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Date Released: September 14, 2023

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New Character:  Brawler
DNFD Brawler Portrait.png

Brawler is an aggressive character that uses his expensive MP skills to control the flow of the battle, with strong pressure and various damage over time effects on hit.

His staggered projectiles from Ride to Hell allow him to perform mixups with devastatingly high damage rewards.

Brawler also introduces Poison DNFD Poisoned Icon.pngInflicts a long period of non-lethal damage over time. as a new Damage over time debuff. It has longer duration than Incinerate but deals less damage per frame.

Bug Fixes

Training Mode
  • Fixed the bug in which the action recorded in the Reversal Record was played before the recovery upon staggering.
  • Fixed the bug in which controller button settings were not properly applied when setting the Opponent Status to Controller.
Online Mode
  • (Steam only) Fixed the bug in which cancel/select menus could be triggered with keys other than 'Enter' and 'Backspace.'
  • (Steam only) Fixed the bug in which the avatar in the player match room could not be moved when multiple controllers were connected.
General Enhancements
  • Minor adjustments were made to effect displays during battles.
  • Addressed minor text and window display issues.
  • Minor text corrections were made.