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Which character should I start with?

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Granblue Fantasy: Rising features a myriad of characters representing a large variety of fighting game playstyles. This can be overwhelming to new players, even if most characters are incredibly intuitive to pick up. As such, this quick reference guide will serve as an aid for new players and returning players to discover characters that may interest them.

Ultimately though, play who you like!
Character Fast Breakdown
 Gran A straightforward all-rounder "shoto" with simple tools that can score big damage if he gets a hit.
 Djeeta Another all-rounder that trades some of Gran's explosive offense for more specialized tools such as a chargeable projectile and a rekka A series of special attacks that are only available after the first one is performed..
 Katalina A more patient all-rounder that boasts long-ranging normal attacks that reward punishing the opponent's mistakes.
 Percival The Lord of Flames, who sports tools for every situation and can enhance them through his Träumerei orbs.
 Belial An oppressive character that can mold his strong, ambiguous offense to any matchup while not sacrificing solid defense.
 Siegfried A generalist character that excels at neutral and executing opponents through massive, self-enhanceable damage.
 Anila A Divine General that charges into the opponent with the help of fluffy sheep for a persistent offensive stratagem.
Zone Control
Character Fast Breakdown
 Ferry A Dhalsim-like zoner with a diverse toolkit: sporting a strong okizeme From Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. tool in Geegee, instead overheads, a divekick and a chain-granting install.
 Beelzebub An imposing tyrant that can both control the screen with far-reaching attacks and projectiles but also quickly close the gap with a teleport and divekick.
 Cagliostro A two-step character that sets up traps around the screen and goads opponents into triggering them with attacks that reach the far edge of the screen.
 Metera A projectile-heavy floaty zoner that can set up her own offense with her butterflies and mix-up To perform a maneuver that forces a defending opponent to choose between two or more options. If the opponent chooses incorrectly, then they are hit by an attack. There are many different types of mix-ups such as crossup(left/right), high/low, and strike/throw. the opponent.
 Zooey A long range character that dominates neutral with her gauge-based wyvern attacks and lightning strikes.
Character Fast Breakdown
 Charlotta A tiny-but-mighty knight that easily overwhelms the opponent with advancing attacks and can be hard to pin down.
 Lancelot A high-mobility character that can exploit an advantageous projectile and rekka to pressure the opponent and score stylish combos.
 Zeta A character with large buttons that can catapult herself into the opponent, pressure effectively, and remain safe with her trusty parry series.
 Soriz A burly fist fighter that wants to get close and personal with the opponent and dispatch them with huge damage.
 Seox A simple-yet effective claw user that can threaten the enemy with his rekka and strong close range pressure.
 Vira An initially unassuming blade wielder that can pressure with good normals and a meaty Hitting an opponent to cover the moment as they lose invincibility. The most common one is performing an attack early on okizeme to gain frame advantage and bait reversals. projectile that can transform into a higher form to dominate the opponent.
 Grimnir An airborne attacker that can set up "crests" and projectiles to ambiguously and incessantly pester the opponent while outmaneuvering them.
 Yuel An aggressive blade dancer that can enter a special stance during pressure to condition the opponent into leaving an opening.
Big Body
Character Fast Breakdown
 Ladiva Granblue's archetypical grappler, who can threaten with damaging command grabs and a terrifying advancing lariat.
 Vaseraga A vagarous punisher that patiently endures harassment from the opponent with his Armor mechanic, only to return it ten-fold once they are within his scythe's range.
Character Fast Breakdown
 Lowain A trickster that summons allies to fight by his side and abuses bizarre gimmicks to frustrate on the opponent and snowball into victory.
 Nier A traditional, but accessible, puppet character who can deal loads of damage even on block with staggering offense.
 Narmaya A distinct sword user that features two stances, having twice as many normal attacks as any other character and more specialized special moves.
 Anre A defensive spear master that keeps foes away with colossal attacks and can halt approaches with his series of parry attacks.
 Eustace A gunman that can control neutral with projectiles, but also terrorize during close-quarters offense and flashy combos featuring his hand grenade series.
 Avatar Belial A feast-or-famine version of Belial only concerned about offense and explosive damage who must manage his low health and self-damaging special moves.
 Lucilius A snowball character who's long Skill cooldowns are offset by their sheer power.
 2B A combat specialist with a versatile arsenal of weapons at her disposal.


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