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The Dustloop Wiki is a publicly visible/editable wiki with the primary mission to consolidate info about the competitive side of air-dashing fighting games. There are various wikis that also focus on competitive fighting games, such as Super Combo and Mizuumi, but we mainly focus on games made by Arc System Works.

What is a Dustloop?

Sol's jumping Dust attack
from Guilty Gear -Strive-

Dustloop is the name of Sol Badguy's famous combo that uses his jumping Dust Attack repeatedly (loops) in the corner. The Dustloop first appeared in Guilty Gear XX and has continued (in one form or another) to this day.


Dustloop.com originally started out of the ashes of the now defunct gamecombos.com which was founded in late 1999 / early 2000 by tragic (User:Ben). It was a website that hosted and linked combo videos created by the FGC. Initially, ggx.gamecombos.com was added to the site which housed frame data and combo information for Guilty Gear X. Over time, it became so popular that it was eventually moved to dustloop.com in 2006. The new site was primarily a discussion forum which became the home for many anime fighting game fans in the west.

As tragic stepped away from day to day activities, User:Shtkn took over the primary admin duties and kept the site running. In 2011, he converted the site into the current wiki format it is known for today. The site has steadily expanded the number of games covered as well as adding topics on general fighting game strategy. In 2019 User:PrivateTarkus began leading development of the site's features and user-interface and sharing the load of administrative tasks.

To this day, Shtkn and his team maintain the site, while tragic keeps the lights on.

Special Thanks

We owe a great deal to Star Citizen Wiki for creating the Citizen skin, and several of the templates which capitalize on it.