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GGReload I-No Portrait.jpg

Defense Modifier: x1.06

Guts Rating: 1

Weight: Light (x1.05)

Stun Resistance: 55

Jump Startup: 3F

Backdash Time: 16F / Invul: 1~11F

Wake-Up (Face Up/Down): 35F / 32F

Movement Options
1 Double Jump, 2 Airdashes, Dash Type: Hover Dash
P K S H D Start
GGReload I-No P.png
GGReload I-No K.png
GGReload I-No S.png
GGReload I-No H.png
GGReload I-No D.png
GGReload I-No Start.png
GGReload I-No P(Sp).png
GGReload I-No K(Sp).png
GGReload I-No S(Sp).png
GGReload I-No H(Sp).png
GGReload I-No D(Sp).png
GGReload I-No Start(Sp).png


I-No is a bit tricky to use, but has great potential when mastered. Her biggest strength is her explosive damage combined with her difficult to block high/low mixup. Rather than having a standard ground dash, she possesses a unique hover dash that leaves her airborne, allowing her to use her aerial moves low to the ground without needing to land from a full jump. When she makes an opponent block a multi-hit music note projectile either on oki or from neutral, she can safely utilize her painfully difficult to block mixup using her quick overheads, feints into lows, and generally unprorated damage if she has meter for the conversion. This grants I-no some of the most dangerous okizeme in the game.

However, I-no possesses many weaknesses to offset her stellar setplay. The biggest one is probably in her neutral game. While her hover dash is amazing for high/low mixup, it is incredibly prohibitive for movement and pressure. Her normals and special moves are typically good at one specific job, so you will be forced to guess more often than with other characters. Though her defense isn't as low as other characters, such as Millia, I-No is just as susceptible to being dizzied. Eating a single counterhit from some characters can end the round in a loss.

That said, landing a well placed counterhit in neutral, confirming the full combo, and succeeding on oki with an unrproated normal can be enough to end the lower defense characters.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Virtually unblockable when close.
  • Safe overdrives.
  • Able to knockdown from near full-screen.
  • Explosive burst damage potential using optimized/character specific combos.
  • Superb aerial mobility thanks to double air dash and dives
  • Versatile special moves aimed at controlling your opponent’s movement and creating opportunities to rushdown.
  • Above average tension gain.
  • Fourth longest total backdash invul in the game.
  • Almost always has the advantage when at full screen (mostly due to the music note projectile).
  • Extremely high execution barrier for even simple combos and her neutral game movement:
  • Somewhat average to low damage output midscreen without the use of tension.
  • Overall weak defensive options (no meterless reversal).
  • Her unique ground-to-air dash (with 9 startup frames) creates difficulties in escaping some situations, and also inhibits certain types of pressure.
  • Below average health rating and guts.
  • Typically disadvantaged at mid-close range in neutral situations.


If I-No sounds like your type of character, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Her execution requirements are a huge struggle.

  • Optimized meterless combos will utilize 2 frame IAD links at mid screen. If your opponent is further away when you land your hit, it might be a 1f link, or it might not even work.
  • Must apply multiple advanced techniques for the B&B "5K > CL > FRC airdash combo" such as Jump Install, dash splitting (6 > FRC > 6), and hitting a 2-frame FRC window just to set up the next hit. This string is a requirement for high level play.
  • Combos are much more character specific than with other characters.

She is also very difficult to learn neutral with:

  • Anti-air is pretty situational (5P, 6P, j.P, 5K, airthrow, 6H) and some jump-ins flat out cannot be counter-poked when your opponent spaces them properly. Compare this to characters like Ky who can use either 6P or 2H for all situations.
  • Cannot counter poke effectively without deeply understanding I-No's own hitboxes and hurtboxes, as well as all of your opponent's hitboxes and hurtboxes. You can never count on a move to "just work" as a poke.
  • Moves that you'll typically counter-poke with are high risk for various reasons.
    • 6P has long recovery time
    • 5K has a long active time (CH state) with the hitbox mostly inside the hurtbox, and extended hurtbox during recovery frames.
    • j.H has long recovery and an extended hurtbox on startup
    • Extended hurtbox on 2H & 2D startup
    • Long startup on STBT that can be stuffed with low pokes.
  • I-No's air backdash extends her hurtbox forward.
  • I-No's ground-to-air dash makes her hurtbox much larger than normal.

