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The good, wandering Dr. Faust is a good choice if you want a simple, versatile character who primarily focuses on "spicy" zoning and space control with a touch of RNG.

Faust controls the screen and the pace of the match primarily with his large normals and random items thrown with 236P. His pokes can be difficult to contest and his air domination, particularly with j.H and j.2K FDC, can make approaching Faust a hassle, let alone dealing with his ranged game. The items Faust tosses change the state of the game, with effects ranging from mini moving hitboxes, items that cover air approach and deal large stun, bombs, and even food. Combined with the ability to crawl and a frustratingly tiny crouching hurtbox, Faust can be quite the pain to deal with from generally anywhere.

On the flip side, Faust tends to deal limited damage with short combos (partially due to his unusual gatling tree) and has to cut things even shorter if he wants a knockdown. His defensive options, although not necessarily weak, are somewhat unconventional and will require players to learn the appropriate strategy.

Overall, Faust is a very strong character whose basics can be grasped within literally minutes.
GGACR Faust Nameplate.png
GGACR Faust Portrait.png
Damage Received Mod
Guts Rating
Gravity Mod
Stun Resistance
13F (1~7F Strike Invuln)
Wakeup Timing
25F (Face Up)/ 29F (Face Down)
Number of Jumps:
Number of Air Dashes:
Unique Movement Options
Pogo Movement
Fastest Attack
5P (5F)
236236S (12F)

 Faust is well-known to Guilty Gear players as the "Spicy Zoner". He controls the pace of most matchups, and usually has a dominating answer for most neutral situations. Even if he's airborne, the game never tilts far out of favour, due to his suite of air options and mobility.

  • Strong Zoning Game: Large buttons, several disjoints and random items make for a strong zoning game with good inevitability.
  • Tiny Hurtbox: Fausts crouching hurtbox is extremely low to the ground, meaning he can be difficult to hit while crawling. Faust can low profile many jump-ins and pokes just by crawling out of the way.
  • j.2K FDC: Faultless Defense Canceling j.2K allows Faust to air brake abruptly, which helps his mixups, zoning, and general movement.
  • Threatening Mixups: j.2K by itself or FDC'd, TK Going My Way, and Hack 'n' Slash let Faust threaten frame traps, an instant overhead, and an unblockable.
  • Strong Trio of Anti-airs: 6P, 5K, and 2K let Faust swat opponents out of the sky from almost any angle.
  • RNGesus Giveth: Faust's item toss is heavily tilted in his favor, and his items include screen-filling meteors, various slow projectiles, and even status effects like poison or a maxed tension pulse.
  • Large Aerial Hurtbox: Faust is famously the victim of many character-specific combos due to his large aerial hurtbox.

Starter Guide

Need help getting started? Go to this page for information targeted at new players. It covers easy combos, key moves, and what to do after you knock the opponent down.
StartupThe time before an attack is active. Written startup values include the first active frame, so the startup on a frame chart will display one less square than the written value. Frames
Active The active frames of an attack refers to the amount of time an attack can hit the opponent. Frames
InactiveFrames in the middle of multi-hit attacks which cannot hit the opponent, but are after the move has become active at least once. Frames
Recovery The recovery of an attack refers to the amount of time an attacker must wait before they may perform another action, even blocking. Frames
Special RecoveryThe recovery of an attack refers to the amount of time an attacker must wait before they may perform another action.Recovery frames which happen under abnormal conditions, such as after landing. Frames
ProjectileIndicates an entity that exists separately from the character has become active. Usually something like a Fireball A projectile which usually travels slowly across the screen in a horizontal path above the ground.. Active
CancelA window in which to cancel a move. Can be varied in usage. Window

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 Mid 5 4 6 +2
Total: 14

5P is Faust's fastest move and has good range for a jab. It's useful for starting block strings or mashing out of pressure, though it can whiff against crouching characters or moves with somewhat low profiles.

  • Doesn't extend Faust's hurtbox much, so it can be used as a fast anti-air that can hit low air dashes or jump-ins.
  • Low profiled by Millia and Zappa running and Faust crawling.
  • Combos into c.S, f.S and 2S on normal hit. Combos into 2D on crouch/counter hit. Combos into 2H on counter hit.
  • On block, 5P > 2D, having a 2 frame gap, and 5P > 2H (3 frame gap) act as natural frame traps.

Gatling Options: c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 6 7 2


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
26 Mid 7 8 11 -5
Total: 25

5K is a staple for anti-airs and leading into air combos, as the hurtbox doesn't extend until the 1st active frame.

  • Hits most standing characters, but completely whiffs on all crouching opponents and most dashing opponents.
  • Incredibly active, which makes it notoriously good as a counterpoke against anything that can't low profile it.
  • On counter hit will put the opponent in a float state allowing a followup air combo.
    • Can also be used in combos, either to start a combo against an airborne opponent or stabilize their position from a distance and JC into air stuff.

Another intrinsically good property is that, post active frames, the hurtbox only remains extended for several frames, so trying to whiff punish it from the front isn't very practical in a lot of matchups. Moves that are quick to move under it (Stun Dipper), or are entirely disjointed (Stun Edge, HCL) make for more appropriate whiff punishes.

When trying to determine whether or not you can use it to anti-air, think "Can they reach my torso before 5K goes active?", if they can, you will be stuffed. If they cannot, at worst you will trade and completely stop their approach. In the event that you manage to hit this on the ground, it will also combo into all of its gatlings except 5D, making it able to route any way you want.

Gatling Options: c.S, f.S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 85% 10 7 3
  • Floats on CH (untechable for 40F)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 Mid 8 6 6 +2
Total: 19

Its uses outside of combos are limited, but it gives the same frame advantage as 5P, and is one of Faust's strongest starters.

  • Combos into EVERY one of its gatling options except 5D, including ones that reverse gatling back, allowing incredible variety in combos.
  • Frametraps with 2H (1f gap).
  • Be sure you are in the right range, because f.S is dangerous to use at close range.
  • While 2K is the typically preferred meaty, c.S can give you a weighty frame advantage if you hit them on wakeup.
  • This move is great to OS with throw on your opponent's wakeup in the corner (Dash in FD Brake > 6SH, as you can block wakeup DP, catch certain backdashes, clip late jump out attempts and throw opponents that are too defensive – all the while preserving frame advantage).
    • Watch out for wakeup throw OS, or doing the maneuver so loosely that they can react and toss you out of it.

