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Anji's mix-ups aren't particularly strong against crouching opponents because he lacks fast overheads or plus frame normals. Scoring hard knockdowns and making the most out of them is essential for Anji because his mix-ups are lackluster without them. Off of NagihaGGST Anji Mito 236HS.pngGuardLowStartup15 (28 with early cancel)Recovery20Advantage-7, Anji still gets options to continue offense even though it only gives a soft knockdown.

Key Knockdown Moves

2DGGST Anji Mito 2D.pngGuardLowStartup10Recovery22Advantage-11 - Cancel 2D into Shitsu. 5K and 2K combos into 2D. Anji can also use OTG Fuujin into Hop to set up a meaty c.S, but using Shitsu will usually be more effective.

ThrowsGGST Anji Mito Ground Throw.pngGuardGround ThrowStartup2Recovery38Advantage- - Grant knockdowns and gives Shitsu oki, the Oki is especially powerful if the opponent is thrown into the corner. Throw also gives OTG Fuujin into Hop, but a small dash may be necessary to get a meaty c.S.

Nagiha (236H~S)GGST Anji Mito 236HS.pngGuardLowStartup15 (28 with early cancel)Recovery20Advantage-7 - Anji's main meterless combo ender. Grants a soft knockdown which gives Anji less oki options and requires him to be more commital to continue offense. Anji will likely have to use move like f.S to continue pressure, giving him less ways to reset pressure than from a meaty like c.S. Thought with specific setups using 5H, he can get a safejump off of this move. In the corner, Anji can go for a meaty c.S or try to go for a Shitsu, do note that the opponent can challenge Anji trying to set this up.

Kou (236S)GGST Anji Mito 236S.pngGuardAllStartup12 [28]Recovery14Advantage- - Usually Anji's main combo ender if he is more confident in the punish, usually from DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion.s. Gives a soft knockdown but still gives him enough time for a meaty c.S or a crossup setup, depending on how Kou is comboed into.

Ground Normal Juggles - Ground normal juggles are Anji using his ground normals such as c.S and 5H to keep an opponent in the air, this is usually done to get a wallbreak from an RC combo but can also be used to end a combo early and special cancel into Shitsu when in the corner.

In Corner 5HGGST Anji Mito 5H.pngGuardAllStartup15Recovery23Advantage-8 - When Anji has his opponent in the corner, using gatlings into 5H can give Anji an opportunity to set up Shitsu due to the launch properties of 5H, outside of the corner, attempting to use Shitsu will have the opponent be too far away for it to connect, and while Anji can still get a Meaty c.S from this knockdown, it is usually just better to continue with a combo for the same reward in that scenario.

Issei Ougi: Sai (632146H)GGST Anji Mito 632146H.pngGuardAllStartup11+6RecoveryAdvantage-30 - Issei Ougi: Sai, which is Anji's super can wall break from surprisingly long distances, which grants a good meaty and Positive Bonus.

Key Okizeme Options

c.SGGST Anji Mito cS.pngGuardAllStartup7Recovery11Advantage+1 - The standard and the go-to, as it fast and can be setup from almost any knockdown. This normal carrys a wide variety of gatling options and ways to reset pressure, especially since its +1 on block. For more information about general pressure, click here.

OTG Fuujin into Hop (236H ~ K)GGST Anji Mito 236HK.pngGuardStartupRecovery22+6 after LandingAdvantage- - This option is available from Throw and 2D and gives a perfectly spaced c.S that catches all options on wakeup besides reversals. This is usually used so that Anji can push his opponents to the corner, as this option pushes opponents very far across the stage.

Shitsu (236P)GGST Anji Mito 236P.pngGuardAllStartup29RecoveryTotal 52Advantage-6
You can capitalize on hard knockdowns by setting up Shitsu. Forcing your opponent to block in a knockdown situation (such as from 2D or Throw) rewards you with massive frame advantage and potential for mixups. It can be set up from moves that cause hard knockdowns, but you need to be mindful of how you use it.

  • If set up from a sweep at close range, delay the Shitsu slightly, or else it will pass through the opponent before they get up.
  • After a throw midscreen, doing raw Shitsu is an option but dashing up (usually with the dash macro) will give better pressure. In the corner, throw into microwalk back Shitsu is the best option as it is reversal safe.
  • Below this are examples of using Shitsu to make devastating setups and mixups:

Sample Setups

The following are Anji’s best setups due to their versatility and ease of use. If you're a beginner, start with these and practice other sequences later.

After Throw

Start with these setups to enhance the reward off of your strike/throw mixup game.

