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Striker is a martial-artist rushdown character who specializes in getting close to her opponent and tearing them to shreds. In exchange for having zero long-range capability, Striker has arguably the best close-range scrapping capability in the game.

Much of Striker's gameplan is centered around her unique passive: Free Chain. This passive allows Striker to chain any of her normals together in any order instead of the usual ascending A > B > S. The only limitations on this is that Striker cannot chain into a normal that has already been used in the current sequence. Players familiar with similar mechanics in other fighting games may realize that this is an incredible advantage to have, as it makes Striker's blockstrings and combo game very strong overall.

Once Striker closes the gap against her enemies, she can launch into lengthy blockstrings. Moves like 2A, 5S, and 4S hold her opponents in place while she slowly chips away at their guard. Ending a blockstring with j.S allows Striker to reverse-beat out of it to continue the pressure, while One Inch PunchDNFD Striker 214M.pngGuard:
is both plus on block and a natural frametrap. Striker's long blockstrings can force a guard break if the opponent is not careful, so knowing when and where to Guard Cancel is a must against her. Once she manages to get a combo, Striker's damage is very high and she has great corner carry, which makes her offense very rewarding overall.

Striker's main weakness is actually getting in against her opponents. While certain characters may want to scrap it out up close, others will keep their distance and try to zone Striker out. Thankfully, Striker's mobility is very high thanks to her fast run speed and advancing normals like 2B, and the threat she puts on the opponent at close range makes her very frightening once she's finally closed the gap.

Striker is best suited to players who love intense rushdown and high pressure.
Lore:A Fighter who focuses on purely physical strikes through the precise execution of method and form.

The Striker endlessly trains her fists, feet, and techniques to enhance her physical performance.
She is haunted by memories of her youth where a man in black training robes destroyed the dojo she had been training at.

Now, she is in search of the sacred texts written by Shannon Myre, the Empire's greatest Fighter, to learn the way of the Ultimate Fighting Will.
Striker is classified as a Melee type. She has many easy to use moves that are limited by their short range. She has access to many advancing moves to approach the opponent, and once in, she can uniquely pressure opponents with her special-to-normal cancels.
Pros Cons
  • Reverse Beat: Striker ignores the typical chaining structure of the game. She can chain from heavier to lighter buttons and all her MP skills cancel into each other, giving her more freeform, unpredictable offense compared to other characters.
  • Divekick: j.S is an excellent divekick. It's plus if blocked below the waist and chains into j.A multiple times for strong overhead pressure, while also functioning as a safejump.
  • Guard Bar Pressure: Striker's long blockstrings can often lead to guard break off one jab if the opponent doesn't guard cancel or reversal out.
  • Mobility: Striker is naturally quite fast and has a plethora of advancing normals that make her hard to pin down.
  • Corner Carry: Striker's combos result in a lot of corner carry, able to easily go from corner to corner in a single combo.
  • High Damage Potential: Her strong guard bar pressure naturally transitions into high damage upon guard break, which can make Striker very threatening once she begins her offense.
  • Melee Only: Striker lacks a projectile or long range disjoints of any sort to fight from afar or cover her approach. This can make opponents with disjointed normals somewhat difficult to contest in neutral, such as Troubleshooter or Berserker.
  • Inconsistent Reversal: Striker's 623M has abysmal horizontal reach and is very likely to whiff entirely if spaced out. While it can be cancelled into her other MP Skills on block, it can be easily baited and punished.

Unique Mechanic: Free Chain & Muscle Shift

Rebeat Whiff Advantages  
Attack Regular Adv. 5A(w) Adv. Difference
5B -4 -2 2F, reset opp.
2B -11~-20 -5~-15 ~5-6F, safer oB
5S -8 -2 6F, reset opp.
2S -18 -2 16F, reset opp.
6S -18 -5 13F, safer oB
4S -9 -3 3F, safe oB

Striker's chain options are extremely unique compared to every other character in the game. She is able to cancel her A, B, and S attacks into each other in any order she chooses, including reverse order, as long as the attack hasn't already been used in the chain. This works almost identically to the "Reverse BeatCanceling into a normal on a up-the-alphabet, or weaker button direction." mechanic seen in some other fighting games.

It also has the same usages as those other games, in being able to WhiffAn attack that completely misses the opponent, such as when the opponent is out of range of the attack. normals that have short durations after "re-beating" to them, to effectively cut the longer recoveries on other moves and improve frame advantage. This can allow her to be safe on block on almost everything she does, and even create many strong pressure reset opportunities versus some characters.

In addition to this, Striker can also freely chain any of her MP skills into each other, as long as she has the mana to spend. In this instance it has no restrictions except for that it's within MP skills only, but allowing you to use the same MP skill multiple times in one cancel string if you so choose.

Awakening Effect: DNFD Striker Awakening Icon.png Power Fist

Awakening Effect: activates when entering Awakening mode at 30% HP or less.

