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For the time being, this is a dumping ground for bugs, glitches, just generally "unintended" quirks that exist in all versions of DBFZ. I just don't want these stuff to be lost to time. Please help with adding more and providing (compressed) example videos. - Kaiokek (talk)

Hitstun Decay failure

Version: Launch until somewhere around 1.04.

Execution: Starting a combo with Android 21 5S or Ginyu's 236S Recoome will not trigger hitstun decay, so infinite combos are possible.

Explanation: Hitstun decay doesn't kick in if the Combo Counter skips "1", so moves that arbitrarily add extra hits to the Combo Counter are infinite starters.

Video: https://youtu.be/xe-DU5D2KJw?t=20

Beerus infinite j.S

Version: Idk early Season 1

Execution: 2H > SD > j.M > j.214L(1) > j.236H+S, j.[S]

Explanation: Something with air Level 1 hitting late so Beerus recovers earlier than usual, then immediately linking into j.S would let him shoot forever.

Video: https://youtu.be/5GJOrMf8d8I

SS Vegeta ground bounce j.2L

Version: Launch until Season 2

Execution: Hitting a j.2L against low-to-the-ground airborne opponent would ground bounce them. The move normally only ground bounces grounded opponent.

Explanation: 1F before landing, the opponent is considered grounded (some call it "grounded by proximity"). Though I think for this move the window to get the ground bounce is more lenient than 1F?

Video: https://youtu.be/xe-DU5D2KJw

Dynamic Install

Version: Launch until 1.27

Execution: Using one of these characters: Cooler, Master Roshi, SS4 Gogeta. Tag them out during any 5LLL string, then tag them back in in an U+ Smash combo > j.LLL. The j.LLL here would cause a Dynamic instead of a normal Smash sliding knockdown.

Explanation: These characters (and DBS Broly) can manually trigger Dynamic with 5LLL > anything > j.LLL as long as it's a cancel string. When you tag out, the value for triggering Dynamic isn't cleared. This was also how they fixed it, simply clearing that value.

Video: https://twitter.com/kaiokek1/status/1371495465959759875

D+ Smash failure

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Using one of these characters: Cooler, DBS Broly, Master Roshi, SS4 Gogeta. Landing a D+ Smash at grounded by proximity height wouldn't trigger the cinematic + SKD, but still eats up D Smash.

Explanation: Idk but it's something to do with their manual Dynamic quirks.

Video: https://twitter.com/kaiokek1/status/1484909030447652864

Buffer a move and Tag/DHC at the same time

Version: Probably launch until 1.30

Execution: Easiest example is SSB Vegeta j.214L > 236L+M 3214A on Season 3 patches I think. He would perform the Super while DHC at the same time but with reduced cost only if you don't have the meter for both the Super + DHC. So Level 1 + DHC Level 3 would only cost all of your meter if you have < 4 bars, but cost 4 if you have > 4 bars.

Explanation: These moves allow for tags too? Idk never looked too much into it.




Hit Level 3 breaks the game

Version: Somewhere in Season 1

Execution: Lands Hit 214L+M (214H+S). Now Smash 5H from any characters will allow a buffered move + tag at the same time

Explanation: ???

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J702N_EwrMo

Fused Zamasu and SSB Goku break the game

Version: Somewhere in Season 2

Execution: Zamasu facing the corner, second teammate is SSB Goku (1). Training dummies are SSB Goku (2) and SS Goku set to Counterattack: 2H. Snap one of the Gokus out, 2H, 236L+M (at this point a Goku should be j.2H-ing over your head), DHC to SSB Goku (1) right before the ball hit the dummy Goku. If done correctly, your Goku should be floating and sticking to the dummy.

Explanation: Idk but the above is probably only one consistent way to set it up, and it could've been achieved differently.

Video: https://youtu.be/PbK7G_fzdO0

Goku Black Holy Light Grenade combos

Version: Season 1

Execution: At the right height and against big bodies, j.236H+S hits weirdly and so can be combo'd afterward or even looping it

Video: https://youtu.be/maGuFQW0scc


Assist consumes U Smash

Version: Early S1

If it hits then your U Smash is gone simple as. Probably copy-pasted property from his point version

Level 3 failure

Version: Still in the game (May 2023: 1.32)

Execution: Gotenks facing the corner, 214L+M while the dummy tags at the same time, should work on big bodies. If done correctly the dummy would be stuck in place and the Level 3 animation won't play out.

Video: https://twitter.com/Potarian_/status/1572688780552802309

Special cancels skip combo scaling

Version: Early S3

Execution: 236H > 236H > Vanish into a normal combo would do like 6k damage. 236H > 236H on its own did 2175, Vanish did 765 and dash 2M did 630... wait...