Gatling Options: 5P, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
42 Mid 7 6 28 -20
Total: 40

f.S is a staple mid range poke that can be used to safely cancel into an item throw, which has the additional benefit of cutting f.S' recovery by 5 frames.

  • Comes out quickly for its range: it's 1 frame faster than c.S up close, and the longer part of the hitbox appears on frame 10.
  • High recovery makes this move VERY dangerous to whiff, which is made worse since its hitbox can be easily low profiled - some characters can run right under it. Make sure you are not being too predictable, lest you want to be punished by a stray counterpoke and potentially eat a full combo.
  • You never want to end pressure on f.S because it is hideously unsafe on block. Reverse gatling into 2K if you want to use this move while an item is onscreen.

Combos into 5H at certain ranges or with dash momentum, which allows you to set up pogo and 2D knockdowns. Technically combos into 2K but it's not very feasible that you'll use it for that reason.

Gatling Options: 2K, 5H, 5D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 7 3
  • Attack is fully extended on 10F
  • Cancellable during recovery


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24×3 Mid 9 2,2,2 17 -2
Total: 31

5H is a mid-range alternative to f.S.

  • While it has slightly slower startup and a shorter hitbox compared to f.S, it's more difficult to low profile and puts the opponent in much more blockstun.
  • Very important in combos because it has a good hitbox, and combos into both 236S and 2D.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 14×3 6×3 4


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25 High 28 2 15 -3 1~13F, 42~44F Strike
Total: 44

5D is Faust's pseudo-reversal.

  • Slower and shorter than 6H, thus it is hardly an effective overhead.
  • It has invincibility frames during the spinning animation. Its not much, but if your opponent is using a slow or reactable poke of some sort, 5D can be used as a situational punish.
  • 6HD option-selects throw, gold burst and 5D on wakeup.
  • -3 on block but strike invulnerable during those frames, the ONLY way to punish this move is to IB and punish with a 3f move
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 8 20 3
  • Faust is in CH state during move


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
32 Mid 8 3 26 -15 1~7F Above Knees
Total: 36

An effective anti air with a great vertical hitbox and above-the-knees invincibility which helps stuff several jump-ins. Can be OS'd with throw for a decent defensive motion when under heavy fire in the corner.

  • Doesn't have good horizontal reach and bad recovery, so interchange with Faust's other anti-airs, such as: 5K at a distance, 2K when they may end up behind your head, and preemptive options such as j.H when you have time to get it out there.
  • Does not combo on normal hit without an Item Toss like Hammer, however on counter-hit you can cancel into Item Toss and still convert comfortably.
  • 6P does not carry the invincibility for the full duration of the startup, so jumping attacks in their active frames that aren't deep enough to win outright will counter-hit trade on the 1st active frame.
    • Oftentimes, Faust can still combo from this, but it does remove 6P as an anti-air option when Faust is on low life.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 10 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
80 High 25 9 45 -35 43~57F Above Feet
58~60F Low Profile
Total: 78

One of Faust's most unique moves, 6H is a massive overhead with a dead zone above and in front of him.

  • One of Faust's most rewarding starters, especially in the corner. While a keen opponent will be ready to block it, it can still often catch people who are too focused on blocking thrown items
  • It makes an excellent preemptive whiff punish in pressure, as it's hurtbox is fairly receded mid-startup. Someone trying to poke out of pressure against it may find their attack whiffing just shy of Faust's torso.
  • Extremely dangerous on whiff but can be special canceled on block to be made unpunishable (6H > item throw is -5), or into a tame frame trap with Rerere no Tsuki.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 21 6 5


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 Low 7 2 7 +1
Total: 15

Fast, low hitting jab with good range. While it has a high proration rate, the utility is too good to pass up.

  • Most useful for tick throws, but can low profile some enemy pokes too, and naturally good for starting pressure strings.
  • Fully extends a hurtbox on frame 1.
  • Combos into 2S, letting you get knockdowns or highly prorated sweep/pogo combos.
  • 2P > 2H (5f gap on block) is a useful frame trap, especially on ranges where 2S gatling would whiff (e.g. roundstart).
  • 2P > 2D is an even tighter frame trap (4f gap) that also challenges opponents' attempts to jump out of anticipated 2H after blocking 2P.

Gatling Options: 2S, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 70% 3 8 1


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12×3 Mid, Low×2 7 3,3,6 5 +1 13~21F Low Profile
Total: 23

One of Faust's most used moves at close range, 2K is just a great all around move that can start pressure, set up tick throws, and deal with most angles of approach. Thanks to having multiple hits, it can smash through armored moves like Hammerfall and beat summons like Dizzy's fish without skipping a beat.

  • Has three hits: one hitting in an upward angle that is good for anti-airing some attacks, a second hit that goes a bit lower, and a third hit where Faust's leg is near the ground
  • The first hit can be jump canceled, and the last 2 hits are lows.
  • Has a fast startup, and covers a large area while putting Faust's hurtbox lower to the ground.
  • First hit will whiff on some crouching opponents making the startup for the second hit 10 frames.
  • An excellent meaty tool that keeps your opponent pinned in blockstun and can lead into a variety of mixups.
  • Has a delayed cancel into 2P after third hit. Third hit will also force the opponent to crouch.
  • While it has gatling into f.S it will not gatling into c.S and pressing button when too close will make it so nothing comes out. Keep that in mind.
  • Frametraps with 2D (2f gap).

2K has tons of mixup, combo, and pressure opportunities rolled into one move. The first hit's jump cancel can be used in tricky FDC overhead setups, while each hit can be cancelled into 5D or 214D for slower but more rewarding overheads. Up close, any hit will combo into 5H while the third hit can give 2P and 2D confirms.

Gatling Options: 2P, f.S, 5H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 80% 6, 5×2 7×3 2
  • Cancellable into 2P from 17F onwards


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 Mid 9 9 12 -7 1~3F Low Profile
Total: 29

Far from useless, but typically combo fodder, as it tosses opponents upwards into the air and can be jump-canceled.

  • While not as common as Faust's other anti-airs, 2S covers similar vertical space as 6P, and is more rewarded for a hit because it can be jump cancelled into an air combo with no restrictions.
  • Combos into all of its gatlings except 5D on normal hit, allowing for creative combos when used as a starter or go-between. 2S > 2D > 2S is a genuine combo sequence on some characters.
  • Can be a fairly generous (if risky) abare option due to its active frames, especially if your opponent does a manual delay in a blockstring. Staggers on counter-hit.
  • Frametraps with 2H (1f gap).

