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Vira has a wide range of okizeme options, supported heavily by her Summon LuminieraGBVS Vira SummonLuminiera.pngGuardAllStartup83Recovery35 TotalAdvantage-, including a range of safejumps and mixups.

Due to the application of Summon Luminiera in much of her okizeme, her options are dramatically weakened when it is on cooldown. For this reason any time Vira spends Summon Luminiera in neutral, she is reducing the value of scoring a knockdown, and with the extremely long cooldown of Summon Luminiera +, it even makes okizeme immediately after previous okizeme a lot weaker.


Throw > 9 > dl j.H 
Option Meaty Reversal safe? Inputs Notes
Overhead Meaty Yes Throw > 9 > dl j.H
Low ??? No Throw > 9 > Land > [2L] or [2U] 2U is easier to fuzzy block against, however has a much higher reward.
Throw ?? No Throw > 9 > Land > 66 Throw
Requirements: None
Basic safejump. The options can be fuzzy blocked, however the overhead immediately leads into favourable pressure when blocked.


2U > 22L > 66 > 2U 
Option Meaty Reversal safe? Inputs Notes
Low Meaty No 2U > 22L > 66 > 2U
Overhead Meaty No 2U > 22L > 66 > Overhead Does not have time to push the opponent at all, and must use 22H if the opponent is too close.
Crossup ?? Yes 2U > 22L > 66 > G6 Delay the Cross Over until barely after their wakeup, to evade wakeup 5L and invincible reversals.

22H is not nessecary, as this option can push the opponent into 22L even from point-blank.

Blade of Light ?? No 2U > 22L > 66 > 5U The dash is not strictly nessecary but helps make it ambiguous, and the input must be delayed slightly to not whiff.

22H is not nessecary, since it won't hit regardless of the opponent's option.

Throw F10 No 2U > 22L > 66 > Throw 22H is not nessecary, since it won't hit regardless of the opponent's option.
Note: At very close range, 22L will whiff. You can push the opponent before beginning the attack to slightly improve its functional range, though the amount you can push varies by option. Otherwise, use 22H.
Requirements: Summon Luminiera
Luminiera knockdown setup. One of her best okizemes, it offers a wide range of options, and allowing a strong reward off all of them, even the Overhead, due to the additional hits from Luminiera. This is only further enhanced in Luminiera Form.
While it is much worse at point-blank, the effective range for 22L is quite forgiving and most strings won't reach this position Additionally, some options never require 22H, however, the use of 22L does somewhat telegraph which options you intend to enforce, so it may be worth using 22H simply to maintain ambiguity.

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