Explanation: They added a new mechanic: When Miracle Super Punch or the spinning portion of Great Special Rolling Kick is canceled on hit, there will be a hitbox connecting them to the next attack. The problem was that the entire string of 236X/214X > facilitating hitbox > next move counted as a single move for scaling purposes, you can see where the damage is coming from.

After the fix, 236H > 236H now does 2061, Vanish 680 and 2M 210.

Video: https://twitter.com/kamoihito/status/1308403579464683526

Autocombo automatically come out

Version: 1.31

Execution: On block or hit, 5L > delay 5LL would automatically give you 5LLL if you don't cancel 5LL into anything else

Explanation: Something to do with his 5LL receiving faster startup but I'm not sure

Video: https://twitter.com/Tyrant_UK/status/1545174052003790848

B Assist vacuums on hit

Version: Season 3 until now (May 2023: 1.32)

Execution: Canceling spin into anything but 236X/214X series will break B assist's on hit effect until Gotenks does 236X/214X series again. The effect is most pronounced on EX spin moving backward while making contact with the opponent (either on block or hit).

Video: https://twitter.com/kaiokek1/status/1575407456133742592

Dash Macro giving Super Dash

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Using the dash macro, GT Goku airdash > j.1/2/3S would give you SD instead of his actual j.1/2/3S. Yamcha airdash > j.2H will also do the same thing. Kid Buu airdash > j.S on block/hit sometimes will automatically does SD (I don't have the energy to look into the exact conditions).

In previous patches, some other characters had similar issues too like SS4 Gogeta.

Video: https://twitter.com/kaiokek1/status/1582329240523276288

Guard Cancel Vanish while not guarding

Version: 1.28

Execution: 6L+M+H+S during blockstun when you have 2 bars and Sparking. You'd do a GC Spark, but the next time you Vanish (still with 2 bars) it'll be a GC Vanish

Video: https://twitter.com/kaiokek1/status/1427972921658470402

Adult Gohan 214M weird tracking

Version: Found in 1.31

Execution: On block, 5LLLLL > 214M puts him further and higher up than where he should be (on top of the opponent).

Video: https://twitter.com/AlukardNY/status/1588401068282884096

DBS Broly Level 3 doesn't Happy Birthday

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: 214L+M (214H+S) HPBD just fine in midscreen, but doesn't in the corner.

Video: https://twitter.com/AlukardNY/status/1588390274153476096

SSB Vegito

Plus on block 236H

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Almost any button (Reflected) > 236H (blocked both hits) is +4.

Explanation: Not sure about the inner workings, but it has something to do with 236X(1) connecting right after Reflect enters recovery. Works for the entire 236X series, but 236H is the most applicable one.

Level 3 Vanish sandwich

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Lands a HPBD Level 3 in the corner, Vanish. Depending on body sizes, Vegito can be pushed forward and switch sides as the dummies get up.

Video: https://twitter.com/BiddoFGC/status/1578660022157905921

Super Dash trades with another move

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Idk a reliable way to replicate it. But basically sometimes you can get SD to trade that's it.

Explanation: I think the first frame when SD turns around, it's able to trade. It shouldn't trade basically ever especially against moves with higher clash level, but from my observation it's always when SD turns around.

Video: https://twitter.com/SheMyCandy/status/1289847902961983489

Multiple Dragon Rushes in one combo

Version: Season 1

Execution: It's said that you can land multiple DR as long as it's during your point character's projectile hitstun, but I don't think that's the whole story. It seems more like a few specific moves could do it.

Video: https://youtu.be/xe-DU5D2KJw?t=41

Cooler H Death Breaker Follow-up crashes the game

Version: Found in 1.31 (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Any 214X, drops the combo due to hitstun decay or the dummy got hit by something else with low hitstun, dummy techs then jumps so that they can be hit again, H follow-up. The moment they get hit by H follow-up, the game crashes.

Explanation: Idk but the short description is landing a hit with H follow-up outside of combos.

Video: https://twitter.com/muto65536/status/1587019369749495808

Un-GC-Reflect-able Ki Blast blockstun

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Easiest example that still works: Set dummy as SS Goku, run up 5L > 5S. If you block both hit while crouching, you won't be able to GC Reflect the 5S.

Explanation: If there's a 1F to 4F (?) gap between a regular blockstun and a Ki Blast blockstun, and depending on stand block or crouch block, then the Ki Blast blockstun is not GC Reflectable. Against a training dummy, they would refuse to Reflect sometimes even though a human player would be able to.

Boomerang Ki Blasts

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Goku Black in Sparking, 5S > delay Hold Vanish SD. The projectile will go backward if it's still accelerating, but only turns around while continuing to move forward after it's reached enough speed. Also works with Super Baby 2 5S, j.S.