Gatling Options: 5K, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 7 3
  • Staggers on ground CH (max 35F)
  • Pulls in opponent on air hit


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
42 Mid 14 2 21 -4
Total: 36

2H is a very useful long range ground poke. Disjointed, good damage, and can be chained into 2P/5P to reduce the recovery. 2H > 5P is +4 on normal block.

  • Has almost no vertical hitbox, so it can be jumped or high profiled easily.
  • As with f.S, it is often canceled into item throw, or scalpel thrust for a frame trap.
  • Combos into scalpel thrust on crouching opponents (if they're close enough) or on counter hit. Normal hit combos into 236S or any gatling except 5D.
  • Like many of Faust's pokes, this move is hard to whiff punish directly, but whiffing it will let them run in for free.
  • In the Zappa and Kliff matchups, this move should be your main poke as they can often low profile f.S.

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20 6 5


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
38 Low 13 3 23 -12
Total: 38

Fairly slow for a 2D, but has great range, and can be jump canceled. Because Faust's head is so huge, it can sometimes tag airborne opponents on the way up or down without even trying to.

  • Use it to keep your opponent honest blocking low and to start a jump to continue pressure.
  • Canceling into item throw reduces the recovery somewhat, but thanks to the long range opponents can struggle to do something against it.
  • Important for combos because 2D > 2S will get the opponent into the air to start an air combo. Watch the range though, because being too far away from the opponent will cause the 2S to whiff or the air combo to drop.

Gatling Options: 5K, 2S

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A Forced 80% 8 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
13 High/Air 7 6 6
Total: 18

A jumping attack that comes out quickly and recovers quickly. Covers ground slightly higher than j.K, so use when they are too close.

Gatling Options: j.K, j.S, j.H, j.D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 3 8 1


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
20 High/Air 7 5 18
Total: 29

A jumping kick that covers a lower angle and is Faust's deepest jump-in. An important element of Faust's mixup game is to do a faultless defense cancel (or Drill cancel for short, check the Faust board on Dustloop for more details) immediately off the ground to do a very fast overhead j.K.

  • The move central to your air-combo game. Can be jump cancelled into itself, will gatling into moves that loop back to it, or straight to a combo ender.
    • Sometimes you will tag a random hit with j.K, if you're ever unsure of what to do, it gatlings straight into j.D for knockdown pressure instead. Don't use this as an excuse to get lazy, as Faust in the air is where most of his consistent combo damage comes from.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.S, j.D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 8 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
35 All 10 Until landing 6 after landing

Affectionately known as the drill, while j.2K is the only jumping normal Faust has that does not hit overhead, it changes Faust's air trajectory at a down-forward angle as well as causing a large amount of blockstun, making it an important tool for reapplying pressure. Faust will continue to drill until he hits the ground even after it makes contact with the opponent. It can be special canceled.

Even more important then the move itself are the uses you get out of Faultless Defense Canceling it (otherwise known as the Drill Cancel). Regardless of your position in a jump, Drill canceling j.2K will immediately cause you to start falling backwards, with all air actions intact. This opens up many tricks and possible attack angles.

j.2K works as a strong counterpoke option in neutral, as Faust's air FD box makes him notoriously good at squeezing over far.S-style normals (Quick, horizontal attacks that aren't so vertically-inclined). This also makes it quite the powerful move to do out of pressure. Faust can jump FD out and over many normals where a 2P would be frame-trapped, netting a punish with j.2K where he would normally get nothing.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20 6 5
  • Can cancel startup into FD to stop momentum
  • 4F landing recovery if FD canceled


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 High/Air 13 3 20
Total: 35

A strange jumping attack where Faust swipes with the scalpel. j.S is one of Faust's less commonly used moves, but it's more vertical than j.H.

  • While it's disjointed, the hitbox is only at the tip of the swipe, so it will whiff entirely at close range.
  • Has application in combos as a way to loop back to j.K for more hits, or j.H for a high damage ender.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.K, j.H

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 8 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
55 High/Air 9 8 12
Total: 28

Likely Faust's most important normal, j.H covers a massive horizontal area in front of Faust with the scalpel and can cover many aerial or even ground approaches at a proper distance.

  • The enormous amount of active frames makes it an abusive move, so even though it cannot be chained or jump canceled even on block, it should be used often.
  • Using low-to-the ground drill cancels will leave the opponent little time to respond before it recovers.
  • It won't cover ground space so alternate attacks with j.K, j.2K and j.S to keep them guessing.
  • One of Faust's two air combo enders (alongside j.D). Ending with j.H will do the most damage, but will allow the opponent to tech in the air. Although with Faust's excellent anti-airs and What Could This Be?, it's not an altogether bad place for them to be.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 11 6 4


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 High/Air 12 11 21+4 after landing
Total: 47

Faust whips out a syringe and poots out a tiny buff Faust.

  • The move is incredibly disjointed, making it very hard to anti-air, especially when you factor in that j.2K is interchangeable with it, which hits with a different timing.
  • It's long active frames make it generally pretty great for dashing or normal jump-ins over long-winded attacks (such as fireballs, Axl's 5P/Rensen/2H, Faust's f.S/2H).
  • Will produce much hitstun on hit, and will even stagger on counterhit resulting in an easy follow-up combo.
  • If hit in the air, the opponent will plummet downward for 24 frames of untechable time that can lead to a knockdown when not done too high. This makes it one of Faust's two air-combo enders. It will result in less damage and shorter combos, but the knockdown is invaluable for establishing or maintaining momentum.

It is however difficult to continue pressure after j.D because it has 4 extra frames of landing recovery.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 8 7 3
  • Staggers on ground CH (max 35F)
  • Slams down opponent on air hit
  • Dizzy modifier x1.5

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 48 pixels

Throw with above average range which blows opponent away and gives enough time to throw an item out, or run up and apply pressure. Can lead to a combo using items, Roman Cancel, or in corner with FB PogoGGAC Faust j236D.pngGuardAllStartup14Recovery1Advantage-10.

Notably Faust is vulnerable for a brief period after dealing damage. This will cause it to lose against some independent attacks like  Bridget's Killing MachineGGAC Bridget 632146H.pngGuardAllStartup1+23RecoveryTotal 32Advantage-.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A Forced 50% 6×2

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
55 88 pixels

Faust grabs the opponent and tosses them aside, resulting in them flying back and causing a knockdown. An excellent anti-air for dealing with opponents directly above you.

