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GGReload Zappa Portrait.jpg

Defense Modifier: x1.00

Guts Rating: 2

Weight: Normal (x1.00)

Stun Resistance: 60

Jump Startup: 4F

Backdash Time: 11F / Invul: 1~10F

Wake-Up (Face Up/Down): 32F / 38F

Movement Options
Double Jump, 1 Air Dash, Dash Type: Run
P K S H D Start
GGReload Zappa P.png
GGReload Zappa K.png
GGReload Zappa S.png
GGReload Zappa H.png
GGReload Zappa D.png
GGReload Zappa Start.png
GGReload Zappa P(Sp).png
GGReload Zappa K(Sp).png
GGReload Zappa S(Sp).png
GGReload Zappa H(Sp).png
GGReload Zappa D(Sp).png
GGReload Zappa Start(Sp).png


Zappa's game design is one of the most unique in fighting games. Zappa psuedo-randomly summons spirits to change his fighting style drastically, and to help him gather orbs to summon an even greater ally: Raoh.

Each of Zappa's summons gives him a different playstyle and set of tools to work with, from zoning, to spacing, to rushdown. Zappa's general strategy is to get a summon, play based on that summon's style, and gain orbs. Once Zappa gains 8 orbs, he can summon Raoh, inflicting lethal damage for 15 seconds. Zappa players will have to learn the ins and outs of each of his playstyles, resulting in Zappa having five times as many matchups as normal characters.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Lots of low profile moves, including dash
  • Variety of overheads
  • Excellent Backdash
  • Access to 50 Tension can get Raoh quickly
  • Decent damage output
  • Ranged normals
  • Unblockable setups
  • Infinites (until the enemy bursts).
  • Great defensive options. Dog can take a hit for Zappa
  • Great zoning - controls a ludicrous amount of space
  • Extensive, safe pressure
  • Ludicrous damage
  • Extreme range and speed
  • Great poking tools
  • Amazing DP
  • Very high chip damage
  • Very steep learning curve
  • Overall poor Anti-Airs
No Summons
  • No reliable reversals outside backdash/DAA
  • Terrible damage and range
  • Moves are a bit slow
  • Extremely limited options if opponents get past sword
  • Higher execution requirements.
  • Zappa loses knockdown tools in some matchups
  • Dog takes 30 frames to "activate"
  • Slow moves
  • Randomized item drops can screw up your combos
  • Very limited mixup
  • Zappa's poses make him vulnerable
  • Only lasts 15 seconds

Character Specific Mechanics


Zappa has the ability to summon one of 4 familiars which will augment his playstyle significantly by replacing his specials and normals.

Zappa's forms are in brief:

  • Naked Zappa - Zappa will start each round in this default state. This state is also his weakest form.
  • Dog - Replaces his Dust button with a familiar which can act autonomously from Zappa.
  • Triplets - Grant Zappa long range specials and augmented normals which are great for keep-away. Triplets also create random items on hit to harass the opponent.
  • Sword - Grants Zappa strong damage output and access to a 13 frame overhead that turns into a low.
  • Raoh - Raoh only appears when Zappa has 8 orbs. Raoh has amazing damage, reach, and speed, but is balanced by very poor mixups.


Zappa has a unique resource called Orbs which he gains by hitting enemies with certain moves.

Orbs will be shown as balls of light which float in a circle around Zappa's body. Zappa's special moves will grant Zappa with a number of orbs if they successfully hit, depending on the move. Zappa will start each round with 0 orbs, and can have a maximum of 8 orbs. When Zappa has 8 orbs, his next summon special will summon Raoh who is a unique summon that only lasts 15 seconds.

Special Cancelable 5D

Zappa is one of the only two characters in the game who can special cancel 5D.

Naked Moves


GGAC Zappa 5P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
9 Mid SJR 5 2 6 +2

Tied with 2P for Zappa's fastest normal. Decent range and good speed make this an acceptable poke, and also make it good for tick throws and frame traps.

Initial proration 90%.

GGAC Zappa 5K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Mid SR 9 6 8 -2

Zappa's 5K acts as a low crush, and an unorthodox poke. Can chain into 2H for an air combo if it hits an enemy airborne.

1-4F Foot inv 5-22F Lower body inv Knocks down opponent on ground CH

GGAC Zappa cS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Mid SJR 8 6 18 -10

Good combo starter, but otherwise cS doesn't stand out in neutral. It's mostly delegated to combo filler.

