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Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc

Matchup numbers represent the character whose page this is compared against the character in the leftmost column of the table.

A.B.A Even A pretty even MU where single mistakes lead to big punishes for both sides.
  • GV is good for chasing down Blood pack attempts
  • Playing a zoning, reactive neutral against normal mode is good, you wanna force the bloodpack so you can punish, but make sure you capitalize on knockdowns in neutral.
  • While Sol's IK is usually garbage, Wild Throw/Throw/2d > Napalm Death setups are key here when Moroha is low.
  • Like all characters vs ABA DAA is good. Free KD off of one defensive mixup
  • Call out gaps as much as you can, blocking ABA lets her build GB and then she will TOD you, mash that VV (until they catch on)
  • ABA's MM 2D will cause VV to whiff if done meaty as oki, but reversal Riot Stomp will hop over it to get you out. This is punishable midscreen (without FRC), but in corner can be used as a valid escape option. Reversal Riot Stomp also dodges meaty MM 2H.
Anji Mito Favorable Sweep beats much of Anji's main gameplan. VV through every trap you want and force the Anji player to burn meter to bait it.
  • Fuujin can actually be beaten with 2D or GV pretty easily. Anji is particularly susceptible to low profile.
  • DP if you want him off of you with less chance of getting CH.
  • meaty jS~4~(H/6K+H) is an OS that will beat every possible reversal option. 6K+H or any other throw OS will give you dead angle attack if the Anji chooses to do certain followups and you have the meter for it, so 4H is preferred sometimes, though that will give you 5H if they choose to do nothing but block.
Axl Low Slightly Unfavorable The funnest. Axl gets to play around you and shut down all of your air options. Be patient and play outside his range (which is far, yes), then go in when he calls out something incorrectly.
  • If Axl makes a single bad call on 5P vs 2H, you get to get in on him and prevent him from doing anything.
  • You can easily VV against 6H or IB to punish, GV through bad calls (not 2H or Rensen, but sometimes 2P).
  • They might get cheeky and DP if you don't meaty Gunflame or go for the right move.
  • Sometimes they'll wakeup super armor, which you can get around by OS'ing with low level moves gatling'd to each other.
  • Don't jump in with j.H or BB unless you want to get low profiled and whiff punished.
Baiken Even Sol has a command throw. Baiken wants to block. Unfortunately, Sol is one of the characters relegated to being unable to cancel into Wild Throw, so he has to commit to short buttons and conditioning.
  • You do great damage against her and can actually low profile her guard cancels but she also has some relatively better damage output than the rest of the cast so making a mistake is a bit more costly.
  • Avoid doing high jump ins, or be prepared to immediately RC or double Jump if they time Zakuro too slowly to hit during blockstop.
  • Have 2K or neutral jump primed for Suzuran if they try to get in.
  • Be wary of her common high low out of 6P > 2D or tk. Yozansen. The latter won't lead to damage without meter but it'll knock you back down.
Bridget Slightly Unfavorable Not fun. Bridget gets to dance around you pretty easily and Sol doesn't have the vertical reach to really get up and make Bridget regret it.
  • Once you get in you'll need to be wary of Starship, which can be WT'd on reaction, but otherwise you just need to FD her out to punish it adequately if not FRC'd.
  • Subject to 2D > mashless GV. Make every hit count.
Chipp Zanuff Slightly Unfavorable Chipp frankly just gets better buttons than Sol. A lot of your round start tools don't work nearly as well against him, and buttons which are normally okay to whiff in some matchups become fatal if you whiff them here due to Chipp's mobility.
  • Since his air mobility is also leagues above yours, you'll generally have to get in cautiously or through short burst dashes into Dash Brake.
  • Once you score a hit, Chipp melts, giving you ample time to turn the tables.
  • Chipp also has substantial trouble doing a lot of his higher damage confirms against Sol due to Sol's hurtbox.
  • If Chipp does a super incorrectly and you block it, you IK him. Each and every time (except in the corner).
Dizzy Unfavorable Frustrating but manageable if you're patient and know what to call out. Dizzy's setup shuts down VV reversals if done properly and her buttons are substantially bigger than yours. While they all have some pretty bad hurtboxes, Sol can't contest most of them or deal with her mobility outside of his closer ranges, so you'll have to be patient getting in or take a risk, and you absolutely **do not** want to be knockded down.