Unique Mechanics

Hover Dash

I-No's ground dash does not behave like a normal run. It puts her airborne which allows her to perform high/low mixups without having to actually jump.

Normal Moves

GGAC Ino 5P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid CSJR 4 4 6 ±0

A short, quick jab that whiffs against people crouching, but is a great situational anti-air. You can get chain several hits of 5P if you want to burst bait before starting your air combo. The combination of the very fast< startup, lack of extended hurtboxes on startup, 4 active frames that are highly disjointed, and low recovery (with only 2 extended hurtbox frames during recovery) make this an amazing< normal to use in neutral. It's easiest to confirm into damage when used to AA, but it's just as important to shut down opponents when they try to pressure you with the wrong buttons. On block you can go into any of I-No's other moves or jump cancel, so her high-low mixup is on the table.

If your opponent jumps in with a deep/late air-to-ground to beat I-No's 6P, hit them first with this 4f move. If they start their jump-in earlier to beat a 5P, 6P will then work. If they try to feint a landing to bait 6P and double jump into their normal, they open themselves up to air throw. When both 5P and 6P fail against an opponent's air normal, 5K may be able to do the job.

Many characters (I-No included) have moves that extend their hitboxes forward before they go active, such as Sol's f.S, Potemkin's 5H, and Axl's 5P. Preemptive 5P from long ranges (sometimes as far as half screen) can stuff these pokes. If you're a little closer and have 25% meter, you can sometimes 5P > Jump Install > 2S > CL > 6FRC6 to convert off of this, but character hurtboxes make this finicky.

GGAC Ino 5K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 Mid SJR 7 7 12 -7

Fairly fast and has decent range. Her staple move for comboing into Horizontal Chemical Love (CL) when 5H isn't possible. Necessary for many combos and gatlings to most normals. Good mixup tool as the jump cancel lets you go into Dive or j.D FDC for overhead options, or you can manual jump install and gatling to 2S/2D for low options. 5K CL 6FRC6 is the standard punish after an opponent bursts badly. The long active frames will catch them falling so you don't drop your burst punish, but you can also use them to catch backdashes.

I-No extends her hurtbox forward on startup, the hitbox shrinks inside the hurtbox for the last 4 active frames, and her hurtbox remains extended during recovery. If your opponent doesn't respect you and mindlessly pushes the wrong buttons in neutral, you can control space with the active frames and let them stick their startup hurt boxes into this attack, but if your opponent knows the matchup, or is mindlessly pressing the right buttons, you'll get blown up. I-No lifts her leg off the ground which could potentially dodge lows at the right range, but her leg can easily whiff over the opponent since the hitbox is so high. You can usually link CL for a 6FRC6 conversion, but some characters recoil in a way that prevents this setup at max 5K range, and this wont work vs crouching either. If they're close enough you can manually JI and use 2D to float them into the CL to get your conversion.

I-No's standing hurt box normally extends up through her hat. This move is a deceptively good anti-air since she leans her head downward; her whole leg starting from where her mini-skirt ends is a disjointed hitbox for the first 3 active frames, with the hurtbox underneath it. The remaining active frames are inside the hurtbox, which expands upward for the trailing 4 active frames, so you need to be on point about timing this to AA with it. On air-CH up close you can confirm into TK Pdive, and if they're far away you can confirm with IAD j.H, with both setups leading to beefy meterless damage. This move might not lead to much on the ground most of the time, but when used properly as an AA you get a colossal reward.

GGAC Ino cS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
34 Mid SJR 6 2 12 ±0

Excellent combo tool and block string poke which is strong when JC'd into TK dive, or cancelled into S STBT/2S/2D. Just be wary that the range at which the move is no longer considered "close" is very short, which can cause you to get f.S at nearly point-blank range and drop your combo.

