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Key Moves
  • 2SGGAC OSol 2S.pngGuardMidStartup6Recovery12Advantage-1 is Order Sol's primary poke. It is very fast and quite hard to punish due to its short recovery.
  • 2DGGAC OSol 2D.pngGuardLowStartup9Recovery14Advantage-1 is a counterpoke with a hurtbox that low profile When a character's hurtbox is entirely beneath an opponent's attack. This can be caused by crouching, certain moves, and being short.s many moves.
  • j.HGGAC OSol jH.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup9Recovery13Advantage- is Order Sol's primary jump-in. It hits deep and can lead to large damage on Counter Hit.
  • 2D, Level 2 Bandit Revolver PrototypeGGAC OSol 236K.pngGuardHigh/Air, HighStartup20Recovery9+4 after landingAdvantage+1 (236K) and Level 2 Rock ItGGAC OSol 236S.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery12Advantage+4 (236S) end many combos in a knockdown.
  • Rock It (236S) is an advancing punch that can serve as a counterpoke or to start Order Sol's suffocating pressure if used sparingly in neutral.
  • ChargeGGAC OSol 214D.pngGuardStartup13~RecoveryAdvantage- (214D) is the first way for Order Sol to charge his unique Charge gauge. It is an essential tool during neutral, because it forces the opponent to come to you, rather than the other way around. It can be held in neutral depending on the matchup to safely gain big or small amounts of Charge, or cancelled into from his normals to increase their frame advantage (known as Charge Cancelling).
  • Action ChargeGGAC OSol actcharge.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 30Advantage- (D after most specials) is the second way to charge the Charge gauge. It can be used after a knockdown from a special move to safely gain under a full level of Charge.
  • Charge Keep (D + most specials) lets Order Sol use the Level 1 versions of his special moves regardless of his current Charge level, without draining the Charge gauge. This is very important for managing the Charge gauge.


  • 5HGGAC OSol 5H.pngGuardMidStartup13Recovery16Advantage+1 is a slow but disjointed anti-air that must be used on prediction.
  • j.PGGAC OSol jP.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup4Recovery4Advantage- and j.KGGAC OSol jK.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup5Recovery10Advantage- are air-to-airs that can be performed while rising during a jump.
  • c.SGGAC OSol cS.pngGuardMidStartup5Recovery14Advantage-3 can work as blazing fast, reactionary anti-air when the opponent is directly above you, while it's vertical range is nothing impressive, the fact that it's so fast allows you to press it on reaction against a lot of moves, against those who are to disjointed, you can run under and then press.
  • Air ThrowGGAC OSol airthrow.pngGuard88 pixelsStartupRecoveryAdvantage- is another decent air-to-air. It can be option select A technique where one command (or series of commands) will perform a different action depending on the circumstances, thereby allowing one action to be able to handle two distinct situations.ed with an air normal (usually j.6P+H) to perform the air normal (in this case, j.P) if Air Throw cannot come out.
  • Gun BlazeGGAC OSol 214S.pngGuardAllStartup23RecoveryTotal 44Advantage+9 (214S) is an unusual but useful choice for an anti-air. It low profiles many jump-ins and the explosions hit high.


  • 5K is an excellent abare An attack during the opponent's pressure, intended to interrupt it. move that is tied for the fastest normal in the game.
  • Storm ViperGGAC OSol 623H.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery22+8 after landingAdvantage-19 (623H) is a dragon punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. that is considerably safer at Level 3GGAC OSol 623H.pngGuardMidStartup8Recovery4+8 after landingAdvantage-3 than at Level 1 or 2GGAC OSol 623H.pngGuardMidStartup10Recovery22+8 after landingAdvantage-26. However, it can still be punished on block or whiff at any level.
  • Gun Blaze (214S) low profiles from frame 1 and can be used to evade some meaty attack Hitting an opponent to cover the moment as they lose invincibility. The most common one is performing an attack early on okizeme to gain frame advantage and bait reversals.s. The low profile lasts longer at higher Charge levels.
  • Dead Angle AttackGGAC OSol cS.pngGuardAllStartup5Recovery17Advantage-8 knocks down in front of Order Sol, giving him ideal okizeme From Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. at the cost of 50 Tension.

