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General Tactics

I-no is a unique and extremely effective rushdown pixie character, but takes great risks to do so without being covered by a note, scoring a knockdown, or having safe(anti-reversal) setups. I-no should be played with two goals in mind: 1) score a knockdown or make an opponent block a note during neutral, and 2) continually mix up the opponent in the corner utilizing her superior tension gain and unrivaled offensive potential during okizeme. When I-no is pressuring out of an okizeme situation, or even a simple blockstring; she can be almost unblockable up close. That being said, although her strengths are firmly rooted in offensive capabilities, she lacks in defensive options to get her opponent off of her without spending meter or bursting, and her unique movement options may sometimes be detrimental to her regarding certain matchups.

At round start, I-no will often have to guess the opponents move and choose a way to punish (TK dive, STBT, HCL), or alternatively IAD backwards with j.hs (very safe) and begin zoning with a note or fishing for HCL for a safer way in. The following are techniques to close the distance, extend combos and mix up the opponent.

What makes I-no immediately stand out from the rest of the cast is her movement options. I-no’s ground dash, instead of a run, hop, or glide; is an aerial hover dash which increases in height the longer the dash is performed. This enables her to leave the ground and immediately perform an overhead attack on opponent, or dash briefly and land to score a low attack. She also has the ability to airdash out of her ground hover dash, which is extremely useful for extending her mixup options as well as pushing the opponent back towards the corner before they have even risen from a knockdown.

However be warned, when it comes to execution I-no is definitely not for the dexterity challenged player. Many of her combos, especially those in midscreen, are notoriously among the hardest in the game. However when mastered, an expert I-No can leave even the best opponent feeling helpless, and has one of the highest comeback potential out of the entire cast.


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