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Launcher is a ranged pressure character with many linear, slow-traveling projectiles.

While her combo damage is one of the lowest in the game, Launcher can stack on white health damage that she can potentially strip away with one well timed MP Skill. Due to the game's Dodge system mechanic allowing opponents to circumvent Launcher's majority projectile-property attacks, Launcher's true offense lies in attempting to Frame TrapAn offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with his own. at close range once she has pushed the opponent to the corner. By spacing herself out a short distance with the opponent's back to the wall, Launcher can intercept an opponent trying to Dodge or Reversal the inherent gaps in her chains but still be close enough to confirm into her few real combos.

On defense, Launcher struggles hard against the majority of the cast due to her fastest normal being 10F and her 2M being very small. Worst of all, she has few to no reliable means to contest jump-ins as her anti airs have slow startup and poor trajectories, and her air-to-airs offer little reward. Thankfully, her Guard Cancel has above average horizontal range, making it hard for opponents to bait it.
Lore:An Empyrean soldier tasked with obliterating enemy forces by using heavy firearms.

As high muscle mass was required to become a Launcher, it was considered to be an occupation not fit for females.
However, a select few women persevered through the brutal training, overcoming this misconception.
They became figures of admiration through their ability to swiftly use extremely weighty heavy firearms. Armed with talent and zeal, these highly trained soldiers have complete command over a wide array of heavy firearms.

As long as they can attain high levels of destruction, they do not care about the pain of shedding sweat and blood from behind enemy lines.
Launcher is classified as a Ranged type. She has a variety of ranged and multi-hit attacks. She can pressure opponents by using moves with delayed hits.
Pros Cons
  • Corner Carry: Her most universal tool, ExtruderDNFD Launcher 236M.pngGuard:
    pushes the opponent back an extreme distance on hit or block with Launcher able to give chase.
  • Chip Damage: During Awakening, Launcher's MP Skills can build up White Life quickly. With access to Guard Break sequences in the corner, she can convert her chip damage into a Touch of DeathA single combo that will immediately defeat the opponent even from full health. combo.
  • Safe Air-to-Ground: j.S is one of Launcher's truly effective space control tools when there is some room to breathe, most useful with retreating jumps or when fired at a low height.
  • High Cost, Low Opportunity: Despite chip damage being her touted gimmick, Launcher needs to spend exorbitant amounts of MP to build up notable white life, and can rarely open up opponents to capitalize on it.
  • Weak Defenses: FM-31DNFD Launcher 2S.pngGuard:
    is too slow and aims at too steep an angle to anti-air on reaction, requiring a hard read. With slow buttons all around and a tiny 2M, it is difficult for Launcher to get opponents away let alone keep them out in the first place.
  • Not a Zoner: To do significant damage or have the majority of her tools function consistently, Launcher needs to be close to the opponent. Her arsenal is victim to the universal 27F projectile-invincible dodge, and her most effective range is shorter that her toolkit would suggest. It is often Launcher who finds herself being "zoned" out by opponents simply defending, waiting for her to exhaust herself or expose one of her many...
  • Blind Spots: Launcher has no answer to significant portions of the screen nor to the speed of other characters' attacks. Launcher lacks any move capable of targeting the space below her when airborne, and all air moves stall or slow her fall, making it easy for characters to dash under her or forward jump with little fear.
  • Hollow Pressure: Every S and M input after Launcher's 5AA has gaps in blockstun larger than four frames, leaving many holes to slip through and punish Launcher's slow recovery with comparatively minor risk.

Awakening Effect: DNFD White Damage Up Icon.png Overheat

Awakening Effect: activates when entering Awakening mode at 30% HP or less.

Doubles amount of White Damage inflicted when an attack is guarded against.
DNFD Launcher Portrait.png
Guard Gauge:1000
MP Regen Rate:12
Backdash:26 (1-16 airborne)
Fastest Ground Abare:This character's fastest attacks for mashing or scrambles. Excludes universal throws.5A (10F)
2A (10F)
Reversal Attacks:Any reversal-esque moves this character has. Excludes universal options.623M (18F)

Normal Moves



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 All 10 3 18 -3 none

One of the longer reaching 10 Frame buttons, but with Launcher aiming at the ground, it comes with an awkward low-height hitbox which is very easily jumped. This is the cornerstone of Launcher pressure as it has the most cancel options out of any of her normals. It has good frame advantage, allowing her to stagger multiple shots to get optimal spacing and steal turns with proper conditioning.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30, 40 All 12 7(2)9 25 -7 none

5A‘S partner with much better space coverage. Being able to chain from 5A on whiff makes it dangerous to challenge with a whiff punish. With two very active shots spaced apart, it provides enough time to hit confirm into 4S or extended pressure on block. However, the only true blockstrings in Launcher's possession are 5AA > 5B and 5AA > 4S; anything else has unsafe gaps. Launcher needs to anticipate any opponents dodging or challenging whatever comes after 5AA, gain ideal spacing and delay her shots accordingly.