This reaches a little higher than it looks. It's not advised to try to AA with this move due to the risk of accidental f.S, but it can work.

GGAC Ino fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid SR 13 6 17 -9

In most cases where you would combo into this, you can substitute 5H for more damage. Almost useless.

GGAC Ino 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
43 Mid SJR 13 4 18 -3

Solid combo tool, works when you need a Lv 5 move. Has foot invulnerability, but generally shouldn't be used to beat lows unless spaced anyway. If you score a ground CH you can confirm into STBT(H), then jump cancel into P dive > airdash to take them to the corner while hitting for ~40%.

It's not all that fast and it has long recovery, so you can't throw it out mindlessly. Control space with your other moves, then crush low attempts with this move. This is one of I-No's better hitboxes, but she does extend her hurtbox forward slightly on startup. She also extends her hurtbox upward, which is less of an issue since you don't AA with this move, but is still relevant in some matchups (EX: May's Vertical Dolphins may accidentally catch you using 5H).

11~18F Foot invul.

GGAC Ino 6P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid SR 9 3 21 -10

6P has great upper-body invincibility and will be your most often used anti-air. 6P is also a staple in combos since it launches on hit, setting up most of her meterless air combo routes. Since the hitbox is out in front of I-No, this move also works well in some ground-to-ground exchanges. Since this hitbox is low to the ground, you'll find some characters can space their jump ins such that their hurtboxes remain too high to make contact with, so they'll land and block before this move hits them. As an example, Sol can do this with j.P and j.H. You'll have to work around this with IB > ground throw, preemptive air throw or preemptive j.P when you encounter an opponent who spaces their jump ins correctly, but if they're off by a little bit you can still tag them. Due to the frontal attack zone, this move is effective ground-to-ground when you want to blow clear through enemy pokes that don't reach low enough to hit I-No's legs. The long recovery makes this risky on whiff, but when successful you can generally confirm into f.S or 5H to get a combo going. As an example, against Faust you can poke through his f.S or scalpel at 2/3 to 3/4 screen and combo into CL (FRC) j.236H, 5K, and if you have additional meter you can follow that with CL > 6FRC6 to take him nearly corner-to-corner (and 40+% damage).

1~4F Upper body invul. 5~11F Above knees invul. Floats and knocks down opponent on ground hit

GGAC Ino 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20,65 Mid R 5 4(12)8 17 -6

6H is a great situational poke which truly shines when used on characters and players who try to instant air dash on I-Ho. Its arc is more than a complete 180 degrees starting at her feet and culminating a little past the back of her head. Most of the time you hit with this move in neutral, it will score a counter-hit which can be followed up by a quick hover dash j.S confirm combo. Having a 5 frame startup and two hits, missed throw attempts will auto option select into a move with great startup and priority. The extra hitstun and hitstop on air counter-hit sets up for a corner carry air combo, but a ground CH (2nd hit) staggers so you'll generally need to spend meter to get a reward off of that. It has a special late gatling to 5K that can let you confirm in the corner when the first hit connects and combos into the second, or if the second hit connects raw but wasn't a CH (both instances will require meter but lead to unprorated damage). It also happens to drain considerable tension when blocked with Faultless Defense. This move is very high risk due to the long total duration, but can be worth using if you control space well with I-No's other normals. If your opponent tries to IAD on you and you have the precision to snipe them out of the air with 6H (2nd hit), it's worth the reward. It's also worth discouraging your opponent from IADing in mindlessly since it keeps them on the ground where your much safer 5H/2H options are effective.

Blows back and knocks down opponent on ground hit. Staggers opponent on ground CH (1st hit max 43F, 2nd max 47F)

GGAC Ino 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
15 High R 25 12 9 -7

Ddecent corner mixup tool 25 frames. Despite the range, this move is not a projectile and can be RC'd on hit or on block.

