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P and K nukes are the go to nukes. His jump is very low and can't get around nukes easily. HOS will try to Rock-it into P nuke to take a 1 hit, and then rock-it your face as you try to set another P nuke. Use Valkyrie Arc as deterrent or a safer play is to FRC P nuke. At closer ranges, HOS dash up 2D will punish nuke set. Gunblaze low profiles but manual det P nuke hits HOS. If he does get in, patiently push him out with FD and watch for jump attempts. HOS WILL get charge levels if he so pleases, don't try to punish charge with Michael Blade as he can charge burst through it on reaction. You can Valkyrie Arc 2nd and 3rd hit of Tyrant Rave after blocking the previous one.

Specific move counters and stuff

Work In Progress.

Justice Matchups

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