  • Chains from 5A on hit, block, and whiff.
  • Hitbox of the final shot hits at nearly the same height as 6S, it can potentially anti-air a distant opponent, but is not much better than 5A up close.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10x5, 20 ~ 10x13, 20 All 17 9~27 29 -13 none

Launcher's flamethrower reaches a little further than half the screen's length. Useful to check opponents trying to run in, as well as catch them if they try acting immediately after blocking Steyr or Extruder from fullscreen. It has zero combo potential unless Launcher is close enough to use Conversion and connect with 5A.

A true blockstring from 5AA, but a slight delay can give it a 1-3 Frame gap to punish opponents trying to Dodge through it. Despite the long active frames, the total duration of the flames is only just as long as the 27F Dodge invulnerability, an opponent can Dodge right into the flames and punish Launcher if her attack fell short.

  • Can be held to extend active frames.
  • Considered a Projectile.
  • Has a massive disjoint, leaves a deadzone directly in front of Launcher for the opponent to safely Dodge into.
  • Has no Chains, this is all you get.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 Low 10 2 19 -3 none

Much worse as a pressure tool than 5A thanks to no whiff cancel or 5AA cancel option.

  • One of Launcher's two lows
  • Chains into and can combo into 5S on Counter-Hit, but has larger than a four frame gap on block, leaving it vulnerable to Dodge and Reversals.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 All 15 40 -15~ none

Unorthodox 2B, Launcher throws out a grenade that explodes on contact with the opponent or after a certain amount of time. This move is Launcher’s lifeline. Her opponent must respect it at all times once it’s out and it can also be plus around max 5AA range. Long animation time means it's still risky to throw out at neutral however.

After a 4S knockdown in the corner, Launcher's default position will cause the grenade to land just outside the stage, serving as a delayed threat. However, if Launcher microwalks backwards before deploying the grenade, it will instead detonate on the opponent's wakeup.

  • Persists if Launcher is hit.
  • Explodes after 90 frames or on contact with the opponent.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 All 7 3 Until landing + 5 none
  • Bounces Launcher backwards on Frame 6, instantly changing her momentum.
  • The hitbox will whiff over most crouching opponents at close range, but can connect with the tip of the muzzle flash.
  • Chains into j.S allowing for possible follow-ups on grounded opponents, but leads to no further combos on airborne opponents.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
20xN All 18 Until landing + 10 -22~+1 none

Very slow and very active air button that can cut off half a block of the guard meter. Launcher will most likely lose her turn on block, as even ideal spacing can still vary between +1 and -3.

  • Frame Advantage varies wildly due to projectiles hitting at an inconsistent rate between two to five frames apart.
  • Massive disjoint at the end of M-137's barrel, leaving a huge deadzone between Launcher and her projectiles, and even with the projectiles and the ground.
  • No benefit from a counter hit if it happens too early.
  • Applies a faint backwards inertia on Launcher, slowing her forward jump, slightly pushing her back on a neutral jump, and making her cover more ground on a backwards jump.

Universal Mechanics



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
150 Throw 5 2 22 none
  • Launcher is +6 after a successful throw.

Guard Cancel


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
70 All 23 14 44 none

Using the same animation as 4S's slide, Launcher's Guard Cancel has good horizontal range, but suffers the same negative.

  • A successful Guard Cancel places the opponent at the tip of Launcher's 5A, allowing for an immediate poke.
  • Leaves Launcher point blank with the opponent on block compared to many other Guard Cancels which push the opponent away if even by a small distance.

Special Moves

Steyr AMR

5S DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30, 80 All 22 34 -4 none

Launcher’s most straight-forward projectile and a core part of her combos. Confirm into this when comboing into her MS Skills. Fires forwards in a straight line and explodes on contact. At longer distances, 5S won’t combo from 5AA but will be plus on block.

  • Knocks down on hit.
  • Whiffs at point blank range against crouching Striker, Inquisitor, Swift Master, Enchantress, Kunoichi and Dragon Knight
  • Steyr leaves less than a three frame gap after a blocked 5AA if the opponent is on top of the barrel of the weapon. Even a slight distance beyond that and they have a four frame window with which to Dodge.

FM-31 Grenade Launcher

2S DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30, 80 All 16 31 -6 none

Not a great reactive anti-air, but a strong pre-emptive one. Very useful for stopping jumps after opponents block 5AA. The projectile travels upwards at a 45 degree angle and explodes on contact with the opponent only.

  • Whiffs against crouching Berzerker, Striker, Grappler, Inquisitor, Swift Master , Enchantress, Kunoichi and Dragon Knight

Cannon Ball

6S DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30, 60 All 20 25 -5 none

Counterpart to 5S. 6S travels faster and has a higher hitbox.

  • Whiffs against most crouching opponents, except for Hitman, Crusader, Lost Warrior, and sometimes Vanguard (timing dependant).
Skid animation
Avoid chart
VanguardMust time crouch
Swift Master
GhostbladeMust hold 1 to crouch under
Dragon Knight
Lost Warrior


4S DNFD Low Icon.pngLow attack. Must be guarded crouching DNFD Knockdown Icon.pngInflicts hard knockdown on hit

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30, 10x6, 40 Low 18 8 25 -17 none

Launcher performs a slide into a cinematic hitgrab. This is Launcher’s primary combo ender, and chains from 5AA, but can whiff from 5AA's max range. Combos into AS and 623M, but doing so gives up oki. Alternatively, j.S can OTG to add a bit more damage without spending resources, also leaving Launcher with better frame advantage and position.