It's worth using this as a zoning tool rather than trying to mix up your opponent with it, since it's active for a surprising duration and the hitbox is pretty wide, but use it sparingly. Use it when it's "safe" to do so, just to give your opponent one more thing to watch for. This makes it that much harder for them to block you in neutral or on defense. Use at around 2/3 screen distance when you read that they'll dash in (especially if you control space above them with a note), or time it meaty on oki if you think they're asleep, or occasionally in pressure strings when you're at long range (such as after 2S). Leads to some corner carry from mid screen or decent meterless damage when in the corner. Be wary in some matchups as it's too risky to throw out for the majority of the time (e.g.: Pot can Hammerfall through it, Baiken can Suzuran through it). Even though the hitbox is big, there's zero reward on air hit (even on CH, though you can RC and link 5K > CL > 6FRC6 if you want to dump meter). I-No extends her hurt box forward slightly on startup, so the "safe" range really is from far away where you'd think no one would ever get hit. When they think they can dash under max range CL to punish you, that's when this works.

GGAC Ino 2P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10 Mid CSR 5 2 6 +2

Quick mid with frame adv that is your main go-to for setting up tick throws. This gatlings to 2H with a 1-frame gap, so you can frame trap players who like to mash after conditioning them with tick-throws, or you can gatling to 2S to catch players who try to jump when they expect the tick-throw. 2P > slight delay CL could also be used to great effect as a frametrap for huge meterless damage in the corner if you think your opponent will try to throw you out of your own tick throw setup. You can also use this for whiff punishes where you would normally use 2K, as 2K prorates slightly harder. This move actually doesn't have all that big of a hitbox, so it's pretty situational as a poke. You'd use it when 5P is too high and 2K is too low, but also when 6P is too slow and risky (since it does a better job of covering that space). You're pretty much only going to use this to set up traps and pressure, or for specific whiff punishes.

Initial proration 80%.

GGAC Ino 2K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
15 Low SR 5 2 8 ±0

Good low with nice range, gatlings into 6P, 5S, 2S. Prorate 75% but an amazing confirm nonetheless. Has low profile property frames 5-8 and can be used to make specific jump-ins whiff over her head, creating an opportunity to counter attack. Try to save your tension if you land a hit as the combo will be scaled heavily. At frame 5 this is one of I-No's fastest pokes, so it's effective to counter poke when you create gaps with IB or FD. As you learn matchups, look for moves that are already unsafe enough that you can throw them on reaction, and see if you can get a better punish by IBing them into 2K to set up a full punish instead. 2P also works for this, but it has less range and doesn't low profile, so you'd take on extra risk if you're off by as little as a single frame. If you force them to whiff a move by using FD you'll probably need the extra range on 2K.

5~8F Low profile. Initial proration 75%.

GGAC Ino 2S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid SR 9 2 17 -5

2S is a great poking tool which moves I-no's body slightly forward, causing it to reach nearly 1/2 screen. It gatlings and is easily confirmable into 5H/2H/2D/and CL. It also has the added bonus of having no proration at all, so as a combo starter this move can lead to ludicrous amounts of damage. You generally need at least 25% to confirm with CL 6FRC6 into max damage, but a 40% corner combo off of a low is totally worth it. Remember that you cannot jump cancel 2S so you would need to carry a jump install from somewhere else, such as landing after a hover dash, or a manual jump install from 5K and c.S.

GGAC Ino 2H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 Mid SR 11 2 11 +6

This move has great frame advantage and starts up faster than 5H. On counter-hit you can link into other grounded normals, link a dashing j.S, or you can go into STBT-H for a massive meterless corner-carry combo. You'll mostly use this when 5H is just barely a little too slow, or as a frametrap mid blockstring that then resets into another frametrap. Use the frame advantage to fish for even more counter hits if you try to score a CH 2H and they block it. I-No's hurt box extends up as she raises the guitar over her head, then out in front before she slams it, so she's more vulnerable in front of her body than when using 5H. The hitbox reaches very low to the ground which makes it suitable for crushing low profile moves, but it's not suitable for attacking above the enemy's knees if they have lower body invul.