  • Fish shuts down your strong defensive tools by taking hits, and her air mobility can definitely make her hard to catch.
  • FB Spike and Fish > Imperial Ray will essentially push you back out so you get to try going back in again.
  • A lot of her jump ins, especially from airdashes are extremely difficult to contest with your normal grounded AA tools.
  • j.2S is a nightmare to deal with and you basically don't want to block j.H because Dizzy gains so much from the blockstun that she gets to set up.
  • Never let her set up a fish in a block string, and be ready to jump or GV against spike, assuming the player is not FRC'ing it. GV is a risk, as always, but will let you turn the tables on a proper call out.
Eddie Even TBD
Faust Unfavorable Sol has a lot of trouble getting around many of Faust's hitboxes, and the ways out can be huge risks. Small hurtbox makes a lot of tech whiff. Not the funnest and probably Sol's worst matchup, but nowhere near unmanageable. You just need to be patient, careful, and sometimes take risks to beat certain things.
  • 6P/GV/VV against 6H are strong but risky if not practiced. 2H can beat FB Chop if timed properly.
  • Don't jump in. Faust's myriad of AA tools and tiny hurtbox make aerial approaches a bad idea.
  • Faust always gets j.D>Sidewinder'd off wild throw starters. Use this extra damage so you don't have to fight him as long.
I-No Even Sol's defensive tools, particularly P normals and 5K shut down a lot of I-no's mobility and mixup options once you recognize when they want to hoverdash reset. This matchup can be a lot of back and forth.
  • Dives can be a bit difficult to contest with grounded AA options besides VV, but properly timed, 2D will give you a fat CH confirm.
  • Harrass her with f.S and sometimes 2D and max range 5H.
  • You can dash, 6P, or 2H under HCL assuming she didn't FRC it.
  • Reversal happy VCL simply gets beaten by meaty 5K, and Desperation can be thrown, GV
Jam Kuradoberi Even Although she's one of the few characters that Sol outranges, she can match you in damage, too, and with better mobility. You may have to take a bait and switch approach, otherwise you risk getting out-gorilla'd
  • Floaty enough for 2D > GV. If you like whiff punishing and outspacing somebody, this is the matchup for you.
  • Particularly susceptible to a lot of low profile unless she does excessive 2S.
Justice Even Despite her having the ability to keep you and having to play around some very scary buttons, this matchup is quite manageable.
  • Use f.S to poke nukes at max range and detonate them while taking minimal damage and avoiding knockdown. GV is also a callout against them, but they can easily manually detonate if they're paying attention.
  • Don't jump in unless you want to get 2H'd.
  • Round start CH 2D > GV works against nearly every round start tool Justice has EXCEPT ck.Michael Sword.
Johnny Even Outranges you entirely, a matchup you'll have to play patiently or make a lot of low profile callouts.
  • Have to commit to whiff punishes, GV, or 2D to get around a lot of things. 2D is your friend as it goes under like 95% of his toolkit.
  • Don't go in the air too much because you can't much contest 6P.
  • Particularly awkward hurtbox + weight. Generally needs more normals in between for Dustloops, post GV, and SW Loop enders.
  • ABSOLUTELY do not go for KD out of grounded VV confirms. All will whiff on Johnny ending up unsafe on hit.
Kliff Undersn Slightly Unfavorable Kliff's range make this very difficult to contest or get in, but Sol has his methods. You will have to keep the heat on and make certain you do not get pushed back out.
  • You can do GV callouts against a lot of things but ultimately are going to be doing a lot of chasing.
  • Thankfully, xx > 2D > slight mash GV works here so you can score some fat combos off of more stray hits at somewhat close range.
  • Make sure you have safejump j.S / Wild Throw in your pocket to deal with dodge.
  • Kliff's burst will never make GV whiff, so combo into it whenever you please.
Ky Kiske Even Main character battle. Ky usually wants you out until he scores a hit and keeps you back out again, but Sol has substantially higher damage output, meaning getting back in makes him sweat.
  • You can reaction GV under Stun Edge, whether in pressure or oki, if they space it improperly or don't FRC it.
  • Stun Edge generally needs to be punished by reversal'ing or IB > 5K between hits.
  • He wins most of the neutral game unless you call things out like 6P vs his f.S, but generally it's okay.
May Even She can dance all over the place, but you tag her once and force her to sit down. She doesn't have a strong mixup either, but she does have a command throw which needs to be jumped out of instead of poked like you might be used to.
