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As you may probably infer, this page consists of explanations and breakdowns of common strategies and solutions to situations that occur very often in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. This is intended to provide general insight on the metagame of GBVSR, to players at novice and intermediate levels.


Fuzzy options

Escaping the corner

When to Evade?

When to Cross Over?

Cross Over (commonly referred to as roll) is a universal option for avoiding projectiles. By making an opponent's projectiles whiff, their cooldown does not begin until the projectile has left the screen, giving you more time to approach.

It is not recommended to roll as a general means of escaping the corner without the intention to beat a specific move, as many characters use 2L and 2M in their pressure and will beat rolls naturally.



Offensive Option Selects

Hitstop OS on DPBaits DP

5L, 4M (4L/4H) in rapid succession
This is the most basic Option Select that can block DPs and get an okizeme on the opponent on wakeup.

When c.L is inputted, if they blocked, they've entered blockstun and experiences extra hitstop, allows 4M (which becomes c.XX) to connect. However if c.L whiffs, 4M is inputted in the recovery frames of c.L, which results in nothing but 4 (blocking).

The limitation is that Hitstop OS can only punish DPs that has startup longer than the recovery frames of c.L (which usually are their non-U versions of DP), should you time it well.

Hitstop OS on Armor moves

5L, 4 delay L+Block
This is a special Option Select that can bait certain wakeup Armor moves, notably, Nier's 623HGBVSR Nier 623X.pngGuardAllStartup18Recovery44Advantage-17.

When 5L is inputted, if they blocked/hit, they've entered blockstun and experiences extra hitstop, allows 4L (which becomes c.XX) to connect. However if c.L triggers the Guard Point, 4 + Block is inputted in the recovery frames of c.L, which will cancel into evade and dodge the Guard Point.

The delay is important, because if not delayed, you will cancel 5L into evade regardless, making your blockstring break if they did not GP. Any gap, as small as 1f, will work.

An alternative, if you have 100 SBG, is 2L > 236 delay L+Sk. It is the same logic as above: If hit, it will become 2L > 5L, and if GP is triggered, SBA will come out.

This option select can bait certain DPs, but it is more situational.




Resource Management

Skybound Gauge

Meter gain in GBVSR is very fast, so liberal use of it is recommended. In particular, Ultimate Skills used raw in neutral or as a link in combos refund a partial amount of the 50% meter used on them as long as they make contact with the opponent, meaning they are more frequently usable than their 50% meter cost would imply.

Conversely, it is unlikely to gain enough meter to perform multiple Skybound Arts in a single round while also accounting for Ultimate Skills. Carefully consider the health, meter, and Bravery Point count of both yourself and your opponent when deciding to use supers.

Bravery Points

Most Skybound Arts restore 1 Bravery Point (BP) during superflash regardless of whether or not they hit. As a result, this means that ending a combo in one means that using a single Raging Strike in that combo is effectively "free", especially if you had 3 BP to start with. This is most relevant during corner combos in which Raging Strike can be followed up afterwards without using Raging Chain.

Brave Counter is an extremely potent defensive option and well worth the use of BP. As with Raging Strikes, using a super soon after using a BC effectively means the BC was "free".


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