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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
FRC = Force Roman Cancel
A & B = Perform inputs A and B simultaneously.
~> = Immediately proceed from the previous move to the following move.
fdc j.2K / Drill Cancel = j.1[K] ~> ([P] or [S] or [H])* ~> ]K[ & ]Previously held input From *[ (Details)
Fishing Pole / Scalpel = Rerere no Tsuki - 41236K
Bomb Bag = Love - j.236P
Item Toss = What Could This Be - 236P
Pogo = Souten Enshin Ranbu- 236S
Head Flower = Pogo Attack K - Pogo > K
Lick = Pogo Attack P - Pogo > P
Ground Flower = Pogo Attack S - Pogo > S
HnS/Mettagiri = Hack n' Slash - 214H
P Door = From the Front - 214P
K Door = From Behind - 214K
S Door = From Above - 214S
Washpan/Dishpan = Tarai - Item
FB Chop = BAM! Outta Nowhere - 214D
FB Pogo = FB Rerere no Choutsuki - j.236D
FB Door = From Behind - 214K > D
Item Super = W-W-What Could This Be? - 236236P
Kancho = Shigekiteki Zetsumei Ken - 236236S
IK = This Week's Yamaban - in IK Mode: 236236H
AB = A.B.A
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
DI = Dizzy
ED = Eddie
FA = Faust
IN = I-No
JA = Jam Kuradoberi
JO = Johnny
JU = Justice
KL = Kliff Undersn
KY = Ky Kiske
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
OR = Order-Sol (HOS)
PO = Potemkin
RO = Robo-Ky
SL = Slayer
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
VE = Venom
ZA = Zappa