After Midscreen Throw Shitsu SetupThe one all Anji's start with
Very Easy

Throw > 236P
This setup gives plus frames and allows Anji to go for a number of mixups afterward. This is the most basic version, adjustments are still required in the corner though.

After Midscreen Throw Microdash Shitsu SetupGives a gapless blockstring into c.S

Throw > 66236P
This setup is stronger than the previous one as it leaves Anji closer to the opponent while giving the same amount of plus frames on block, it even enables a gapless string into c.S which can be delayed to catch mashers.

  • In the video, the dummy is set to press 2P after blocking any move.

After Corner Throw OTG Normal Shitsu SetupIs not safe against most metered reversals
Very Easy

Throw > OTG Normal > 236P
This setup gives plus frames and is safe to meterless reversals, the OTG normal will have to be altered depending on the character. Do note that this setup is almost never safe to metered reversals.

2S: Safe against the meterless DPs of Sol, Ky, Bridget, and Chipp
2H: Required against the meterless DP of Leo

Note that while 2H technically works against all characters meterless reversals, it puts Anji farther away from the opponent making him have less options for offense.

After Corner Throw Walkback Shitsu SetupProtects against every reversal super in the game.
Easy To Medium

Throw > microwalk 4 > 236P
This setup gives more plus frames than the previous corner Shitsu setup but is harder depending on the reversal. The key to having Shitsu recover before the reversal comes out is to look at Anji's shoes, and right after he takes one physical step back, input Shitsu. The window becomes tighter depending on how fast the reversal is. The best part about this setup is that nothing needs to be changed about it depending on the reversal, in short, its universal.

  • In the video, Anji was recorded to do the same inputs in both showcases of the setup. In addition Chipps DP has the fastest possible startup a reversal can have.

Other Key Setups

Shitsu From SweepThe second most important setup to learn

5K / 2K > 2D > (dl.)236P
This is the second most key Shitsu setup to learn, aside from the one from Throw. In addition, this setup starts from either a good poke in 5K or a quick move that has uses in scrambles in 2K. Shitsu will have to be delayed different amounts depending on how close Anji is to the opponent while performing this setup.

Shitsu From a Corner JuggleAvoid breaking the wall to continue offense.

Starter > 66RRC > c.S > 5H > (dl.)236P
This setup can be used as long as you combo into an RC from a somewhat short sequence, such as f.S > > Fuujin > Nagiha in order for the wall to not break on the 5H. Or even a combo such as 2K > 2D. The amount of delay on the 236P will have to depend on the amount of hits from before the Red RC. Occasionally if the Shitsu is delayed too much, some characters such as Ky can use Stun DipperGGST Ky Kiske 236K 1.pngGuardLow, AllStartup7Recovery30Advantage-19 [-14] to slide under it.

Shitsu From Grounded In Corner 5HMore damage than a sweep setup.

S Button > 5H > (dl.)236P
This setup can be good when Anji gets a clean punish in the corner but chooses not to break the wall, to instead continue pressure. Anji will have to delay the Shitsu in order for it to not hit the opponent while they are airborne from the 5H launch. In the midscreen, the opponent will roll far away from Anji after 5H, and will not let Anji continue pressure. Making this setup best in the corner.

Misc. Setups

This section contains setups into other okizeme options.

OTG Fuujin into Hop From a 2D knockdownEasier to confirm into than a Shitsu setup.
Very Easy

Starter > 2D > OTG 236H > K > (c.S)
This setup can be used as an easier confirm on block from a string such as 2K > 2D, as if the setup does not connect at the opponent, Fuujin will allow you to confirm the hit and continue pressure much easier than waiting for a visual to go into Shitsu. This setup does not give Anji an auto DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. bait. But it does give him a c.S that catches all possible options on wakeup the opponent has, besides invincible ones.

At very specific gravity scalings, the Fuujin might not OTG and instead launch the opponent, giving worse okizeme.

Safe Jump From a Nagiha KnockdownSafejump off of a common hit.

Starter > 5H > 236H ~ dl.S, 9 > 66 > j.H
This setup should only be used either when a reversal super from the opponent is likely, or if the opponents character has a meterless reversal that they have shown to be willing to use. This setup allows Anji to continue pressure and bait a reversal without sacrificing much in doing so. Though, if possible, use c.S as a meaty instead. Some starters into 5H include: c.S, c.S > 2S and 2S.

The main thing to note when timing this setup is to make Nagiha hit as high up as possible, use that as your starting point if you have trouble landing the safejump.

Post Shitsu Strings

This section contains strings/moves to use after the first hit of Shitsu connects after using a preplanned setup involving Shitsu.

First Hit Of Shitsu Into 5DGives an advantaged overhead.