Increases damage dealt to opponents by 10%, doubles the Minimum Damage of A, B, and S attacks, and increases the Minimum Damage of MP skills by 33%.
DNFD Striker Portrait.png
Guard Gauge:1000
MP Regen Rate:15
Fastest Ground Abare:This character's fastest attacks for mashing or scrambles. Excludes universal throws.5A (5F)
Reversal Attacks:Any reversal-esque moves this character has. Excludes universal options.623M (9F)

Normal Moves



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
45 All 5 2 14 -2 none

Standard jab, also the fastest one in the game. Used more for reverse beats than on its own due to its short range, but makes a decent tick throw spot.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 All 7 3 16 -3 none

Shares 5A‘s poor reach but is pretty safe.

  • Reverse chains into 5A on hit, block, and whiff.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 All 9 3 20 -4 none

Good button to hit confirm with and her main tool for picking up after j.S in a combo. Above average framedata in exchange for below average reach.

  • Maintains running momentum, making it reach a bit farther. This helps when picking up from a counterhit 236M, for example.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
35 Low 6 2 15 -3 none

Striker’s primary pressure tool. 5A doesn’t hit low, making 2A the preferred button to start strings and 5A the preferred button to save for reverse beats.

  • Chains into itself up to 3 times.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 Low 10 10 26 -11~-20 none

Striker’s slide is a great way for her to stay close and use her shorter-reaching Skills and MP Skills. Very minus on block, so cancel it to stay safe. This normal also confirms from almost any normal and leaves opponents airborne, allowing for easy combo extensions. A good starter on its own, it also has the ability to low profile under many moves, such as both Ranger's 5BDNFD Ranger 5B.pngGuard:
, Troubleshooter's 5BDNFD Troubleshooter 5B.pngGuard:
, and Vanguard's 5ADNFD Vanguard 5A.pngGuard:



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
45 High 5 2 18 none

It's like 5A, but in the air. Would be an excellent air-to-air in any other game, but here it is instead most useful as a mixup tool, due to Striker's reverse beats.

  • Depending on how high j.S hits, Striker can get up to three of these in a single sequence.

Cancel options: j.A, j.B, j.S, j.M



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
65 High 9 4 24 none

Decently fast air to air, but short range compared to most of the cast. Striker's main button to go into j.S in a combo. The angle makes this move a good jump in attack. It can also be chained to during j.S mixups instead of j.A to land and go low due to the long startup.

  • Can cross up.

Cancel options: j.A, j.S, j.M

Universal Mechanics



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
150 Throw 5 2 22 none

Striker throws the opponent up and kicks them back down. It is a standard throw that's best used in the corner during j.S pressure. Midscreen it leaves too far for meaningful pressure (at +2 no less), especially considering the characteristic poor frame advantage of throws in DNF Duel, but not a tool to be ignored nonetheless.

Guard Cancel


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
70 All 18 3 33 -23 1~20 Strike

Same Uppercut as 2S that gives her a slightly better vertical reach for guard cancels than others. But it does not move forward like her 2S, so it has poor horizontal range.

Special Moves

Tiger Chain Strike


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
75 All 14 3 24 -8 none

A forward advancing shoulder strike primarily used as combo filler or in blockstrings. On hit, opponents become airborne.

  • Cancels into 6S to extend combos.

Tiger Chain Bash

S after Tiger Chain Strike

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40, 50 All 7 2 (11) 2 23 -7 none

A two-hit move starting with an elbow strike followed by a backhand fist that serves as an easy confirm from 5S. Launches the opponent away and upwards, allowing for easy juggles in the corner.

  • Can be cancelled into from 5S even on whiff.
  • Jump cancelable on hit, allowing for j.S or j.M to combo.

Muse's Uppercut


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
75 All 12 3 34 -18 none

Uppercut with good vertical reach that also moves her forward slightly. Striker's main tool to get an air combo going, so get ready to j.S.

  • Jump cancellable on hit only.
  • Amusingly, 2S > j.S can loop into itself up to three times even with a 2B starter, though she will have to j.B on the fourth rep before j.S due to scaling. While sounding impractical, this is actually a decently high damage combo for being very easy to execute.

Crushing Fist


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
80 All 16 4 33 -18 none

A forward advancing punch that covers a decent amount of distance and allows for a good hit confirm and combo extension.

  • Keeps opponents airborne, allowing follow ups with any attack.
  • Greatly extended hitstun on counterhit allows for 214M to connect on cancel.

Low Kick

4S DNFD Low Icon.pngLow attack. Must be guarded crouching DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 Low 14 2 25 -9 none

Low attack that's more used as combo and blockstring filler than actually opening people up.

  • Hits opponents OTG.
  • If it hits an airborne opponent, it keeps them airborne.

Air Walk

j.S DNFD OTG Icon.pngCan hit a knocked down opponent off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
70 All 14 Until L 7L - none

The star of the show. A divekick with incredible frame data. Extremely fast, aggressively angled, sweep whiff punisher supreme. Easily Striker's most threatening normal and the foundation of her gameplan.

