers etc.

M Versions
  • Smash hit causes a sliding knockdown. Non-smash ground bounces on the last hit.
  • Always leaves close enough to combo into 22X.

Lab Coat's SKD special. While j.214M and j.214S can be used interchangeably as they have similar startup and give good knockdowns, j.214M is what you wanna use in most situations since it stays same side and can easily be extended with 22X for even more damage.

j.214M also allows for special tag > j.DR anywhere on screen, though the timing is a bit strict (using quick tag shortcuts will help).

H Versions
  • Smash hit causes a ground bounce sliding knockdown. Non-smash ground bounces on the last hit.
  • Knocks the opponent back a bit further than M versions, though the knockdown is longer and can instead be extended with dash 22X in situations where immediate 22X would whiff.
  • Ground 214H on Smash hit can link to 5L even in midscreen if all 11 hits connect and Lab Coat doesn't turn around on the last hit.
  • Canceling into Sparking on hit can make the blast whiff for better combo scaling.

One of the best defensive option in the game thanks to its speed and frame 1 head invulnerability. Fantastic anti-Super Dash, anti-Ki Blast objects being put on top of her as oki, or even just anti-approach since it's also safe on block. Bonus as a great combo starter (it's a ToD starter) and ender thanks to 22X, making recklessly approaching Lab Coat scary.

Frame 1 head invulnerability and the ability to hit both sides allow Lab Coat to counter the other best defensive option in the game: Sparking Blast into held Vanish. For most characters, they'll be facing the wrong direction and have to block against this setup, but Lab Coat can just 214H through it.

While there's little this move isn't good for, it is not unbeatable. As noted above, it has Head property which means can be anti-air'd, and lower Clash Level than most specials. The opponent can hit Lab Coat out of 214H in certain situations with j.H and most specials. However, these are the hardest of reads with tight timings, and won't be very effective if Lab Coat decides to switch up the timing by delaying 214H, use 214M instead, or just do anything else on wake up/tech.

Mignardise Heel


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22L 600 Low 11 5 16 -5
22M 700 Low U1+ 18 5 16 -5
22H 800 Low U1+ 11 5 16 -5
All Versions
  • Ground bounces on hit.
  • Can hit opponents in OTG state and is not affected by hitstun decay. Meaning this move can almost always be used as combo enders into Supers.
  • Non-smash versions can link into 5L if they hit meaty on the last possible frame, allowing for high damaging extensions.

While 22M has the slowest startup, all versions can reliably connect after any of Lab Coat's solo sliding knockdowns.

Note that non-Smash 22X > 236H+S won't work in midscreen if the opponent is a bit further away. From j.214M knockdown, keep it simple and skip 22M, go right into 236H+S after landing. From j.214H knockdown, microdash 22M into 236H+S.

  • True blockstring from any normal.

Lab Coat can tack this on as an extra low at the end of a string.

22L can be looped anywhere on the screen for big damage, albeit character specific.

  • Smash hit corner splats.
  • Identical startup to 3H means it does not true string from any of Lab Coat's normals. Has a 7F gap when canceled from 5L, 2L, and 6H (loses to most abare 5Ls), 3F gap from all other normals (frame traps and beats frame 4 reversals)

This is her most common corner combo tool due to its many applications. Smash 22M leads into both basic routes and advanced combos. Corner splat instead of wall splat means it will happy birthday. Go-to combo ender into Supers, e.g. any SKD or [DR] > 22M > Supers. The bounce on Smash hit is also high enough to link into ground DR by itself.

  • Smash hit causes a huge ground bounce and corner splats.

Lets her combo from basically anything. A beast of a tool that breaks the rules of the game.

This move alone makes Lab Coat extremely self sufficient while also gives plenty of synergies with other characters. One egregious example is being able to extend Z Broly's L command grabDBFZ Broly GiganticClaw-2.pngGuard:
in the corner by special tagging into 22H.

Photon Swipe

236S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236S 262×5 All 17 25 23 -6
j.236S 262×5 All 17 25 30
  • Level 3 projectile beam that pierces opponents. Explodes on the final hit.
  • Jails into Vanish.

Very fast and very safe. Like other beams, this move has forced recovery on contact, thus will be -6 at any distance. This can be made even better with a frame perfect tk.236S, which is only -3 on block. And despite its appearance, this will hit small or crouching opponents. Another option for screen control and one that leads to guaranteed plus frame with Vanish. Though while it's uncharacteristically safe on block, it can still be punished the same way as any other beams on whiff, usually with a dash jump-in.

True blockstrings from any normal beyond 5L and 2L, and is one of very few beams that can be true string'd into at all. Since it also true strings into Vanish, Lab Coat can force frame advantage from any blockstring at the cost of 1 meter.

Note that in Sparking, 236S > hold Vanish j.L > j.H ▷ 5L vs j.L > j.H > airdash j.L both true string against standing opponents, and would seem like a potent 50/50. However crouch blocking will make j.L whiffs due to Instant Overhead Protection, and using hold Vanish j.M or j.H in this situation can be outright 2H'd. To avoid potentially being anti-air'd, she will have to do something like 236S > hold Vanish j.S or just stick to the normal Vanish.