Explanation: It's a universal quirk, and works as long as the Super Dash goes in the opposite direction as the Ki Blasts. Other Ki Blasts will also flip its sprite around but don't actually "boomerang" like Black and Baby.

Special Moves not refreshing air options

Version: Launch until Season 3?

Explanation: When you land, air options are set to 0. Certain Special Moves that put the character airborne didn't refresh this to 1, so canceling into Hold Vanish and you wouldn't be able to double jump/airdash.

Broly L+M Gigantic Meteor not refreshing Gigantic Strike usage

Version: Until 1.27

Execution: j.214X, then j.214L+M before landing. After Broly automatically teleports to the ground, he won't be able to use j.214X the next time he's airborne until he touches the ground again.


Reviving dead characters

Version: S3 until 1.27?

Explanation: Senzu Bean while on the ground can be picked up by KO'd character before the round transition.

Video: https://mobile.twitter.com/Black_Yggdrasil/status/1424982649739882517

Ki Blast Level 3

Version: Launch until 1.27

Explanation: The rain portion of his Level 3 wasn't supposed to be Ki Blast (Super Dash-able) ig

Captain Ginyu

1S doesn't attack

Version: Idk but it wasn't like this at launch, patched out already

Execution: Ginyu 1S, 7S and j.1/4/7S don't do anything, so he could block with 1 while mashing S to tech DR without any risk.

Video: https://twitter.com/bokobokoari/status/1239888131152728065

GC Vanish cancelable into j.S

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Explanation: Smash Vanish > j.S is probably a unique cancel that was coded specifically for Ginyu, and was carried over into GC Vanish. I think this works even if GC Vanish doesn't Smash.

Video: https://twitter.com/muto65536/status/1557391750771064832

Assist B breaks animation

Version: Probably still in the game

Explanation: Ginyu Force doesn't disappear on certain (?) animation and messes with the move.

Video: https://twitter.com/muto65536/status/1308326802876628992

Assist B stops working

Video: https://twitter.com/LEXXLLUTHOR/status/1538547946056204289

Assist B and Burter 236S

Version: Don't know when it started but still in the game now (May 2023: 1.32)

Explanation: Once Ginyu B puts Recoome 5S on the screen (doesn't matter if he gets hit). Then for the rest of the game, whenever he does Burter 236S/214S as the point character, Burter will stay active even when Ginyu tags out.

Video: https://twitter.com/lethal_strike/status/1662562061115617282

Fused Zamasu

Locked in Heaven's Flash

Version: I think since they buffed flight movement until now

Explanation: If flight auto-deactivates under some conditions idk then you're stuck in flight until landing or until something hit you

Video: https://twitter.com/AlukardNY/status/1575639911717548032

Heaven's Warp wonky tracking

Version: Ever since they introduced the move until now

Explanation: While dummy in SKD, something like f.L~S would teleport and launch you on top of them.

Armored attacks delay follow-ups

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Android 16 5H vs GC. He'd tank the GC and Smash them to the wall, but cannot SD until it's too late to convert.

Explanation: When an armored attack triggers its Smash while trading with another attack of same or higher clash level, all cancels afterward will be delayed.

Smash attacks slow Super Dash

Version: Still in the game (Nov 2022: 1.31)

Execution: Teen Gohan in the corner, confirm that you can do 5LLL > SD > j.MLL2H > jc > j.LLL.

Now try 5H > SD > j.M > j.H > j.236L + Assist ▷ 5LLL > SD > j.MLL2H > jc > j.LLL. You'll find that Gohan is noticeably lower after the second SD and can't actually finish the combo.

Explanation: Without looking directly into the code, I can only come up with this:

  • Usually U Smash value can only be 0 or 1. 0 means "no Smash yet" and 1 means "an U Smash has occurred"
  • When this value is at 1, 5H, 2H, j.H, j.2H will set it to 2 on the first frame of their startups
  • Smash 5LLL, 5H, 2H, j.H, j.2H are coded to speed up SD if the value is at exactly 1. So when this value is at 2, SD travels at normal speed

With outside tools, you can force the U Smash value to 0 to have a better look at this effect. Every Smash 5LLL, 5H, 2H, j.2H will have slower speed than what you're accustomed to.

SSB Vegeta

S doesn't attack

Version: Launch until a S3 patch

Execution: Holding [H] then pressing S will straight up doesn't do anything. Allows him to block and mash [H]~SSSS to tech DR.


Kaioken Finisher on whiff

Version: Noticed on 1.32

Execution: When used as the last follow-up, 5L, 2L, 5M, 2M can cancel into L+M even if they whiff or get Reflected.


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