Combo List

Combo Position Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
5P > c.S > 2D > 2S > 5K > jc > j.K > j.S > j.H Anywhere Low All except Chipp/Millia Easy 5P is a very simple, effective button for what it is at 5 frames. While 5P in of itself isn't a crazy starter or one that you'll see a lot often, it's useful to know in case you get it while mashing out of pressure while cornered and want a full conversion. On Chipp and Millia the 2S pickup will whiff but you can cut it short after 2D for standard pressure.
5P > c.S > 2H > 236S > Pogo Item Toss [Pogo S Flower > Pogo Going My Way] Anywhere/Corner Gain 25% Everyone Easy Very simple combo that can be done off many of your starters, not just 5P. At midscreen you can only followup with an item toss and dismount, but in the corner you'll get a decent chunk of extra damage from the full combo. Timing is tight to flower in the corner against Zappa and Robo-Ky.
2K* > 2D > 2S > jc > j.K > jc** > j.K > j.D anywhere Low works on everyone Easy This is probably the most character-universal combo into j.D knockdown. Some characters require a different variation, or a very deep hit, or going right into 5K instead of 2S. In those cases, you might want to go for Item Toss or Pogo enders instead. *Many other starters or opening gattlings that lead into 2D can also lead into this combo. **In some cases, after the first j.K you may want to go directly into j.D instead of jump cancelling into another j.K before j.D depending on the opposing character and/or spacing.
6H > Pogo > RC ~> 66 > 6H > Pogo > Pogo.S > Pogo.H corner Costs 50 Jam, Zappa, Ky, Roby Ky, Baiken, Johnny, Testament, Bridget, Anji, Potemkin, and Justice. Easy Easy Combo. Big damage. The RC 6H > Pogo extension from Pogo in the corner is a great way to crank damage for 50 bar off good starters. This can be extended with another loop of 6H > Pogo for an additional 50% meter for additional damage in the corner too.
6H > Pogo > RC ~> 66 > 2H > Pogo > Pogo.S > Pogo.H corner Costs 50 Everyone except for Sol, Order Sol, and Millia. Easy Variant on previous combo that uses 2H pickup off Pogo RC slide state instead of 6H, which is much more universal. For the characters this doesn't work on, use other followups after RCing instead, such as dash 2S > jc > Air combo, or dash > FB Chop > etc.
2K > 2P > 2S > 2D > 236P anywhere Low works on everyone Easy Bog standard knockdown into Item Toss. Link the item instead of cancelling into it if you want to ensure Hammer connects meaty.
2K > 2P > 2S > 2H > 236S > Pogo.S > Pogo.H corner Good works on everyone Easy Bog standard corner knockdown. Better damage, and item toss in their face, even when cornered, can set up some spicy situations (Especially with off-screen bomb.)
Most Starters ending in 5H or 2H into Pogo > Pogo.S > delay > Pogo.H corner Good works on everyone Easy Comboing into Pogo > Flower > Going My Way in the corner is fairly standard across the cast, and you can go into it from 5H or 2H. This means you can use 2P, 5P, 2K or what not.
CH 6P > Item Toss > 5K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.K > jc > j.K > j.P* > j.H anywhere Good works on most characters Easy Common example anti-air 6P combo. *j.S can be substituted here, but for consistency, j.P works better.
CH 6P Trade > 5K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.K > jc > j.K > j.S > j.H anywhere Good works on everyone Easy This will happen a lot in anti-air situations. Your 6P will trade with their air normal, but you can still combo.
Anti-air 5K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.K > jc > j.K > j.S > j.H anywhere Good works on everyone Easy 5K anti-air situation.
Anti-air 2K > jc > j.K > jc > j.K > j.S > j.H anywhere Good works on everyone Easy 2K anti-air situation. Usually happens with the opponent overhead. You may need to substitute j.S with j.P for more consistency depending on the opposing character or air spacing, otherwise j.S will whiff.
2D > 2S > jc > j.K > j.P > j.K > jc > j.K > j.S > j.H anywhere Good works on everyone Easy Reverse beat from 2D allows for some long-distance pickup from opponents who try to stand later in strings or pressure, which is more common when opponents are at a distance, since 2H can be blocked standing. Sometimes you'll be too far for a jD knockdown, so taking the damage and air reset instead can be good, depending on the matchup.
String ending in 2D: 2D > jc > IAD > FB Pogo > Pogo.44 > Pogo.S > Pogo.H midscreen Costs 25 works on everyone Medium Sideswitch option from 2D knockdown. Great for when you start a combo when cornered, or land a stray 2D counterpoke.
String ending in 2D: 2D > jc > FB Pogo > Pogo.H midscreen Costs 25 works on everyone Easy Non-specific corner carry and knockdown option from a 2D knockdown. Good for bringing your opponent to the corner when you land 2D from a distance. This combo has been simplified to not drop, but you can often link Pogo.D (Item) followed by Pogo.S depending on spacing/character. Lighter characters (Girls, Kliff and Bridget) can be rough to knockdown with Pogo.S > Pogo.H depending on spacing.
Drill Cancel ~> j.K > jc > j.2K5P > 2D > Item Toss anywhere Very Low crouching, works on everyone (Except Zappa) Hard Instant overhead/Overhead (Depends on your execution). Drill cancel can be a pretty demanding technique, and the damage/metergain is low without some kind of Item to confirm from. Mix with Drill Cancel ▷ 2P or j.2K > whiff ▷ 2P to make it more ambiguous. Great when paired with Bomb.
Drill Cancel ~> j.Kc.S > 2D > 2S > jc > j.K > jc > j.K > j.D anywhere Low works on everyone Very Hard Requires a very precisely timed "deep" FDC j.2K into j.K in order to be plus enough to link c.S. Offers a more reliable j.D routing on smaller characters, and allows you to combo crouch-state Zappa. Not recommended unless you're suffering from FDC j.2K brain-poison.
Drill Cancel ~> j.K > jc > j.2Kf.S > 5H > 236S > pogo.S > pogo.H corner Low works on most characters Hard On crouching hit, f.S will whiff on characters with short crouch states.
Drill Cancel ~> j.K > jc > j.2Kf.S > 5H > 236S > RC ~> 66 > 2S > jc > j.K > j.S > j.K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.H anywhere Costs 50 works on everyone Hard See note from previous combo. Use the RC extension near the corner for more consistency if you want the extra damage or to guarantee a corner push.
Drill Cancel ~> j.K > jc > j.2Kf.S > 5H > 236S ~> RC ~ 66 > 2H or 6H > 236S > pogo.S > pogo.H corner Costs 50 See Combos 2 and 3 Hard Pogo loop RC extension variant of above drill cancel combos.
Drill Cancel ~> j.K > jc > j.2K5P > 2D > 2S > jc > j.K > j.S > j.K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.H anywhere Low works on everyone Hard Air combo can be replaced with j.D air ender from combo 1.
214D ▷ 66 ~> 5K > jc > j.K > jc > j.K > j.S > j.H Anywhere Costs 25 works on everyone Medium Standard followup combo after reversal or abare FB Chop. Not all characters require the immediate microdash after landing, but it will make it more consistent across everyone.
41236K ~ 4 ~ 236D ~ 236D > 4 ~> IAD ~> FB Pogo > Pogo.H Anywhere Costs 50 works on everyone Medium Additional FB pogo followup after FB Explosion followup of scalpel pull. Great for extra damage and corner carry when you have extra meter.
41236K ~ 4 ~ 236D ~ 236D > SB ~> 66 ~> 2S > JI > 5K > sjc > j.K > j.S > j.K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.H Anywhere Costs 25 works on everyone Very Hard Example extension of FB explosion followup of scalpel pull when slashbacking the FB explosion. Jump install version used here to be used for additional damage.
j.2K > 236D ▷ pogo.P, pogo.S, pogo.H Anywhere Costs 25 works on everyone Very Easy Standard FB Pogo confirm from j.2K.
214H, 5P > 2S > jc > j.K > jc > j.K > j.D Corner Good Everyone Easy Standard followup after Mettagiri.
5D > 8 > j.H > j.H > j.K > j.P > j.K > j.P > j.K > jc > j.K > j.P > j.H Anywhere Good Everyone except Chipp, inconsistent on Millia. Very Easy Mostly universal dust combo. On Millia and Chipp, you will need to either slightly delay the initial j.H or use j.D instead for the first two attacks after 5D.

