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Spectre allows for great flexibility in Neutral between her strong normals and unique mobility options. With these tools, she's potent at keeping opponents in check and conditioned while having meaningful answers to (some) of their offense.

Remaining grounded and defensive works well in Spectre's favor as her pressure mainly utilizes different frametraps to bait out mashing, reversals, and rolls. Spectre's 2M further rewards a patient playstyle with the ability to parry on reaction to any mid/high normal.

Keeping the daredevil install active in neutral greatly helps Spectre's conversion ability and damage output overall, finding the appropriate times to activate daredevil through okizeme or cancels is a key part of her gameplan.

Blending Pain (4M) is another powerful tool that can be used offensively (plus frames) or defensively (kills projectiles). With some finesse, it's also effective as a neutral/footsies/shimmy tool.


Although Spectre's offense can be quite hard to contest with, important moves like 6S can be rolled through for a punish. Autopiloting offense with her *will* lead to consequences, so structuring offense around her safer buttons like 5A and 5B comes with a lot less risk.

Indomitable Spirit is very effective at dealing with her pressure. It's recommended to end blockstrings if they're IS'ing from a closer range.


2A or 5A > 5B > 6S

Standard Spectre blockstring. 6s can be jump canceled into booze to remain plus.


j.B and Booze grant Spectre a wide variety of mix-up options respectively.

j.B is a double overhead which can be cancelled into different high/low, or strike/throw options. Getting hard knockdowns with Spectre especially presents stronger mix-up options, many of which are Option Selects.


While Spectre has weaker defensive options, making full use of tools like 2M, tk j.M, 4S, and system mechanics can allow her to fight out of many situations.

Not all of them tho.


Anti-Airing with Spectre is both a very tricky, and risky thing to go for. Many of her basic options like 2M leave her vulnerable, and 2S isn't the most reliable button in most situations. With practice, anti-airing becomes much easier to accomplish over time.


Spectre's use of conversion aids her gameplan immensely. The ability to throw out a large normal like 5B cancelling it with conversion is so good.



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