After 4S, Launcher has two setplay options. She can drop 2B for a meaty or delayed explosion, or use j.M > j.A > j.S to lock the opponent down while Quantum Bomb descends upon them. Grenade is a safer free option, but Quantum Bomb can capitalize better on an opponent pressing buttons on wakeup.

  • Gives a hard knockdown on hit.
  • Always punishable on block.
  • One of Launcher's two lows
  • The landing recovery can be cancelled into any M move.

Laser Rifle

j.S DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25x9 All 15 44 Until Landing + 8 none

One of Launcher's better tools to control space. Its only combo potential comes from hitting a grounded opponent, performing j.S at a low enough altitude to land and follow up with 5A.

  • Freezes Launcher’s air momentum on Frame 14.
  • Launcher starts to fall on Frame 42.
  • Leaves standing on hit, but has a ton of hitstun.

MP Special Moves

Charge Laser Rifle

5M DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
All 20 20 31 -13 50 none

Fullscreen beam. More of a matchup-specific tool as it can stuff some opponents' fullscreen activity and snipe jumpers with good timing, but is generally too slow to use on reaction to other projectiles. It can tack on extra damage after Cannon Ball in combos away from the corner, but the damage is often not worth the MP nor opportunity cost.

  • Leaves standing on ground hit.
  • Applies a soft knockdown on air hit.
  • Laser applies 60 White Life (120 in Awakening) damage on block.


2M or 623M DNFD Reversal Icon.pngTemporarily fully invincible DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
All 18 3 45 -32 60 1~?? All

An extremely short range hitgrab style invincible reversal.

  • Functions as an OTG after 4S, but costs MP and gives up Oki. If erasing white life is not a factor, Launcher can instead substitute j.S as an OTG finisher for free.
  • Early frames do not cover the space directly above or behind Launcher, making her helpless against most jump-in crossups.
  • Despite her height, the narrow hitbox is very easily baited, jumped over and out-ranged by many characters with air mobility tools.

X-1 Extruder

6M or 236M DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
All 30 39 +28 70 none

Launcher’s main mana combo extender in the corner. Also her best anti-air, keep away tool and pressure tool. The fireball is massive and multi hitting, making it very hard to do anything but block it. On hit, there is no reason not to combo into 6S as it always provides more damage and gives a very similar knockdown.

  • Pushes opponents fullscreen on hit and on block.
  • Applies a soft knockdown on hit.
  • Deals up to 66 White Life damage (132 in Awakening) if the opponent blocks the total seven hits.

FM-92 mk2 Lancer

4M or 214M DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
All 30 26 +3~+48 50 none

This move is Lancher's main combo extender outside of the corner. The slow startup and very inconsitant reward make this move a bad anti-air.

  • Whiffs against all crouching characters, except Crusader, Ghostblade, Hitman and Lost Warrior
  • The first projectile explodes after 25 frames or on contact with the opponent.
  • The least practical chip damage tool, a point blank shot will apply a total of 72 White Life (144 in Awakening) on block.
  • The eight airburst bomblets can deal an unlikely maximum of 40 (80) white life damage on block if seven hit the opponent and one explodes on the ground.

Quantum Bomb

j.M DNFD Projectile Icon.pngIs a projectile property attack DNFD Knockdown Icon.pngInflicts hard knockdown on hit DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
All 124 (from button press to explosion) 7 90 none

Launcher places a target on the ground at the opponent's location. after a delay, a missile will descend towards the target and explode on impact. Launcher recovers before she begins to fall again, allowing her to press other buttons on the way down including another j.M.

  • 400 Guard Gauge damage and 80 White Life damage (160 in Awakening) on block.
  • Chains from j.A if it connects, allowing Launcher to interrupt the knockback.
  • Projectile remains active even if Launcher is hit, and multiple Bombs can be active at once.
  • Trades in Launcher's favor if the opponent chooses to Guard Cancel
  • Launcher is stuck in the air animation for 51 frames.

Awakening Moves

Ancient Trigger

AS DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 All 2+16 7 43 -34 none

Launcher's awakening skill. While it has very narrow range, it can hit OTG to finish opponents off after an extended combo.

  • 4S sets up a safe opportunity to end things.


DNFD Launcher Color 1.png
DNFD Launcher Color 2.png
DNFD Launcher Color 3.png
DNFD Launcher Color 4.png
B-Type Color (DFO)
D-Type Color (DFO)
DNFD Launcher Color 5.png
DNFD Launcher Color 6.png
DNFD Launcher Color 7.png
DNFD Launcher Color 8.png
C-Type Color (DFO)


Ambox notice.png To edit frame data, edit values in DNFD/Launcher/Data.