GGAC Zappa fS.png
GGAC Zappa fSonground.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Mid SR 13 9 7 -2

Easily one of Zappa's best normals, hitting for good damage and with the highest range out of Zappa's notable normal attacks. Activates at a surprisingly close range, and can combo into 2S or 2D if you're close enough, allowing Zappa to go into Centipedes if naked, or into other setups with the Dog. At a far enough range, this move turns into a harmless puddle. Can be jumped cancelled into something like j.K or j.S if you're close enough.

Spit reaches its maximum horizontal distance in 19F.

GGAC Zappa 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20*3 High R 22 3*6 12 -7

One of the weirdest moves in the game: a six hitbox overhead that's unsafe on hit. Amazing when used in conjunction with the Dog, otherwise a bit risky without meter. By itself you won't get much from it. Use it to go for the kill.

Lower body invul 22~39F. Hitstop 7F.

GGAC Zappa 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
17 High SR 23 4 22 -9

Another interesting move, Zappa's dust is easy to see, but comes out relatively quickly, has both throw and lower body invincibility, and is the one of the only two Dusts in the game that can be special cancelled! The most common followup out of 5D is to do an Impossible Dust with jD, land, and perform (2H) Centipedes.

7~32F Throw invul. 15~34F Lower body invul.

GGAC Zappa 2P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid SJR 5 3 9 -2

Another good, fast poke, 2P is a great combo starter, going into 2K into whatever. It's generally best to go into 2K, 2D, Centipedes when naked, or whatever combo you'd like when using a summon.

Low profile 1F onwards. Initial proration 90%.

GGAC Zappa 2K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 L SR 7 6 7 -1

Yet another low profile Zappa poke, and among the better moves in Zappa's overall tookit. 2K hits low, goes under a lot of things, moves Zappa slightly forwards, and comes out at a decent speed. The push forward is particularly important for compensating for Zappa's short range when naked, and particularly in Dog combos. Its gatling routes change depending on your summon, so keep in mind that you'll have more options based on your current spirit. Definitely a good low option.

Initial proration 80%.

GGAC Zappa 2S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Mid SR 11 9 12 -7

Nothing great by itself, but it has decent range and will allow Zappa to combo into 2H against crouchers. Like cS, it's mostly combo filler. Has some...odd patterns in its low profile states. Good on counter hit, go ahead and dash into whatever.

Low profile 1~4F, 9~10F, 20~21F, 26~31F. Staggers on ground CH (max 39F).

GGAC Zappa 2H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Mid SJR 15 5 14 ±0

By itself, this move is nothing special, but when chained into, 2H is beastly. It has an amazing hitbox, is jump cancellable, gatlings both to and from almost all of Zappa's normals, is safe on block, deals ridiculous damage, staggers, has a massive dizzy modifier, cranks the guard bar a ton, and does chip damage. Feel free to RC 2H on hit and go into another one or do some other silly combo of your choosing. Note that the only moves that will successfully combo into this without meter are 6P, cS, and 2S against crouchers, and 5K, 6P, cS, and 2S on counter hit.

Staggers on ground hit (max 35F). Dizzy modifier x2.

GGAC Zappa 2D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 L SR 13 6 12 -4

Still another low profile Zappa normal, 2D is meant mostly for knockdown into Centipedes when naked, or knockdown with the Triplets. By itself, though, it's not recommended to throw out alone.

Low profile 10~20F.

GGAC Zappa 6P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 Low SJR 11 3 18 -7

An excellent move that's more suited to poking than anti-air due to its low to the ground hitbox. You'll be dashing into this move a lot, using it to start pressure or combos because of its invincibility and ability to jump cancel. If used against jump ins, it'll usually make an opponent pass through you rather than hit them, but can be used in an emergency. 6P will be seeing a lot of use from you.

1~2F Upper body invul. 3~13F Upper body invul. Knocks down opponent on ground CH.

GGAC Zappa 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 High R 21 19 26 -26

Another one of Zappa's several overheads, this one is quite a bit more useful than 5H, but is still extremely unsafe and only meant to be used sparingly. If you have the dog to cover your pressure, this move is excellent, but otherwise is seldom used. Note that it won't knockdown in the corner unless it lands as a counter hit. A tricky mixup you can use if you have the meter is to jump install into 6H, RC it on block (from far enough out) and airdash in. On Counter Hit, you're going to lead into something mean, or as mean as you can get with naked Zappa.

