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Key Moves

Welcome to the Enchantress Starter Guide ! Here you will find a bunch of useful information about the character in question ; from her buttons and combos to more advanced things to get you fighting fit !

Key Moves

For detailed information about Enchantress's normals and to see them in action , please refer to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTKmqOWQPt8

The video above will go over all of her normals , giving descriptions on what they are most useful for and what situations you should not be using them.

Pressure Structure

Please refer to this video for Pressure Structure https://youtu.be/QTKmqOWQPt8?si=v3YICqhA6hokzypo&t=240 It has been timestamped for your convenience. This section of the video goes over pressure strings , what to look out for during pressure and how you can deal with those things. It also teaches how to grab through Indomitable Spirit and Guard Cancel.


Enchantress is a character that does not have extremely explosive combos from just any normal that she does. Her 5A and 2A buttons give her combos extreme hitstun scaling which makes combo routes extremely linear unless you have access to Conversion. Below you will find a video going over most of her combo routes ranging from beginner friendly and least damaging to advanced combos that lead to big damage.

Combo Starters

Enchantress has a bunch of different combo starters that ultimately decides on what routes you should take for doing your combos.

If you start any of your combos with 2A or 5A then you will have to go for really simple and linear routes which doesn't yield much damage. It is better to focus on resetting or setup when you do these routes.
If you start combos with 5B or 2S you can go into more damaging routes that not only has more corner carry but you can get much better setup off of.
Her most damaging starter would be a counter hit Madd 2MS. It's definitely not an easy hit confirm to get , but if you manage to get this hit confirm you can pretty much kill if you are in awakening.

Spending Meter
Spending MP

When it comes to spending MP , Enchantress can be quite the glutton for it. You will have to be aware of when you spend it and how you spend it at all times.

Use Harvest to sap away opponent's MP when you have a decent bit yourself to be able to apply more pressure when they can't guard cancel. Madd 6MS is a great way to apply constant pressure strings and to force people in the corner. Madd 2MS helps with baiting guard cancel options , and DPs. It also stops people from jumping as it is possible to use as an anti-air. Madd 4MS is a great multi-hitting zoning tool that's extremely costly but can be used in various situations that can bait rolls or tear through armored moves.
Utilising White Life

Just like any character in DNF Duel , having white life and using it for conversion is extremely important , and it's just as important for Enchantress. While in her Clear Cube awakening , she recovers it a lot quicker than other characters so it's not something she will always have. As a low HP character to begin with , Enchantress will be making a big decision every time white life is used for conversion purposes , so you will have to make sure that you make it count ! A couple of ways to effectively use conversion is as follows :

  • Combo extention
  • Enhanced pressure strings
  • Unique 5S full screen corner carry
  • Backdash conversion Madd shenanigans (like instant flamethrower)
  • Madd 6MS conversion j.A overhead mix

While these are mostly offensive ways of using white health , it is also important to note of saving it for opportunities where you may want to use it to save yourself instead. Perhaps you did a 5B as an anti air but it whiffed and you don't want to get punished , or you did a 2S anti-air but you fell short of hitting your target ? Use the white health to convert and make yourself safe instead !

What to do after a knockdown
What to do after a knockdown

There are going to be plenty of times when you are going to get reset opportunities and possibly even hard knockdowns to do some setup. It is imperative that you know how to take advantage of these opportunities.
Air resets are the easiest to fish for. End a combo with 2S j.A and do a delayed j.B to catch any straggling hits the opponent does. If they stay passive and don't press anything you can land with them and do a command grab. If they are aggressive you can roll to bait single hit DPs or grabs and punish , or you can do a quick overhead or a low , depending on how they block.

For knockdowns , it depends on the combo ender. With a j.S ender , you can enpty jump into a low , or do a DP safe j.B , or even an empty jump into command grab. For a 2MS ender , you can set up with 4S to make them block on wakeup. If they DP the 4S , you have enough time to block and punish.
Madd , the Teddy Bear

Enchantress is a unique character in DNF Duel as she has a companion with her that helps her fight in battle.
Madd is an integral part of Enchantress's fighting style and is used for combos , pressure , and sometimes even taking hits ! It is important to know how to position Madd , where to position him for things , and when not to use him. Some things to note is that when Madd is active your MP will steadily decrease until you have 0MP in which Madd will be unusuable outside of helping with 2S. It is also good to know that when Madd is active you cannot use your DP , so make sure you use him at opportune moments and not when you are going to be blocking !