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1. Master Ghost HP

The HP of your Master Ghost. If this reaches 0, you lose.

2. Master Ghost Shield

A regenerating pool of HP that drains before your Master Ghost's HP does. This Shield is heavily damaged by Servants.

3. Mana

The total Mana you currently have.

4. Mana Gain

The amount of Mana you gain every 10 seconds. Increases by capturing Ghosts.

5. Round Timer

Time remaining in this round. Most matches end after 5 rounds.

6. Enemy Ghost HP

HP of your enemy's Ghost. If this reaches 0, you win.

7. Map

Shows all Ghosts, taken (in your color), occupied (in the enemy's color), or unoccupied (grey). It also shows the location of troops and any visible opposing Masters.

8. Health/Tension Display

Shows the remaining HP and Tension of the opponent's Master. Only shows remaining HP for Servants.

9. Health

Your current HP. If this reaches 0, you suffer a Critical DownWhen you're defeated, you remain down for 5 to 10 seconds. When you get downed, your Master Ghost's HP and Shield degrade greatly..

10. Tension

Required for Specials and Overdrives.

11. Items

Displays all items you're currently holding.


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