Zappa is airborne from 19~39F. Low profile 44~49F. 50~57F Above feet invul. Wall bounces opponent on hit. Knocks down opponent on hit.

Air Normals

GGAC Zappa jP.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
13 High, Air SJR 6 6 9 -

Zappa's best air-to-air and air combo starter. It's Zappa's fastest jumping normal, and combos into j.K, j.S, and j.D easily. When Zappa has any summon out, j.P will cancel into itself. With Triplets, j.PxN (JC) j.PxN > j.D becomes a staple aerial combo.

GGAC Zappa jK.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 High, Air SR 10 11 18 -

Has some of the best range of all of Zappa's jumping normals, but its speed and nature of its hitbox don't make for a particularly great aerial. It hits pretty far out and combos into j.S and j.D, and back into j.P, but not being jump cancellable hurts its utility. It's a bit slow and is probably naked Zappa's best jump in whne properly timed, but Zappa is always better suited to summoning as soon as possible (and safely).

GGAC Zappa jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 High, Air SJR 9 3 15 -

More combo filler. Delegated to combos and pretty much that when Zappa is naked. Has worse horizontal reach than j.K, but some height to its hitbox, and is just fast enough to work in air combos. You'll mainly see it used after j.P into j.D, or after 2H air hit combos.

GGAC Zappa jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 High, Air SR 12 2 12 -

This move will almost never hit anybody in front of you, because the hitbox is entirely behind Zappa, making this a great crossup tool. This sees its use, in addition to jump in crossup setups, mostly in Dog loops to keep opponents in the Dog's range when comboing from midscreen.

GGAC Zappa jD.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High, Air SR 9 6 18+5L -

Has a tricky crossup hitbox and wallbounces on counter hit, but jD sees its use mostly as an air combo ender for most of Zappa's summons, sans Raoh. It does pretty good damage, has some better range amongst Zappa's moveset, and is especially useful overall. Probably tied with jP for Zappa's most used aerial.

Floats opponent on hit. Wall bounces on CH (untechable on ground hit for 60F).


Hello, Three Centipedes
236P with No Summon
GGAC Zappa konnichiwa.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 Mid R 10 4 20 -12

The major staple of Zappa's gameplan, Centipedes are the most important tool in Zappa's arsenal. It is fully invul until one frame before startup, knocks down, and grants Zappa a summon. Afterwards, you can link a 5P into a combo based on which summon you've been granted. On hit, Zappa will gain three orb, and a summon based on the timer and your number of orbs.

If the singles digit on the round's timer is:
-0, you get the sword.
-1, you get the dog.
-2, you get the ghosts.
-If you have 8 orbs, you get Raoh.
(Note that this occurs on frame 15 of the attack).

1-9F Strike invul. Knocks down on hit. Summon appears on 23F. +3 Souls on hit.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
GGAC Zappa throw.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 Throw: 45 Pixels - - - - -

Unusual ground throw with shorter range than average to compensate for Zappa's mobility. Throws the opponent opposite of the direction your threw them in. Wall bounces and knocks down. You can usually follow up with an OTG summon or link a 5P into a combo when near the corner.

Wall bounces opponent on hit. Knocks down on hit. Initial proration 50%.

Air Throw
Air Throw
GGAC Zappa airThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Throw: 110 Pixels - - - - -

A good airthrow which leads to guaranteed OTG Centipedes if you time it correctly. Because you'll get j.H if you whiff, you generally want to OS with j.P+H, which is a much safer option. One of your most reliable AA options due to the nature of Zappa's randomness.

Knocks down opponent on hit. Initial proration 50%.

Dead Angle Attack
Dead Angle Attack
GGAC Zappa 2H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All R 15 4 15 -5

Using the same animation as 2H, Zappa's Dead Angle is a decent gtfo move, with a big hitbox and decent speed. Safe-ish on block.

Full invul 1~20F. Throw invul 21~31F. Knocks down opponent on ground hit. Initial prorate 50%.

Triplet Moves


  1. If Zappa doesn't have any Triplets with him when you input the move, all the frames that would normally result in a ghost attack turn into recovery (no attack).
  2. Knocks down opponent on ground hit. Triplet disappears after attack. Triplet disappears for 104F, after which they stay in place for 122F before returning. Collect the triplet by touching them.
  3. Can be cancelled into other moves too
GGAC Zappa ghost cS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid SJR 6 2 19 -7

Pretty standard punish starter. Doesn't have too much reach, but can be used sparringly as an anti-air, and to relaunch/link air combos.

