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What Are the Basics of This Game?

General Overview of Game A brief explanation of what Guilty Gear 2 is and what exists in the game.

Basic Introduction

Servant Type Guide An explanation of Servant types and their general use cases.

Guide To Unit Types

Basic Opening Strategy Like most RTS, Guilty Gear 2 has build orders to open the game with. Since troops can be picked up by the player, it is important to use them to cut off the opponent's economy while establishing your own. This video describes the strategy and tech needed to do a quick game opening.

Basic Opening Strategy Guide

Where Can I Find Match Footage?

Match footage can be difficult to follow if you don't already know how to play the game and read the mini map. On top of that, uploaded footage of recorded replays doesn't show you the Organ menu when it's being used. That said, if you want to see the pace of the game the below footage can be useful.

All footage below is on YouTube

English Match Footage

  • DJ Metals; there are more videos on his channel than there are in the playlist but parsing them with search terms is difficult

Japanese Match Footage

  • くろこころ; strong Izuna player, couldn't find a easy way to parse the matches with a search term and his GG2 playlist doesn't have all of his GG2 videos

Some really old footage exists on but good luck finding it.

Servants and Symbols

The servants of each tribe are defined with symbols, these are "Circle" "Triangle" and "Square".

To know which servant/symbol is strong or weak against others, here is a simple image to understand

GG2 Symbols.png

There are more symbols in the game and you can see them in more detail here → "Tribes"

Whats The Tier List?

The Japanese wiki says there is no tier list while mentioning that any character can win, and emphasizing that there is alot a player can do to optimize their characters.

That said, there are a few lists floating around and the most agreed upon one looks somewhat like the one below.

How's the Netcode?

If all players have good internet with not too much space between them then everything should run smoothly with little problems. 1v1s tend to be more stable then 2v2s.

If you don't have good internet then you are in trouble. Guilty Gear 2 doesn't use Rollback or Delay based netcode. Instead when a dysync happens it tries to merge both player's versions of the game-state after a connection is re-establshed often with some unusual side effects. These side-effects include things like attacks hitting twice causing double the damage that would normally happen, not being able to block due to lock on facing where the opponent was and not where they currently are, teleporting out of combos, teleporting a great distance across the map, and even game crashes. Other bugs to be aware of are one that removes the visibility of all floors and walls, which occurs both on and offline but can be fixxed by restarting one's game.


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