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Traps: The Mötley Crew

Testament's most valuable special moves are their four Traps. They can be generally divided into two types: mobile and stationary.

    • Mobile traps travel across the screen as projectiles and seek out enemy locations on their own.
    • Stationary traps are set by Testament and trigger when enemy hurtboxes walk near their location.

Traps are extremely important to Testament as they help control space. Your job should be looking for places to put down traps safely and then play around their existence. There are four major traps: Net, Beast, Skull and Tree.

    • Net drops an invisible net in front of Testament. If opponents walk into it, they are momentarily stuck in it. You can follow up with a combo on trapped opponents.
    • Beast is a moving projectile that travels along the floor. S Beast appears behind opponents, while H Beast appears in front of Testament. VERY IMPORTANT: You can hold down a Beast button to delay it's attack for a little while. Both Beasts can be on the screen at the same time, and can continue charging forward if Testament is hit during their travelling animation.
    • Skull is a projectile that can be sent along the ground or into the air. If opponents are hit with it, they become Cursed, which causes Testament's raven to attack them with one of four moves. Comes with a meter burn variant (236D) that homes in on opponents and applies curse even on block!
    • Tree causes Testament to plant a hidden tree at their feet, which will erupt and launch opponents if they walk over it. Tree has a very subtle planting animation and can be hard to see. Deactivates if Testament is hit.

In general, you want to use stationary traps to defend yourself or prevent opponents from moving, while using mobile traps to pursue opponents and put them on the run.