Combo Theory

Basic Faust Theory (Grounded)

Compared to other characters, Faust typically exchanges higher damage without meter or items with being easy to do. You can get confirms off of basically anything, anywhere on screen. Generally speaking, there are three ways for Faust to route:

  • Confirm into Pogo
  • Launch the opponent into the air
  • Get a knockdown

Most of his starters either do this right away, or only need one gatling to do it. While you can try to add some more hits in, it's usually better to set up pressure, knockdowns, and item tosses in order to keep the opponent pressured. For combos, you need to remember two things:

  • 5H (any single hit will do) and 2H will confirm Pogo on hit.
  • 2D can confirm 2S for air combos at closer ranges.

From there it's a matter of figuring out which normals can confirm your 5H, 2H, or 2D. If the combo starter doesn't, it almost always has a gatling that will - for instance, 5P will not combo to 2D on normal hit, but combos into 2S which will reverse gatling to 2D and back to 2S for air pickup. You can take a look at the video below for a variety of examples (not necessarily optimal) of how Faust can navigate basically any opening move into a combo that suits his current needs:

Faust Infinite Combo (Corner Loops Involving S.Pogo and P.Pogo)

What does it look like?

Robo and Ky:


Potemkin 25 bar Delay 2K/Meteor Setup:

Potemkin 25 bar Meteor/Mettagiri:

Potemkin (Expensive GMW Extension):

Special Thanks


Who it works on

Easy: Potemkin.

Intermediate: Testament

???: Anji, Axl,

Hard[?]: Robo-Ky, Ky.

F*** Pot lol

It's really easy on Pot. :)

How it works

Some System Facts
  • More hits = More gravity/more pushback
  • More time = less hitstun/untech on air hits.
  • Victims bounce slightly on the ground when landing during a combo, this upsets S Flower launch height (This means there's a valid early timing, an invalid middle timing, and a valid late timing when launching with S.Flower to combo.)

The idea is, you do enough hits to crank gravity scaling before untech scaling kicks in completely. After a certain point (Usually in the 34+ hit range), character gravity is too high, and they can no longer tech out of S.Flower, even at max untech scaling.

You must outpace untech scaling with gravity scaling until you get to the point where the opponent can't tech at all. Everything before that point is kind of tricky, everything past that point is easy-peasy.



Mettagiri on it's own, in the corner, can lead to the infinite, however there are a few situations that will make it easier.

Comboing Mettagiri into meteors makes the infinite MUCH easier (All those sudden hits crank gravity sky-high), and Mettagiri with Meteor cover is a pretty solid setup to begin with.

If you manage to combo into meteors and use it as a combo-extension, you can sometimes get enough ground hits to make the infinite work.

There are situations where you can go into the loop via Going My Way > FRC > Forcebreak Pogo.

Time is of the essence here. You need enough hits/gravity before untech scaling kicks in completely, or you can't loop S.Flower or P reliably any longer.

Timing and Manual Delays (Not as bad as you would think!)

[This section is currently under construction, uses notes from testing on Testament only. Be warned.]

Opening String

No delays!

Love! > FB Pogo

After jK > jD > Love!, you want Airdash > FB Pogo to connect after both hits of Love, to get the optimal amount of pushback. [Needs validation] (Ky? Roboky?)

On some characters, this doesn't seem mandatory. [Needs validation]

First Pogo P x2 #1

Delayed just enough to knockdown.

This will also space Faust correctly based on timing [Needs validation]

Height of victim changes amount of pushback on P when it connects. Higher = More pushback. Roboky and Ky need max pushback. [Needs validation]

You want S Flower followup to connect as soon as they touch the ground (Early timing). You shouldn't need to delay S Flower at all to make this happen.


You don't have to delay Pogo Ps here. lol. Take that untech time.

S Flowers #1

No delay!

At this point, you shouldn't need to delay subsequent S Flowers at all. They should all time themselves correctly.

Pogo P x2 #2

First Pogo P needs to be done with the victim as low as possible, then the max amount of delay you can manage on the following P.

Like the first instance of Pogo P x2, you want S Flower followup to connect as soon as they touch the ground (Early timing). You shouldn't need to delay S Flower at all to make this happen.

S Flowers #2

No delay!

Pogo P x2 #3

This is the hardest point in the combo [Note: This is only a feeling. Love, Krack]. It might actually be a good idea to bail here with Going My Way.

Like before, Pogo P needs to be done with the victim low as possible, and the 2nd P needs to be delayed as long as you can manage. This will keep the victim low enough to reach the ground without getting a chance to untech.

Timing is strict here.

S Flowers #3

From here on, you can delay your S Flowers, and take your time. The late window for S Flower launch is much easier to hit, and gravity will be so high, that you might not have time to land the early window anyhow. [Please validate]

Pogo P and Loops From This Point

From here, you should only need one Pogo P to continue looping S Flower x3, however, S Flower x2 or even Pogo P x2 might be beneficial depending on spacing.

Your goal is to keep the victim in the right range so that S Flower doesn't miss their OTG box.

Video Examples