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Training Mode

On the training mode menu, you must Hit R1/L1 to change which screen you're on. The screen with the green background affects the dummy side's character.

You MUST switch from this tab to set up the dummy.
Make sure you're on THIS tab for all of the right tools.

How do I set the training dummy?

To ensure the combos you're practicing are valid, set "recovery" to either "back" or "forward", and "recovery frame" to zero. (This is because neutral techs are one frame slower)

Some other important menu options include:

  • Display: set to Both for the input display and damage info
  • Guard: Off/First/Limited/On/Random.
    • First will keep the dummy blocking as long as the current blockstring is airtight. However, it will NOT guardswitch properly, meaning a dummy set to standing will block a 5P but get hit by a followup 2K.
    • Limited will take a hit up until a string is no longer airtight. It will then block everything until you stop, and continue blocking for an unspecified amount of time (estimated around 2 seconds)
    • Off and On are self explanatory. Block on will block everything, regardless of state.
    • Random As the name states. The dummy will randomly block or stop blocking. An airtight string will maintain blocking but MAY not guardswitch, a la first.
  • Guard Frame: Can be "Normal", "Just" (Instant Block), "Faultless" (Faultess Defense), or "SlashBack" (self explanatory)
  • Slip Recovery: Affects how quickly the dummy shakes out of stagger, NOT stun/dizzy. Level 2 is an approximate human level mashing speed, so it's best to set it to this to test combo validity.

If you wish to practice dizzy setups, you'll need to record the dummy mashing out manually and play it back.

  • A note about playback: The PC version has tools for allowing sideswitching and playback on reversal, which are found on the player side.
    • Recording Slot: Lets you choose from one of four different slots. Slots can be emptied by simply rerecording and not using any inputs
    • Playback Slot: Decides which slot will be played back: 1/2/3/4/Rotate/Random. Rotate will cycle through all active playback slots. Random is self explanatory.
  • Playback Mode: Normal/Autoflip/Instant/Flip+Instant
    • Normal: slot will play back with the same timing it was recorded with. Will NOT autocorrect for side switching.
    • Autoflip: will autocorrect for side switching.
    • Instant: slot will playback instantly, to the first button press. This way, reversals can be timed to occur the moment the playback begins. Will NOT autocorrect for sideswitching.
    • Flip+Instant: plays back instantly and autocorrects side switching.
  • Reversal playback: to enable your recordings to play back the moment the dummy exits hit/blockstun/knockdown, you must return to the DUMMY tab and change Reversal Action to Memory, and Reversal Type to what you wish (All/Guard/Hit/Wakeup).

Player Tab: Recording Slots
Enemy Tab: Reversal Playback Tools

Outside of the PC version, there is no way to play inputs back on wakeup or as a reversal, you would have to time it manually yourself.

    • You can have a dummy record a button on the first frame of a recording by holding down the button while you press record, at least.
    • Using a dummy to play back an input will not correct for direction. So if you input 236P as your dummy motion, and play it back while on the other side of the dummy, it will instead perform 214P, unfortunately.

The menu options

Resume Game

Exits the training menu. You can also exit the menu by pressing the Pause Menu bind. Do not unbind your Pause Menu bind button, that is a bad idea.

Command List

This tells you the moves your character has.


Turn on/off damage and/or command inputs. Please note, the training mode input parser is not the most accurate.

Recording slot

For memory playback as explained above.

Playback slot

For memory playback as explained above.

Playback Mode

For memory playback as explained above.


You can set how your character behaves. Cycles between Controller/Dummy/CPU.

CPU Level

Sets how good the CPU is if the Mode is set to CPU.


Sets Tension bar in increments of 25 or infinite.


Toggles how Bursts behave, between normal and infinite.

Guard Balance

Sets the position of the Guard Gauge.

Guard Balance Reset

When toggled on, the Guard Balance will reset to the position set in training mode when exiting blockstun/hitstun.

Stun Level Reset

When toggled on, Stun will reset when exiting blockstun/hitstun.

Stun Resist

Toggles between different settings of Stun resist. No stun disables stun. Each increment up in the numbers increases the difficulty to Stun the opposing character.

Life Regain

When toggled on, the Life bar will reset to the set level when exiting blockstun/hitstun. Note: When toggled off, characters will die and training mode will reset to beginning of match.

Life Bar

Sets the hit point value of the character.

SP Menu

These are for character specific mechanics.


When Mode is set to dummy, this will set what the dummy will be doing.

State Repeat

If the state is set to an action, this will set how often that action is done.


Sets the character Tech(Ukemi)

Recovery Frame

Sets which frame the tech recovery is on. This allows for delayed tech recovery.


Toggles between different Guard options for the character. Limited guard is guard after first hit, it is a little buggy.

Guard Frame

Toggles between different types of Guard techniques, use to to set Instant Blocks, Fautless defense, Slashback.

Slip Recovery

Toggles how fast the character recovers from Slip Stagger
Max: Inputs 4 every frame
Lv 3: Inputs 4 every second frame
lv 2: Inputs 4 every fourth frame
lv 1: Inputs 4 every eight frame


Sets the counterhit state for the character.

Reversal Action

Sets an action for the character to do as a reversal.

Reversal Type

Sets when the character will do the reversal action.

Auto Burst

Sets bursting options for the character

Burst Delay

Delays auto burst by an adjustable amount of frames. The timing is dependent on how long it's been since a move has hit you with an active frame, so the timing on when the burst actually happens can vary.

Example: Sol 5P 5P will connect if the burst delay is set to 14 frames or higher, since it takes 13 frames to get from the first active frame of 5P to the first active frame of the second 5P. Sol can also do 5P 5K with 14 frames of burst delay, but the burst will not come out until after 5K(2). This results in burst coming out much later than it would have had you done 5P 5P, despite being on the exact same setting.

Dead Angle

Toggles on/off/random if the character will Dead Angle.

Controller Settings

Bind your buttons to attacks/actions/macros here.

Keyboard settings

Binds keyboard keys to Controller Settings bindings. It's really stupid yes.

Extra Menu

These are all weird extra settings you can mess around with. They're sort of like dip switches on arcade boards. Need to write up a page on what everything does sometime. Not tourney legal!


Makes everything go back to default settings.

Help & Options

The help and options menu from when the game shipped originally.

Character Select

Goes back to character select.

Exit Game

Goes back to the main menu

Additionally, a list of expanded training mode options can be found here:


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