Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost

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Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost
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Developer: Namco Bandai Games

Namco Bandai Games

Release Dates:

Japan (Arcade): 4/5/2012
Japan (Console): 1/30/2014
USA (Console): Never

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Below is a list of links to common terms used in Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost. A number of these terms will be explained in more detail in the system explanation/gameplay pages.


  • ABC: Anti-Beam Cloak. The Crossbone units employ this type of barrier that allows them to completely absorb a certain number of beam attacks/damage. Often called "mantle" to avoid confusion with EX input [ABC].
  • Amekyan: The act of canceling the recovery of a vernier (boost-consuming) move into a forced-on angle move, which puts you back int a natural fall state. Used to put your unit in freefall to escape dangerous situations of floating exposed in the air.
  • Awakening: Carryover term from previous VS titles that describes the act of using your EX Burst.
  • Barrier:
  • BD: Boost Dash. Pressing C twice will perform a boost dash. In combos and shorthand notation this will often be written as >> (and sometimes CC).
  • Boost Hop: Pressing C again at the end of a BD to perform a small hop that gives you an arching movement while maintaining your momentum from the BD, allowing you to cover more ground boost-efficiently and also adjust your movement.
  • Boost Swerve:
  • BR: Beam Rifle armament
  • Braking:
  • Brake cancel:
  • BZ: Bazooka armament
  • Cancel:
  • CSa/CSb: [A] (ranged)/[B] (melee) Charge Shot (CS)
  • CSC: CS cancel - canceling an attack by using CSa/CSb.
  • Cut: Interrupting an enemies combo string against your partner/having your combo interrupted by your target's partner.
  • Down/Down Value: Every attack has an assigned Down value. When a total amount of Down hits 5.0 or greater the enemy will be forced down into a yellow lock state (see system explanations for more details).
  • Fuwafuwa (Fuwa for short): Similar concept to a boost hop, but input right before you would normally land so that your landing timing is less predictable and more difficult to punish.
  • Fuwastep: Inputting C at the end of a side step to add a small hop, allowing you to cut enemy ranged tracking and change your movement.
  • Gerobi: A type of long, wide, sustained/channeled beam weapon.
  • MG: Machine Gun armament
  • Oki: The act of covering an opponents Wakeup to give yourself an advantage.
  • Punish: Essentially used to describe attacking an opponent the moment they land are are temporarily vulnerable due to landing stiffness.
  • "Second Impact": Refers to the act of charging a CSa, but releasing [A] just before the charge completes, pressing [A] again to fire main, and holding it to quickly finish charging CSa to release it, thereby canceling the main recovery.
  • Self-cut: Some attacks have a sufficient amount of delay and disconnect that they can cut and enemy that has you in their combo, so cutting yourself out of the combo rather than depending on your partner.
  • Step/Step-Cancel(SC): Inputting a direction twice will do a small quick boost in that direction, which can be used to cancel some ranged attacks. In combos and shorthand notation this will often be written as > (and sometimes 44/66/88/22 or 4SC/6SC/etc)
  • Super Armor: An attribute held by some attacks (often during EX Burst) that allows them to proceed unfazed even if you are shot while performing the move. Suit is still affected by Down accumulation though.
  • Rainbow Battle: A term used to describe when two opponents begin consecutively rainbow-stepping, trying to both make their opponent miss with his attack, and to gain a positional advantage of their opponent so they can attack
  • Rainbow Step: another name for stepping, but more specifically refers to stepping melee attacks for making combos. Derived from the rainbow trail that follows a unit when performing. Same shorthand notation as SC.
  • Wakeup: The moment a suit stands back up or recovers from being Downed.
  • Zunda: The act of hitting an enemy with your BR shot 3 times, knocking them down.


  • Bits/Funnel: A small, remote ranged weapon that Newtype pilots can control with their mind only (via a "Psychommu System") to attack enemies. The main difference between the two are Bits have onboard reactors, while Funnels are battery powered. Various other equivalents exist in other series (Planet Defensors in Gundam Wing, Dragoons in Gundam SEED, GN Fangs in Gundam 00).
  • i-Field: A type of armament that basically acts as an anti-beam shield by utilizing a type of particle called Minovsky Particles.
  • INCOM: Similar principle as Bits/Funnels, but preceded them and are actually controlled by wires that connect them to the MS.
  • MA: Mobile Armor. While typically used to describe extremely large units in Gundam series, MA is also used to describe units that can transform into flight units (Zeta, Hambrabi, etc).
  • MF: Mobile Fighter. Used exclusively to denote units from the G Gundam series (as opposed to MS).
  • MS: Mobile Suit. Standard name for the mecha units of the series, particularly non-Gundam units.
  • Newtype: A core concept of the Gundam metaverse essentially describing humans that have attained an elevated level of brain function that allows them to more deeply understand others, and to also control Newtype weapons (Bits, Funnels, etc) using only their minds, and to sometimes sense the future or their surroundings on the battlefield making them much better fighters than normal people. In other series these may be referred to as Coordinators (SEED) or Innovators (00).
  • Pressure: Describes a kind of Newtype energy explosion some pilots/suits perform. In the game, these armaments stun all units in their spherical radius.

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