GGAC Ino 2D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Low SR 11 3 18 -7

Average sweep. Not much here except for being used in her low confirm combos. Slower than 2S, but is a low and doesn't extend I-No's hurtbox where the guitar is even though it does along her arm, so it has some rare use as a poke. You pretty much have to spend meter to confirm off of raw 2D though.

GGAC Ino jP.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 High, Air SR 5 5 12 -

Excellent air to air move that will clash or beat clean almost everything. On counter hit will combo into j.H and set up CL 6FRC6 for better damage. This hitbox is relatively high, and I-No leans in a way that lifts her hurtbox. You can end air-to-ground strings with a j.P to reduce the hitstop and blockstun to go into a tick throw, or land into a frame tight 2K, or go into CL if you think they'll get cheeky and try to throw you instead.

GGAC Ino jK.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
13 High, Air SR 5 12 27 -

Excellent jump in tool which has an amazing hit-box, hitting all around I-no's body. It's slightly disjointed below I-No's body, so it clashes with many moves which opponents might throw out to challenge her, sometimes even the second hit of Volcanic Viper. Crosses-up. Active for a long time.

Initial proration 90%.

GGAC Ino jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
23 High, Air SJR 8 6 23 -

Unprorated overhead. Pretty terrible as a poke, but if you have them blocking a note it works fine for your mixup game and it's general combo/pressure filler too. You should rarely use this to try to hit your opponent in a neutral situation. Air-to-air use j.P, or at long range j.H instead. While rising use j.P or attempt an air throw While falling use j.K. The hitbox is mostly inside the hurtbox and the hurtbox is huge. This move has a purpose and it's not poking.

GGAC Ino jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
46 High, Air SR 14 6 61 -

Easily one of I-no's best moves in her arsenal. Hits at almost an 180 degree curve in front of her. Excellent move to create space. This move is difficult to challenge when spaced correctly. Easily confirmable into dive loop in corner. If you can combo into 5H before you go airborne, you can usually skip the j.S and go right into this for more damage. You can also make bad burst attempts whiff by jumping backward with j.H before the S dive in the standard corner loop. Can also confirm air combos into j.H and simply shoot H note to maintain pressure where a more extended combo or guaranteed knockdown isn't possible or worth the meter. I-No extends her hurtbox forward and downward (along her legs) on startup with this move, so know the range where you can effectively air-to-air poke with it. I-No's air backdash isn't as long as her air forward dash, so players that chase after you may be able to hit your extended hurtbox as you use a retreating j.H.

GGAC Ino jD.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High, Air SJR 16 5 20+8L -

Delayed overhead in mixups, causes I-No to fall when used while rising, or float when used while failing. Reaches at least to the tip of I-No's shoes for the top/bottom of the hitbox, and sticks out some in front of her (disjointed enough to clash some moves like Axl's 5P). Floats the opponent on hit. Can chain from all of I-No's other air normals. High base damage, despite the harsh proration. Can also cancel the first frame with FD to take advantage of her inertia shift (the float/fall) while going into other moves. Can also fastfall this move when used during specific frames of I-No's airdash.

Floats opponent on hit. Initial proration 80%.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
GGAC Ino throw.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
55 Throw: 45 Pixels - - - - -

Completes her strong mixup/rush down game.

Knocks down opponent on hit. Initial proration 50%.

Air Throw
GGAC Ino airThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
55 Throw: 120 Pixels - - - - -

Tied for second best air throw range. I-No's hover dash is an excellent tool for chasing techs and setting up air throws. A weaker player can be mentally destroyed almost entirely by throwing their techs repeatedly. Get the corner air throw, get your basic confirm into some damage, then reset into a throw attempt instead of taking the knockdown.

Wall bounces opponent on hit. Initial proration 50%.

Dead Angle Attack
GGAC Ino 6P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All R 11 3 25 -14

Decent DAA.