Striker can reverse beat out of her divekick, giving her tricky high/low mixups whenever she jumps. j.A is her high option, while j.B whiff into low is her low option. Striker can also j.A > land > 5A to begin a lengthy pressure sequence which can potentially force a guard break if she has enough mana. Either way, this move is extremely good in okizeme situations and makes Striker's offense loopable.

  • Hits opponents OTG. In the corner, after any ender that grants a hard knockdown (usually 214M), doing another j.S after this OTG leads to a safejump.
  • Can extend combos with both 5B and 5M, allowing for combos that can go from corner to corner.
  • High hitstun on counter hit allows for an easy combo conversion.

Cancel options: j.A, j.B, j.M

MP Special Moves

Shadowless Kick

5M DNFD OTG Icon.pngFirst kick must be guarded crouching DNFD OTG Icon.pngFirst kick hits knocked down opponents off the ground

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
125 Low, All 8 3 (5) 3 (8) 4 22 -3 30 none

A 3 hit spinning kick that is safe on block and allows for extended combos and pressure when cancelled. This is her fastest MP move so this is Striker's main frametrap tool to catch mashers with stagger pressure.

  • First hit is a low, subsequent hits are mids.
  • First hit keeps opponents grounded when standing/crouching, allowing her to cancel with 214M to get an easy high damage conversion.
  • Second and third hits make the opponent airborne.
  • Can OTG, such as after 214M hits an airborne opponent, or after j.M if she lands fast enough.

Cancel options: 623M, 236M, 214M

Rising Fist

2M or 623M DNFD Reversal Icon.pngTemporarily fully invincible

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
112 All 9 1, 10 Until L + 17L -47 50 1~9 All

Uppercut style invincible reversal that has good utility to make up for its very poor horizontal reach. The move is very safe to use on block if Striker has enough MP to cancel into j.M, which steals her turn back. Can be cancelled early in the animation into grounded MP moves.

  • Only invulnerable early in the animation
  • High vertical reach helps catch bait attempts
  • Keeps horizontal momentum when running, allowing Striker to have a forward advancing DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. if you want to call out the opponent.

Cancel options: 5M, 236M, 214M, j.M

Mountain Pusher

6M or 236M DNFD Projectile Invincible Icon.pngTemporarily invincible against projectile property attacks

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
110 All 18 6 29 -8 50 4~23 Projectile

Far reaching shoulder tackle that is good for approaching in neutral but can be snuffed out by normals due to its longer startup. On hit, pushes opponents far away, making this an excellent tool for corner carry.

  • Projectile invulnerable during the action.
  • High damage combo starter on counter hit due to high wallbounce

Cancel options: 5M, 623M, 214M

One Inch Punch

4M or 214M DNFD Knockdown Icon.pngInflicts hard knockdown on hit

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
150 All 29 4 14 +4 50 none

Striker’s ideal combo ender. The hard knockdown gives her a safejump that she can opt for all sorts of high/low mixups during using j.S. On counterhit, is her strongest combo starter and highest damage special move, making it an exceptional powerful frametrap option. This move is best done when cancelled from the first hit of 5M or counterhit 6S to give a high damage combo starter. Midscreen, this move allows for a microdash OTG 4S pickup. This works from various starters followed by 2S.

  • Wallbounces into a hard knockdown on an airborne opponent.
  • Puts the opponent into a crumple state when hit standing/crouching.
  • Midscreen, it forces a hard knockdown on an air opponent.

Cancel options: 5M, 623M, 236M

Tornado Kick

j.MDNFD OTG Icon.pngForces a hard knockdown against airborne opponents

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
30×2, 50 All 18 3 (12) 3 (8) 4 10+2L - 30 none

A 3 hit spinning kick that is her only airborne MP move . This move is very safe to use in the air as Striker can act with an air normal right after it's used. This move grants a long enough knockdown to do j.S in the corner, allowing her to do another j.S when she lands, which leads to mixups. This move also hits all around her, not just in front of her, making it safe in crossup situations.

  • If done at IASAlso known as a Tiger KneePerforming a special as soon as possible after becoming airborne. Usually, but not always, involves an input trick.
    For Example: 2369S for a j.236S input.
    height, it gives Striker just enough plus frames to make a micro dash 5A gapless on block.

Awakening Moves

Empress's Climactic Fist


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 All 21 4 60 -45 none

Striker's Awakening attack. Has very little use outside of combos due to the small hitbox. Can be comboed into from any MP move in the corner except for 623M.


DNFD Striker Color 1.png
DNFD Striker Color 2.png
DNFD Striker Color 3.png
DNFD Striker Color 4.png
B-Type Color (DFO)
C-Type Color (DFO)
DNFD Striker Color 5.png
DNFD Striker Color 6.png
DNFD Striker Color 7.png
DNFD Striker Color 8.png
D-Type Color (DFO)


Ambox notice.png To edit frame data, edit values in DNFD/Striker/Data.