  • Sends opponent to opposite side of throw direction
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A Forced 50% 6
  • Sends opponent on opposite side of throw direction

Dead Angle Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25 All 9 4 20 -10 1~16F All
17~28F Throw
25~32F Above Knees
Total: 32

Typical Dead Angle Attack, use when things are looking hairy and you wish to create space. Faust has weak defensive tools, so it's often a good idea to use this before you take too much damage.

  • Has a good hitbox unlike some, and can even throw them into items, but the damage will be bad.
    • Despite the good hitbox going upwards, it has a total blindspot just below Faust's knees. Some characters like A.B.A. can low profile the move during their generic pressure strings.
  • Wall bounces, so it can be useful to use against opponents trying to work themselves out of the corner.
  • Strangely lacks the sound cue that other Dead Angles have
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 50% 10 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0 FD 49 98 24
Total: 170

Show them your face, Dr. Baldhead! Hard counter to May, but use wisely. No one can know your true self.

  • One of two Taunts Faust has.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 8 1
  • Can be canceled into anything other than movement or blocking from 62F onwards

Special Moves

Re-re-re no Tsuki


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
41236K 30 Mid 20 12 18 -11
41236K > 4 Total 55 +6
4 > 236P 30 Mid 9 4 0 +15
236P > 236P Total 38 1~End All
236P > 236P > 236P 60 Mid 43 8 18
236P > 236P > 236P (Coin) 100 Mid 37 6 18
4 > 236D 40 High 15 2 22 -6 1~8F, 38~39F Strike
Total: 49

Re-re-re no Tsuki ("scalpel thrust") is a hit-grab move that connects on grounded opponents, leading to its follow-up Withdraw for a variety of combo options. It can be used as a pseudo frame-trap after special canceling normals to punish your opponent for moving after a blocked poke. Faust's longest range attack and has enough pushback to be safe on block, but keep in mind that throwing it out at neutral greatly extends Faust's hitbox, and it can be low profiled and punished.

While it will hit airborne opponents, they will simply fall to ground after the hit without setting up for Withdraw.

Withdraw pulls the opponent towards Faust after Re-re-re no Tsuki. This has 2 follow-ups: "Holler!" starts a linear combo that leads to a hard knockdown, or "Gettin' to the Good Part" which leads into a FB move for more damage or an air combo if used near the corner. Can link 5P after using Withdraw. Has a FRC point 43~45F, but it doesn't lead into much more reward overall. People will tend to burst either while you are reeling them in, or after you have totally reeled them in, looking to knock you down, so stay on guard.

Holler! launches the opponent into the air, leaving them in a floated state for the remaining portion of the combo. It's possible for opponents bursting to whiff their burst as you perform Holler!, but it can also clip you as you raise your arm. If the opponent was dragged through poison (any distance) or coin/Chibi Faust/Chibi Robo (far from Faust) during Withdraw, then Holler! won't be confirmed, but you can still use it to get a +15 on block move.

Can't Hear You! Faust flies into the air after the opponent and has invincibility for the full duration, though this only comes into play if the opponent decides to burst. He will float back down to earth quickly in the same place if you don't use the next attack.

Holler Again! The final hit of the rekka-style combo; Faust karate chops the opponent and sends them plummeting to the ground for an untechable knockdown. Faust recovers in the air. If you have hit the opponent with the coin item earlier in the match, this hit will cause the opponent to catch on fire and bounce off the ground, dealing extra damage and even allowing extra combo hits by air-dashing or landing and relaunching. Oissu!

Gettin' to the Good Part, Faust transforms into a batter and swings at the opponent after Withdraw. It causes the opponent to wallstick if done near the corner which can lead into a damaging combo, or it can cancelled into the follow-up FB move This One's on the House.

  • Has invincibility similar to 5D, though it doesn't mean much.
Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
41236K N/A 20 15 5
41236K > 4 43~45F
4 > 236P N/A 20 6 5
236P > 236P N/A
236P > 236P > 236P N/A 6 5
236P > 236P > 236P (Coin) N/A Forced 50% 6 5
4 > 236D N/A 15 12 5


  • Can cancel into followup (Withdraw) on ground hit from 21~38F
  • Attack is fully extended on 30F

41236K > 4:

  • Can cancel into followup (This One's on the House!) from 43~50F
  • Can cancel into followup (Holler!) on 50F
  • Listed Frame Adv is on standing hit

4 > 236P:

  • Can cancel into followup (Can't Hear You!) from 20~75F
  • Recovery on hit is 70F

236P > 236P:

  • Can cancel into follow-up (Holler Again!) from 27F onwards

236P > 236P > 236P:

  • Slams down opponent on hit

236P > 236P > 236P (Coin):

  • Auto Jump Install

4 > 236D:

  • Can cancel into followup from 18~35F



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
1, 40 All 21 Until bag lands,(14)3 Total 39+5 after landing
Total: 54

Faust pulls off his head(?) which turns out to be a bomb that explodes on contact with the opponent, ground, or another projectile. Will put the opponent in a great amount of blockstun, which allows Faust to start pressure, however, the move also works on Faust, so if Faust is too close when it explodes, he'll also take a hit.

  • Faust retains his air actions after the move and can anti-air if his opponent tries to jump over it.
  • Has an FRC point 24~25F (right after Faust tosses the bomb), which allows Faust a bit more time to start pressure or block if the opponent gets too close.
  • Faust can combo after the bomb-bag, but careful positioning is required in order to avoid taking a hit yourself. 2S or 5K are useful in this regard.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
24~25F 0 7×2 2, 3
  • 2nd hit can hit Faust as well (damage 30)

Going My Way


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
18×4 All 7 32 22 +8
Total: 60

Faust suddenly begins to spin forward yelling "Going My Way!" If you are near the ground, the move will end prematurely leaving you at massive frame advantage. For this reason it is very useful to cancel low to the ground j.2Ks to continue pressure, and will situationally combo after air hits of all sorts. However, the move is easily punishable if the entire duration plays out.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20×4 8×4 5
  • Max 4 hits
  • If Faust lands in the middle of Going My Way, he has 8F landing recovery
  • Listed Frame Adv is for TK Going my Way performed as fast as possible (startup 11F)

What Could This Be?


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
13~ Total 23

Item throw. The centerpiece of Faust's design.

Faust throws out a random item that produces various effects. Under normal circumstances, Faust cannot throw out a second item until the first one is gone. This causes problems if food items are thrown, so try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. You can throw out another item after a mini-Faust/Robo-Ky/Potemkin begins to walk on the ground or the poison lands, so pollute the screen to your heart's content.