Zappa can gatling any of his ghost normals back into each other for as many ghosts as he currently holds, meaning up to three. However, c.S bypasses this and lets you start a ghost combo before going into this chain. This makes it a premiere combo tool, especially after a 236S FRC. Note that it cannot be gatling'd back into like the other ghost normals. You can end gatling strings with this too, as it's safe on block, to reset strings or set tick throws/frame traps.

See note 1.

GGAC Zappa ghost fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Mid SJR 9 7 17 -7

Now we're getting some range. Has the longest horizontal reach of Zappa's grounded ghost normals. Its hitbox more or less matches the lateral range of the arm, but vertically it hits low enough to connect with crouchers. Great for zoning and stuffing a lot of things, especially when whiffing other ghost normals. You can even use backdash f.S as an emergency AA if you time it. Can combo to 5H/2H for knockdown/float.

Staggers opponent on ground CH (max 39F).

GGAC Zappa ghost 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 Mid SJR 14 5 21 -9

Slower normal amongst Zappa's triplets. Better for frame traps, and mostly sees use in c.S > 5H relaunches after floating with a 2H. Mostly meant for damage and filler in combos. It has the same hitstun and blockstun as S normals, but generally launches the ghost out a bit farther from Zappa, making it better for combos where Zappa's been pushed away.

Since it has the cancel property of Zappa's ghosts, though, you can chain into 2S for mixup situations, which can create ambiguous situations when you start with this in conjunction with 6H.

See note 1.

GGAC Zappa ghost 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36*3 High R 14 5(3)5(10)5 8 +4

Absurdly fast overhead, especially considering its damage. Will deal roughly 80 points of damage or more if you let all three hits rock. Has a great amount of range and will push back the opponent farther the more hits you allow. Its animation and startup time are also eerily similar to 5H's, which can be cancelled into 2S as a low, creating a very ambiguous mixup situation.

If you RC the first or second hit, you'll be able to continue the combo and generally deal a knockdown. Despite that you cannot combo into this move or gatling into it from ghost normals, you can gatling into it from a 5P or 6P, the former of which self-cancels with the ghosts, and the latter gatlings to and from c.S, leading to a scary mixup when in range. Fantastic tool, just note that you'll get fewer hits when you have few.

After Zappa turns his back, all of the currently present triplets attack. Zappa's body has the same recovery, regardless of # of triplets. See note 1.

GGAC Zappa ghost 2S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 Low CSR 5 6 16 -8

A short ranged low which by itself has less range than 2K, but doesn't have a prorate. This is useful since although you can't gatling into Zappa's overhead, you have plenty of options to force the opponent to sit instead of trying to jump out. 2S increases Zappa's number of lows to four when he has triplets, so this will make them stay honest. Gatlings into all other ghost normals (sans c.S), but will not combo into H normals. Completely safe on block.

See note 1.

GGAC Zappa ghost 2H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 All - 17 9 15 +7

Knockdown and pressure tool that works best after a c.S or other short gatling before S and H. It'll put them close to you and do a small amount of damage, less than 2D, but it also has frame advantage of block, making Zappa's ghost pressure scarier than it already is. You can also link a c.S on hit to relaunch if you want to get a kill or just get them off of you. However, note that using 2H temporarily disables the ghost you use for longer than simply launching them, since you did just blow it up.

Knocks down opponent on hit. See notes 1 and 2.

Air Normals

GGAC Zappa ghost jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 High, Air SR 14 5 21 -

Good damage filler in aerial combos, since Zappa's air combos generally don't end in knockdown. Combos from j.P and j.K, and combos into j.K and j.D for better conversion. It can also work as an air to air due to its arc and relatively large hitbox. Note that like all of Zappa's air ghost normals, it is not an overhead.

See note 1.

GGAC Zappa ghost jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 High, Air - 14 9 17 -

Excellent tool for crossup shenanigans since the hitbox will linger in place after Zappa moves past or airdashes back in front of the opponent, creating tricky mixup situations. It'll knock down and can also cover you during an aerial retreat, it just comes with the same risks as 2H. It's also very vulnerable for Zappa after use, particularly if you use it with no ghosts present, so don't go too crazy with it.

You'll recover with enough time to airdash if done out of a super jump, so consider that, too.

Knocks down opponent on hit. See notes 1, 2, and 3.