Spending Meter

  • Save Tension for faultless defense A special type of blocking in Guilty Gear that negates chip damage and pushes the opponent back further than usual. This type of blocking comes at the cost of a resource.. This greatly helps any character escape blockstrings and allows for blocking air unblockable attacks while in the air.
  • Save 25 Tension for Action Charge (D after most specials) Force Roman Cancel. This lets Order Sol charge his Charge gauge much more quickly and safely, and extends combos and blockstrings.
  • Another noteworthy use of 25 Tension is FafnirGGAC OSol 236D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery23Advantage-6 (41236D). It can be used both as a high profile counterpoke in neutral and a low alongside Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K) in high-low mixups.
  • Save 50 Tension for Level 2 Savage FangGGAC OSol 632146P2.pngGuardAllStartup3+0Recovery7Advantage+7 (632146P). It is an anti-zoning tool that hits from half a screen away, has extremely little startup and does not let opponents act after the super flash.

Order Sol's offense vastly improves as his Tension and Charge gauges increase.

At Level 1 Charge, he relies on frame trap An offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own.s and tick throw A throw done after attacks, very soon after if not exactly when throw invulnerability expires on the opponent. A Tick Throw take advantage of that the opponent naturally expect a Frame Trap coming, making it very hard to react to or escape from.s to open blocking opponents up. At Level 2, his lockdown ability is boosted by Blockhead BusterGGAC OSol 236P2.pngGuardAllStartup12RecoveryTotal 42Advantage+11 (236P) becoming a gapless pressure reset. Level 3 is when he becomes truly fearsome, as Blockhead BusterGGAC OSol 236P3.pngGuardAllStartup12RecoveryTotal 42Advantage+37 gives him enough frame advantage to apply rewarding high-low mixups from blockstrings, or hold back to bait Dead Angle Attacks. At any Charge level, he can end blockstrings with Charge Keep Blockhead BusterGGAC OSol 236P.pngGuardAllStartup12RecoveryTotal 42Advantage-2 (236P+D) > Action Charge (D) FRC to quickly gain Charge while remaining plus on block, at the cost of 25 Tension.

It is important that the below techniques be used in combination to condition opponents. Failure to do so can result in predictable patterns that opponents can easily counter and punish.

Frame Traps

  • 5PGGAC OSol 5P.pngGuardMidStartup4Recovery4Advantage+3/2PGGAC OSol 2P.pngGuardMidStartup4Recovery5Advantage+1 > dl 5P/2P - Can be repeated until Order Sol is pushed out.
  • 5P/2P > dl 5K/2KGGAC OSol 2K.pngGuardLowStartup5Recovery6Advantage0
  • 5K > 5H
  • c.SGGAC OSol cS.pngGuardMidStartup5Recovery14Advantage-3/f.SGGAC OSol fS.pngGuardMidStartup10Recovery15Advantage-3/2S > dl 5H
  • 5P/2P/2K/6KGGAC OSol 6K.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery7Advantage-3 > dl 2D
  • 5H/2D > Charge Cancel (214D) > 5P/2P/5K/2K - Is a link instead of a gatling.
  • 5K/6K > Blockhead Buster (236P)
  • c.S/f.S/2S/5H > dl Blockhead Buster (236P)

Resets and Tick Throws

Once opponents are conditioned to block patiently, Order Sol can instead run forward and start a new blockstring. This leaves a gap that opponents can mash out of if they predict it. Pressure resets are usually done from 5P, 2P, 5H > Charge Cancel (214D), 2D > Charge Cancel and Blockhead Buster (236P) due to their speed and/or frame advantage. If opponents continue to block patiently, Order Sol can instead run forward and Ground ThrowGGAC OSol throw.pngGuard43 pixelsStartupRecoveryAdvantage- them. Ground Throw can be option selected with a ground normal (usually 6S+H) to perform the ground normal (in this case, c.S) if Ground Throw cannot come out.

Any gap in a blockstring can be beaten with various options, each of which can usually be punished if predicted:

  • Attack - Frame trap.
  • Jump - Frame trap, anti-air, or end blockstrings with Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K).
  • Backdash - Dash forward and punish with an attack, or end blockstrings with Rock It (236S).
  • Throw - Space attacks outside of opponents' throw range, or use 6K.
  • Invincible reversal - Differs depending on the reversal in question; usually block and punish with an attack.

High-Low Mixups

  • F-Shiki Sometimes known as "Fuzzy Overhead". When you are in blockstun, you can switch high/low blocking, but your blocking animation and hurtbox does not change until you leave blockstun or block another attack. F-Shikis take advantage of this and use overheads that would miss on crouching characters, but not on standing characters. - Make the opponent block a jump-in j.K, j.SGGAC OSol jS.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup8Recovery14Advantage- or j.DGGAC OSol jD.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup13Recovery7+5 after landingAdvantage-, then choose between:
    • Low - land 2K
    • Overhead - dj.H > j.D
  • Level 3 Blockhead Buster 50/50 - Make the opponent block a Level 3 Blockhead Buster (236P), then choose between:
    • Low - 2D/Fafnir (41236D)
    • Overhead - Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K)
    • F-Shiki setup - (66) > 9 > j.K/j.S/j.D
What to Do After a Knockdown

Order Sol has multiple options for meaty attacks:

  • 2K - Low.
  • 6K - Throw invincible.
  • 2H - Overhead. Comboing from this requires either hitting its last two active frames or spending 50 Tension on a Roman Cancel.
  • Level 1 Gun Blaze (214S) - Plus on block.
  • Safejump - He can safejump with j.S to setup FShiki mixups or j.H for better frame advantage.