1~13F Full invul. 14~33F Throw invul. Wall bounces opponent on hit. Initial proration 50%.


Stroke the Big Tree
GGAC Ino 41236S.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 40 Low R 20 2 17 ±0

Stroke the Big Tree move is a great attack in which proper use can set up great pressure and mixups. I-No’s hurtbox is low profile for frames 3~18 and has throw invincibility frames 6~15. Stagger on regular hit allows you to confirm with 5K > CL if you have meter for the 6FRC6. The move is vulnerable to low hits and I-no can be thrown right before the attack takes place after her throw-invincibility frames have ended. Good for setting up resets (using the stagger) if you combo this from 5H/2H against a crouching opponent, though sometimes you'll go for this because 2D wont reach (and neither will CL because crouching). It's possible to shake the stagger in time to block CL or to mash against dash-ins, so you'll need to condition your opponent to give you openings.

3~18F Low profile. 6~15F Throw invul. Staggers opponent on ground hit (max 35F). I-No is in crouching state during move.

H 40 Low RF 28 2 16 +1

The H version has 1 FRC point right before it hits which can be used to surprise your opponent with an instant ground grab, or dash split out of the FRC point and hover dash into an overhead attack. Use this move to go under your opponent’s mid/high attacks and non-grounded projectiles. Due to the long startup it's risky to use in pressure situations, even when you're trying to call out specific attacks. However, you can condition your opponent to try to poke or DP out, and feint with FRC to backdash, or FRC to super, or FRC to block into punish.

5~25F Low profile. 11~23F Throw invul. Staggers opponent on ground hit (max 35F). I-No is in crouching state during move.

Antidepressant Scale
214P air OK
GGAC Ino 214P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 12,12*0~5 All F 19 - Total 50 -11

Staple starter of her offense from a neutral game standpoint, and is the main ingredient in creating okizeme situations in which the opponent has no choice but to guess the incoming mixup. I-no can control the vertical movement of the note during its entire duration, and can FRC to move in tandem with it. This move gain additional hits depending on the time it is out and distance traveled up to a maximum of 5 hits. The projectile starts off slow and speeds up with time, being great for corner oki situations.

Air 12,12*0~5 All F 13 - Until L+6 -

Notably less recovery than the grounded version, with 4 extra FRC frames to cancel (total of 6). If you're trying to counter-zone another character that has effective projectiles (Venom, Ky), you can use the note at long range since it'll build up more hits before it reaches mid screen, then block the other player's projectile with it and let the note's explosion control space for you.

Sultry Performance
GGAC Ino j236S.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
P 40 High R 13 Until L L+7 +6

The P version is mostly used during combos and pressure strings as it bounces off opponent and allows I-no to air dash after block/hit.

Frame adv listed is from fastest TK version. Knocks down opponent on CH. Knocks down opponent on ground hit.

K 44 High R 13 Until L L+11 +2

Divekick style overhead attack which when performed as low to the ground as possible, results in an 18 frame overhead.

Frame adv listed is from fastest TK version. Knocks down opponent on CH. Knocks down opponent on ground hit.

S 44 High R 13 Until L L+13 ±0

Same startup/overhead timing as K version. At super jump height, the move travels more than full screen and coupled with a RC gives her a relatively safe get-in-free card in some matchups. On counter hit, S version greatly increases its untechable time. Follow up a K/S dive that you know they'll block (such as during a pressure string they're already blocking) with RC into S dive for a really scummy mixup. If you go into j.D you'll carry the forward momentum, so depending on timing you'll either hop over them and fly to the other corner to escape, or you'll bounce right in their face. You can try to airdash following the dive, but it puts you so low to the ground that you'll probably screw up due to the minimum airdash height requirement, so you'd really only be able to do this following a dive that made contact way too high on your opponent (which would have been unsafe, so you'd need to RC this anyway).

Frame adv listed is from fastest TK version. Knocks down opponent on CH. Knocks down opponent on ground hit.