Please Don't Come Back
236S/H with Triplets
GGReload Zappa SonoMama.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 All F 9 - Total 39 -4

A versatile move that gives the Triplets the ability to control a grand amount of the screen. Each version launches one of the ghosts near Zappa at a different arc depending on the button, and on hit, the ghost will possess the opponent if one isn't already haunting them. Its FRC circumvents its long recovery, and can be used to extend combos and guarantee a knockdown into another mixup situation. Just make sure a ghost is nearby when being used, or Zappa will simply go into a vulnerable animation without launching a hitbox. Extremely useful.

S version shoots a ghost straight ahead of Zappa, probably the most used version. It goes the entirety of the field and zones the opponent completely. Up close, it's great for pressure and as a combo tool when FRC'd. Lasts until it reaches the edge of the screen.

H version shoots a ghost at an upwards arc. Good for close opponents trying to jump out, or far opponents trying to approach from the air. Lasts until it hits the floor (46F for ground version).

Zappa is in CH state during move. Attack disappears immediately if Zappa gets hit. +1 Soul on hit. Opponent becomes Cursed on hit: Banana, Golf Ball, and Potted Plant spawns at random 3 times. Curse lasts for 3 spawns or until Zappa gets hit. FRC timing 10~11F. If Zappa has no ghosts, nothing is fired and has a total animation length of 49F. Total length for the air version: 41F. See notes *2 and *3.

Curse Items
GGAC Zappa banana.png
GGAC Zappa golfball.png
GGAC Zappa hachiue.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Banana 0 Low - - 79 - -

The moment an opponent gets possesed by a ghost, one of the three items will launch towards the target. Each of the three has a different set of properties, but one of the three will be randomly launched at 1F, 121F, 241F, and 361F of Haunting. This is extremely useful if the opponent is applying pressure but is still haunted, as items will spawn even if Zappa is blocking. Keep this in mind, and you can easily figure out how to break out of pressure. All three items deal 0 chip damage.

The banana will float on hit. It will come from the upper corner of the screen behind Zappa, so it will take a short amount of time to reach the opponent. Since it knocks down, you can go into an air combo on hit if close enough. Hitstop 6F.

Golf Ball 40 All - - - - -

The golf ball deals a good amount of damage, but bounces slowly across the floor until it makes contact. You can react very easily to this and plan your combos accordingly.

Potted Plant 25 All - - 34 - -

The flowerpot is the fastest item, as it will hone in on the opponent when spawned, and will plummet the opponent down on air hit. It will tack on damage pretty quickly.

Hitstop 6F.

Dog Moves


  • Listed frame data is for the Dog. Data listed in [ ] is for followup version of the move.
  • Zappa's 5D, 2D, and j.D are replaced with the corresponding Dog Normals; Zappa himself does not attack.
  • Dog is invincible while idle.
  • Can cancel first attack into followup version of the move on hit or block
GGAC Zappa dog 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 Mid - 16 6 31 -

The staple Dog move, you can use this to cover options and link combos together, making it integral to Zappa's dreaded infinites. Additionally, since dog attacks can be used in blockstun, you can use this to break through pressure if used intelligently.

Examples in strings include using it to make Zappa safe during/after 5H or 6H, linking 2H > 5D > 2K > 5D > xx for extended combos, etc. On hit, it pushes the dog back slightly, and doesn't combo into itself if you use 5D again as a followup. Regardless, this move is still one of your most reliable dog moves.

Low profile 1~6F, 48~50F, and 54~59F. Can only cancel into this attack from 5D or 2D.

GGAC Zappa dog 6D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 Mid - 13 12 18 -

A lunging bite which can work similarly to 5D for linking moves together and allowing Zappa to continue combos and pressure. Its major difference is it has more horizontal reach than any of the dog's other moves, working for repositioning the dog, and it combos into itself. You can also use this to hit opponents that have you under pressure if the dog is behind you.

In addition, it places the dog airborne, allowing for 4DD, aerial 8D, or another 6D as a followup. On contact with the opponent, the dog will pop back about a third of the screen, but during this retreat animation, you can do a followup dog attack if 6D itself was not a followup. Knocks down on air hit, good after a 2D.

Low profile on 1~13F and 34F~ (landing time after a hit or block). Feet invincible 14~33F. On hit or block, Dog performs rebound animation (total 69F). Pulls in opponent on air hit (untechable for 20F).

