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General Tactics

I-No is a unique and extremely effective rushdown pixie character, but takes great risks to do so without being covered by a note, scoring a knockdown, or having safe (anti-reversal) setups. I-No should be played with two goals in mind: 1) score a knockdown or make an opponent block a note during neutral, and 2) continually mix up the opponent in the corner utilizing her superior Tension gain and unrivaled offensive potential during okizeme. When I-No is pressuring out of an okizeme situation, or even a simple blockstring, she can be almost unblockable up close. That being said, although her strengths are firmly rooted in offensive capabilities, she lacks in defensive options to get her opponent off of her without spending meter or bursting, and her unique movement options may sometimes be detrimental to her regarding certain matchups.

At round start, I-No will often have to guess the opponents move and choose a way to punish (TK dive, STBT, CL), or alternatively IAD backwards with j.H (very safe) and begin zoning with a note or fishing for CL for a safer way in. The following are techniques to close the distance, extend combos and mix up the opponent.

What makes I-No immediately stand out from the rest of the cast is her movement options. I-no’s ground dash is an aerial hover dash which increases in height the longer the dash is performed. This enables her to leave the ground and immediately perform an overhead attack on opponent, or dash briefly and land to score a low attack.

However be warned, when it comes to execution I-No is definitely not for the dexterity challenged player. Many of her combos, especially those in midscreen, are notoriously among the hardest in the game. However when mastered, an expert I-No can leave even the best opponent feeling helpless, and has one of the highest comeback potential out of the entire cast.




Tips and Tricks


This is the most notorious, most used tactic when spending meter to combo with I-no and is a must learn which should be executed on at least an 90% consistency rate to play even remotely effectively with her. To give an example of one of her bread and butter combos, it would require utilizing the FRC point on her either jump installed or Tiger Knee’d Chemical Love attack, and performing a dash split technique to Instant Air Dash out of the cancelled move within 4-6 frames (depending on whether it was jump installed or Tiger Knee’d respectively), in order to continue the combo. Her Chemical Love attack is a staple in her combo set and leads to her most damaging combo options, and its use via neutral as well as its FRC point must be mastered in order to be even somewhat competent with her. The notation for such a basic combo for her would be 6P > 5H > 632147(8)(9)6K > [6 > (FRC) > 6] all within 4-6 frames > IAD j.S > j.H. Keep practicing and don't give up!

Fastfall j.D

Using j.D during specific frames (near the end) of I-No's forward airdash causes a fastfall effect. The easiest use for this is in specific combos, but you can also use it to aid your mixup.

Dash Momentum Chemical Love

Sometimes called Chemical Love Extend, or CLE. By adding a dash to the end of a Chemical Love, I-No can gain access to a new type of CL that contains the momentum of a dash. This can be performed by inputting 6321466K. It is a very difficult techniquie, with the window for the button press being no more than 2 frames wide. This is not a commonly used technique, but can catch the opponent off guard, and allow access to new and sometimes Tensionless combos. Not necessary but can be amazingly effective if applied correctly. Also not a bad round starter at times, as CL momentum will destroy backdashes and retreating opponents.

j.D FDC (Faultless Defense cancel)

This is simply cancelling j.D into a Faultless Defense, thus retaining the momentum of j.D while canceling the attack. Do j.D, then immediately FD. The speed at which this has to be done is quite fast, but not so fast that the j.D doesn't happen. Doing this fast and incorrectly will also cause you to burst, but when done properly, this technique is very doable even when retaining your burst. Note that you cannot cancel the j.D if you gatling into it. You have to use a raw hover dash or jump, or double jump into the j.D.

Why is this useful? Throughout GGXX revisions, I-no has gotten many new tools to mix-up opponents, but this mix-up has been around as long as she has and is among her most confusing tricks. j.D while jumping has a certain momentum that moves I-No forward. If FD cancelled quickly, especially after super jumping, I-No will actually jump over the opponent. Doing so will enable I-No access to a quick crossover technique that is hard to react to. Another use can be seen in the following string: Hover dash, j.S > j.D. Normally this string is used to hit those that would block low after j.S, in hopes of guarding 2K. However the block string can be further modified into Hover dash, j.S (JC) j.D FDC cancel, j.S/land 2K/land throw. This allows you to be less predictable, which is key to being a good I-no player.


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