  • You can DP Dolphins pretty easily, or 5P/5K them instead for meatier punishes and make her rethink things.
  • May's air mobility is a pain to catch, and you'll generally have to wait for her to commit to something rather than play the chase game.
Millia Rage Slightly Unfavorable See above, but with better mixup traded out for shit damage. She absolutely hates playing neutral with Sol due to fear of getting CH or even a single confirm into close range 2D > GV. You might get impatient with her flying everywhere, but keep in mind that she's on edge since she'll lose 50% to 80% off of a single confirm from you.
  • If she gets the initiative, she'll try her best to run a train and keep you from playing as she does with everybody.
  • Keep in mind that you can generally jump out if she goes for H Disc on oki without using pin for proper setup time, and that you can reversal GV or VV through it if she doesn't meaty properly or safejump.
  • Gets CL by 2D > slight mash GV. Really hurts.
  • Incredibly thin hurtbox. Some of your major confirms, like point blank 5H or corner 6P > GF will outright whiff.
Order-Sol Even HOS can have a lot of difficulty getting in on you, and Sol's defensive tools can shut down a lot of attempts to open you up. Both of you will fish for counterhits off of one another, but Sol gets better reward off of a normal hit punish with no resources.
  • IB VV is common against BRP, Rock It, and f.S/2S > 6H setups.
  • 2H is a great option after a blocked DP, and will counterhit if they get greedy and go for an action charge.
  • Anti-airing is tricky in this matchup especially against HOS's j.H. VV is risky but will beat everything. Otherwise 6P can also work if you are confident in your spacing. You can still anti air with 5K, however be careful about it pressing it too late because its likely to trade, which is good for HOS. 6H can work as a read but is a bit too slow against his jump arc.
  • You can 2D under his DP, which will also beat Gunblaze. 2D is also useful as a frame trap or blockstring filler because it can low profile HOS's otherwise amazing DAA. In general, it's fairly easy to put HOS on the backfoot if you can force him to defend, with him having to take a lot of risks to get out if you play it safe.
Potemkin Even Despite huge hitboxes and the means to meterlessly convert a PB into 50%+, you can dance around him alright, actually. You both do pretty big damage to each other so a lot of it gets decided with initiative.
  • Keep VV clash cancel j.K primed against wild j.D attempts.
  • Be prepared to reversal backdash against oki Slidehead.
  • Neutral jump vs Pot Buster leads to a full confirm.
  • GV beats Hammerfall on reaction.
  • Fafnir > TR will actually knock down with few enough hits.
Robo-Ky Slightly Favorable Robo doesn't tend to have fun here. Sol shuts down a lot of things with low profile and DP, and outside of round start f.S.
  • Robo has to be very patient and risks building meter or firing off 2H when you can just GV him.
  • Without meter he's little threat. Abuse your low profile.
  • You cannot safejump his DP, it's too fast. Don't bother when he has 50% meter.
Slayer Even Both of you want in, so this match gets wild and wacky.
  • BDC gives Slayer a strong defensive edge as well, but can be easily OS'd to beat a lot of tools.
  • You can GV things easily as he's trying to get in, as Slayer's mobility options are limited and generally lacks the means to get in for a punish if you whiff (unless he has meter for DOT, in which case be cautious)
Sol Badguy N/A This mirror either gets really strategic or really stupid.
  • You can 2D preemptively in neutral and punch each other a lot, but the fact that Sol knows how badly he can hurt may make you want to think twice about going fully wacky when you get to eat 50% off of it meterless.
Testament Even Once Testament gets themselves set up there are risky ways of escape, but there are means. If Sol gets in he can bully Testament pretty easily as long as you remain cognizant of Warrant.
  • Can GV under/VV through reversal Nightmare Circular on reaction for free.
  • IB jump out against EXE Beast setups is your best friend.
  • TBD
Venom Even Sol has ways around ball setups, but he needs to be patient. Once he gets in though Venom has to commit to his weaker neutral options.
  • You can counterpoke him a bit but it's safer to just get in slowly and make sure he can't breathe.
  • Nothing you can do roundstart will beat 2S except 2P/2K, which doesn't do much for initiative but it helps.
Zappa Slightly Unfavorable Ghost curse interrupts all of Sol's pressure. Sol can't move with sword out and dog isn't good for anyone. Not fun for Sol.
  • TBD


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