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A.B.AYou can punish moroha danzai with punch super between the hits, at all ranges.

At point blank, you can punish goku moroha danzai with level 3 dp. If you hit your command grab, and it will empty moroha, you can RC the last hit and combo into IK.

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Anji Mito

Anji Mito

Anji MitoRPS heavy centered matchup that forces both characters to stray away from their usual kit.
Slightly Anji Advantage

Round Start

A rather decisive moment as it dictates the flow of the match as choosing the wrong option can lead to being carried to the corner. Backdashing avoids Anji's 6S, Robo-Ky 6P and f.S beat Anji's 2S and 2H. 2K > 2S will beat FuujinGGAC Anji Fuujin.pngGuard:
clean allowing you to start your turn.


Staying outside of Fuujin range allows you to safely build meter with 2D and deny air approaches with Lv2/3 j.236S, avoid using Robodash in neutral as if its predictable, the response will be 5D by the Anji, if they rely on it too much you can throw them off with Robodash FRC > 63214K. When you have full meter you can get in with Lv3 j.236S > Airdash forward/j.214D or play a more grounded approach with higher heat levels to skew the risk and reward in your favour.


Standard Robo pressure at the threat of Fuujin and Autoguard options by the Anji, the kicker comes with Anji on wakeup as they will usually attempt to Autogaurd out of okizeme and running Bazooka (236S) Oki on Anji will most of the time get you punished really easily. The safest and best option for this is 5P meaty into 6K/6H throw OS, as that not only allows you to keep your turn if they decide to block but also counter the vast majority of Autoguard options from Anji.


Due to our unfortunate Guard gauge and the nature of the matchup, trying to mash out or abare out of Anji pressure is very much not recommended unless its a hard callout. Getting hit after even blocking just a bit of an Anji string can easily lead to you losing the matchup as Anji has quite a few easy ways to cash out against Robo, as such its usually for the best to Instant block and wait until you find a gap in Anji's pressure either by waiting for them to reset their pressure or calling out their options, Butterfly oki can be negated with delay wakeup.

Quick note and game changer: If you are capable of it Slashbacking Anji's Fuujin into 5K, it beats almost every Autoguard or non-Autoguard followup, this essentially turns Anji's most trusted tool into easy punish for Robo to retake his turn back.

What to watch?

You can find high level ROvAN footage [here]

Quick Tips

  • Using Lv3 214S vs a cornered Anji can cover a lot of their options on their wakeup. Even more, it can sideswitch and confuse opponent. On hit, Robo has a lot of ways to "cash out" depending on the amount of tension and heat he has. [VIDEO EXAMPLE]
  • You can command grab Anji's IssokutoiNo results on reaction.

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Axl Low

Axl LowYou don't get to play until you get level 3.

Your best bet is to back away and hope you get to deploy mat once, then IB until level 3. With level 3 you punish Axl heavily, level 3 horse beats 2p, 2h and his unblockable, not only that, but you will get a counter hit too. Watch out for counters and autoguard.

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BridgetYou can command throw her out of her reversal dp if you delay it a little.

Chipp Zanuff




6p beats scalpel pull cleanly, 2h can also work and net a ch, but it's basically a read and you can get hit if you time it wrong. You can fight his air bombs with 2h, you can also make yourself safe with 2h frc, hitting the bomb with 2h as soon as possible can make faust hit himself.

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Jam Kuradoberi

Jam Kuradoberi5k and 2k beat her low profile dash.

Fullscreen card ryuujin will whiff if you are crouched, so you can try to read that and 2h her safely from that distance.

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JusticePatient play is key to traversing her nukes.

Safely try to maintain a Mat while picking the right opportunity to act. DO NOT FAULTLESS DEFENSE THE NUKES! They'll eat through your Tension, which you need for missiles. Try Instant Blocking her nukes instead to build Tension.

In order to apply Robo-Ky's usual gameplan, your primary aim should be to hit her once (this will destroy all her nukes), and hopefully knock her down into Bazooka oki.


  • Robo-Dash: you need some space to run, but you can use Robo-Dash's invincibility to slip through her nukes and hit her before your invincibility runs out.
  • Missiles: Lv. 3 is essential! Get ready to spam, because a single missile will usually get eaten up by a nuke. BEWARE of missile's landing recovery - make sure you don't land in front of a nuke!
  • Superjump: Airdash to get around the nukes and try bopping her on the head with jS or jH. Crossups are nice, because you'll get to the side of the stage where she hasn't been throwing nukes - meaning you can more easily hit her.

Robo-Dash and Horse both trigger her counter, but it causes a unique interaction where Justice performs the follow up animation while Robo ends his move as if it were blocked. She can be punished with microdash 5K or super if you are fast enough.

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Kliff Undersn

Kliff UndersnYou can command throw his spot dodge.

Ky Kiske


May2k goes under horizontal dolphin.

You can command throw her during overhead kiss run.

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Millia Rage

Millia RageDelay wakeup to mess her disc okizeme.



2h will beat his j.d cleanly all the time, as will it beat his other air moves. You completely destroy his air approach while grounded, so keep it that way. On the ground he oppresses you. Learn to crush hammerfall armor cancelling your ground moves into 5h or dp, or beat it with raw punch super.

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Sol Badguy




5h will counter hit punish his summoning special if done as soon as possible, don't let him summon on block unpunished.

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