Using item throw in neutral is risky unless your opponent is respecting your space. A safe option is to throw items after you knock your opponent down or make them block a normal. f.S, any H button, and 2D are all prime candidates for their range and blockstun, but see the table below for exact values.

Finding chances to throw items is very important to Faust's gameplan, because as long as Faust can keep chucking out dangerous items, his opponent will have to keep taking risks to approach or escape pressure.

Item Throw Frame Advantage Cheat Sheet  
Attack On-Block On Block > Item Throw
5P +2 -12
2P +1 -14
6P -15 -10
5K -5 -10
2K +1 -12
c.S +2 -10
f.S -20 -10
2S -7 -10
5H -2 -7
2H -4 -5
6H -35 -5
2D -12 -10
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
  • Faust is in CH state during move
  • Item is tossed on 13F

Souten Enshin Ranbu


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 Mid 9 4(4)4 7 +3(-21)
Total: 27

Pogo. Faust grabs onto the top of his scalpel and flings himself forward. This move will leave Faust in a special pogo stance (see below), but holding 1 will cause Faust to dismount back to neutral, even if your opponent crosses you up. After a raw 236S this leaves him at -21 on normal block.

Despite what the frame data suggests, 236S doesn't hit in front of Faust until frame 17. This is because Faust actually does his 44 and 66 pogo attacks behind him and then in front of him when he performs this move, which can lead to patented Faust Hurtbox Moments. He can even hit an opponent trying to teleport behind him (Slayer, Chipp, another Faust) if timed right, which is impractical but hilarious. Similarly, either hit of the pogo mount can simply whiff depending on the placement of the opponent, such as a short character being too close to Faust when he uses it.

Faust can technically continue pressure on the pogo, but it's mostly a gimmick since he can't block while on it. A savvy opponent can often punish Faust easily if he stays on it for too long.

Causes a sliding knockdown on hit, which gives Faust time to throw an item and dismount, but not enough time to apply a mixup. Can be followed up with a combo if you are either in position for pogo S flower or RC > dash 2S.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 10 3
  • Faust is airborne from 1F onwards, stays airborne during Pogo Stance and during all subsequent follow-up attacks
  • Front hit of attack has a startup of 17F
  • Getting off the pogo takes 24F
  • Frame Adv in brackets is for getting of the Pogo as early as possible
  • Faust will automatically get off the pogo if left idle for 180F

Pogo Movement

Various commands on Pogo

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Pogo 9 Total 18
Pogo 44 40 Mid 4 3 16 -5 1~7F Strike
Pogo 66 40 Mid 4 3 16 -5

Small Jump hops forward a bit while on the pogo. It is not an attack, but can help position for some combos or keep a position if the opponent is respecting the pogo stance. If you press D during the hop, Faust will perform an attack similar to j.236D, which can lead to a full combo.

Backwards smacks backwards and moves Faust back a little. Has invincible startup and pulls Faust's hitbox back a bit, so it can be used to avoid some moves and reversals while on the pogo. If you crossed up your opponent with j.236D, this can hit your opponent, and Faust will readjust himself to face the opponent afterwards.

Forwards goes for a second helping of SMACK, but it has no special properties besides being crazy fast. You can use it if you think they are trying to move, but know that it's prone to being hit with reversals and has no real combo follow up on its own, so it isn't too rewarding. Will move Faust forward which can help position other attacks.

Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
Pogo 9 N/A
Pogo 44 N/A 10 7 3
Pogo 66 N/A 10 7 3

Pogo 9:

  • Can cancel into Rerere no Choutsuki 4~17F

Pogo 44:

  • Faust will turn around if needed to face the opponent after attack ends

Pogo 66:

  • Faust will turn around if needed to face the opponent after attack ends
  • Wallbounces on CH (untechable for 60F)

Pogo Attacks

Various commands on Pogo

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Pogo P 30 High 4 3 7 +4
Pogo K 35 High 7 6 23 -15 1~6F Strike
Pogo S 30 Low 16 2 9 +3
Pogo H 16×4 All 9 32 23+3 after landing -27
Pogo D 9~ Total 17
Total: 13
Total: 35
Total: 26
Total: 66

Rubber Neck hits overhead and is plus on block. Won't hit some crouching opponents, and requires the opponent to be close. Primarily combo filler, or a gimmicky way to annoy your opponent into doing something if they're respecting you too much.

Growing Flower cleanly beats air-to-airs if timed correctly, but not too much else. Has a short bit of strike invincibility, which makes it surprisingly useful if your opponent doesn't know the matchup and decides to airdash at you.

I'm a Flower. Get it? A Flower? A flower pops out of the ground some distance away from Faust. It hits low, removes OTG state and launches the opponent in the air for an easy follow-up. Can catch someone trying to move after 236S, but there will always be a huge gap that can be easily jumped out of.

Can continue a combo after 236S if Faust is close enough, which leads to Going My Way. Because the flower can appear offscreen if Faust is too close to the corner, this isn't always consistent (though it's pretty dang consistent).

Going My Way off of the pogo. Very unsafe on block, so either use as a combo ender, or RC/FRC the move after the the last hit (frames 41-46) to continue pressure. In the corner, the RC/FRC enables a combo extension with falling j.K or j.H into 5K and a rejump.

Surprise Surprise is the pogo version of the item throw. Slightly faster than the ground version, but functionally identical.

Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
Pogo P N/A 8 7 3
Pogo K N/A 10 7 3
Pogo S N/A Forced 70% 8 7 3
Pogo H 41~46F 20×4 6×4 5
Pogo D N/A

Pogo P: Pogo K:

  • Flower has hurtbox on 13~22F
  • Dizzy modifier x2

Pogo S:

  • Pulls in opponent on hit
  • Removes OTG state on hit

Pogo H:

  • Max 4 hits

Pogo D:

  • Faust is in CH state from 1~16F
  • Item is tossed on 9F

Hack 'n' Slash


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
15×8 Air FD (100 pixels) 5 48 12

Mettagiri. A grounded proximity unblockable where Faust shreds his opponent with his scalpel. Although used similarly to a command grab, this move is a special case: the game will check if the opponent is within range and throwable on the frame H is input. If not, Faust does the whiff animation. If so, Faust does the attack animation, and even if the opponent jumps in that time, they'll still be caught.

  • Allows for a follow-up combo in the corner (5P > 2S > etc.) or with RC.
  • Although the move only activates under the same conditions as a throw, you don't actually need to FD Break when dashing to use it.
    • Can be burst as it isn't a throw.
  • Faust and opponents still get hit by items during the animation, so if a Bomb/Chibi/Coin is on screen or Meteors/Washpan have just been tossed it can be used in a pinch against very passive opponents at the cost of the item's raw damage. Risky to use with Bomb, but at far ranges the attack can throw the opponent into the explosion without scraping you.