GGAC Zappa dog 8D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All - 10 12 31 -

Great move to use when being pressured and the dog is over the opponent, allowing for a somewhat reliable "Get-off" option. It will catch people airdashing in haphazardly, and can work as combo filler in jumping combos, but be careful as it generally won't hit crouching opponents. After a rebounded 6D or 4DD, this can help reposition the dog against a grounded opponent, particularly in the corner, by intentionally whiffing it. Good for orbs if that's your goal.

Low profile 1~4F and 44F onwards. Feet invincible 9~43F. Floats opponent on hit (untechable on ground hit for 28F). +1 Soul on hit. Followup has startup 10F when performed after 5D or 2D. Followup has startup 4F when performed after 6D, 8D, or 4D->D.

GGAC Zappa dog 2D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Unblockable - 36 4 22 -

The only dog normal that floats on hit, 2D is best for combo enders and even has uses in pressure. It grants 3 orbs on hit, but its range requires you to be able to position to the dog well. After landing it, you can guarantee a knockdown by doing 6D as a followup. In blockstrings, it has a high amount of blockstun, so use it to get back in.

Floats and blows away opponent on hit. Initial prorate 50%. Follow-up version can only be done from 5D or 2D. +3 Souls on hit. Initial proration 50%.

GGAC Zappa dog 4D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - Total 59 -

It is integral that you use this move, as it allows the dog to move while retaining its invincibility. 4D will make the dog hop backwards, allowing for you to move it without the risk of sacrificing it. You can follow up with 4DD, 6D, or 8D if necessary.

Dog is invincible during move. Can perform Followup Attack (4D->D) between 2~43F [2~16F frames before landing].

GGAC Zappa dog 4DD.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 High, Air - 2+13 Until L 40 -

The Dog's overhead. Used in conjunction with 2K, Zappa gets an unblockable setup, and with the right combination, he can reset back into it repeatedly in the corner. This is what will make Zappa's dog game terrifying, starting combos and ending them after 2D as well. Using 4DD late after a 4D or rebound can reposition the dog closer to the opponent as well by intentionally making it whiff.

Low profile on 1~12F and 37F~ on hit or block (after landing). Above feet invincible 13~36F. Initial prorate 75%. Dog performs rebound animation on hit or block. Slams down opponent on air hit (untechable for 12F).

Sword Moves


Sword normals will push the sword farther away from Zappa with each use.
This keeps going until the sword is a little farther than half screen away.
If Zappa is farther from the opponent than this distance, the sword will not advance laterally.
On hit or block, despite the sword's position, Zappa is still pushed back.
Doing nothing with the sword for about a second will make it return to his position.
GGAC Zappa sword cS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid SR 5 4 14 -4

Sword Zappa's main punish starter, due to its damage and gatling options. It has the quickest startup of all of Zappa's sword normals, but is probably one of the least used due to the nature of the sword itself. However, the fact that it forces standing on hit can allow for Zappa's combo game to widen slightly, so keep that in mind.

Forces opponent into stand state on hit.

GGAC Zappa sword fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Mid SR 8 2 19 -4

A major distance poking tool which will probably see more use as a combo starter than c.S since you'll run your mixup game with the sword from a distance. F.S pushes the sword forward about 1/8th of the screen, completely laterally, which is good for covering options without committing to raising or dropping the sword's height. Although it has good gatling options, it has a high amount of recovery, so be careful.

GGAC Zappa sword 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35*2 Mid SR 9 2(8)3 18 -2

Good damage and two hits can make this a powerful tool for ending combos into Swipe, especially when Zappa is being pushed out too far to continue any combos. It reaches pretty far in neutral (about a 1/4 of the screen by the second hit), and has decent recovery, though its active frames still lend to Zappa being vulnerable.

GGAC Zappa sword 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 High SR 13 20 12 -13

6H functions as a 13F overhead. This makes it a terrifying option that can come from nearly of any Zappa's normals, and it special cancels, usually into the swipe for knockdown.

6H will usually raise the sword a bit before dropping downwards at a 45 degree angle, towards the opponent. Keep this in mind, as if the sword is too high and the opponent is grounded, they may be able to low profile the move and escape your pressure, and it may whiff if used improperly. Its best uses are generally after a f.S, 2S, or 2H(1), leading to mixup or continuing a combo.

GGAC Zappa sword 2S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Low SR 9 3 15 -4

Zappa's only ranged low, but a ranged low is a blessing for anybody who gets one. 2S will drop the sword's height on use, perfect for comboing into 2H and ensuring that your grounded sword combos connect. However, note that 2S does not hit low if the sword is not at its default grounded height. It still has its uses when its not, but opponents who are aware won't need to worry about Zappa's mixup as heavily.

