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The tier lists on this page are subjective in nature, and are the products of their individual authors. You can only trust a tier list as much as you trust its author. Tier lists reflect the understanding on relative character strength at the time that they are written. Metas can develop and characters can change after a tier list is made. Tier lists usually do not account for character difficulty, but that can sometimes be a factor depending on the author. Depending on your goals and how competitive you are, tier lists may or may not be entirely irrelevant.

Current Tier Lists

Tier lists will be ordered alphabetically to prevent bias.
These lists are only from the current balance patch.

Aporia's Tier List

Aporia is a high level GBVS and MBTL player from Japan.

Source: Twitter

Diaphone's Tier List

Diaphone is a competitive fighting game player and youtuber from North America.

Source: Twitch & Youtube

IBUSHIGIN | Rookies' Tier List

IBUSHIGIN | Rookies is a top level GBVS player from Japan.

source: Twitter

Kizzie Kay's Tier List

Kizzie Kay is a competitive fighting game player and youtuber from North America.

Source: Youtube

Sinon7930/sho-san's Tier List

Sinon is a Japanese master rank Zeta player.

Source: Twitter

WitchHazel, TempestNYC and Rox's Tier List

A collab tier list between 3 people. Characters not ordered within the tiers.

Source: Twitter

Legacy Tier Lists

This section includes tier lists from previous versions of the game. They are included purely for archival purposes.
That means don't use these to start arguments on Twitter.


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