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 Vegito (SSGSS)

General Tactics

Vegito is a stagger pressure monster. Instead of having strong mixups, Vegito has some of the most potent frame traps in the game and some of the highest damage to back it up. His premier tool is his 5L: a massive, 7-frame, multi-hitting normal that's only -5 on block. At the correct spacing, it will beat any other normal in the game (except for itself). Once Vegito can scare the opponent into blocking, he can keep them locked down almost endlessly. 5S and 6S are really only useful for combos and blockstrings, as they can be superdashed through and are too slow to really use. 2S and j.S are mostly the same, except they cover different angles. In order for Vegito to get in and lock the opponent down, he needs a little help in neutral. But once you're in, you're staying there.

Team positioning


This is the most common place to see Vegito. Two assists makes his pressure even scarier, and having a tracking assist lets him keep a lot more meter than he would be able to keep on his own. Neutral assists are the most helpful thing for him, as you don't need to go in on his mix and almost all neutral assist will extend his pressure.


Mid starts to take advantage of his assists. Most likely you'll be using A Assist for its screen control to cover your point character, but it's also fast enough to convert 6M on reaction. Having an assist backing Vegito is always good as it opens up his pressure and combos, but he doesn't always need one to play his game.


Anchor isn't a common position for Vegito, but his oppressive pressure game lets him compete with other anchor characters. He also has a suprizingly strong neutral game with 236S and j.S, as well as 236H functioning as a lariat-style special move within half-screen distance.

Picking Teammates

If the team is primarily centered around Vegito, pair him up with pressure and neutral focused assists. He is pretty self-sufficient combo-wise, and he can stagger well without assists. He doesn't have any real high-low mixups, so any assist that allows him to do crossup mixups with 214X helps him a lot. A second point is recommended so he can regen blue health, characters like Cell are good because of their high metergain. Gotenks is the best over-all teammate as his A Assist lets Vegito end combos with a sliding knockdown without having to switch sides and gives him crossup mixups midscreen. GT Goku A is also an excellent choice as his assist shuts down the portion of the screen that Vegito has the hardest time controlling. Because Vegito can pressure people on his own, he also works with Base Goku's B assist. The extra meter also heavily increases his damage and he can DHC into Spirit Bomb with Smash-less j.236H.


  • 5L > 5LL > 5M > 2M > 5S > 5H > 236L > Assist > ...

Your basic lockdown blockstring. If the opponent starts to reflect after your Ki Blasts delay the 5H or use a delay 2S to get a hit, as long as the 5S is not delayed they cannot reflect the ki blast since it's a true string but they can reflect out of the blockstun hence delaying the 5H or delay 2S will hit. In the corner, you can add a 6S before the 236L for a little more lockdown. Gotenks A doesn't work for this style of pressure, but he gives you crossup mixups that are detailed below.

  • ... 2L > Vanish > ...

2L has "Special Blockstun," allowing for this to happen. Beware that there is a sizable gap between 2L and anything chained into it, large enough to be Vanished (because it's 5 frames). Blocked Superdash midscreen sets up some of it's own RPS, with the main options being crossup or not with j.S thrown in to catch slow 2H's.

  • ... 5H > Assist > 214L/M

Basic crossup mixup setup. Works best with Gotenks, as the assist call is between the preceding medium and 5H. Using 214L means you have to commit to using an airdash j.S, but 214M lets you do same side or crossup j.L's or j.M normals.


This deserves it's own section because of how strong Vegito's staggers are. 5L and 5LL are -5 and form the core of his pressure game. After a sequence that ends in 5H > 5S, you are at almost the perfect distance to re-establish pressure with 5L. The ideal range is just at the tip of 5L's range. If you think they will respect 5L, press it again. If you think they will disrespect it, delay 5LL. The next move you should consider using is 5M, as spaced out it can be -2, allowing you to backdash safely or re-establish pressure again.

This works because of how big 5L is. If your opponent presses a 2L or a 6f 5L, the range of their button is almost always smaller than Vegito's 5L and you will auto-whiff punish them. If you happen to catch them with 5LL, it's lights out. Once you condition them to block, then you can start using other options like 6M and Dragon Rush. 6M is a decent option in and of itself for the same reason that spaced-out 5L is, but it being 0 can also be detrimental if you're too close.

Tips and Tricks

  • 5L is really good, but you will lose if you mash it after 6M. If you want to take the risk, 214S works much better.
  • Eventually as you move up the ranks 5L will lose it's potency as a button you can just mash, it's best to start figuring out how to use it properly, so you don't get punished for mashing
  • Tracking assists are generally really good for Vegito's combos, as they can eliminate the sideswitch without spending a bar of meter.
  • 2L goes over Lows and Throws, making a somewhat-reliable throw tech replacement. Watch Coach Steve to see it in action.
  • 236S is incredibly good at discouraging zoning, but it is not a zoning tool in and of itself. In some cases you can beat out Z Broly if you do it high enough in the air.
  • 5H > 5S is the safest way to set up 5L stagger spacing, but after you get them to respect you it's easy to walk back and forth to reach it.
  • 5S and 6S are not neutral tools, as their range is limited and they do not beat Superdash. They are for pressure and combos.
  • Vegito's left right mix is potent but will require that he is midscreen. You will also need to know how to properly pressure people if he is to open people solo even at high level.

Fighting Vegito

  • Vegito may not have high/lows, but his crossups are what you have to look out for.
  • If you reflect something, be ready to reflect 2M right after.
  • Vegito must commit to something after a 6M without assists because of his 7f 5L. 6f 5L's will win against his 5L, but his counter will beat 6f 5L's.
  • If he has meter, you have to be careful within half-screen. If he 236H's you, its easily half of your lifebar gone.
  • Vegito can IAD out of 5L at any time during Sparking. Watch your back in case he IAD's you.
  • If your 2H is 15f or slower, you have to be careful after blocking a Superdash. j.S is technically a projectile and it will win.
  • You aren't losing anything by simply waiting out his pressure, especially in the corner. Vegito can't hit you in the corner unless you can't block system mechanics or you mash. A patient player is the most annoying opponent for Vegito to fight. Eventually he has to stop, mainly cause of the assist regen nerf in S3, or he'll do something unsafe which you can punish him for.


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