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Beginner Combos

Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible. They:
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple

Headbutt Twice

8X > 5X > 4X > MCModern Cancel > 8X > 5XX > 6X

Raven likes to use 8X alot due to it GatlingThe special category of cancels that describe how each character can cancel normals into other normals and specials. into 5X. Despite the need for a Modern Cancel in this combo you get a fair amount of meter back from the rest of the combo making it worth going for if you can.

When Raven does the four hits of 5XX they should launch the opponent enough to end with 4X, 6X, or 5Y.

Additionally if you ended the combo with 4X then 5Y can catch people trying to air tech.