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Key Moves
Key Moves

Hitman is a very versitile character, able to utilize a variety of playstyles with 2 main distinctions.

Midrange pressure

  • 5ADNFD Hitman 5A.pngGuardMidStartup8Recovery22Advantage-6 is Hitman's go to button for starting neutral pressure, being fast, long reaching, and leading directly into Surprise Cut (5S)DNFD Hitman 5S.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryAdvantage-9 for easy and efficient combos and block strings.
  • 2ADNFD Hitman 2A.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery19Advantage-9 is your fastest move and has a multitude of follow-up options to dissuade the opponent from challenging
  • 2BDNFD Hitman 2B.pngGuardLowStartup13Recovery28Advantage-12 is a fantastic neutral poke, allowing Hitman to start pressure from a great distance, as well as comboing into Agile Maneuver (6S)DNFD Hitman 6S.pngGuardAllStartup18RecoveryAdvantage-8 from any distance on hit.
  • Final Strike (5M)DNFD Hitman 5M.pngGuardAllStartup26RecoveryAdvantage-4 is a, albeit slow move that can be interrupted if done too close to the opponent, very large and very damaging move that allows for space control against opponents in neutral and especially against opponents in the air.
  • Agile Maneuver (6S)DNFD Hitman 6S.pngGuardAllStartup18RecoveryAdvantage-8 when paired with conversion becomes an insane tool for approach, as well as being very good at catching opponent in neutral trying to use a pre-emptive keepout tool

Up Close Mix-ups and Resets

  • 5BDNFD Hitman 5B.pngGuardMidStartup11Recovery21Advantage-2 is Hitman's main starter when up close, as being only -2 it provides a fantastic point to reset or attempt a tick throw, while dissuading a response from the opponent due to the potential of a follow up move from Hitman
  • Caracole (6M)DNFD Hitman 236M.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryAdvantage+2 is Hitman's best and main blockstring ender, being +2 it allows for pressure to be reset, or attempt a high/low mix-up with Hitman's IOH j.BDNFD Hitman jB.pngGuardHighStartup10RecoveryUntil landing+3AdvantageVaries/2ADNFD Hitman 2A.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery19Advantage-9. It is important to note that the opponent has various options after blocking Caracole (6M)DNFD Hitman 236M.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryAdvantage+2 to try and exit Hitman's pressure and as such Hitman much use his various tools accordingly, such as using Surprise Cut (5S)DNFD Hitman 5S.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryAdvantage-9 in leu of 5ADNFD Hitman 5A.pngGuardMidStartup8Recovery22Advantage-6 to catch an opponent trying to roll
    Pressure Structure

Hitman's pressure revolves around Neutral pokes, Reset attempts, and Safe Enders

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Hitman's combo damage will vary greatly on starter, with the lower damaging starters leading to either shorter combos, or leading to reset attempts

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    Combo Starters
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Spending Meter
Spending MP
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    Utilising White Life

Conversion mechanic = CV

  • Hitman's main usage of Conversion is
What to do after a knockdown
What to do after a knockdown
Hitman on HKD wants to perform a Safe Jump to restart pressure at worst, and at best open up the opponent for a combo
Safe Jump

Options for Safe Jumps