Connoisseur Cut

214S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214S 1000 Throw D2 24~30 4 24
j.214S 1000 Throw D2 13 14 15
  • Dashes half screen forward. Ground version only performs the grab once she's near the opponent, while air version is active throughout the dash.
  • When used outside of combos, 214S only connects against grounded opponents and j.214S only connects against airborne opponent. Mid-combo, 214S will also connect against airborne opponents.
  • On hit, throws the opponent backward into a sliding knockdown and heals 500 total HP. Ex: If she has 400 blue health, she will heal 400 blue health and 100 yellow health.

Another thing for your opponent to look out for after 6 lows and a command overhead. On ground hit, immediate 22H will lead to a full combo that nets her damage and meter gain equal to that of other characters' EX grab, so this has no initial EX flash and sound cue for the same reward as an EX grab, with the healing as a cherry on top. However at 24F of startup and a recognizable pose as visual cue, it will take some conditioning to have a good shot at landing, and you likely won't see this as much as her command grab super.

The air version can be used as a pseudo movement option and is also a great combo ender. When landing it at jump height or lower, Lab Coat can extend further with immediately airdashing into 22X.

Barrier Sphere

22S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22S Total 48 4-39 [4-48] Guard
j.22S Total 47 4-38 [4-47] Guard
  • Guard point against all attacks except throws, Supers, and Sparking Blast.
  • On successful guard:
    • Guard frames will extend until end of recovery.
    • Gains 25% Ki Gauges for each hit guarded.
    • Guarding against Super Dash-type moves will give the opponent 10F of landing recovery.
    • Cancelable into Specials and Supers. Canceling into Supers can be inputted with shortcuts (air OK): L+M for 236L+M, H+S for 236H+S, 4L+M for 214L+M and 4H+S for 214H+S.
    • Canceling into Specials/Supers does not inherit guard point, does not add extra proration, and will autocorrect to face the opponent.

An air OK frame 4 reversal that can lead to devastating punish thanks to the special cancelation property. With her 5M and 2M being GC safe, canceling into 22S against GC nets a much deadlier punish than anti-airing.

Also a great round start option when combined with assists as it gives an absurd amount of meter when guarding multi-hit moves like beams, giving you an early boost into the match.

Z Assists

Assist A

Savory Slicer

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30×6, 852 All 20 1,2x5,5 45 +40 4-35 Ki Blasts
  • Retains 236X's Ki Blast deflect along with Head property.
  • Launches on hit.
  • Frame advantage is for all hits. Last hit only is +29.

Fast, has a huge hitbox, travels over halfscreen, deflects Ki Blasts and has high blockstun. Beware however as head property makes this assist 2H-able, so it's trickier to use in common situations like approaching with SD + assist, or as an anti-ground call when you're in the air. Compared to other strike assists, it "only" has 34~45F of hitstun and an awkward launch angle, making it a bit more difficult to convert/confirm. The recovery on this is also longer than most strike assists, putting her at risk of getting happy birthday'd.

Still this is an excellent assist, or at the very least, it's an ol' reliable strike/blockstun assist for you to slap Lab Coat on your team.

Assist B

Barrier Sphere

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Total 85 9-11 All, 12-46 Guard, 47 Invul
  • Lab Coat shows up slightly behind the point character. Absorbs hits for both the point character and any other assists inside it.
  • Guard point against all attacks except Supers and Sparking Blast. Doesn't gain Ki for blocking attacks.
  • Barrier will not cover for you if you aren't inside it. Standing by the edge will cause big hitbox moves to go right through the barrier.

Lab Coat's B assist is her Barrier that defends against incoming attacks. Takes a different approach to her other assist given that it doesn't have an attacking hitbox, but can be beneficial to certain team compositions or countering East Coast players. If your character is already good enough in scrambles then this assist could prove to be more useful than A much like A18 or A17's barriers.

On how good this is at its intended purpose, spawning behind the point character is often a detriment as even when used against things like GC, advancing attacks will put your character outside the barrier where they will get hit. Another note is since the barrier is pink, it's less effective at hiding DR than the other Androids' barrier.

Assist C

Photon Swipe

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
200×5, 400 All 34 [20] +30
  • Piercing beam assist. Explodes on the 5th hit.
  • On hit, teleports behind the opponent and knocks them down into a ground bounce SKD.
  • Values in [ ] are when the opponent is in hitstun/untech.

It's a C Beam. Pierces assists so can be used to police the opponent's assist calls, but the cooldown makes this very expensive. The opportunity cost of her C Assist versus her A and B Assists just isn't worth it.

Super Moves

Total Detonation Ball

236L+M (Air OK) or j.236H+S

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L+M 2121 All UDV 9+4 Total 69+7L -34 9-21 All
j.236L+M 2121 All UDV 9+4 Total 68 -26 9-21 All
j.236H+S 2121 All UDV 19+4 [9+1] Total 78 -26 19-31 All
  • Ground version throws an energy ball along the floor. On hit, is highly advantageous and can easily be extended further in the corner, usually into delay 22L > 236H+S for the debuff.
  • Air versions throws the ball diagonally downward and recover in the air. Ball explodes if it hits the ground, and will slide against the corner wall. On hit, causes a ground bounce sliding knockdown.
  • Air H+S version teleports behind opponents. Startup is reduced when used mid-combo.
  • Minimum Damage (Ground): 827
  • Minimum Damage (Air): 784

Funny kusoge hitstun, but is a standard Super otherwise. DHC-ing into Lab Coat in the corner can allow her to apply the debuff with an extra bar. In midscreen, 236L+M into tk.236H+S will also work for a bit more damage.

