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Key Moves

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Key Moves

These are the moves that define a character. Think of moves that are required to mix, play neutral, or makes your character threatening

Give a brief explanation of the importance of each move in one sentence, bullet form. If the move is mentioned for the first time, include a mini move card for the move.

E.G: 5ADNFD Monk 5A.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery15Advantage-1
Pressure Structure

Explain how to open up your opponent Safe pressure enders, pressure reset points and mix options are also useful here Try to avoid using FG terms, but if required, state the definition using keyterm.

E.G: RPS Rock Paper ScissorsA situation wherein an attacker and a defender have options that only beat certain responses from their opponent. For example, on wakeup a defending opponent may use a reversal to stop an attacker from using an attack, but the attacker can also block to defeat the reversal. If the attacker blocks, the defender can use the opportunity to take the offensive.
Explain what type of pressure the character is best suited for with bolded words
Combo Starters
Best to give a common starter, fastest starter and your most optimal starter
Spending Meter
Spending MP
Explain your character's gameplan/ goal when using MP
Utilising White Life

Conversion mechanic = CV

Point out potential neutral skips, methods to gain your wincon or whether using CV is worth it
What to do after a knockdown
What to do after a knockdown
Unique Mechanic/ Tool for your Character
Highlight what the important thing is, how it's important, and ways to use said mechanic