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His best pokes are 5a, 5b, 2b, and 5s. 5a is his fastest noncommittal poke. 5b and 2b are better for damage but are a lot slower.

If the opponent respects you you can throw 6s in nuetral and gatling into 4s for the conversion and damage buff.

6m is best used if you predict a back dash. Don't abuse 6m outside of awakening you will burn through your mp to fast for little reward. 6m is also very slow and can be rolled so having conversion when using it is a good idea.



For the most part you want to end your blockstring with 6s 4s unless the character has the ability to easily contest it like Ghost Blade or have projectile invuln moves like Striker.

6s can be rolled so be ready for the opponet to try to contest your pressure with it. You can punish them if they try to roll 6s just try to keep an eye out for it.

You can end the block string with the 5m rekka but it can be risky because you are giving the opponent conversion. There is also a gap inbetween the second and third hit of rekka that can be rolled or dp so using it outside of conversion is very risky.


Trouble Shooter doesn't have that strong mix up outside of conversion. ja doesnt come out fast enough and wiffs on a lot of crouching characters. While jm is a good move it is not the best used for mix it is better used to air stall to try to punish certain characters moves.

2s is a jump cancelable spot so you can try to go in with jb or try to take advantage of jm plus frames. Do be careful though since some characters can late dp to punish you for doing this.

You can establish you are will to jump in at them with jb and after you do you can try to empty jump into 2a.


Anti Air

2s is TS best anti air that leads to great damage but you need to do it on prediction it isn't fast enough on reaction. Late dp can also anti air but you have to be careful because TS's dp has a blind spot and if you do it to late they can land before you hit them.




Combo Conversions

If you cv the second hit of 6m you can run up and continue the combo 2b. Near the corner you can cv the 6m follow up to full combo with run up jm.



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