After a 2D knockdown, Order Sol has enough frame advantage to Charge (214[D]) around half a Charge level before using a meaty attack. Alternatively, he can whiff a Level 1 Gun Blaze to switch sides and automatically time a meaty. At Level 1 Charge, none of Order Sol's special moves knock down. At Level 2, Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K) and Rock It (236S) consistently knock down with a small enough frame advantage that Order Sol must choose between an Action Charge (D after most specials), a meaty or an Action Charge FRC > meaty. At Level 3, Storm Viper (623H) is his main ender, since it can consistently knock down with a large enough frame advantage that Order Sol can use an Action Charge, Manual Charge and a meaty.

Ground Combos

  • 2S > 2D - Basic close range combo into a knockdown. Can be comboed into from:
    • 5P
    • 2P
    • 5K
    • 2K
    • All of the above > c.S with dash momentum
    • c.S
  • 2S > Level 1 Blockhead Buster (236P) > Action Charge (D) FRC > 66 > 5K > c.S > 2D - Extended alternative to the above combo that builds Charge. Opponents can escape it if they mash hard enough.
  • f.S/2S > Level 2 Rock It (236S) - Basic mid range combo into a knockdown.
  • 5DGGAC OSol 5D.pngGuardHighStartup24Recovery18Advantage-7 > j.H > j.H > j.S > j.K > j.S > j.K > j.S > j.K > dj.H > j.D > Storm Viper (623H) - Basic 5D combo. Hold up during the first two j.Hs in order to cancel them back into Homing Jump.

Air Combos

  • j.P/j.K > j.S > Storm Viper (623H) - Basic air combo ender, into a relaunch or knockdown at Level 3 Charge. Can be comboed into from:
    • j.PxN > j.K > dj
    • CH 5H > Charge Cancel (214D) > 66
    • CH 2H > j.66
    • Level 3 Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K) > 66 > c.S > 5H > sj - Use j.P after a super jump to avoid accidentally inputting Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K).
    • Level 3 Rock It (236S) > sj
    • Gun Blaze (214S) > 66
    • Level 3 Storm Viper (623H)
    • CH Fafnir (41236D) > sj.66
  • j.H > j.D > dj.H > j.D > Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K) - Order Sol's Dustloop, performed with dash momentum or in the corner. Leads into a knockdown at Level 2 Charge and a relaunch or knockdown at Level 3. Can be comboed into from:
    • CH 5H > Charge Cancel (214D) > 66
    • CH 2H > 66
    • Corner 2D > Level 2 Blockhead Buster (236P)
    • Level 3 Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K) > 66
    • Gun Blaze (214S) > 66
    • Level 3 Storm Viper (623H) > 66
    • CH Fafnir (41236D) > 66
Further Learning
Further Learning

These are intermediate/high level techniques that are best gradually learned and integrated into your play rather than learned up-front.

  • Other Force Roman Cancel points:
    • Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K) FRC is a great mixup tool behind Level 3 Blockhead Buster (236P). It lets Order Sol land and hit opponents expecting the overhead with 2K or Ground Throw.
    • Gun Blaze (214S) FRC gives Order Sol even more frame advantage.
  • Jump Install combos:
    • By tapping up during a jump cancellable move then quickly gatling into another ground move, it becomes possible to double jump after a super jump cancel.
    • Due to Order Sol's low jump arc, he often needs to super jump in air combos. This technique allows him to extend these air combos.
  • Recharge combos:
    • A high enough wallsplat from Level 2 Blockhead Buster (236P) > Action Charge (D) FRC can link into Charge Keep Gun Blaze (214S+D) two or three times, into another Action Charge.
    • This keeps the Charge gauge at Level 2 by the end of the combo.
    • These combos require adjusting depending on the Charge gauge at the start of the combo.
  • Double Dustloop:
    • A falling j.D causes enough untechable time Minimal hitstun before teching is possible. to allow for a rising j.H to be linked in the corner and converted into another Dustloop into Bandit Revolver Prototype (236K).
    • This requires specific combo routes that differ between character weights.

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