Corner 236L+M, delay 22L > 236L+M can be looped about 2 to 3 times before ending with other Supers. Doing this deals next to no damage to the character due to super scaling, but deals at least 21% MPMental Points to the human player.

Photon Pulse


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
2021 Throw 21 7 17 20-27 All
  • Command grab super. Can be used as a tickthrow from essentially all normals without having to delay the input.
  • Will not hit opponents in hitstun as of the most recent patch, making it unusable in combos.
  • On hit:
    • Launches the opponent into a soft knockdown. Doesn't consume Smash. Adv: +27 against up/back/forward tech. In the corner, IAD j.H afterward is a safejump.
    • Character that got grabbed will deal 21% less damage until the end of battle. This debuff is applied on top of everything else including Sparking, Limit Break, Super's minimum damage, etc. Debuff does not stack upon multiple uses.
    • Increases Lab Coat's Special Moves and Assists damage by 21% until the end of battle. Thankfully, this also doesn't stack.
  • If two 21s debuff one another, their normals and Supers damage will be reduced by 21%, while Special Moves and Assists' damage will only be reduced by 4.41% (actual calculation is 0.79 * 1.21)
  • Debuff stays on the character's body when Body ChangingDBFZ Ginyu BodyChange-2.pngGuard:
    -24 [±0]
    , aka Ginyu will be possessing a debuffed character and vice versa
  • Debuff persists even after death. Summoning K.O'd characters with Parasite TakeoverDBFZ SuperBaby2 ParasiteTakeover.pngGuard:
    will give you debuffed assists.

It completely removes the damage upsides from Sparking, Limit Break and installs like Golden Frieza, Adult Gohan's Potential Unleashed and more. You can't even use traditional Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas team wipe combos with this debuff applied to your character, as even highly damaging sparking combos ending in a Level 3 will simply deal the same damage as a regular combo using meter. Now imagine how little you're doing without spending those resources.

  • Has proration value of a Level 1 Super, not of a command grab. 236H+S > DHC Lv1 > DHC Lv1 or 236H+S > DHC Lv3 will delete half a health bar.
  • Minimum Damage: 621

This super is the icing on the cake, albeit a thinner layer of icing than it used to be. Even though Lab Coat cannot use this super in her combos anymore, she can still use it as a tickthrow doubled as frame trap to beat mashing attempts due to invulnerability frames. On hit, it applies enough of a damage debuff to turn any of your opponent's characters into a 3-4 touch character for the rest of the battle.

All the while this grab has no Super flash until it connects, a very deceptive animation, only 21 frames of startup, and is yet another mixup option at her disposal, making it much harder to react to than you'd think. As one final cherry to perfect the cake, it has comically low recovery time, even with the extra active frames, making it nigh unpunishable.[1][2] You will love this super, you will abuse this super, and you will burst into tears laughing at how helpless your opponent is to stop you.

Appetizing Rush

214L+M (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L+M 4321 All UDV 9+12 [9+0] 6 Until L+10 -16 1-26 All
j.214L+M 4321 All UDV 9+12 [9+0] 6 Until L+10 -16 1-26 All
  • Teleports behind opponents before attacking. Startup is reduced when used mid-combo.
  • Minimum Damage: 1821.
  • Sides switches on hit. Adv. on Hit: +28.

Extremely high damaging and flexible Super, especially since this is also her DHC Super. Tracks the opponent anywhere on screen so it can be used to punish willy nilly usage of special moves. Though not a very good reversal as it is slow outside of combos and especially 12F of startup post Super flash means the opponent can use Vanish to escape.

Gives a rather average knockdown as she can only get a safejump afterwards. However with such high minimum damage, she will often kill the opponent before she gets to safejump.

Excellent Full Course

214H+S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214H+S 4121 All UDV 11+3 [11+0] 12 31+10L -26 1-30 All
j.214H+S 4121 All UDV 11+3 [11+0] 12 Until L+10 1-30 All
  • Charges fullscreen ahead. Midcombo, has reduced startup and if Lab Coat isn't already on the same horizontal line as the opponent, will autocorrect and teleport vertically to the same height as the opponent before attacking.
  • Can happy birthday despite being a cinematic Super.
  • Crosses over the opponent on block, can "steal" the corner.
  • Minimum Damage: 1721
  • Stays same side on hit. Adv. on Hit: +28

Go-to reversal Level 3 since it has faster startup overall compared to 214L+M when used outside of combos.

Does 100 less minimum damage than 214L+M so will mostly be used if you wanna keep the corner or for happy birthday combos. Both Level 3s have identical oki, allowing for an IAD j.H safejump afterward.


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