Due to 48 unblockable active frames and its unusual nature, this attack often leads to strange interactions with strike invulnerable and throw invulnerable moves. Against armored moves, Mettagiri will often snag one or two measly hits before either trading or getting hit anyway, making it much riskier than normal throw against opponents with armored moves. Will sometimes tag teleporting characters, who will trigger the first hit, disappear, then reappear and get hit again.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 6×8 3
  • If the opponent is within range and can be thrown on 1F, Faust starts the attack (total animation 64F, Faust is in CH state during move)
  • Otherwise Faust performs a whiffed grab animation (total animation 34F)

From the Front/Behind/Above

214P or 214K or 214S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214P 44 All 51 1 30 -17 21~32F Strike
33~44F All
214K 44 All 51 1 30 -17 21~32F Strike
33~44F All
214S 38 High 47 20 26+6 after landing 21~32F, 47~47F Strike
33~42F All

Door. Faust hides under a rug, and teleports to a door in front/behind the opponent. All meterless versions of 214X can be avoided by jumping forward and blocking back, though good use of items may prevent them from doing so.

P version appears in front of the opponent, K appears behind the opponent.

  • FRC point 49~51F (right after Faust reappears) which can be used to perform a mix-up/Mettagiri immediately after the teleport, or to make the teleport safe.
  • In some instances you can use the back version of the door to avoid pressure, or to get out of the corner, especially with the FRC, but never rely on it.

The S version will cause Faust to appear from the sky and do a diving attack that hits overhead. Faust does a flipping animation after it hits, and can be easily punished even after landing.

  • Worse than the door, but has two different FRC points: one before Faust finishes hiding under the rug (21~22F), and after Faust bounces off his opponent (14~17F after bounce). These can help make the move relatively safe.
Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
214P 48~50F 10 7 3
214K 48~50F 10 7 3
214S 21~22F, 14~17F after bounce 8 7 3


  • Untechable on CH for 120F


  • Untechable on CH for 120F
  • Can cancel into FB From Behind from 22~34F


  • Groundbounces on CH (untechable for 82F)
  • 2nd FRC restores jump options
  • Startup of 63F to hit a crouching opponent (tested on Sol)


  • Data listed in [ ] is for the Pogo version of What Could This Be?
  • Moves with Item listed in their command column are randomly thrown by What Could This Be? and W-W-What Could This Be?


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Donut Heals 30 53 [51] 216
Chocolate 53 [51] 216
Chikuwa Heals 15 53 [51] 216

Faust throws one of three food items high into the air, within a set range depending on the food. Either player can reap the benefits, but they take a while to despawn, and Faust can't throw new items while they're on the ground, leaving him very vulnerable. It's important to remember that throw distance between food items is variable, and both players will be moving while this is happening - it's not impossible to chuck chocolate over an opponent's head and be unable to reach it, or to directly feed an incoming player a donut for free.

Food will also sometimes not get collected by the opponent when hit by 41236K, but this is entirely dependent on when and where the item is when the opponent gets hit by it.

Donuts heal some HP, but nothing else. You cannot use item throw while it is out, so you don't really want to see this. Grab it if you can, but don't get yourself killed. Donut rarely gets thrown very far from Faust, and have the shortest possible travel distance.

Chocolate doesn't heal any HP but gives a nice chunk of tension. Generally better than a donut, but don't give in to the sugar addiction! May be worth picking a fight over depending on how scary your opponent is with meter and how much you need it. Travels very high and very far forwards, with the farthest possible distance of all the foods. It's not uncommon for it to go sailing over an opponent's head, leaving you with no items to use, so if your opponent doesn't feel like picking it up you can be disadvantaged.

Chikuwa heals some HP, and maxes tension pulse. Anyone who knows what this does will want it, so it often forces you to pick a fight - if for no other reason than giving your opponent a maxed out tension pulse is often a complete disaster. Has the second farthest travelling distance of all the foods, often landing right in-between Faust and his opponent. At round start distance, Chikuwa will land inside the opponent more often than not.

Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
Donut N/A
Chocolate N/A
Chikuwa N/A


  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again as long as a Donut is out


  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again as long as a Chocolate is out


  • Raises Tension Pulse to max
  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again as long as a Chikuwa is out


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
44 All 13 [9] 43 [45]

Faust throws out a hammer that has a hitbox until it hits the ground. Trades with other projectiles, causes huge stun on counter hit, and will combo after 6P. Controls some airspace, but is short-lived. The high trajectory arc lets it cover a nice anti-air angle.

One of Faust's more plain but useful items, and can often cover a second item throw if your opponent blocks it.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 0 6 5
  • Dizzy modifier x2
  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again until Hammer hits or disappears


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 All 13 40

Faust throws out a dumbbell that has a hitbox until it hits the ground. Basically a juiced version of the hammer, weighing at a beefy attack level 6 (i.e. attack level 5 with special hit/blockstun).

The dumbbell's arc is much wider than the hammer, and can often hit opponents at nearly fullscreen distance. Can be used to combo an FB Door at long ranges, if you ever want to do that.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 0 6 5
  • Blows back opponent on hit
  • Dizzy modifier x2


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 All 13 [9] 169 [171]

Faust throws a single coin that has a hitbox until it tumbles along the ground, similar to Johnny's coins. Though it only does a little damage, the coin is very active and inflicts the "Oissu?" effect on hit for the rest of the round, which increases the damage of Holler Again! and causes it to groundbounce the opponent. This also powers up 214D to give a similar higher ground bounce with much more hitstun.

The trajectory is random, which can be equal parts frustrating and useful, as the opponent may have trouble choosing a way to dodge away from it, but it also may not reach them at all.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 0 12 3
  • What Could This Be? cannot be used again until coin disappears
  • Coin disappears 42F after being on the ground, or 26F after hit or block
  • On hit, the next Holler Again! becomes a Flaming Holler Again! instead

Time Bomb

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
80 All 134 [132] 12

Faust throws a bomb that quickly lands on the ground, and explodes in a massive blast after a couple seconds. This is both a useful item, and a dangerous one, because the resulting explosion hits Faust as well.

  • When the bomb explodes, any projectile inside of it will be hit once. This will destroy some projectiles like Stun Edge, but won't stop multi-hitters like Venom's lightning balls. The Love bomb will get stuck on top of the explosion before bursting.
  • The explosion damages chibis, instantly tagging out Mini Faust or Mini Robo ky, and taking a precious hit off Mini Pot.

