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  • Officially documented gameplay changes will be prioritized for these pages. Language and terminology might be changed from the source for clarity or to match the wiki's own terminology.
  • Version IDs and release dates were taken from the PC/Steam release. Consoles might include additional updates focused on improving game performance and stability, or minor bug fixes.
Version Date Summary Source
v1.71 March 15th, 2024 Bug Fixes. Official Site
v1.70 March 14th, 2024 Bug Fixes,  Monk Added as DLC character. Official Site
v1.60 December 18th, 2023 Bug Fixes,  Battle Mage Added as DLC character. Official Site
v1.50 September 14th, 2023 Bug Fixes,  Brawler Added as DLC character. Official Site
v1.41 August 2nd, 2023 Bug Fixes Official Site
v1.40 July 12th, 2023 Major Balance changes, Introduction of the Indomitable Spirit mechanic, Introduction of the Clear Cube awakening mechanic,  Spectre Added as first DLC character. Official Site
v1.20 April 19th, 2023 Bug Fixes, Language Support Official Site
v1.11 January 27th, 2023 Bug fix Official Site
v1.10 January 5th, 2023 Bug fix Official Site
v1.09 December 22nd, 2022 Major balance update Official Site
v1.08 October 25th, 2022 Various bug fixes Official Site
v1.06 August 29th, 2022 Striker, Grappler, Hitman, Swiftmaster character balance and bug fixes Official Site
v1.03 July 20th, 2022 Bugfixes for training mode and keyboard-related online issues. Fixed some hitbox issues and removed a few infinite combos. Official Site


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