Must only be blocked low if the Sword attack comes out at its default grounded height.

GGAC Zappa sword 2H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 Mid SR 7 22 12 -14

Excellent Anti-Air, 2H will propel the sword upward and out about 1/3 screen on, use, working as two hits and forcing anybody in the air to take a seat. Its hitbox is very large and difficult for a lot of characters to manuever around, and will make opponents think twice about trying to get around the sword from the air. Very unsafe on block though, so be wary.

Air Normals

GGAC Zappa sword jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 High, Air SR 7 3 23 -

Probably one of Zappa's better air-to-airs of any summon. Great range, good speed, nice hitbox. It works well for covering retreats, too.

GGAC Zappa sword jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 High, Air SR 9 9 15 -

Occasional crossup tool. If you dash over the opponent and use j.H while the sword is close to you, the delay in its placement will keep the sword behind, acting for a gimmicky crossup which you generally won't get much damage out of, but can be useful for breaking guards every now and then.


This Has Gotta Hurt
236S with Sword
GGAC Zappa itasou.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 Mid R 12 16 12 -13

Important move, as it brings the sword back to Zappa's position immediately. It's generally not a good move by itself, especially without meter, as it's terribly unsafe, moves really slowly, and its hitbox doesn't seem that great, but it may beat things you don't expect.

Note that when you use this move, the speed of travel will compensate to cover the distance between Zappa and the sword. This means that if you use this move while the sword is close, Zappa will not move very far nor fast. However, used with the sword far away, Zappa will rocket forwards to what the sword's position was during the input. This move gives you one orb on hit.

Staggers opponent on ground CH (max 43F). Zappa has 28F recovery on hit or block, 13F recovery on whiff. Can cancel into Followup from 12F of recovery onwards on hit or block. If the attack hits really late into the active frames, you cannot cancel this move into Followup. +1 Soul on hit.

45 Mid R 9 12 26 -24

Only useful when the first hit of 236H counter hits, or when you have meter to cancel. Otherwise, the two moves will not combo. On hit, however, this move will knock down and net you three orbs. You can RC it after having it blocked to continue pressure, or throw it out occasionally against players not expecting it. Be careful, as you will be punished if it is blocked.

Knocks down opponent on hit. Zappa is in CH state during recovery. +3 Souls on hit.

Please Fall
623H with Sword
GGAC Zappa ochitoite.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 Mid RF 10 9 29 -24

Uppercut with huge vertical reach, and an FRC to make it completely safe. You can follow up after it easily if you FRC, especially on Counter Hit. However, due to the random nature of Zappa's summons, you shouldn't try to use this as a wakeup reversal option. Your best bet is as an anti-air.

1~11F Full invul. 12F Strike invul. Floats opponent on hit (untechable for 26F). Knocks down opponent on CH. +1 Soul on hit.

Come Close, and I'll Kill You
63214H with Sword
GGAC Zappa 63214H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30*2 Mid RF 20 2,2 15 +2

The most used special with sword. It grants orbs on hit, and knocks down opponents. Swipe will also move the sword slightly forward, but is good for maintaining pressure if the sword is at its max range. The and the FRC can be used to extend combos and make the move safer in case it whiffs, but is also useful for forcing a mixup situation in unexpected scenarios.

Knocks down opponent on hit. FRC timing 17~20F. +1 Soul per hit.

Raoh Moves


GGAC Zappa raoh cS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 Mid SR 10 11 0 +6

Powerful normal which leads into damage and pressure. Its hitstun is high enough that you can combo into 6H against most standing characters, and its activation range is a bit deceptive. It is on the slower side, however, and at this range, Zappa's P and K normals do still have their place.

GGAC Zappa raoh fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid SR 9 6 16 -5

An overall good move balancing speed and range in Raoh's arsenal. Can be combo'd into 2S and 5H for combo continuations and pressure. Also good for tacking in a bit of damage at the end of 6H loop into Last Edguy.

GGAC Zappa raoh 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
48 Mid SR 16 9 10 ±0

Tied with 6H for Raoh's longest reach, 5H is an excellent ranged low which works well to end, start, and link combos. Against a good portion of the cast, you can link into a Darkness Anthem (K) followup in order to lengthen combos. Otherwise, you use it to knock down, get in, and run the train.

Knocks down opponent on ground hit.