Most people who know the matchup at all will respect the bomb and try to escape it by jumping out of the way or blocking it - which can enable you to do throw or a blockstring into a jump-cancellable normal/door special/5D just before the bomb explodes. It can be tempting to play with fire and control/mixup your opponent with the mental frame advantage the bomb provides, but for goodness' sakes be careful. Be wary of confident opponents who are willing to throw you near the bomb, as this will often result in you getting tossed into your own explosion and starting a free combo for them.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 0 6 5
  • Chip damage x2
  • Bomb explosion can hit Faust too
  • What Could This Be? becomes usable again 2F before the bomb explodes


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Chibi Faust 25 All 39 [35]
Chibi Robo-Ky 25 All 39 [35]
Chibi Potemkin 25×3 All 13 [9]

All of the chibi-characters Faust throws creates useful oki situations, and you can expect the opponent to try to go over them, so predict this and punish their jump attempts. If they want to block it then you can go for a mixup before it hits, but don't let them stuff you with a reversal, as some opponents are prone to try. All chibis are invincible in the air until they land, and Faust can throw another item after they begin moving along the ground.

Faust throws an adorable mini-version of himself that will crawl along the ground after he lands and will hit the opponent once. Will float downward in a simple angle.

Robo-ky is effectively similar, but will float side to side as he is falling. Controls the air a little better, so follow him, and he will create similar yomi situations to mini-Faust when he lands.

  • Upon landing, he will change direction to go after the opponent if they are on the other side of him. Only works once, but prevents them from simply going over or under before he lands.
  • Removes OTG on hit.

The greatest of the chibi-pets, Potemkin will fall quickly and moves very slowly on the ground. Will hit 3 times before he tags out, so expect major pain. The opponent REALLY doesn't want to block this, so most will try to get away as quickly as possible. Use j.H to keep them in their place.

Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
Chibi Faust N/A 0 7 3
Chibi Robo-Ky N/A 0 7 3
Chibi Potemkin N/A 0 7×3 5

Chibi Faust:

  • Chibi Faust is fully invincible while falling
  • Chibi Faust can nullify projectiles after landing
  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again until Chibi Faust hits the opponent or lands on the ground

Chibi Robo-Ky:

  • Chibi Robo-Ky is fully invincible while falling
  • Chibi Robo-Ky can nullify projectiles and knock down opponents after landing
  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again until Chibi Robo-Ky hits the opponent or lands on the ground
  • Removes OTG state on hit

Chibi Potemkin:

  • Chibi Potemkin is fully invincible while falling
  • After touching the opponent, or after nullifying a projectile, Chibi Potemkin is fully invincible for 1-42F, Starts moving forwards again on 43F
  • Chibi-Potemkin can hit up to 3 times
  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again until Chibi Potemkin hits the opponent or lands on the ground
  • Slams down opponent on hit


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
44 All See notes Until Landing

Faust throws out a washpan that sails up off of the top of the screen, and then falls straight down above the point at which the enemy is standing when the washpan re-enters the screen. Pretty good tracking, but not foolproof.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 85% 0 6 5
  • Slams down opponent on air hit
  • Dizzy modifier x1.5
  • What Could This Be? cannot be performed again until Wash Pan disappears
  • Startup of 78F[77F] to hit a standing opponent (tested on Sol)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36×6 All 196 [192]

After a delay, the Meteors will fill a portion of the screen causing much blockstun. The meteors won't change their designated location after it goes into the air, so if the opponent moves forward, they can avoid them entirely. Just don't let them do that and you are fine. If they respect the meteors, do a mixup to make them regret it. A common example against passive opponents is Mettagiri, or air-throwing if they choose to jump and FD against meteors.

Note that the spread of each individual meteor is somewhat random, so it's possible to have a very sad meteor spread that completely misses your opponent. This is pretty rare, though.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20×6 10×6 5
  • Dizzy modifier x0.5
  • Goes through other projectiles
  • What Could This Be? cannot be used again until Meteors disappear

Poison Vial

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 All 89 [86] 50

Faust throws a poison vial that has no hitbox. Once it lands, it spews a poison gas cloud. The cloud is active for nearly a full second and will still inflict poison status even if Faust is in hitstun, so it's one of his best combo breaker items. The cloud causes negligible hitstun, and the timing of the hit can be deceptive, which makes it very useful for grab mixups if your opponent decided to block it on the ground.

You can throw another item after the cloud has been on the ground for a short time - about half its active frames. Note that the cloud will cause Rerere no Tsuki to drop after the first hit, but the second hit is +15 on block so you can continue pressure, or go for a reset. Beware that the hitbox can be reliably low-profiled, and advancing moves like Jam's slide, Sol's Grand Viper, or I-No's Stroke blow right through it like it isn't there at all.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 0 7 2
  • Poisons opponent on hit (Poison lasts for 375F)
  • What Could This Be? cannot be used again until 10F after the poison appears

Force Breaks

BAM! Outta Nowhere


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 High/Air 19 6 12 +1 1~8F Below Chest
Total: 36

FB Chop. Not the most effective use of 25 meter, but you are airborne on frame one with a somewhat high profile, so if you can predict lows or thin attacks it can act as a nice punish. Considering Faust's otherwise lacklustre defence, FB Chop can be an appealing "hey, why not?" option. Auto-jump installs, and will combo after 6H on some characters for enormous damage injection with followup combo.

  • Special cancelling into this move can sometimes be useful for a surprise overhead or anti-abare button. Despite its speed, it's extremely telegraphed, so you'll usually want to go for j.2K FDC anyway.
  • Ground bounces on hit and a potential combo follow-up, usually dash 5K or 2S depending on height. f.S connects at almost any range if you can't make it in time.
  • On counter hit, there's even more hitstun, and your opponent will fall all the way back down to the ground.
    • The Coin item will power up FB Chop and enforce a groundbounce similar to a counter hit, even on normal hit, while popping them up really high in the air in flames.
  • After recovering, while still airborne, you have a 1 frame window to airdash out of it (due to minimum air dash height), 3 frames to double jump, or cancel into into an air move like j.2K or FB Pogo. This can be useful for mixups or to evade any followup moves as a punish, or particular combos in the corner.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 50% 15 6 5
  • Faust is airborne from 1F onwards
  • Hits crouching on 21F
  • Faust is in CH state during move
  • Faust remains in the air for 4F after the move
  • Auto Jump Install

FB Rerere no Choutsuki


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 All 14 Until landing 1 -10

FB Pogo. Faust quickly gets on his pogo stick in midair and drops downward, taking your previous aerial angle into account. Because it's extremely fast this is a fantastic Force Break that can end up beating some anti-air attempts. Because air trajectory affects it, j.2K is a helpful for sending it on the right path for a blockstring or a combo. Faust will remain in the pogo stance after he lands, so after the initial hit, it is the same as the regular version.