Knockdown > 236P(1) > 66 > 5D > 236P(2)
After getting a Shitsu setup off, this will be a good way to keep the opponent on their toes as 5D is a very fast overhead, which even when blocked will leave Anji at an advantage. Do note that the opponent has the ability to mash between 236P(1) and 5D, force the opponent to respect this gap by filling it with faster strikes first.

Any Shitsu setup listed above will work with pulling this string off correctly.

  • In the video, it shows Anji pulling off the mixup off of two different Shitsu setups, which are from 2D and a midscreen throw respectively.

First Hit Of Shitsu Into A Gatling StringKeeps the Block String gapless to continue pressure.

Knockdown > 236P(1) > 66 > Gatling String > 236P(2)
After getting a Shitsu setup off, this will be a good way to represent the option of strike in the Shitsu strike/throw mixup while also giving the opponent no way to mash out. This post Shitsu string also allows you to push your opponent further to the corner.

Some gatling strings that would be good to use are 2K > 2D to keep it gapless or 2S > 5H > Special to hit the opponent with a small gap that is hard to challenge. After doing the 2K > 2D string, allow the second hit of Shitsu to connect, this allows you to link a far range move like f.S and frametrap the opponent.

Any Shitsu setup listed above will work with pulling this string off correctly.

First Hit Of Shitsu Into A ThrowMake sure to delay the throw for a better knockdown.

Knockdown > 236P(1) > 66 > dl.6/4D
After getting a Shitsu setup off, this is a good string after conditioning the opponent to block your strikes. This will in turn open them up to a throw. Be sure to delay the throw even more than the game normally forces you to, as if the throw is done too early, it will connect with the second hit of Shitsu and give you a worse knockdown.

Any Shitsu setup listed above will work with pulling this string off correctly.

First Hit Of Shitsu Into A Low/High Mixup With Kara Rin/NagihaGives a high or low mixup.

Knockdown > 236P(1) > k.236H ~ S/H
After getting a Shitsu setup off, this will be a good way to get a good reward off of conditioning your opponent to respect your Shitsu offense. As you get a full combo off of either mixup between Kara Rin (High mixup) or Kara Nagiha (Low mixup). In addition to this, if the opponent blocks the mixup, you will be able to continue offense as the second hit of Shitsu leaves you plus on block. The biggest downside is that there is a massive gap in both of the kara options, as their startup is very long. This is why this setup is more favorable after the opponent has been conditioned to respect your Shitsu offense.

Do be aware that on some Shitsu setups, they may not allow you to get a combo off of your mixup. A setup that is known to give a full combo off of a succesful mixup is Midscreen Throw (Easier).

First Hit Of Shitsu Into a Short Pressure ExtensionGiving up the mix-up to extend pressure

Knockdown > 236P(1) > 66 > c.S/f.S/2S > 236P(2) > 236H ~ P (early cancel)
When it is getting hard to open up the opponents, you may want to use this option to keep your opponent on their toes. After the dash-up slash, the blockstun of the second Shitsu hit lead cover for cancelling into Shin Ichishiki. When executed correctly, the string is gapless assuming the opponent decides to block on wake-up.

When done in the corner, the sequence leaves you close enough to go for a microdash tick-throw to reset the mixup.

It is important to note that if Fuujin is not early cancelled, the second Shitsu hit will connect BEFORE Fuujin does, meaning that there will be a challengable gap before Shin: Ichishiki connects.

First Hit of Shitsu Into a Jump Cancel after 5K/c.SHigh/Low mixup, can also crossup midscreen

Knockdown > 236P(1) > 66 > 5K/c.S > JC > 236P(2) > Air normal/land into low/airdash
This 'string' is preferred when you observe that your opponent tends to YRC or Burst to get out of pressure. Utilizing jump-cancellable normals, you can airblock attempts of YRC or Burst while also maintaining pressure. While in the air, you can choose to go for an overhead with a descending air normal, preferably j.H, or a low with an empty jump grounded low such as 2K. Although it is possible,c.S might be replaced with f.S due to spacing. It is recommended to use 5K during these scenarios.

If you are feeling even more frisky, a cross-up option is available midscreen. When timed correctly, an IAD after hitting a normal will leave a gap, allowing you to cross over the opponent.

The string, however, is not true and the most challengeable option of all Shitsu oki options (so far). Although the second Shitsu hit makes your jump safer, it still leaves a gap wide enough that can be interrupted via 6P. It is recommended to use this against patient and/or conditioned players or as a bait.

These are just a few examples of how Shitsu can be used to make Anjis offense stronger, come up with your own setups and push the limits of Shitsu!


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