H 20*3 All RF 10 32 Until L+8 -

Pseudo psycho crusher style move with an FRC point at the end, but outside of character specific combos does not have much uses. When spaced at nearly-max to max range and TK'd as low to the ground as possible, this move is neutral on block. This does have a use in some matchups such as against Axl and Potemkin:

  • Axl

When TK'd as low to the ground as possible, this move will go under and CH Axl's 5P and over Axl's 2H, and due to the improved speed and recovery you can get a meterless combo for the read. If Axl winds up blocking this move and you space it from just the right range, you can safely block his punish attempts. The low TK loses to his Rensen, but if you TK higher you can beat those and get knockdown, or FRC to get the combo.

  • Potemkin

The 3 consecutive hits allows this to beat Hammerfall, and if you want to call out Slide Head you'll actually get in Pot's face instead of just dodging it with CL. Use sparingly as he has a number of ways to call this out and no real reason to commit when he can wait it out and FDB improperly used notes.

Floats opponent on hit. Hitstop 6F.

Chemical Love
632146K air OK
GGAC Ino 632146K.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 50 All F 11 11 12+8L +3

Excellent mid to long range poking tool, which counts as a projectile and has hitboxes on I-No's body. Extends approximately 2/3 screen forward (with the camera zoomed out!) and about half screen behind her (can get some silly confirms off of crossups). In counter hit state throughout entire moves duration. Also, be careful throwing the horizontal version of this move out recklessly midscreen, as various characters and run underneath the wave and punish her. Buffering a dash input with the CL input allows you to carry dash-startup momentum through the move's normal animation. The input is 63214656. You'll know you've done it right when you get the forward momentum without the SFX or particle effects from I-No's dash. There are many uses for CL Extend.

Since this is frame-1 airborne, use this to bait throws on oki. If they know how to IB you'll get thrown easily if you don't FRC, or they'll poke out and force you to block, but if they don't IB it you'll have a frametrap to work with. If the next mixup doesn't work, frametrap into CL extend to get close again and keep the pressure on.

CL Extend can be used in neutral to fish for a CH and go into a meterless corner carry combo, or in the corner for huge meterless damage, but you'll need to know exactly what it's capable of beating; since you move forward there are situations where CL would have normally lost an exchange, but instead it scores you a CH.

1F onwards airborne. Knocks down opponent on ground hit. I-No is in CH state during recovery. Attack occurs even if I-No is hit after 9F

Air 50 All F 11 11 Until L+8 -

The air version is pretty much a combo tool.

Ground Dash
Ground Dash
GGReload Ino GroundDash.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.

Frame 4 onwards airborne. 9 frames of startup. The fastest you can start acting is on frame 10. The fastest you can land is on frame 20, even if you whiff a normal (like j.H) to try to land faster.


Ultimate Fortissimo
GGAC Ino j2363214S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50*3 All - 7+0 6 Until L -

Contender for best Overdrive in the game. Fortissimo freezes inputs for three frames post-super flash, does a LOT of damage, and combos both ways willy nilly. It's also ridiculously safe, with nearly half a second in frame advantage, allowing I-No to go for a new mixup if it's blocked. If she combos off of a raw hit, she can expect to deplete 50% of the opponent's lifebar.

1-7F Strike invul. I-No is in CH state during recovery. Dizzy modifier x0.

Longing Desperation
GGAC Ino 632146H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
46*3 All - 7+2 20 10 +1

Frame 1 invul reversal Overdrive, I-No's most reliable (and only one, really), as it starts fast, has good invincibility, is safe on block, and beats pretty much anything that doesn't low profile. It can be combo'd into easily, but Ultimate Fortissimo is generally a better use of Tension. Can be combo'd out of it in the corner, or in some cases with metered 5K CL follow ups. Note that the hitbox on this attack does not reach all the way to the ground. It can be low profiled by moves like Grand Viper and Stroke the Big Tree.

Instant Kill

Last Will and Testament
in IK Mode: 236236H
GGAC Ino IK1.png
GGAC Ino IK2.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All - 7+8 3 32 -25



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