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Stop! Read me first!
The tier lists on this page are subjective in nature, and are the products of their individual authors. You can only trust a tier list as much as you trust its author.
Tier lists reflect the understanding on relative character strength at the time that they are written. Metas can develop and characters can change after a tier list is made.
Tier lists usually do not account for character difficulty, but that can sometimes be a factor depending on the author.
Depending on your goals and how competitive you are, tier lists may or may not be entirely irrelevant.

Yasha's List

Yasha is one of the top European players for DBFZ. This is the tier list they published in December 2021, just before the addition of Lab Coat Android 21. Source

Gropis' List

Gropis is a top DBFZ player from Spain, frequently seen on WANTED. This is their Season 4 tier list made one week after the release of Lab Coat Android 21. Some language has been altered. Source

Cloud805's List

Cloud805 is an American competitive fighting game player with frequent invites to official Bandai Namco events. This is their "final DBFZ tier list" and was made not long before the addition of Lab Coat Android 21. Source

HookGangGod's List

HookGangGod is an American professional E-Sports player, currently partnered with Panda Global, and ranked 6th on the PGRZ rankings. This is their most recent list before the addition of Lab Coat Android 21. Source

Kasuga & Mamba Lamba & Miami List

This list is a joint effort from American player Mamba Lamba and European players Kasuga and Miami found on Youtube in anticipation for Lab Coat Android 21. Source

Wawa's List

Wawa is a professional DBFZ player from France. This is their Season 4 tier list leading up to the release of Lab Coat Android 21. Source

Dustloop Aggregate List

This list is constructed by Dustloop editors through combining tier lists currently on this page. Please investigate other lists yourself as well instead of taking this as fact.

Last Update: 03/05/2022. Lab Coat Android 21 is not included due to the lack of tier lists including her as of the most recent aggregate update.

  • Vegito is considered the best character in the game at 16 points.
  • Yamcha is considered the worst character in the game at -5 points.

Characters received points based on placements in other lists currently featured on this page.

  • +3 for appearing in a "top tier" with five characters or less. Otherwise, it will be treated as an S tier.
  • +2 for appearing in S tier (or the highest tier)
  • +1 for appearing in A tier (or the middle tier)
  • ±0 for appearing in B tier (or the lower tier)
  • -1 for appearing in "bottom tier" with five characters or less. Otherwise, it will be treated as a B tier.

The average tier list in this page has 3 or 4 legible tier categories, plus additional spaces for top and bottom characters. For the purposes of this list, the "S" tier is treated as the aforementioned "top" tier and the D tier is the "bottom" tier.
Some lists were altered slightly to ensure consistency and make calculations easier:

  • Tier categories with + or -'s are ignored, so an S+ tier is just an S tier, unless said list is obviously a top or bottom tier and meets the criteria.
  • For tier lists like Wawa's that don't have legible B tiers (only a bottom tier), his tiers beyond the S+ tier have had their value reduced by 1 (e.g. S is now A, A is now B)
  • For tier lists like Cloud805's that have D tiers legible as bottom tiers, his C tier has been treated as a B tier, ultimately rounding him out at 3 legible tiers plus additional top and bottom tiers