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Granblue Fantasy: Versus (GBVS) is a 2D 1-on-1 fighting game developed by Arc System Works based on the Granblue Fantasy franchise. GBVS utilizes the same graphical styling techniques as Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ, using 3D models to simulate 2D art.

DLC and Unlockable Characters
Season 1 DLC characters: Djeeta, Narmaya, Soriz, Zooey and Beelzebub are available for individual purchase or as a part of the Season 1 Character Pass for 29.99 USD.
Season 2 DLC Characters: Belial, Cagliostro, Yuel, Anre, Eustace, and Seox are available for individual purchase or as a part of the Season 2 Character Pass for 34.99 USD.
Additional Characters:, Vira and Avatar Belial, are available for purchase for 9.99 USD.
Beelzebub is unlockable by beating the RPG mode, by purchasing him for 2.99 USD, or as a part of the Season 1 Character Pass for 29.99 USD.
About Granblue Fantasy: Versus

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Release Dates

PS4 Japan.png: February 6th, 2020
PS4 USA.png: March 3rd, 2020
PC Steam.png: March 13th, 2020

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Patch Notes
version date summary
ver.2.85 2023-01-23 Tweaks to the Rush mechanic, minor balance changes, music selection expanded. Final patch for GBVS.
ver.2.80 2022-06-02 Three mechanics have been added, Rush, Backshift, and Overdrive.
ver.2.73 2022-05-18 Connection quality display has been added to online lobbies.
ver.2.72 2022-03-14 Bug fix.
ver.2.71 2022-02-28 Bug fixes.
ver.2.70 2021-12-13 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, added RPG Mode episodes, Vira and Avatar Belial added to the roster.
ver.2.62 2021-09-06 Adjusted balance, bug fixes.
ver.2.61 2021-07-12 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, added RPG Mode episodes, Seox added to the roster.
ver.2.52 2021-05-27 The corporate logo for Cygames, Inc. has been updated.
ver.2.51 2021-04-19 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Eustace added to the roster.
ver.2.40 2021-02-23 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, added RPG Mode episodes.
ver.2.32 2021-02-08 Bug fixes.
ver.2.31 2021-01-25 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Anre added to the roster.
ver.2.22 2020-12-23 Battle Pass added, bug fixes.
ver.2.21 2020-12-13 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Yuel added to the roster.
Ver.2.13 2020-10-22 Bug fixes.
Ver.2.11 2020-10-20 Bug fixes, Cagliostro added to the roster.
Ver.2.01 2020-09-23 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Belial added to the roster.
Ver.1.31 2020-04-28 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Zooey added to the roster.
Ver.1.21 2020-04-07 Adjusted balance, bug fixes, Soriz and Djeeta added to the roster. PC patch released on April 13.
Steam Ver.1.14 2020-03-30 Fixed an issue where, under specific conditions, a "Connection was lost" message was displayed in the ranked match standby menu and players were unable to join ranked matches.
Steam Ver.1.13 2020-03-26 Fixed keyboard issues introduced by Ver.1.12.
Steam Ver.1.12 2020-03-23 Fixed issues with keyboard controls at the beginning of a match. Other bug fixes.
Ver.1.11 2020-03-03 Bug fixes, Beelzebub and Narmaya added to the roster. North American launch version.
Ver.1.00 2020-02-06 Asian launch version.


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