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Ranger's A and B normals don't grant him true block strings with the only exceptions being 2A to an immediate B normal and a jump-in j.B into 2A or 5S. His main MP and Conversion free string is:

(j.B >) 2A > 5B or 2B > 5S > 4S or 6S > 5M

5B and 2B are interchangeable while 4S and 6S present an actual choice. 4S is generally the better option as it has high push back and is only -4 but it's range is poor and will often whiff. 6S has much better range but it keeps Ranger close at -8 which is punishable by most of the cast (everyone can punish with throw at point blank range). 6S~S can be quite useful when a j.S grenade is active as the explosion makes a follow-up j.B a true block string which leads into a strike/throw mix-up. 5M is reserved for guard breaking.

4M, (2A > 5S > 4M) * 2, 5S, 2A > 5B > 5S > 6S~S

True block string guard break set-up from a 4M. The number of 4M uses depends on Ranger's maximum and currently available MP which maxes out at 3 when he has 65% health remaining (150 max MP). Guard damage increases with each use, starting at 500 for one use, 780 for two uses, and 1060 for three uses (260 per added use). If Ranger does a meaty 2A during grenade oki into his basic true block string (using the grenade explosion to set up 4M), the guard damage is increased by 340. This guarantees a guard break on the entire cast, including  Crusader with his Awakening Passive active!


As the block button invalidates left/right mix and he has no overheads, Ranger must rely solely on strike/throw to open up his opponent. Thankfully, his j.S and his Revenge Awakening Passive blesses him with arguably the strongest throw mix in the game (only DNF Duel's resident grappler, the aptly named  Grappler can compete). Note that grenade set-play into a true mix-up requires either a knockdown from 6S~S or a Conversion after using 4M that the opponent then blocks. If the throw or normal hits meaty, then they both beat non-invincible attacks and rolling on wake-up. Meaty throw goes through blocking, armored attacks, and counters, dealing about 210 damage without resources and over 540 with max resources. Meaty 2A catches jumps and stuffs counters, dealing similar damage with or without resources. It can also be spaced such that some character's reversals will whiff, forcing the opponent to block low or back dash. If 5S is used instead, it can beat back dashes while dealing much more damage, about 320 without resources and over 700 with max resources, though at the cost of losing to counters and all reversals. Note that any meaty strike can potentially lead to a guard break if the opponent chooses to block on wake-up.


As expected of a zoner, Ranger's defensive options range from decent to barely functional. His abare is weak as his fastest normals (2A and 5S) have 10 frames of start-up, easily disrespected by many characters who can end block strings with an attack that, while minus, still allows them to trade with or even beat reversal normals with their own fastest attack. It's so bad that he is one of the only characters in the game who regularly uses reversal throw, depending on the match-up. His anti-air options are very limited (see anti-air section for details). He has an invincible reversal in 2M, but it consistently fails to connect properly against disjointed attacks, leaving him counter hit punishable on hit.

However, he does have some unique defensive traits. Ranger's guard cancel share's it hitbox with 5S, granting it excellent range. His Awakening Passive reduces the opponent's damage by 25% and their MP regeneration by 33%, potentially requiring the opponent to land another mix-up or win neutral and additional time to take the round. Ranger's j.S grenade also doesn't disappear when he is hit, which can save him by interrupting the opponent's pressure or combo.

Anti Air

Seeing as Ranger lacks a traditional anti-air, he has to make due with the few attacks with decent vertical range. 5A is his fastest in terms of start-up and is actually quite powerful against mid to far range opponents. However, it is terrible at stopping close range jump-ins which is precisely the time a good anti-air is needed the most. 4S has much better vertical range but it's poor horizontal range and lack of active frames necessitates precise timing and spacing, a luxury that characters with strong air games will not provide. 2M is paradoxically his best and worst anti-air. It has true invincibility, catches cross-ups, knocks down the opponent, removes white health, and can even convert into a combo against a cornered opponent. The problem lies with its inconsistent hitboxes and multi-hit nature, as it frequently fails to juggle opponents into the final launching hit, leaving him negative on hit. Picking an anti-air is less about which is the most effective and more about which one will be effective at all.


Without the ability to generate white health on demand, Ranger is completely at the mercy of his opponent when it comes to utilizing Conversion. He also doesn't benefit much from its use as he lacks any highs for instant overheads nor does he have neutral or offensive tools that becomes frightening when canceled. However, Ranger's awakening is so strong that using Conversion to incur the extra 5% health loss to drop below 30% health is often worth the trade-off.


Used almost exclusively to protect himself from a punish when he commits to a risky option. The only exception is 4M as it not only makes using it much safer, it also allows Ranger to block the opponents abare options and punish them with the still active hitbox of 4M.


With no high/low or left/right mix to speak of and easy access to hit/throw from 4M, jump-in j.B, and j.S grenade oki, Conversion is borderline useless at traditional mix-ups. Instead, it is much more effective as way to punish committal options such as rolls, guard cancels, and reversals on reaction. Doing so discourages opponents from using them to escape Ranger's set-play.

Combo Conversions

Grants much more frequent access to grenade oki, even after his MP using combo enders 5M and j.M. Also used for minor and specific combo optimizations when trying to close out a round.



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