GGAC Zappa raoh 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
76 Mid SR 17 6 24 -11

Pivotal combo tool. 6H's damage is comparable to Last Edguy, and causes floorslide on hit, looping into D.Anthem (K) followup and back. This combo usually works as xx > [(dash) 6H > 236P,K] * 2-4. Its vertical range can catch jump outs, but its a bit risky due to its startup, and many characters can crouch under it when used too close.

Slides opponent on hit (untechable for 65F, slides for 50F). Attack is fully extended on 20F.

GGAC Zappa raoh 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 High SR 22 5 8 +4

Raoh's only grounded overhead, but its speed, range, and Frame Advantage make it frightening. It takes so few points from the Guard Bar that it leads to horrifying damage on hit, so this will always keep the opponent on their toes, and can still be special cancelled just like Zappa's regular 5D. You can go for the usual Impossible Dust j.D and land into a longer combo usually dealing 50%+, or go for the harder Last Edguy I.Dust. Use this.

GGAC Zappa raoh 2S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Low SR 7 3 21 -10

Good ranged low poke that doesn't reach as far as 5H, but starts much faster and combos into 5H, or goes into 5D or another option for frame traps.

GGAC Zappa raoh 2H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
68 Low SR 19 8 12 -1

Extremely slow move meant for frame traps and jump out attempts, and occasional combo filler due to its damage. Nothing combos into it due to its startup, but it has a huge verical range, and can combo into D.Anthem and its followups when close enough. Useful against some characters as a punish starter, usually midscreen.

Floats opponent on hit (untechable for 28F).

Air Normals

GGAC Zappa raoh jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 High, Air SR 7 3 15 -

Excellent jump in due to its range and low hitbox. You can gatling to and from j.K for airdash combos, or into j.H for a launch against an already airborne opponent.

Untechable for 16F.

GGAC Zappa raoh jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
45 High, Air CSR 16 6 13 -

Alternative jump in option that launches on hit and works well for punishes. It leads into D.Anthem air loops, and 6H loops in the corner. Its hitbox reaches very low to the ground, and ground bounces on air hit, lending itself to loops. You can use it to cover a wide amount of vertical space in front of you, especially during an aerial backdash.

Ground bounces opponent on hit (untechable for 36F).


Darkness Anthem
236S with Raoh
GGAC Zappa darkness.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28*3 Mid - 29 18 4 +15

Amazing. Darkness Anthem is used for combos, oki, and scaring your opponent into making the wrong decision. By itself, this move deals a good amount of hitstun, is plus on block, is untechable on air hit, deals FOUR times normal chip damage, hits twice, and leads to huge damage, just like the rest of Raoh's moveset.

Knocks down opponent on hit. 1~4F Full invul. 5~7F Strike invul. Zappa is in CH state during recovery.

Last Edguy
214S with Raoh
GGAC Zappa edogai.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
100 Mid R 4 12 37 -30

Last Edguy is a Dragon Punch rivaling the strength and terror of Volcanic Viper, with 4 frame startup, enormous vertical and horizontal range, 100 base damage, and enough hitstun to usually knock down. Gives Zappa a reliable wakeup option and is especially useful in combos. RC'ing it leads to even higher damage than Raoh normally gets, and you can do hilarious damage with full tension by doing 5-6 of these in a single combo. Turn Zappa's terror back on them.

Knocks down opponent on hit. 1~4F Full invul. 5~7F Strike invul. Zappa is in CH state during recovery.

Universal Overdrive

GGAC Zappa 632146H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40*4 Mid R 1+11 8 30 -25

Excellent for damage and orbs, but very wonky as a reversal, despite its beefy invincibility, due to its incredibly slow startup after the flash. You can combo into it fairly easily, mainly after 2D, and dash up with OTG Centipedes afterwards as usual. However, using this as a wakeup option, while more reliable than hoping for normal Centipedes, will only work if the opponent has committed to a lengthy oki option. Note that it will also remove Zappa's current summon, including Raoh. Use this move wisely.

Fully invincible 1~19F. Strike invincible 20~21F. Knocks down opponent on hit. Hitstop 7F. Removes Zappa's current summon (if he has one) on 1F. +1 Soul per hit.

Instant Kill

I'm Scared...
During IK Mode 236236H
GGAC Zappa IK1.png
GGAC Zappa IK2.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY Throw: 30 Pixels - 4+3 32 11 -

You'll land this relatively often compared to the average IK due to the high amount of stun 6H > Dog 2H deal.



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