FB Pogo can also be used to extend combos fairly reliably for 25 meter (FB Pogo > Pogo P > Pogo Going My Way), usually from an air combo into j.D or an FDC j.K overhead into drill. The FDC extension is particularly important because it's more consistent and more damaging than a simple drill > Going My Way or trying to link off of drill.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 80% 14 10 4
  • Faust lands in the Pogo stance after performing this move
  • Listed Frame Adv is for a blocked TK Choutsuki performed as fast as possible
  • Removes OTG state on hit

FB From Behind

214K > D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 All 9 1 30 -17 1~8F Strike

FB Door. This is a much faster version of Faust's original K door. Because of the speed, FB Door can be an effective mixup when your opponent is preoccupied, and can punish many fullscreen attacks and zoning tools on reaction. Has a slighlty variable window to be input during the startup of 214K.

  • Because you are unable to use the FB after the other 2 versions of the teleport, it can be predictable if used too liberally, so keep it as a surprise.
  • Wallbounces on counter hit, usually enabling a dash 5K/2S conversion.
  • Using the FRC timing on 6~8F, Faust can spend half his tension bar for an unpredictable mixup, notably with FRC > Hack 'n' Slash.

Despite this move's incredible properties, it inherits the same inconsistent positioning as his normal door teleports, and Faust can sometimes appear in front of his opponent and whiff completely, especially if his opponent was moving backwards. Such is life.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
6~8F 70% 10 7 3
  • Untechable on CH for 120F

This One's on the House

Gettin' to the Good Part > 236D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
80 All 1+0 12 Total 10 -9 1~End Strike

The followup to Gettin to the Good Part!, Faust pulls out a box bomb and sets it off causing an explosion. The explosion can hit you as well, but if you hold back you'll block it just fine.

  • Does more damage than the normal combo, but not as much damage as the version powered up by coin.
  • The opponent falls down where they are after the explosion instead of being sent fullscreen, but blocking without FD will still push you far away.
  • In true Faust fashion, you can even Slashback the explosion and dash forward for a combo.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 0 6 5
  • Chip damage x2
  • Opponent inputs are frozen for entire move duration
  • Can hit Faust as well
  • Listed Frame Adv is for when Faust blocks the explosion


W-W-What Could This Be?


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
1+6~ Total 46 1~6F Strike

Faust tosses four random items. This super ignores the item limits, so you can use it even if other items are already out (including after another super). By its very nature, the results from this super are completely unpredictable and can sometimes lead to a measly 4 donuts, or a deadly mix of bombs, meteors and mini-potemkins. Bombs have a tendency to override the effects of some of the other items by blowing them up, or by virtue of out-lasting the thrown items.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can use the super on knockdown, or if your opponent is respecting you too much. The average results are actually pretty decent, but if you don't want to rely on faith, Meter can be more reliably dumped into other things. If you want something really exciting, item throw > item super > item super is pretty much the best possible thing you can do in a match, especially after a gold burst.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
  • Faust is in CH state during move
  • Items are tossed on 7F, 17F, 27F and 37F

Shigekiteki Zetsumei Ken


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30+alpha Low 11+1 80 66 -46 1~15F All
16~17F Strike

Faust's true reversal. On hit starts a minigame in which you set an angel with one of the 4 buttons, and if they hit one of the three reapers, they are dealt the full damage from the super. Otherwise the super will backfire and you'll end up taking damage instead, and in some cases the opponent can even combo off of the hit. Can be combo'd into off of 6H, 2H, and multiple hits of 5H if you want a high-risk-decent-reward damage output.

  • Failure to choose a button before your opponent results in auto-failure, so be sure to act fast.
    • Holding a button as the super connects will place the angel before the opponent.
  • If you whiff the full animation, or the super gets blocked, Faust will go into a unique taunt pose which can be FRC'd throughout the entire duration. The opponent can still jump over and punish you from behind before the taunt.
  • On success (the opponent gets a Reaper), the taunt after the super can be FRC'd. This allows combo starters to hit on some characters, though not every character you can hit can be combo'd as their gravity will be messed up.
    • 5K will hit on Pot and A.B.A meterless.

While throwing caution to the wind can be fun, it's best to avoid this super unless you really need a reversal. Can be used as a combo ender in some instances, but the damage is scaled heavily to the point where it's rarely worth it.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
40F during pose 15 6 5
  • Dizzy modifier x0
  • After hitting the opponent with the 1st attack, press P/K/S/H to set which chest the angel goes
  • Opponent presses a button to choose a chest with P/K/S/H. If opponent picks a chest before Faust picks a chest, then angel is automatically chosen
  • If angel was chosen Faust is launched (untechable for 60F, hitstop 0F)
  • The alpha in the damage column is either 100,150,190 to opponent or 10 to self, depending on chest chosen

Instant Kill

This Week's Yamaban

During IK Mode: 236236H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Fatal All 5+12 4 20 -5
Total: 40

Fun instant kill hampered by its height and Faust's long IK mode activation time. Has good horizontal range, but easily low profiled. Although it's possible for items and big counterhits to give Faust surprisingly easy stuns, you're better off comboing with 6H starters instead.

Additionally, characters who do not have tension bars as a result of failing to hit their IK (most likely Faust in this case) cannot pick up Chocolate but can pick up Chikuwa. Be careful.

  • Whiffs completely on Jam, Dizzy, Kliff, Chipp, Axl, and both Sols due to their crouching stun animations.
  • Will sometimes whiff on Baiken due to her constantly changing hurtbox while stunned. Requires careful timing that might not always be possible to hit in order to IK.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20 5
  • IK Mode activation: 82F


To select your color, press the corresponding button while in the designated "color set". Color sets can be toggled through by hitting the Respect button.

  1. Only selectable on the Arcade and PC-Rollback versions of the game.
  2. Available on home ports, and are selected by pressing the Rec. Enemy button on the Slash or Reload color sets, respectively. Gold characters are powered up versions, Shadow characters have infinite tension. Both are banned from tournament play.


To edit frame data, edit values in GGACR/Faust/Data.
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