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Servant Clear

One of the most important skills in GG2 is clearing servants effectively. It should be noted that free combos are useless, as it's a common mistake to assume otherwise.

Sin mainly uses a combination of four moves: 4X, 5X, 8Y, and F8X.

  • 4X is his most important option as it deals high damage and hits a large number of enemies. He can also forward step cancel to stay in range.
  • 5X is mostly used because it gatlings into and out of 4X.
  • 8Y is used as a high damage ender and to quickly knockdown servants.
  • F8X is useful because it does high damage and can combo into 8Y. Good for finishing damaged servants without spending tension.

Sin should mostly loop 4X and 5X, while forward step canceling the 4X before getting out of range. When the servant is about to die or stops taking high damage you can use 8Y or F8X.


Because of it's unique counter, Sin can clear Izuna's Kappa units quicker by using 4X/5X > 8Y. The knockback from 8Y will ensure Sin doesn't take damage as long as you use it early enough.

  • Sin can use other attacks to trigger the counter, but 4X or 5X is the best choice most of the time.
  • If a Kappa uses it's counter without dying, it will be on a cooldown. If this happens, just kill it like any other servant.


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